nj art

I like how after it roars it looks like it's going to do something else, but then decides it wants to make sure you heard it the first time. The best thing is when cute things acknowledge you.
i feel like ive done enough work on these to justify an update

one is my self portrait in ink, the other is that fucking crocodile yada yada you guys know the drill



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ugh NJ I just look in your thread and I love everything you do. That Virizion is absolutely gorgeous and I love its expression. That ink work is incredible; have you done other stuff in that medium? I'd love to see it; you're very good at it!
how high was i when i decided painting the scales individually was a good idea

excuse me while i go cry

edit: one of the snakes does have scales, i just havent finished it yet
More to love, right?

PS. I love many of your pieces, but for some reason Virizon's face reminds me of the grinch, still It's so fun to spend hours is this tread, you're awesome :3

wow gosh what a stressful piece!!

there are lots of things i would have liked to do, like a real background, and a few more details, and changes here and there, but my portfolio review is tomorrow, so oh well!

all of the details are hand drawn... it was a labor of love hahaha
i will never draw scales again
so intense, so many deets :)) I'm really taken by the level of detail, and it all being done by hand is absolutely crazy...

It's always tough with pieces you feel like you could have done more with, but absolute biggest props for getting things together in time; even without a "real" background I feel like it's a really strongth piece

that legion of scales is intense... and those two pythons came out awesome

just awesome stuff!!!
Ah it looks super good NJ! The amount of detail you've put into it is really awe inspiring (and a little intimidating, haha)! I really like how silky the cape looks.

But beyond that, I wanted to point out something that might be a mistake! It might not be but it looks a little off to me, the line of teeth on the right (the croc's left) are attached to the jaw which looks white as opposed to the warm grey it is in the rest of the pic (the colour changes kind of abruptly between one of the front teeth and the ones on the side). Intentional or just something missed?

Edit: Ugh I'm the worst at pointing out these sorts of things. Here's a visual aid!
'nuff said

Seriously, the little details really are what make this amazing; that many hand drawn scales is fucking intense man haha. For some reason I really love the kinda circle like patterning you have on the snakes, it adds another awesome layer of patterning that just makes it so cool
Great seeing it progress too, hope your portfolio review goes well :)