Metagross (Analysis) [QC 0/3]

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<p>In Generation V, Metagross didn't gain very many new toys to show off with. While it does get STAB Psycho Shock, psychic moves do not earn much coverage and its Special Attack stat isn't where it truly shines.</p>

<p>This physical beast (135 Base Attack, to be exact) did not earn many reliable physical moves over the shift, but it did get a reliable move in Hone Claws, but not much else. However, Metagross does get a possible attack boost with its trusty Meteor Mash that, while not completely accurate, is still as strong as ever. Metagross also has great typing, which sports eight resistances and only two weaknesses.</p>

<p>The metagame now includes up-and-coming underdogs like Blaziken that it needs to run Earthquake for. And with ground types like Landlos and Doryuuzu, Metagross needs to utilize the new item Balloon in order to survive a hit and possibly force a switch on some choiced Revenge Killers.</p>

Name: Agility
Move 1: Agility
Move 2: Meteor Mash
Move 3: Earthquake
Move 4: Ice Punch / ThunderPunch / Zen Headbutt
Nature: Jolly / Adamant
Item: Life Orb / Balloon
EVs: 48 HP / 252 Atk / 208 Spe

<p>This set not only raises speed, but also raises appreciation for two certain moves that were only available in Generation V via PokeShifter, but were somewhat unappreciated due to other moves being available. Agility is there to boost Metagross's otherwise disappointing speed, letting it move in front of some of its counters after one boost. Meteor Mash ups attack, and gets STAB with Life Orb, giving Meteor Mash an effective base power of 195. Earthquake checks fire, electic and steel types that may show up in the course of a battle. The case of the fourth slot is that ThunderPunch takes care of Bulky Waters who don't resist it like Gyarados, and Ice Punch is your only option for ground types like Gliscor in this set. Zen Headbutt is helpful to counter Rotom-W, who is a major switch-in to Metagross. It is also Metagross's only hope against Conkeldurr</p>

<p>The EV Spread sports maximum attack. Instead of maxing speed and giving HP 4 EVs, HP gets 48 since speed will be improved by Agility. Of course, if you like attacking more and boosting less, you can give speed the rest of its maximum. However, this will only cut down setting up by one move, and it will threaten Metagross's longetivity due to cut HP. Also 208 is needed to take on ScarfChomp.</p>

<p>Metagross, like any sweeper, will enjoy some entry hazards. Good setup comes in the form of Crustle. Its typing allows it to take a lot of neutral hits while it effectively sets up both Spikes and Stealth Rock. In case of a Bulky Water coming in to mess with the setup, Metagross will retaliate using ThunderPunch if it is being run. Meanwhile, Crustle's STAB Stone Edge will handle fire types who think they can come in to hit Metagross while the walking supercomputer takes attacks for Crustle and counter water types with ThunderPunch. Ice punch is equally helpful as Magic Mirror Xatu will create problems for your team unless you have a Rapid Spinner who can KO Xatu with an ice attack, such as Starmie.</p>

<p>Jolly is the main nature for Metagross, for with it, you have the ability to outpace Scarf Garchomp and Scarf Landorus

Name: Stealth Rock
Move 1: Stealth Rock
Move 2: Meteor Mash
Move 3: Earthquake
Move 4: Bullet Punch
Nature: Adamant
Item: Balloon / Lum Berry / Occa Berry
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Spe

<p>A typical Metagross set. Metagross can deal acceptable damage with these moves. Stealth Rock is used to set up your opponent's team, getting a head start on flying types and flying fire types who are immune to . Meteor Mash is always a great attack, and it strengthens Metagross for more damage. Earthquake damages fire-types directly and puts dents in fellow steel-types. Bullet Punch is here as a much needed priority move for this sluggish sweeper, and it helps to keep fast sweepers with low defenses such as Weavile at bay, who will often be OHKOd after Stealth Rock damage.</p>

<p>The EVs are given so Metagross will have maximum attack. Adamant nature is essential, as it helps Metagross by upping Attack for the given maximum of a respectable 405. HP is Maxed as well to work with Metagross's nice defenses. The speed is given four EVs since it will not make much of a difference due to Metagross's mediocre speed. However, some players are willing to give 40 EVs from HP in order to outrun a few Pokemon, thus giving Metagross 212 HP / 252 Atk / 44 Spe. This trade-off is most likely not worth it since what Metagross can't beat in speed, he can beat in bulk, so strong HP along with strong defenses are necessary for BasicGross to stand a chance.</p>

<p>Occa Berry can be used to survive fire attacks, namely from the new and improved Blaziken or the potential threat called Urugamosu. This works alongside Stealth Rock, which helps deal heavy damage to both, stripping Blaziken of 1/4 his max HP and chopping Urugamosu's HP in half, leaving both at the mercy of super effective and neutrally effective Earthquake, respectively. Lum Berry eliminates the harmful effects of pesky status condition moves like Will-O-Wisp or Scald's chance to burn poor Metagross. Balloon is quite preferrable since it provides the element of surprise. Earthquake is one of the more commonly seen moves, and you will like it when the words "It doesn't affect Metagross" appears on the screen. This also allows Metagross to get a much-needed hit in on potentially deadly foes like Choice Scarf Tyranitar.</p>

<p>Metagross only has two weaknesses, but they are weaknesses to two common attacking types. Having a partner that resists those moves and can hit back for good coverage. In this case, bulky water types help out a lot. Metagross may enjoy wish support, namely from Vaporeon. Vaporeon's STAB Scald picks off Metagross's counters and may burn them as Ice Beam pcks of Vaporeon's grass counters (With the exception of Nattorei. Metagross harms Nattorei with Neutrally-Effective Earthquake, as well as Vaporeon's electric counters. If Vaporeon isn't running Ice Beam, it may use Roar, which not only scouts your opponent's team, but puts in some damage from Stealth Rock laid by Metagross.</p>

<p>The given set cannot really be changed without destroying Metagross's sweeping capabilities, as well as its survivability. Metagross just isn't the same sweeper it used to be. In Generation IV, Explosion was Metagross's way of going out strong, but now it has faded into obscurity due to Explosion's nerf. Loads of counters and a shallow movepool has taken its toll on even the bulkiest BasicGross. Do not let this worry you, as Metagross still has the potential to devastate an unprepared team with good prediction and support.</p>

Name: Choice Band
Move 1: Meteor Mash
Move 2: Earthquake
Move 3: Bullet Punch
Move 4: Pursuit / Trick
Nature: Adamant
Item: Choice Band
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def

<p>With Choice Band, Metagross can be a dangerous encounter. It helps to play the role as a Revenge Killer as well. First of all, its Meteor Mash is a must for Metagross because it reaches a blistering 225 base power when STAB and Choice Band are in play. You know the drill. Earthquake is also self-explanatory. Bullet Punch is the standard priority move. Pursuit is the best choice for slot four, as it will let Metagross switch in on Latios and Latias, because CB Pursuit OHKOs Latios and Latias as they switch. Trick as can cripple the foe by locking them onto a support or self-healing move, draining their precious power points. It also hurts your run-of-the-mill Special Sweeper while you switch to a reliable counter. You can almost hear Metagross laughing at their agony. Be careful, though, as you may be given a fatal item like Choice Specs. The EVs are set so that Metagross is slow, yet burly. Because that's what it takes for it to get the job done. the Defense and Special Defense EVs will give some reliable defense to live on, especially in the face of the Lati Twins. ThunderPunch covers water types, but Ice Punch is preferred. It not only hurts ground types, but can also grass (barring Ferrothorn) and dragon types (especially with secondary types like flying or ground).</p>

<p>Entry Hazards are key to success for Metagross in every case. Crustle is one of the Elites when it comes to Entry Hazards, due to its typing, ability, and STAB moves to help counter Taunt. Of course, Metagross loves to be alongside a Support Pokemon to help it sweep. Dragonite has a resistance to fire and an immunity to ground, and Metagross resists all three of Dragonite's weaknesses. Dragonite also takes advantage of Crustle's Hazards by using Dragon Tail. Dragon Tail gets STAB and reaches 90 base power, it forces a switch, and it makes the next Pokemon a victim to Hazards. Dragonite's Heal Bell cures Metagross if it is statused, and its Thunder Wave can paralyze opponents so Metagross can sweep more efficiently.</p>

<p>Zen Headbutt may be considered on this set. Conkeldurr does have great physical bulk, but CB Zen Headbutt 2HKOs Bulk Up Conkeldurr. (252/0 +1 Conkeldurr takes 74.4% - 88.4% from CB Zen Headbutt)</p>

Name: Hone Claws
Move 1: Hone Claws
Move 2: Meteor Mash
Move 3: Earthquake
Move 4: ThunderPunch / Bullet Punch
Nature: Adamant
Item: Leftovers / Life Orb
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def

<p>Hone Claws can be a saving grace for Metagross. It can take advantage of what it has. If you worry about Meteor Mash's accuracy, just use Hone Claws once or twice to raise the attack and accuracy by one stage each. Then, you will have a better chance of hitting your foe and possibly raising your attack stat afterward with Meteor Mash. ThunderPunch is essential if Metagross wants to even think about countering Pokemon like Gyarados, Jellicent, and Skarmory. Bullet Punch is used since it gives Metagross the priority to attack a faster, frailer sweeper.</p>

<p>Your choice of Leftovers or Life Orb depends on what works for your team.<p>

<p>These EVs were set for sweeping, and that's just what they'll do if you don't mind putting a few EVs out of HP in order to cater to the slight defense and speed edge you will need to survive certain Earthquakes from certain Pokemon, but if you feel like you don't need it, you may set HP at 252. It's your choice.</p>

<p>This set once again requires setup for Metagross to sweep. Crustle gets the one-up on Metagross's weaknesses, recieving neutral damage from ground and fire. Choice Specs Starmie is a fast and helpful teammate. It can use Surf, Hydro Pump, or Ice Beam to handle ground types, and the first two water attacks hurt fire and ground types. Thunderbolt is amazingly helpful for those Bulky Waters that come in to wall Metagross and Crustle, especially Gyarados. If Starmie has trick, it can cripple supporters or certain self-healers and wishers. If Starmie runs Psycho Shock, Metagross can use its priority moves for versatility. Starmie also proves helpful if it runs a Rapid Spin set, taking care of Entry Hazards that plague Metagross like Spikes. Then, Starmie's type coverage can take out the foe before it tries to set up again. Rapid Spin sets are diminishing, but Starmie is still very helpful since it absorbs Spikes, Toxic Spikes, and Stealth Rock.</p>

<p>Dragonite is helpful since it takes advantage of opposing counters with Metagross. It can use Dragon Tail to abuse traps laid out beforehand. If there are no traps, Dragonite has STAB Dragon Claw that can stop STAB Dragon Tail users from ruining the boosts Metagross has worked towards. Metagross's Hone Claws + priority Bullet Punch also walls ice types who try to counter Dragonite. Metagross alongside Dragonite's Thunder Wave and Crustle's setups has the potential break your opponent's team to pieces if played right.</p>

Name: Trick + Iron Ball
Move 1: Trick
Move 2: Meteor Mash
Move 3: Earthquake
Move 4: ThunderPunch / Stealth Rock
Nature: Adamant
Item: Iron Ball
EVs: 236 HP / 252 Atk / 20 Spe

<p>Unlike the previous sets, this Metagross can act as a supporter for your team, while also having the chance to be a counter for steel and fire types with Balloons or Skarmory, since you can now hit them with ground type moves and Spikes. Also, Balloons are common on Pokemon like Excadrill, and if the mole is holding it before the Trick (best if used on the switch), Earthquake will not hit Metagross, and Excadrill will be slowed down considerably. Metagross also has the chance of getting nice items like Leftovers or Life Orb. Meteor Mash is basic STAB, Earthquake hits Skarmory hard, since it has been pinned down by Iron Ball. It also hits your everyday steel types and fire types. The fourth slot depends on your team. ThunderPunch is good for coverage. However, f you are in need of an entry hazard to hurt your foes, Stealth Rock is for you.</p>

<p>If Metagross is using Stealth Rock, Crustle can forgo the move and use a different one. Light Screen is somewhat viable since you can keep Metagross alive with greater Sp. Def.</p>

[Team Options]
<p>Metagross makes for a great team player. Crustle, Starmie, and Dragonite all work with Metagross to cover weaknesses. Bulky Water Types are great teammates. Vaporeon and Gyarados are wonderful options. Dragonite's Thunder Wave is especially helpful.</p>

<p>Altaria helps to serve as a cleric for Metagross. It takes ground and fire attacks for Metagross. Metgross, in turn, takes ice, dragon, and rock moves for Altaria. Altaria helps to keep Metagross unstatused, because it doesn't appreciate burns. Paralysis takes its toll also, especially on the Agility set. However, other Clerics like Blissey and Celebi also keep Metagross alive. Dragonite has Heal Bell, too.</p>

<p>If you want a spinblocker to keep Metagross undamaged on the switch-in, Gengar can switch with Metagross to take ground attacks, as Metagross can come in to take rock, psychic, and dark moves. It can hit bulky waters with Thunderbolt. If a Starmie comes in and you just have that feeling it is about to Rapid Spin, Gengar can come in to block it. Then, you can hit back with STAB Shadow Ball or predict a switch with another move.</p>

[Other Options]
<p>Metagross was not blessed with an outstanding movepool, which itself is dotted with STAB special attacks it won't really even use. However, experimenting never hurt anyone.</p>

<p>Hammer Arm is a way to deal with Ferrothorn or a Magnezone with Magnet Rise, but it isn't far too good a move otherwise. Speaking of Magnet Rise, that move helps Metagoss have an immunity to Earthquake for a while. Of course, it isn't too high up for fire moves, but Metagross can use Earthquake to check them. Still, the probability of you using it on your Metagross is relatively low. Metagross reaches 306 Sp. Def. with a Careful Nature, making it possible to run a DualScreen set. The only problem is that Metagross has better options.</p>

<p>Metagross was given Reflect and Light Screen which does make it able to run a DualScreen set, but this works better on more Pokemon than Metagross.

<p>Countering Metagross is possible if it is timed right.</p>

<p>Zapdos and Thunderus both wall every hit except for Ice Punch, and Zapdos can deal with Metagross using Thunderbolt, Thunder, or Heat Wave.</p>

<p>Bronzong laughs at anything but Trick, but if the opponent is running a mixed set, it should be wary of HP Fire.</p>

<p>Bulky waters should watch out for ThunderPunch except for Swampert and Quagsire. Quagsire also has Unaware, which lets him ignore Hone Claws and Agility while just completely walling Metagross. If Quagsire runs Scald, Metagross is in grave danger of being burned.</p>

<p>Gliscor and Landorus are immune to Earthquake and ThunderPunch. Ice Punch deals heavy damage to them, though.</p>

<p>Skarmory only worries about ThunderPunch. Though it doesn't deal damage to Metagross, it can phaze it with Whirlwind.</p>

<p>Forretress and Ferrothorn are only hurt by Trick and HP Fire (Ferrothorn is hurt by Hammer Arm, too), and can set up without worry. Ferrothorn can whittle away at Metagross's HP with Leech Seed.</p>

<p>Rotom-H resists most of its attacks, and can OHKO/dent with Overheat or cripple with Will-O-Wisp.</p>

<p>Moltres should only fear ThunderPunch. It can OHKO/dent it with any decent fire attack.</p>

<p>Magnezone has Magnet Pull, which traps Metagross. It can avoid EQ with Magnet Rise or Balloon.</p>

[Dream World]
<p>Light metal halves Metagross's weight. Thus, it receives half the damage from Low Kick, Grass Knot, and lowers the attack of Heavy Bomber. Clear Body is obviously the better choice here. In this ability, it resists two attacks a little more. In Clear Body, it is immune to Intimidate, which is common and cuts Metagross's valuable attack. Metagross will survive Low Kick and Grass Knot.</p>
Welcome to Smogon. All right, let me start. With the nerf, Explosion is nowhere nearly as useful, and Metagross really needs priority, so I suggest that you drop Explosion on the Lead set, and replace it with Bullet Punch.

Start and end each paragraph with <p> and </p>, respectively.

With Team Preview, dedicated leads are no longer that useful. As such, I suggest that you rename the first set.

Good luck with this analysis.
Recommended sets:
Choice Band
Stealth Rock ['Lead']

Scarf doesn't seem too good this gen. Might be worth a specially defensive trapper set as well...
In the counters section, you may want to mention that Rotom-W walls most of Metagross' sets and can easily cripple it with Will-O-Wisp, allowing it to easily take hits from Metagross and Pain Split if things get complicated. Also, Metagross doesn't appreciate Burn (and Paralyses in case of the Agiligross set), so packing a cleric is a good idea. Altaria is great at this, as it can take Ground and Fire moves aimed at Metagross while Metagross can take Ice, Dragon, and Rock attacks aimed at Altaria.
I'm not liking the 252 speed evs on band metagross. The point isn't to outspeed anything, it's to make use of Metagross' amazing typing and defenses to force switches, and hit the opponent hard on the switch. Besides, Metagross won't be outspeeding much at all. I recommend switching the speed and the hp evs to make the spread 252 hp / 252 atk / 4 spe to outspeed min speed skarmory. Maybe mention running enough speed to outspeed adamant tyranitar or adamant scizor in AC. Also, the elemental punches should be mentioned in AC.


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'Kay, you have the basic sets sets covered, and I guess you have good knowledge about using Metagross. The only thing I don't really like about this analysis is the language. Granted, you might know what you’re talking about, but I would strongly advise against using second person writing. I would also limit the number of rhetorical interrogative sentences; this analysis seems to have quite a bit of them. We’re also assuming that generation V has been out for a period of time, so don’t use phrases like “Generation V has brought…” or “By now, we should all know that Generation V…”
Overall, just edit the analysis so it has a more “professional” feel, and at the same time, make it fun too.


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I might keep Explosion slashed in as a secondary option in the lead set. Though it's been nerfed, it's still Gross's most powerful attack and can beat some weaker leads.
[Other Options]
<p>What other options? Metagross was not blessed with an outstanding movepool, which itself is dotted with STAB special attacks it won't really even use. However, experimenting never hurt anyone -cough-besides Metagross-cough-. Psycho Shock is a ridiculously good STAB attack if Metagross is running a possible mixed set. But if you know what is good for it, you probably won't invest in that type of moveset. However, it could run said MixGross set with Meteor Mash, Earthquake, Grass Knot, and Psycho Shock with Quiet nature holding Leftovers and with 80 HP EVs, 124 Atk EVs, 252 Sp. Atk. EVs, and 52 Spe EVs. This will provide good coverage, but it isn't all that reliable.</p>

Why would you EVER use Psycho Shock over Zen Headbutt?

Metagross's Special Attack is lackluster compared to its Attack, even on a mixed set. Psycho Shock hits the opponent's Defense stat; so does Zen Headbutt. They have the same base power. Why would you use the attack that runs off of the weaker stat, and automatically opt to deal less damage?

If you insist on talking about a mixed set for Metagross, you need to replace Psycho Shock with either Psychic or Zen Headbutt. It makes absolutely zero sense for him to have Psycho Shock. None.
Zen Headbutt's not that great of an option anyway. A few of the common Fighting types now, namely Roobushin and Terrakion, have good physical bulk, and Ice or Thunder get better coverage anyway (though the two Fighting types I just mentioned would take more damage from ZHB). I could be wrong though; I've never ran ZHB on Metagross.
Zen Headbutt's not that great of an option anyway. A few of the common Fighting types now, namely Roobushin and Terrakion, have good physical bulk, and Ice or Thunder get better coverage anyway (though the two Fighting types I just mentioned would take more damage from ZHB). I could be wrong though; I've never ran ZHB on Metagross.
Psychic isn't a fantastic attacking type anyways. The point I was trying to make is that on Metagross, Zen Headbutt will always deal more damage to the opponent than Psycho Shock.
Yeah, I know. I just meant that it wouldn't be wise to run either attack. But I'm not sure why somone would run Psycho Shock on a physical attacker. Maybe he/she thought it used the user's Attack (though that honestly wouldn't make much sense, but...).
I'd like a specially defensive EV spread to be mentioned in AC for the Choice Band set. It switches in on Latias and Latios fairly reliably and smashes them with a Pursuit while they switch out. It has great utility this gen and still packs quite a punch even without 252 attack EVs.
I think an Iron Ball+Trick set is just as viable in Gen V as it was in Gen IV. With all the emphasis placed on Speed this Gen, Iron Ball is a great way to punch holes in the opponents team.

Name: Iron Ball+Trick
Move 1: Trick
Move 2: Meteor Mash
Move 3: Earthquake
Move 4: Stealth Rock/Light Screen/Thunderpunch
Nature: Adamant
Item: Iron Ball
EVs: 236 HP / 252 Atk / 20 Spe

Basically the same set from the analysis, but rather than Explosion, you're reduced to using a support move or a coverage move. The EVs don't change, 20 speed puts you at 181 speed, which is enough to outspeed positive base 115s (as stated in the analysis), attack is maxed and the rest is put in HP.
Trick is a given, allowing you to cripple many of Metagross's counters, such as Skarmory, Randorosu, Zapdos, and more. The drop in speed prevents it form being out sped by the many Fire types and Doryuuzu which threaten him. Not to mention Trick also robs it's target of it's item; Metagross can make use of many kinds of items, like Leftovers, Life Orb and Balloon, which are all commonly found on 'Gross's counters. Flying Pokemon are now affected by Spikes, too.
Earthquake is also very important to this set, allowing it to hit many of it's counter for SE damage after being tricked the Iron Ball, like Skarmory and tricked fires.
Meteor Mash is there for STAB and is very powerful coming off of 405 attack.
Your choice of 4th move depends on the rest of your team. Metagross can hit Bulky Waters harder with Thunder Punch, or support it's team through SR or Light Screen. Toxic is another option if none of the above appeal to you.
Thanks for the critique. I am working on getting the analysis edited for everyone. I'm especially grateful because you people are helping me shape my abilities at analyzing. I hope to write a lot more of these, and that's why I appreciate these comments. Do remember, this is only my first analysis.
AccidentalGreed: Yeah, I wasn't so crazy about the writing either. I have been pressed on time, so I didn't really get the chance to watch myself. I'll skim through it and edit.
Clefable, you are ABSOLUTELY right. I don't even know what occurred in my mind to put Psycho Shock there. It must have been where I was so tired? Hehe...
But anywho, Zen Headbutt isn't that great of an idea. The fact is, there are SO many other moves you'd rather use.
Spades, I have to say that the Iron Ball+Trick set sort of passed me by. Metagross is a very helpful user of that set, making it both a potential Counter and a Supporter at the same time.
Regarding bandgross:

The ev spread is still terrible. 252 hp / 252 atk adamant is bulkier both physically and specially than your spread.

Zen Headbutt needs to be a slash. It hits every pokemon on most rain teams save nattorei for neutral damage and makes bandgross a hard counter to bulk up roobushin (252/0 +1 Roobushin takes 74.4% - 88.4% from CB Zen Headbutt). No reasonable person will switch tyranitar or any other dark type into Metagross anyway.

Ice Punch should be mentioned in AC, and ThunderPunch probably should as well. Gliscor is everywhere and being able to OHKO 252/252+ ones after rocks is huge. If they run protect, Meteor Mash will never 2HKO. ThunderPunch is great for hitting Skarmory and bulky waters like Burungeru on the switch.

Also in the team options section, I'd remove mentions of Altaria and Mamanbou. They are almost strictly outclassed by Dragonite and Vaporeon respectfully. Remove Abagoura as well, there's really no reason to use him on any team. Dragons like Salamence and Latios make great partners for Metagross, as do pokemon that can set up on bulky waters like Nattorei and Borotorosu, who both have the option of providing paralysis support for Metagross.
Lum Berry should be mentioned in the Hone Claws' AC.

<p>Dragonite is helpful -especially in double battles- since it takes advantage of opposing counters with Metagross. It can use Dragon Tail to abuse traps laid out beforehand. If there are no traps, Dragonite has STAB Dragon Claw that can stop STAB Dragon Tail users from ruining the boosts Metagross has worked towards. Metagross's Hone Claws + priority Bullet Punch also walls ice types who think they can shoot down Dragonite. ClawGross alongside Dragonite's Thunder Wave and Iwaparesu's setups can break your opponent's team to pieces if played right.</p>
Smogon sets don't cater to double battles, so remove that section.

Looks pretty well written, MixMetagross is pretty good, from what I've been using, so that might need to be edited in. I'll ask SDS and others about it later.

Also, the comments like "whatever makes you feel warm and fuzzy" and all comments in similar vein that aren't "professional" sounding should probably go. Basically if you wouldn't use the language in an English essay don't put it in an analysis.
The set I use for BandGross is...

Metagross @ Choice Band
Trait: Clear Body
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 SDef
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Pursuit
- Meteor Mash
- Bullet Punch
- Earthquake

OHKOs a fleeing Lati@s 100% of the time with Pursuit with 337 Atk and takes a max of 41% from Specs Latios' Draco Meteor. The rest of the moves are fairly obvious I guess
I have question on agility set. What is purpose of that spread? With 196 EV will got 225 speed and will go to 450 after agility. what is 450 speed is for?
Metagross can outspeed some of its counters after an Agility, bar Speed Boost Blaziken. Sand Force Doryuzu is also outsped, as it reaches 302 maximum speed. Then, Metagross can use Earthquake (or Ice Punch, to make sure any Balloons aren't there) to deal heavy damage and possibly KO. For this to work, however, Metagross must first switch into something that can't beat it or it can easily counter. It does involve some prediction, but it is effective. If there are any problems with the explanation, please state so.
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