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Got a tablet on the first of January. Expect better stuff. <:

Just my little (or not so little anymore, I suppose) share of art thread. The majority of the time I'm on the computer (which is, unsurprisingly, a lot), I'm drawing, so I'm bound to have some nice stuff turn up! And this is where I put it.

POKEMON: (order from newest to oldest)

PEOPLE: (order from newest to oldest)

OTHER: (in order from oldest to newest)

FUN WITH BRUSHES: (newest to oldest)

I take requests, but don't expect them to be good. :B
I like them. All of your pokemon sketches make them look more cute than normal. I would love to see some bad ass pokemon drawn with your style. Are you up for that? We both know you have so much free time.
Lol, yes, I have plenty of free time.

Also, define badass please, because I don't really know what you mean by that. <3

/considers Drifloon awesome but that doesn't count

EDIT: I almost forgot I take pictures too.

Sorry for it being all smudgy-- I took it while I was in the car and the windows are like permanently dirty.

And I hope Cacturne/Banette qualify as badass, since I drew them. They aren't very cool anymore though. :B

Hands are wtf. I like the thing coming from the back of its head though.

Arms fail. I like its head though.


Ditto should definitely look like that by the way.

And a person:
Haha, I'll try. I've drawn a Budew but it wasn't great. It'll be done soon probably.

EDIT: I finished it, but I'm still trying to get a decent picture. Camera is being weird :B

EDIT AGAIN: This is the best I could get, sorry. I finished it in like ten minutes so yeah.

Lol, I'm glad you can see it.

'welcome. <3 I haven't drawn Tyranitar or Heatran since I've been REALLY busy (and I've been procrastinating), so I'll try something along those lines.

Also, expect a Lanturn soon. :P

Deciding that I will decline most requests, as, well, most are too hard. :x

Here's an elf-head/Phione though (proportions suck, get used to it.)

Sorry about the blurriness on the elf, I'm not sure how to get my camera settings to stay decent.
Oh, no, I tried doing pixel-overs! This probably took about two hours altogether.
Its the Dream World Mismagius! I used mostly colors found in the official art, and I copied the shading/lineart of the Dream World Mismagius (obviously). The color of the orbs/mouth/eyes is scratched. Here's a comparison--

How's it look? :o

EDIT: Made two Chilachinos. Took about an hour. One has the sprite colors, other one has DW colors.

I like it. :>

So I've been doodling a lot lately and some decent things have turned up. I ended up scribbling something and it still turned out okay--

I prefer drawing in pen to drawing in pencil now as well. I also took a few pictures the other day because the sunset was pink, lol.

I also did the Secret Santa, but I'd spoil it if I posted it here. :>


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oh wow! THOSE PIXEL OVERS ARE GREAT! I also really liked that chikorita in the first post. :D that chikorita looked great in it's proportions!
Thanks for the comment about the pixel overs! :> I've been trying to figure out how to do my own shading for awhile. Those follow the original art's shading (which is apparently really flat) so I'm trying to fix it. Almost forgot to post my attempt at shading a Drifloon myself.

I'm having issues with the cloud and the patch-mouth-thing.


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well I say the shading is generally right. from here you could go into more detail with it. When doing so, ask your self these things about what your shading; A) Is it a solid? A gas? A liquid? B) Is what is being shaded smooth and shiny? Just smooth? Rough? C) What color light is shining on it. Where is that light comming from?

if you pm me a non transparented version, I can show you the differences in what those are...
I know that soft objects generally have more dithering than rough objects, I'll PM you the non transparent version. I'm trying to stick to the left/top-left for a light source.
Assuming you mean the Drifloon, since I've never drawn a Drifblim. :P But, thanks! Also, I drew a Beedrill, but I forgot its limbs. >_>

See, bugs can be cute!

EDIT: Practicing Spindas. This one turned out okay (the picture doesn't show it >_>).


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The pixel art is awesome. Have you thought about double-outlining on Missy or Chila to make it look smoother? Also, imo the shading on Drifloon's face looks a bit too terraced.