Jarardo's Drawings

Lol, these are extremely hilarious, like the burgh fight and how the pokemon join the team. {While playing, a movie would be playing in my head showing whats really happening, but I would have never thought of drawing it. XD}
Haha that last nuzlocke. If I could have a T-Shirt that said "Sorry I can't hear you over the 6 FUCKING POKEMON I HAVE" I would die a happy man. Requesting a bad-ass Absol
^Just sharpies :P

Thanks people! I haven' been able to start the next nuzlocke this week because of the senior camp trip and graduation is tomorrow. Hopefully I can get started before the week ends.


Meet at the ______ (insert location here)

It's going down
Dude thats awesome. I'm a big fan of your nuzlocke, i can't seem to be able to view your sinnoh one though... Is there another place to see it or is my cpu a retard?
Well they're showing up on mine and they're stored in the same place as everything else on this thread. It might just be your cpu if you are the only one experiencing this dilemma :/


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Read your current nuzlocke, and I gotta say, Brock's disappointment and the honey birth got me chuckling real good. Some jokes can only be done in nuzlockes, and these were definitly the ones.
I'm mortal I swear :P
Here's absol Avy-sized!

Thanks, Bummer! That's a lot coming from a cartoonist of your caliber.

In real life news,
after obtaining all 8 grade school badges and beating the High School Elite 4, today I became Graduation Champion!
or... at least I would have.
someone beat me to it! You might know him, his name's Gary Oak.
Needless to say, I kicked his ass and now I'm off to the College Battle Frontier after the summer.

Now i'm going to work on the next nuzlocke and Texas Cloverleaf's avy request...


I especially enjoy fully bulked up Scrafty because I used to severely underestimate him until he dropped half of my team by himself.

Thanks! I forgot to erase the pencil lines in it though :P

I wanted to take a break from drawing mons. so i did. Been trying to get a job and i have interview tomorrow so that may mean digital art in the near future!
Alright, Part 18!

I actually got psyched myself at the end for doing the next one as I forgot exactly where I was in the story for a while.


how did I miss one of these comics?

wonderful, as always.

those bloody liepards and their pursuits hrnnnng

ist the sillhouette of emolga?