Grammar-Prose Team Queue 2: Grammatic Boogaloo

jump on it, this has no analysis on-site and is an integral part of the metagame

DPP Ubers Forretress 0/2

EDIT: also their in the op so check there for links but nu octillery and marowak have been sitting around for a while, the former only needs one check, so please get to them!


oh my gosh you found me
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ou meloetta 2/2
edit: uu bisharp 2/2
edit2: nu gigalith 2/2
edit3: nu octillery 2/2
edit4: nu samurott 2/2
edit5: lc guide 2/2
edit6: uu chandelure 1/2
edit7: uu druddigon 1/2
I added about 15 unreported analyses to the queue, so everything should be fully updated now. If you spot anything in GP that isn't listed here, please report it~