It's like my Rattata is in the top percentage of Rattatas

Hey guys and gals! Thanks again for your kind words.

@GlassAbsol: You're very welcome to, though I think I may have drawn it too sketchily for it to look good as an avatar. Glad you like it, though.

@Ice-cold Claws: Ah, at the moment I don't think I will because I don't know what color/style the hair is under the cap and right now I'm mostly drawing 'mons. Sorry. :<

@elDino: I'mma get to that soon.

Charmander vs. Tepig. (requested by badalcristiano) I think they're both using Fire Spin or something. Ugh I can't draw fire.

Scratchet sprites. I fully intend on animating these BW style in the future, but I'm a little burned out on animating stuff lately. It will happen, though!

That's it for now, as I'm currently working on a pretty massive Eeveelution picture. You can click here to see a WIP of some of the color schemes and the style, although that's not what the picture looks like at all. I'm also working on a few more little 4koma.

Garchomp. (requested by elDino) Oops, I still don't know how to make Garchomp look cool. At least I'm figuring out gradients! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Purugly. (requested by RitterCat) Combining "cute" and "Purugly" was a bit trying, I admit, but I think I may have managed it. *v* Sparkle sparkle dechuuu~!! Fun fact: between Gen IV and V, the the curl in Purugly's tail switched directions. Which way did I draw it? Who knows!


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Wow, awesome Wekhter, I love the Garchomp. Maybe when I finally get a graphics tablet, you can teach me how to do such awesome digital art. I love it!!!
Can I have that urugly at avy size, centred on the head with sparkly eyes?
thank you in advance.
Wekhter I believe you are an account owned by multiple people. NO SINGLE PERSON CAN DRAW IN SO MANY STYLES
*Dies from amazement*

...*wakes up*
If you ever feel like doing my request, well, my avvy's hair is white. Or you can make it the same color as the sweater (is it dark blue or purple?).

I am all for seconding ICC's theory. If you are doing requests and I haven't already asked one and suffered amnesia, could I please purloin a pic of Altaria, Lilligant and Tynamo???? Make that Purrloin. Thanks (even if you don't, you're amazing!) ^_^
These arts are awesome. =D I love the animated sprites, and seeing your Tomohawk left me archive binging on CAP threads (I didn't know they'd even STARTED CAP1. Shows how in-touch I am.) Also the skeletons are massively cool (I'm particularly fond of making Pokemon skeletons.)
Hey guys, haven't been around in a bit because I was a bit sick for a while. Replies time!

@Nastyjungle: no u


@ICC: Naw, it's just me, haha. And I'll try, but no promises. :>

@LevitatingLamprey: I honestly have no idea what you're asking for. A Purrloin stealing a pic of the other three??? Or are you just making a Poképun that's going over my head??? Ahhh I'm stupid

@everyone else: thank you!


Pokémon HeartGold. I intended on doing an illustration of my favorite feature in HGSS (walking with your Pokémon!) and somehow subliminally made the color palette gold and drew hearts on it. Anyway, this is me & TYPOGRAPHY, out for a stroll. Whee! I'm having too much fun with gradients, to be honest.

Right now I'm drawing some comics, so you guys can expect to see them... sometime.
Oh, I was making an awful Pokepun. Purrloin=purloin=steal something. Basically, could I please ask you to draw a picture of those three? I just thought it would look amazing in your style! ~<3 As does the HeartGold picture (I wish they'd kept walking with Pokemon, imagine walking around with a Ferroseed!) Sorry to hear you were sick! Thanks ^_^
Some quick pictures while I learn how to draw some Pokemon:

Hoothoot. Hoothoot, everywhere! Nothing but Hoothoot! Or at least, that's how it feels every night. Man I seriously love all of the colors in Flash's default palette, I really oughta wean myself off of them but they look so nice...

Chimchar. I don't like Chimchar.

Stick. Ok, I know it's Farfetch'd's hold item and therefore a leek, but the point is it was a letdown.
oh man that tepig+charmander pic looks like they're about to jump into bed together.

good art man, and you should do more comics because they are good.