I Don't Use Pencils as Much as I Used To

That gyara is incredible, you have improved so much since you left!
Hope you stay for a long time with this great new work Tsukasa, and can't wait to see your finished MAC
I have no choice but to double post.
The image is large so:
This was inspired and drawn while listening to Beirut's Gulag Orkestar album.
I know it looks unfinished and is even, I'd say, a step back from my more recent stuff, but I was drawing what the music made me feel so I wasn't striving for perfection. I simply wanted to capture the emotions.

I'll color this later (maybe)

EDIT: What a nice way to spend my 300th post.
Shoutout to Zach Condon because he inspires me every day.

EDIT 2: Layout for color:
Oh gosh that bearded guy scared me, thats not you right?.

Mmmm by the other hand awesome drawings you do without the use of a computer, you show a strange technique i feel attracted for. Also you should finish your Mac entry

Drawing gyarados on blue paper. It's not lazy.

Also, while I'm at it, here is a WIP of my MAC entry:

New Girl is on so bye.
Hey TsukasaSIGN! Quick question about Gyara there. What tools did you use to colour it? It looks sorta like pencil crayon, but.....Something seems off about it.....What is it that you used for colouring?
@ZcX: Haha, no my friend posted the picture and when I saw that other person's comment, that face instantly popped in my mind.

@Master Win: It's just good ol' colored pencil (Prismacolor)

maybe a thanksgiving picture later, but that feels cliche
anyways, hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving. GET FAT
I see. So just good ol' colored pencil.

Is there a certain way you are able to give it that certain shaded look? I've never been good at colouring, lol.
It just depends on how hard you press down. The only time I ever press hard is when I know for sure I want that solid, bold color, otherwise I just pass over areas lightly many many times, gradually building up the gradient. This also makes it easier to apply other colors over the same spots if needed (Look at my submissions for the Limited Color Pallet thread).

EDIT: Once I have access to my scanner later on today...

EDIT 2: Happy Thanksgiving! I present to you, one delicious, un-plucked ho-oh
I give you another thanksgiving picture:

I wanted the pokemon in the last picture to be pilgrims but forgot while coloring. So here is a real thanksgiving pilgrim.

EDIT: His name is Scott.
It's December now. Facebook in December means that everybody changes their profile picture to a pokemon. Last year I started drawing some of my friends as pokemon using a pun with their name and a pokemon's name. They were all made in mspaint so the quality won't be the same as my traditional art. Sadly, I think it would be a violation of some sort of unwritten trust, so I can't post pictures of the real people for comparison.

First one I made

This is me

And of course with everything that I do where I draw for humor, I always start drawing the pictures bad on purpose, to add to the humor element a bit, but then I inadvertently start trying to make the pictures look good (see my nuzlocke pictures; perfect example)


Bonus: Sketch I did before making the paint version

Arms weren't awk and long enough and was trying different patterns for the tights.
Decided to evolve past MSpaint because it seriously sucks so much why did I eve use it. Sumopaint is the next best thing until I get a tablet + photoshop. Just trying it out, here is a boring painting of two fruits
Me likes this thread. I like the fact that you use pencils, not photoshop (although photoshop pictures looks awesome as well). I like the Gyarados, would you do a request for me?
I seriously just had the best day ever. I was getting money for a ukulele for christmas but this morning on my way to School of Rock (read some earlier post in this thread to know what it is) my mom told me she was just going to buy it today and I would just give her the money after Christmas. After School of Rock we went to the music store that carried the ukulele model I wanted and I was like this day can't possibly get any better.


A few hours later my best friend and my (new) girlfriend came over and my (new) girlfriend had been talking about this surprise for me for the past few days. And what is it, BUT A TABLET.

I didn't know what face to make so I just made an awk normal face. Will post some art soon yeah

EDIT: Post 333. A cool post number to make this day even better.