Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

I would have gone closer if there wasn't a six-foot drop after several feet of thorny bushes, lol. That's what the foliage in the front is. I might try anyway though.

And here's the Whimsicott. The shirt and shorts are really halfassed I'm sorry lol.

wip Blastoise in pretty much the same style as Vileplume lol
I've never drawn Blastoise before so I'm not sure why I'm starting out with the Red/Blue sprite's pose

I'll fix up the feet too hopefully


my god if you don't have an iced tea for me when i
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chocolate-kipp said:
I've never drawn Blastoise before so I'm not sure why I'm starting out with the Red/Blue sprite's pose
Because I asked you to :D

Lower the red hue in that Blastoise though. Looking good so far!
i apologize for updating this infrequently lol school started and i've sort of been in an artistic slump
here's a bit more of Blastoise lol i'm not sure if that's what you meant though
there's a Shroomish dude or something i gave him a unibrow because i just imagine Shroomish to have a unibrow lol
he would be wearing a green shirt i think or i could give him a green tuque (is that how it's spelled) idk what to do with it
revamped the panda starter i did awhile back and i named him/her/whatever Karamboo (Karan [variant of Karna, who was the son of Surya and Kunti, Hindu sun gods, translates roughly to "ear"] + bamboo) lol. still not sure whether i want it to be Grass/Fighting or Grass/Dark.

idk how but sometimes i forget that Slakoth exists SLAKOTH IS REALLY CUTE and this is my first time drawing him and the hind leg bothers me but i think i like it omg i really like Slakoth's design
i'm like Perry the Platypus
i don't do much
here is a Rotom. my sister said it looks like a really scary doll which is good since that's what I was going for
do any of you guys remember Heather? I don't even remember if I posted a picture of her in here lol but she's one of my characters. I tried drawing a ton of my old characters and she's the only one I ended up drawing and I didn't finish it whoops. but yeah there.
'nother graphic
made a ton of color palettes with different shades of different colors and took random ones and put them together and made this
i should update this way more often than i do GOD

ok so i still have not really drawn anything seriously lol although i did almost do MAC4 but i got lazy and ran out of time

shading practice i still need to do quite a bit of highlighting on the body and softening on the leaf

another Pokemon outfit thing for Spinda
my pixel art project thing is basically i made that background, put up another layer and made it a very pale pink color and i'm erasing little bits of it pixel by pixel to make symmetrical circles like these ones

and then i'd eventually have the entire background showing pretty much just because so much of the top layer would be erased but you'd still see the pretty little symmetrical backgrounds on top of it. although i do think i'm gonna revamp that first circle since it's a lot less substantial than the other two
The pixel art circles look really precise and lovely~
Chikorita looks good too, but can I suggest maybe blending the shading in a bit more colour-wise? It just looks a little odd on an otherwise adorable Chikorita~
thanks! and yeah i'm gonna blend it a lot more than that lol that's just my sort of starting point
i was looking at RBY sprites and these doodles came up and Exeggutor is weird ass shit but its sprite is even worse