NU C&C Index and Reservations

I'm relatively new, and have done a lot of lurking without much contribution, but I'd like to take a crack at writing up CalmTalk sets, so I'd like a crack at the BW2 update / revamp for Hypno and Grumpig.


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(Since tennisace told me to stop reserving bad Pokemon qq) I'm reserving Regice.

Also, Phione and Dunsparce has been sitting there for a while.. If a QC can get to it so it can be written, that would be appreciated! :)


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Basculin has been done for a few days now, but still needs to be uploaded - sorry I didn't post it here.

Also I'm reserving Tauros if that's alright
ill work on the formatting later, but i think i have all the content up to date. The following are availabie for reservation again:

Scolipede (sry zeb its been more than the week)
Musharna (i suck)
Rotom-F (I suck)
Linoone (sry zeb its been 7 months)

if i missed something post it here and ill catch it next time!
I believe these Mons need updates.

Gorebyss - Signal Beam should be at least AC in SS sets.

Armaldo - It needs to be elaborated that it is not a very good spinner.

Sawsbuck - Im not sure about this one, but it needs to be talked down more :(