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Hi, i would actually like to request a fakemon. It is based off of a komodo dragon, except armored with a terrakion type head. It would be really nice if you drew this for me, since your art is amazing, thanks.

ahhhhhhh oh my fucking god i actually managed to apply to all of the institutes and get all that shit together before the priority deadline YES

have a celebratory picture from my final portfolio
Love them warm shadows, and where the thigh meets the torso in the back is my personal favorite fold

really cool how you managed to sneak the hearts in there, I like them as a series

very sensual pieces, I dig mucho ;)



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ohhh my goooooddd what even aaare yoouuuuuu

it's like not only have you rendered the metal gorgeously you've just really casually got that gorgeous reflection perspective in there on this with the rest unfinished like it's nbd

you are amazing, keep ______ :)


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You encapsulated perfectly how most of the characters are entirely too large for their vehicles. I really dig the details such as the logo up on his front and the bobomb clutched in his hand.
soembody comment on my thread /sob

i am too lazy to finish this today, but i still wanna post it
Don't worry, i'm here ♪

I love how determined and serious you made him. It's like if Bowser loses this race, that's it, END OF THE LINE. It's sad because Bowswer recently overcame a major substance abuse problem and is trying get his shit together, so if he loses this race that's it. Game over. Life over.