List of Released Dream World Pokemon Mark II

I could've sworn Soul Dew was banned because it wasn't even released yet...
We will likely have a Soul Dew Clause just like in gen 4. Or we could put it together with BP/LI, call them "banned items" and be done with it.
Nope. That kind of stuff is usually revealed when the stuff is up.

We should be able to pick out the moves of each and every one when it IS up though. I needed a reason to get back to the daily grind.

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I wonder if Wobbuffet will have a special move. If anything, it'll probably be Ticke again.

Then again, after Hyper Beam Arceus, they'll probably give it Splash and call it a day.
I wonder if Wobbuffet will have a special move. If anything, it'll probably be Ticke again.

Then again, after Hyper Beam Arceus, they'll probably give it Splash and call it a day.
If that happens... my mood will be along something like this:

(Not that I haven't been already.)

I hope with all the suspense with that special wifi mewtwo that they are doing, we will get some cool move for him. If it's Hyper Beam though.... (points to link)
wobbuffet with tickle and without shadow tag isn't exactly a problem at all... but probably the moves will be charm and encore.

and serebii's list isn't a complete one (probably). all pokémon there were revealed by nintendo or famitsu.


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Bulbapedia said:
A press release has revealed that 「古びた洋館」 Old Mansion will be launched internationally on Sept. 28 as well. Referred to as the Spooky Manor, the location houses not only Spiritomb and Chimecho, but also the likes of Duskull and Misdreavus.
Funny that three out of these four won't have a hidden ability.
Well, there is always the "official" word. Still does not mean it won't be garbage. We know you too well troll freak.
If there is no Sableye in this, PGL has officially lost all purpose from me. Go and have your "fun" Pokemon, I rather play with pieces that can bring me victory.
As I speculated before, stuff like Litwick, or Purrloin, it will most likely be in the 3rd Gen remake as an extra. It will probably have NOTHING to do with the Dream World, but this is the most logical way for us to obtain them, as there are, many, many things to cover.
We don't know the Mansion's 7.5-10k pokémon yet...

I can feel it guys, the 10k pokémon is Ho-oh. Trust me, I'm white.
I don't think there is a 7.5k and 10k stuff in there, cause it's an extension (probably for a limited amount of time actually).

But it's not al the pokemon that are listed, only the confirmed ones.
Plus don't forget they annouced berries too.
Not certain if it's a limited amount of time. I don't think any place has stated an end date for this, when end dates have been stated for... pretty much everything else Pokémon event related.

I wonder what items it'll have. Probably stuff like watmel, I wouldn't be surprised.
Banette will appear at japanese global link, and will have cotton guard, move that it doesn't learn normally


ok, I have a japanese account, I won't be banned from this event. I can get a famitsu too...

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Cotton Guard Banette eh? I like the idea. Could make for a decent physical tank, especially with WoW and Cursed Body.

Banette @ Leftovers
Cursed Body
252 HP / 212 Atk / 44 Spe

Cotton Guard
WoW / Pain Split
Shadow Sneak / Shadow Claw

Outspeeds minimum speed Skarmory and Taunts it. After one Cotton Guard, Banette's Defense reaches 415, which is just shy of Skarmory's defenses. Might be good in UU?