I Don't Use Pencils as Much as I Used To

I love art what can I say. I want to be a graphic artist OR SOMETHING when I go off into the real world. I'll take requests but I work really slow/am really lazy so I'll just take five maximum at any given time.

Current Requests:
1. Swampert w/ Rey Mysterio's mask.

Pokemon Related Stuff:
Traditional Art
Angry blastoise
Happeh charizard
Jumpluff floatin' around (Requested by LevitatingLamprey)
Munchlax eating a breloom (For the Battle Free For All thread)
Thanksgiving Ho-Oh
Digital Art
Scrafty from da streets (Requested by Ocarina of Rhyme)
I made this pokemon in my dreams. It's supposed to be a gen5 evolution of electrode.
Swalot Pilgrim
Nuzlocke Stuff
My team in my first nuzlocke after we beat Roxanne
After we beat Brawly
After we beat Watson
After we beat Norman
After we beat Tate and Liza
Pokemon Friends
(My friends as pokemon)

Magnolia + Magnemite = Magz-nemite
Dillon + Bellsprout = Dillz-sprout
Sam + Alakazam = Alaka-sam
Jordan + Charmeleon = Jor-meleon
Nicolaus + Onix = O-nicz (me)
Rikki + Lickitung = Riki-tung
Isabella + Tangrowth = Tang-abella
Magnolia + Magmar = Magz-mar

Everything Else:


I was dumb and felt the need to draw on lined paper which took away from the pictures.
View from our room in a resort
This went on the cover of my 8th grade spanish binder
Some reaper I drew after watching The Frighteners movie for the 2835567 time
Some knight

I started experimenting and drawing new things. Previously I would've stayed away from drawing people for the most part. And any hands/feet I woulda been covered up.
Geth head I drew on my DS at an ungodly hour of the night
Also drawn incredibly late. The Joker's face
Some unfinished drawing of a giant demon
Some young girl and her darker side, I guess
Her arms are hella long...
Drawing of Kratos (on lined paper UGH)
Black Ace: A character from flash animations done by Zeurel on dA
This one got really smudgy...
Urdnot Wrex drawn on a HUGE sticky note pad
Booyah, that's also my old room so take a good look at my purple walls. This is definitely one of the drawings I am most proud of and I finished it really fast too.
Wrex again
Oh look, more Wrex
Some random doodle page

This year I went all out, trying different mediums, taking many art classes, and I started coloring my pictures more. I experimented more with anatomy and started drawing people a lot more.
Some unfinished Halo spartan sniper
Also unfinished. Kratos half portrait
That was my first time trying to draw like that so it was very hard and took me 3 hours just to draw his eye and his scar.
Some awesome turtle
Found this turtle chillin one day when my friend and I were walking on the train tracks. I thought he was pretty cool so I drew this in his honor.
An armadillo
Gun shooting death smoke
The scan is horrendous, sorry about that. Maybe I'll rescan it if I can find it.
Dude playing a trumpet
Drawn on a sticky note with only two colors used.
Master Chief's Helmet
Also done on a sticky note.
Some eye I drew really fast to get comfortable with Windows 7 Paint

So far I've been pretty lazy, but I'm still experimenting with colors.
Classy cats on a mountain
Pyramus and Thisbe
Gig Poster (Dave Grohl inside)
Reserved for something else if I need it.

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hey its nice to find another traditonal artist on the forums! (there's not enough of us around, Smogon doesn't appreciated it enough xP.)

You're art is certainly varietied, theres a massive range of different techniques and style utilised- kudos ^^
You capture the almost charicature like style of some of your characters very well, particularly the Jewsh one. I love your use of bright and vibrant colours mixed with pencil sketches, theres something that just works there for me.

The quality of your work does vary massively though, some of your rougher sketches are visibly rushed and it shows when and when you don't put effort into it. The half sketch of Kratos looks epic well done!

Unfortunately your camera/scanner doesn't really do it justice.


my god if you don't have an iced tea for me when i
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I'll start out with the harsh stuff: I'd get a tablet rather than attempting to draw with a mouse/tracker pad in Paint. You should be able to see for yourself the difference between this and this.

However, all the stuff that you've done on paper (or in many cases, sticky notes!) is really good. The shading is absolutely perfect, and it's clear that you have experience in that media. The line art is vivid but not obtrusive, and the background is just enough to give the drawing a grounding but not detract from the main focus. Brilliant.
@Albinoloon Thank you for the compliments and the luvdisc :D
@Precipice Thank you too! We traditional artists gotta stick together. we're a dying breed in the age of computers :P
@Alchemator I would absolutely LOVE a tablet but I lack the funds to obtain one and I don't want some cheap 10 dollar one. I would love to be able to do more digital art with the help of a tablet but, for now, I don't mind drawing with my mouse and I think I'm improving with it so that's always good, right?

EDIT: Don't feel like double posting so:

A doredia I did for the Limited Pallet Challenge thread.
Once again with colored pencils.
One thing I will say is don't press too hard with you're pencils. I'd suggest using softer pencils, at the moment you're pressing too hard and the colours are coming out a bit jagged.

It's kinda not good, but in my dream the other night there was this evolution of electrode in Gen 5 and it looked kinda like this. In the dream it was called Mr. Electric but what kind of pokemon name is that? I need an actual name for this thing >_>

EDIT: Didn't want to double post just so I could add one more minor picture so:

Here is the current team roster for my first nuzlocke. Dat swampert.

I'm currently working on my first 100% colored pencil piece with as little black as possible as a way to stray away from my usual hard black outline. I'm really excited to see how this turns out!
Hey guys, remember this thread? Yeah it had my art in it. I just thought I'd drop this one off in an attempt to revive my thread.

My girlfriend randomly requested me to draw her a picture of cats on a mountain and this is what I came up with. Pretty classy, wouldn't you say?
The scan is really dark because there were a lot of light marks that didn't get picked up originally, so I had to darken it a lot which made the quality of the scan go down a bit.
I didn't know you had an art thread! I absolutely LOVE the Lilligant (I'm gonna use it as my avvy if that's OK :P) and the 'Mr. Electric'. While some of the Nuzlocke stuff is odd, I like your stuff overall. And you draw ON PAPER! Like me! It's pretty rare! Disc'd! This thread deserves more attention than it gets! ^_^

All right this is my final for my mythology class. I had to make a visual representation of a myth so I decided to take the story of Pyramus and Thisbe and add my own twist to it. I tried to stray away from what all my other drawings have been like, with dark outlines on everything and use as little black as possible.
Woop! First request! Yeah I'll get on that soon. My weekend is going to be very busy so I don't know if I'll have time to work on it. But afterwords, awwww yeah. Thank you for all the compliments!
Late art is late:

Sorry that it's so late! I was preparing like mad for the VGC the last couple weeks and now that it is over I have time again. I don't like how the cotton balls kind of blend in with the background but, it's too late now, I suppose. I hope you like it :)

EDIT: Made this for the FFA thread. I did it really quickly while eating dinner so yeah, munchlax eating a breloom.

Awwwww, that Jumpluff is super cute! Thanks, Tsukasa! I hope VCGs went well! The Breloom is also great! I think the way Jumpluff's cotton puffs blend in makes it look much nicer and kind of soothing! Thanks again! ^_^


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CAT MOUNTAIN :D! I love it, although spongebob has made me have the want any fancy characters to have their pinky out. Oh wel,l still great stuff here man :).

edit: Holy crap your pencil'd stuff is AMAZING.
Hey guys, remember this thread? Yeah it had my art in it. I just thought I'd drop this one off in an attempt to revive my thread.

My girlfriend randomly requested me to draw her a picture of cats on a mountain and this is what I came up with. Pretty classy, wouldn't you say?
The scan is really dark because there were a lot of light marks that didn't get picked up originally, so I had to darken it a lot which made the quality of the scan go down a bit.
YOU have a girlfriend?!?!?!?!?:O
JK haha lol but really...this is good stuff, even without tablet funds
I wanted to try coloring it on the computer, so here it the line-art I drew. I made the mistake of drawing it on the back of a scrap piece of paper so when I scanned it my scanner said NOPE and everything on the back bled through so I had to erase it all on the computer. What a pain.
Anyways, I know he isn't holding a boombox but...here is your scrafty Ocarina. I listened to The King Fantastic and OFWGKTA for inspiration while I drew it. Colored version coming soon.


I wasn't using paint.net or anything, just normal paint and the paper I scanned on decided it didn't want to be solid white so I couldn't just use the paint bucket to fill in the spots. I had to paint it all myself. What a pain. Maybe I'll come back to this and add a background. It looks kind of unfinished without one. Anyways, enjoy!

I take bass lessons at a place called School of Rock (the movie is based off of the founder of the school so inb4 jack black jokes) and the whole premise of the school is to learn songs for certain themed shows and then perform them at actual venues. The general manager asked me to design the poster for the shows this season which are Foo Fighters and Boys vs Girls so this is what I came up with. Dave Grohl holding a boy and girl doll.

Oh by the way hello again smogon! It's been a long time since I've been in your company.