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Pinwheel forest

Dewott - Jackson Lvl 21
Elvis - Roggenrolla Lvl 20
Sewaddle Lvl 16

Box: 2 Purrloins (Simba and Scar)

PokeHevn (name of the box w/ the deceased)
Ranger (Patrat) crit :(
Kanye (pansaer) me bein careless...
Polio (Tympole) fodder for Nacrene city Gym
Conner (Blitzle) also died to crit.
Second update time

First update and Rules

Caught a Taillow which I called Aven on route 103
Caught a Shroomish which I called Preston in Petalburg Woods which I'm not using so boxed
Got through Petalburg Woods and the rest of route 103 and reached Rustborough
Stupidly moved onto the next route so couldn't heal in pokecentre anymore but caught a Poochyena called Rudolph which I didn't plan to use
Beat gym trainers
Sombrero died fighting Roxanne's stupid Nosepass =(
Kyosuke finished it off to get me my first badge though
Was gonna use Rudolph but he died fighting a wild Whismur as tackle missed
Got through that route and caught a Whismur of my own in Rusturf Tunnel which I called Zia which I will use
Defeated Aqua Grunt and now in Dewford Town where I could finally heal
Not having a cut user sucks

Current Team:

Kyosuke the Mudkip - Lv 14
Rainbow the Dustox - Lv 13
Aven the Taillow - Lv 13
Zia the Whismur - Lv 9

Boxed: Preston the Shroomish

Dead: Sombrero the Lotad
Rudolph the Poochyena

Next update probably tomorrow.
Just started my first ((Steampunk!))Nuzlocke on my brand new SS.

-If a pokemon faints, it is permanently boxed.
-I must Nickname all my pokemon
-I can catch only 1 pokemon per route, but it needn't be the first one seen. ((Note that since this is semi-modified from a base rule, I'm not sure if I'll be allowed to post updates here. Someone clarify please?))
-I may use items and pokecenters freely.

Will edit this post when I get the approval to post updates...
-If a pokemon faints, it is permanently boxed.
-I must Nickname all my pokemon
-I can catch only 1 pokemon per route, but it needn't be the first one seen. ((Note that since this is semi-modified from a base rule, I'm not sure if I'll be allowed to post updates here. Someone clarify please?))
-I may use items and pokecenters freely.
Also known as the "not even trying" rule. D:


It's all coming back to me now
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I think its time I posted in this thread..

no story this time since my first run through of White is a Nuzlocke. Been VERY lucky with my first pokemon per route thing.

Currently around Elissas Gym


Aqua the male Dewott
Lv 26
-Fury Cutter
-Water Pulse
-Razor Shell

Richard the Male Herdier
Lv 25
-Work Up
-Take Down

Inferno the female Darumaka
Lv 24
-Fire Fang
-Fire Punch

Max the Male Sandile
Lv 20
-Mud Slap
-Sand Tomb


Chirp the male Pidove, Lv 12
Heat the male Pansear, lv 11

Dead list

Percy the male Purrloin, Lv 8
Dreamworks the male Munna, Lv 10
Jolt the male Blitzle, Lv 23
Rose the female Petili, Lv 16
Roger the male Drilbur, Lv 14
Finally stopped being lazy today and reset my copy of Black so I could get going. I'll see if I can't draw up a half-decent comic version at some point. Currently just arrived in Castelia City.

Name: Ryuusei

1) First Pokemon in each area and all.
2) Fainted? Dead. I'm perma-boxing the dead ones.
3) Nicknames.
4) Items may only be used in battle.
5) No limit to Pokemon Center uses, but I try to not go all the time.
6) Potions can be purchased, but no status healers, and no balls. Those need to be found.

Current Team:

Meteor the Tepig - Level 23
Haggis the Herdier - Level 19
Streak the Blitzle - Level 20
Weedo the Pansage - Level 13 (*cough*)


Albus the Purrloin (Sacrificed to a Patrat's stupid Bide, to save Meteor)
Tiana the Tympole (Died to a crit while grinding)

Other than losing one of the VERY few chances at a water type in this game, I'm pretty pleased with what I've got. The only thing with a "bad" nature is Haggis (Modest), but I'm holding out for a mixed attacker later on.

Next up is all of the Castelia City antics, including an Exp Share (for Weedo >.>), Leaf Stone (Weedo, again) and Eviolite. With two Flame Chargers, the gym doesn't concern me.
Just a little tip for all you Nuzlockers out there: wild Excadrills in the Victory Road know Horn Drill. It didn't hit when one used it, but it did scare the crap out of me.
Second update (link to first update and rules included)

Third update (quite an eventful one actually)

Well after arriving in Dewford I realised my pokecentre rule had caused a problem. My team was five levels lowers than Brawly's so to train I needed to go to the cave but if I went there I couldn't heal at the pokecentre before the gym so I decided to take the risk and faced Brawly's team of Lv 18s/19s with my team of 13s/14s.

Started out with Aven (Taillow) and he with his Machop
He bulk ups as I focus energy as I feel I'm going to need crits to win this
He karate chops
Aven....dies in one hit....-.-
So yeah..Aven's dead and after that I think I've made a big mistake but I continue anyway in the hopes I can somehow win.
I send out Rainbow (Dustox) and confusion his Machop to tie things up at 1 poke down each.
He sends out Meditite and I fear confusion so I switch to Kyosuke (Mudkip) and realise Brawly's a focus punch abusing idiot so I mud slap and water gun continuously until after Brawly uses two super potions Meditite goes down.
Finally, he sends out Makuhita and I switch back to Rainbow who takes a +3 red health reversal easily before winning the battle for me with confusion.

I'd won my second gym badge...somehow..also I had to sacrifice Preston (Shroomish) in the fight otherwise someone else would have died. Costly battle.

After that I went to the cave and caught a Sableye and called her Gemini and delivered the letter to Steven. After training Gemini I went to Slateport to heal then fought the trainers on the beach and the Aqua Grunts in the museum before leaving.

I caught a Wingull and called her Gale and bait and switch trained it whilst defeating the trainers on the route. Due to finally having a cut user in Gemini I could back track to fight trainers behind trees etc and could do the trick house. Kyosuke evolved into a Marshtomp on this route as well.

Fought May and had a couple of near-deaths before managing to beat her mostly thanks to Rainbow (easily my MVP so far). Reached Mauville and healed up before quickly heading back down cycling road for more experience.

Current Team:

Kyosuke the Marshtomp - Lv 20
Rainbow the Dustox - Lv 20
Zia the Whismur - Lv 19
Gemini the Sableye - Lv 19
Gale the Wingull - Lv 17

Dead: Sombrero the Lotad
Rudolph the Poochyena
Aven the Taillow
Preston the Shroomish

I'll probably play some more later today and will update again then. Thanks anyone who's been following this.
Alas, after finally making it to Brock's gym...

A battle of epic proportions unfolded.

Batterfly came out first, and with it's quick wit was able to bring down Geodude. However, the intense battling brought it to low health.

In came Onix. I switched out for Chawmander. He used Bide for whatever reason, so I reduced his attack with Growl. I used Ember, burning him. Hahaha, now what.

Alas, the next turn I used Ember, and critted. With low HP from my tribulations in Viridian Forest, and my lifetime ban from Pokémon Centres, Somebody was going to die. Alas, Batterfly, your time had come. Switching out... And then I realized that Onix had two turns of inactivity. Punching myself for my stupidity, I watched as Batterfly fell to the ground, devoid of life. In came Chawmander. Who proceeded to miss with Ember, and was taken down by a well aimed Tackle from Onix. Two deaths! This carnage would not go unpunished!

My final hopes were left with Treeckochu. With only a single hit point, could Treeckochu manage? The answer, apparently, was yes. As Onix's final Tackle missed, it was overwhelmed from the pain of its burn. Treeckochu's level grew 3 sizes that day.

So I am left with a Pikachu with 7 HP left. At level 6.

Hurray :/

Had to flee from a Pidgey on Route 1.

Didn't go to the route before the E4.

Ran out of Pokéballs trying to catch a Caterpie on Route 2. I don't think I've ever had it break out of 1 Pokéball, never mind 4. At least I did catch it, someone would be getting punched if I didn't.

Got the Pokéball in Viridian Forest and caught a Pikachu. Turns out I had weakened it to 1 HP. Was wishing this game had Heal Balls.

Managed to make it through Viridian Forest, Butterfree at Lv. 10 and Chawmander (poisoned) at level 14. Pikachu was still weak.



-Started from Striaton City.
-Went to Dreamyard and saved Munna.
-Went to route 3 and battled with all the trainers.
-Battled with Cheren:
Started with Azor(Lillipup), he started with Tepig.
I work up once and then 2hko with tackle.
Next came out Purrloin.I switch to Smugleaf(Snivy), i use growth once and then easily ko with vine whip(2hko).
After the battle Azor learns Take Down and Smugleaf Leaf Tornado.

-Went after Team Plasma and swept it with Azor.
-Azor evolved.
-Completed this quest and also caught Pranky the Purloinn (lvl 9).
-Also caught Zooooobat the Woobat(lvl 12).
-Left them in the pc as backups for now.Also stopped training Shower(Panpour) in order to avoid fainting and run out of hm users.
-By the end of the route Smugleaf was a Servine.

-Reached Nacrene City.
-Went to Pinwheel Forest wishing for a fighting type(Timburr).
-I ran into a Sawk who i named Burnt because of his bold nature(-atk).
-Still his attack is sky high.
-Battled every trainer in the outside of Pinwheel forest with Burnt for the experience.
-Went back to Nacrene City.
-Tried to get into the museum and confronted N.
-Burnt easily swept him losing little hp.
-All the trainers in the gym were ohkoed by Burnt and double kick and low sweep.
-Time for Gym Leader Battle:
She lead with Herdier, i lead with Burnt.
I use Low Sweep and it's a crit.OHKO.
She sends in Watchog i send in Azor for the intimidate.Switch back to Burnt.I take the leer.Again back to Azor for the attack drop and she leers once again.Again back to Burnt.Once more she leers.
Time to finish it.I choose double kick for potential crit.She leers while all i need is one more hit.Now i should just Low sweep for the speed drop but i choose Double kick due to misclick.She is again into red zone.All i fear right now is a potential crit but thankfully she leers again while i low sweep for the ko.
The second badge is mine and i have no casualties yet.


Smugleaf@Miracle Seed
Level 17
Vine Whip
Leaf Tornado

Level 17
Work Up
Take Down

Level 19
Inner Focus
Work Up
Low Sweep
Double Kick

Level 12
Work Up
Water Gun

Zooooobat the Woobat(lvl 12)
Pranky the Purloinn(lvl 9)
Here's the second update on my Nuzlocke challenge:

Rules: (slight changes)
1. If a Pokemon faints, it is dead, and I have to store it in my PC (cannot be used again)
2. I must catch the first Pokemon I see in any route/area. If the first Pokemon I see has already been caught, I may catch the next Pokemon I see in that area.
3. I must nickname every Pokemon I capture.
4. Once I pass a city and enter a new route, I can no longer visit the previous Pokemon Center. [NEW]
5. No strict rules on items, but I will limit their use as much as possible.
6. I will play on [Shift] battle setting

First Update:
I enthusiastically select OSHAWOTT as my first Pokemon and my two friends zealously engage me in battle. Oshawott disposes of Bianca's Tepig with ease...Cheren (who has already begun to rub me the wrong way) gives me quite a scare by bringing Oshawott down to critical health. Luckily, Oshawott gets the KO. 2-0 start on this journey. After getting the details on my journey from Professor Juniper, I finally get to nickname my little guy. Hamilton is his name, but he will be referred to from time to time as Hammy.

Upon entering Route 1, I immediately run into a PATRAT. Patrat hits Hammy with TWO critical journey is almost over before it begins! Luckily, I get a Poke Ball off in time and catch the feisty sucker. A few minutes of grinding brings Patrat (Chaz) to L5 and Hammy to L7 (Water Gun!).

We arrive to Accumula Town for a much needed rest. My Pokemon get healthy and I pick up some potions from the Mart (I have a feeling I will be needing these quite a bit). We step outside and listen to the mysterious character Ghetsis as he proselytizes the townsfolk on his own unique view of Pokemon relationships...just as I try to regain my bearings on what I just witnessed...f'ning N.

N introduces himself to Cheren and I but there's no time for small talk with N. Nope, straight to business. Catching me completely by surprise, I lead off with Chaz and N's Purrloin proceeds to pummel Patrat with no remorse. Am I going to have my first casualty already??! Chaz BARELY survives with 1HP and I frantically switch into Hamilton. Hamilton exacts revenge for the beating his lil' pal has taken and Water Guns the HECK out of Purrloin for the win. Quite the scare there.

After talking to some more townsfolk, I bounce and head to Route 2. To my pleasant surprise, I run into a PURRLOIN of my own. No difficulties in catching it and I nickname it Scipio. With potions in hand I feel confident enough in taking down the two trainers in the Route and I dispatch them with ease. Chaz learning Bite eases the burden a bit for my overworked Hammy (who is now at Lv10). Content with my training, I head towards Striaton City...

REALLY BIANCA, REALLY? Out of all times, NOW you want an f'ning battle? Chaz is my lead pokemon against her Lillipup but he only has about 40% health. He is able to sustain a hit and get one Bite in before I switch to Scipio. My little Purrloin takes a BEATING as an ill-advised Assist (I was hoping for a BITE to get a STAB bonus or Water Gun) almost spells doom for Scipio. Scipio survives a Tackle with 2HP! and Hamilton comes in for the kill. At this point, I'm shell-shocked at how close my guys have come to biting the dust but Hamilton gloriously KOs Tepig with Water Gun. Whew!

After a long day of battling and some near-fatal close calls, we decide to grab a couple of Potions (can't use the Pokemon Center in Striaton due to rule), heal up, and go to bed.

Second Update:
My team and I decide to visit the Dreamyward. A random guy decides to give me a Pansear...very much appreciated! With the new Poke in tow (nicknamed Abe) I head to the training school (where's I'm expecting a battle.) Paranoia proves might right, Cheren is there waiting. I take down his first Pokemon with a tag team of Scipio and Hamilton. However, I get a little too cocky with Abe against Snivy, almost paying the price when Abe gets down to critical health (not a good start for the new Poke). Luckily, Snivy is down low enough for Chaz to sub in and get a Crit Bite for the KO.

Not satisfied with my current levels, I decided to gain a couple more for Abe and Scipio before entering the first gym. The brief training is still not enough as the gym leader has much higher levels than expected! Lillipup gives Chaz hell, forcing Hamilton to come in and sweep with Water Gun.

Now let's talk about "Work Up". Geez, what a devastating combo this early in the game. I send Abe out against his Pansage but incinerate isn't doing the amount of damage I would like it to. (Sidenote: Pansear is AWFUL). The fight with Lillipup left only two Pokemon with healthy enough to continue fighting and Pansage has already been brought down to critical with Work Up + NVE Vine Whip. My only hope of winning this is Scipio. He enter the battle, luckily Pansage does another Work Up and then a Vine Whip, allowing Scipio to get the critical STAB Bite from Assurance! Moments like this are why a Nuzlocke Challenge can be simultaneously amazing and exhaustive. Without that critical hit for the KO, I can still probably win the match but have several of my guys dead. Luckily, I'm able to leave with my team intact and my first badge. Baller.

I heal up at the Pokemon Center and head off to Route 3. I head North towards the Daycare and realize there's a NPC healer on this route. Perfect opportunity to get some level grinding done. I see a number of trainers to the left so I start battling the…preschoolers?! Easy pickings right?

The first Preschooler I run into (with Panpour) takes down Scipio with a critical hit Water Gun. Really?! A 6.25% chance of critical and it KOs my poor little Scipio. Sad moment for the team here but it was bound to happen eventually. We make our peace with Scipio's demise and beat on the rest of the preschoolers. F them.

I walk in the grass to see if I can get a new Pokemon, first one to spawn is a Blitzle! Just what the team needed after losing a member. She's also the first female of the group (I nickname her Appolonia). After a rendezvous with my two friends, Cheren and I enter the Wellspring Cave to take on Team Plasma. Before the battle, I get another random encounter…Roggenrola! We take down Plasma easily (seriously guys, you need to come at us with more than just Patrats…).

After my altruistic work, I resume me journey and head towards Nacrene City. Foolishly having Chaz as my lead (lowest level on the team), he proves to be no match for a wild Lillipup (who is quickly becoming the bane of my in-game existence). I have to admit that I thought nothing of him when I first caught him. But having travelled with me since the start, it was a sad moment for Hammy and I when Chaz fainted. Two pokemon lost on Route 3. Rough times. With heavy hearts, we continued on our path and reached Nacrene City…

Here's how the current team looks:

Current Team:
Hamilton the Oshawott
Lv 14 / Mild
Tackle / Tail Whip / Water Gun / Focus Energy

Sogna the Munna
Lv14 / Careful
Psywave / Psybeam / Lucky Chant / Yawn

Abe the Pansear
Lv14 / Sassy (…)
Scratch / Work Up / Lick / Incinerate

Appolonia the Blitzle
Lv13 / Careful
Quick Attack / Tail Whip / Charge / Shock Wave

Amethyst the Roggenrola
Lv13 / Adamant (Awesome!)
Tackle / Rock Blast / Sand-Attack / Headbutt

The Fallen:
Scipio the Purrloin (Lv10) @ Route 3 [vs. Preschooler's Panpour]
Chaz the Patrat (Lv12) @ Route 3 [vs. Wild Lillipup]
First Update:

So I cleaned up in Castelia City without any problems, really. Meteor the Pignite was a total champ in the gym, and Haggis the Herdier has proven himself over and over.

After the gym was a bit more running around the city, then the fight with Bianca. Meteor, Haggis, and Streak (Blitzle) swapped around a few times, taking down everything of hers pretty solidly. Desert time.

In the desert the first thing I did was take on Cheren. Haggis just set up in Pidove's face, then proceeded to OHKO Cheren's team with Tackles. Hah.

After that, I went looking for some new guys. Caught Joker the Darumaka on route 4, meaning I have another fire type. In the Desert Resort I ran into Dundee the Sandile. Knowing that I could grab another Pokemon and the fossil in the Ruins, I popped in there.

Here, tragedy struck. An enemy Sigilyph outsped Streak. He fired off a Psybeam that brought Streak down to 3 HP in one hit. And confused him. I had already picked my attack, so there was nothing that could be done as Streak took his own life right in front of me.

After that, I picked up the fossil, caught Sekhemkhet the Yamask, and wandered up to Nimbasa City (seriously, what is up with these names?).

Gonna be doing plenty of grinding up, especially on Dundee, before heading into the gym. I consider this one of the hardest ones in the game. Also, going to be backtracking to the Museum to get my Plume Fossil restored.

Current Team:

Meteor the Pignite - 27
Haggis the Herdier - 26
Weedo the Pansage - 13 (Gonna box him soon)
Joker the Darumaka - 15
Dundee the Sandile - 22
Sekhemkhet the Yamask - 22

The Departed:

Albus the Purrloin - 5
Tiana the Tympole - 14
Streak the Blitzle - 23
3rd update

Fourth update

Defeated the few trainers to the east of Mauville before heading West to Verdanturf. Caught an Illumise and called her Caravel but decided to box her. Defeated Wally with ease before proceeding to defeat the gym trainers.

Fight against Wattson

Rainbow and Zia took care of his Voltorb and Electrike
Kyosuke defeated his Magneton and Manectric with ease

Obtained strength from Verdanturf Tunnel before heading north to face the Winstrates. Things went fine until Grandma Winstrate with her Meditite. I thought Gale would survive but hi-jump kick was enough to kill her =/

Carried on heading north and caught a Numel and called her Queen Numa in honour of a friend's Numel which died facing Flannery in his Emerald Nuzlocke. Caught a Torkoal naming her Morty but boxed her. Decided to use Queen Numa because I needed more resists for the 4th gym.

Made it to the volcanic ash route and first pokemon encountered was a Skarmory. Great luck except I used 9 balls including 3 great balls and it broke free everytime despite wobbling 3 times on about 4 of them. Defeated the trainers on all the routes around Fallarbor Town and caught a Lombre which i named Sombrero 2 :D

Proceeded to Meteor Falls and ran into a Zubat which I critted so missed out on catching anything again. Defeated Team Magma on Mt Chimney without much trouble before catching a Machop on Jagged Pass naming him Chuck. Reached Lavaridge Town. Defeated gym trainers and got ready to fight Flannery

My friend had warned me about Torkoal's sun boosted overheats which killed both his Numel and his Marshtomp in one hit so I overlevelled Queen Numa and Kyosuke to Lv 31 and 32 to be safe. First few of her pokemon were taken care of with ease but then came her Torkoal. Thankfully Queen Numa had learnt amnesia before so I did not fear her overheats however after trading blows of magnitude and body slam she landed a crit and claimed the life of Queen Numa. Both my and my friend's Numels had been victims of her Torkoal now. Queen Numa's efforts weren't in vain however as she had done enough damage for Kyosuke to finish off Torkoal so I could get my 4th badge.

Headed to desert after that and caught a Sandshrew in the tower and called him Razzmatazz but boxed him. Caught a Baltoy in the desert which I called Tick Tock and will be using him. Defeated the trainers in the desert and went back to the Daycare to get Sombrero 2 which I had left there earlier. Have been training the rest of my team to catch up to Kyosuke somewhat to stand a chance against Norman.

Zia evolved into a Loudred in this part as well.

Current Team:

Kyosuke the Marshtomp - Lv 32
Rainbow the Dustox - Lv 28
Zia the Loudred - Lv 28
Gemini the Sableye - Lv 28
Tick Tock the Baltoy - Lv 28
Sombrero 2 the Lombre - Lv 28

Boxed: Caravel the Illumise
Morty the Torkoal
Chuck the Machop
Razzmatazz the Sandshrew
??? the Wynaut (hatched from egg)

Dead: Sombrero the Lotad
Rudolph the Poochyena
Aven the Taillow
Preston the Shroomish
Gale the Wingull
Queen Numa the Numel
I'm about to start my very first nuzlocke with SS. The only thing I'm afraid of is that I'll come to a place where I'm required to surf, and not have a water type. :(

Gonna start with Cyndaquil (hopefully it's a girl so I can name it Cindy).

Wish me luck!
I finished my Nuzlocke challenge of Black today, this was my final team (all somewhere between lv.52-55):

Bambi the Sawsbuck
Emo the Gothitelle
Woof the Stoutland (I'm quite surprised this one survived all the way from Route 2)
Beetleborg the Bisharp
Vee the Victini
Ice-T the Vanilluxe (was replaced by Reggie the Reshiram)

After Ghetsis however, only Emo, Reggie and Beetleborg survived.

This was my fourth Nuzlocke challenge (after Red, Fire Red and Platinum) and I must say Nuzlocke will be the only way I'm ever going to play through Pokemon games from now on. It makes the game a lot harder and more fun. I actually got somewhat upset when I lost my K.Rool (Krokorok), Barney (Scraggy) and The Rock (Roggenrola).
Just started a Diamond Nuzlocke. Currently at Jubilife, and I just beat Barry. His Piplup was a TANK, though.

Dennis the Budew
Lv. 4 Jolly
- Absorb
- Growth
He'll be awesome... eventually. Really don't know much about him yet, though.

Adrian the Chimchar
Lv. 9 Lax
- Ember
- Scratch
- Leer
- Taunt
The powerhouse of my team. He's passive-agressive: laid-back normally, but the face of hell in battle.

Brandon the Shinx
Lv. 9 Adamant
- Tackle
- Charge
- Leer
The dark horse. Stubborn and confident, but nonetheless kindhearted. His true potential has yet to shine.

Carlos the Bidoof
Lv. 4 Jolly
- Tackle
He's an illegal, HM slaving for pennies. Don't tell the fuzz.
Terrador14 said:
Brandon the Shinx
Lv. 9 Adamant
Ugh, you have no idea how much I envy you. I assume you got Intimidate too? EDIT: I suppose getting a Jolly Budew kinda makes up for it, except mine's Adamant, so you even have me beat there -_-

...And here we go! Finally time for Part 3 of Flamestrike's Diamond Nuzlocke Challenge!
Link to HeartGold Challenge (Final update, link to other updates are there)
Update #1
Update #2

Brandon finally finished his training, and sent out all of his Pokemon to take one last look at them before entering the Gym. His eyes first looked to Ramza and Cloud, both newly evolved into Monferno and Staravia respectively. He then turned to the others. While they all remained the same in form, he knew they had all grown much stronger. He had also started to see bonds to appear, which he knew was crucial to success. If his Pokemon weren’t willing to give everything they had to defend each other, they would never succeed in the Challenge. Satisfied, he headed back to the Pokemon Center to rest up for the upcoming battle.

The next day, he entered the Gym, and Agrias and Barrett wasted no time in dispatching the Gym Trainer’s Pokemon. He went back to the Pokemon Center to rest one last time, and then he headed towards Roark, who smiled as he approached. “Well hello there, about time you show up! I’ve been waiting for another chance to have a great battle, ever since that blond-haired kid showed up and beat me. Never did get his name…” Brandon smiled as he thought of Barry talking Roark’s ear off. “But you’re not here to listen to me talk,” Roark continued, “you’re here for a badge, am I right?”
“Indeed you are,” Brandon replied. “Let’s do this!”
“Alright then! Go, Geodude!”
“Let’s go Barrett!” Brandon’s Machop and Roark’s Geodude faced each other on the battlefield, waiting for their Trainers’ commands. Brandon wasted no time in getting started. “Barrett, Karate Chop!” Barrett jumped up and before Geodude could react smashed him with a powerful chop. Geodude remained up, though it was a bit shaken. “Geodude, Stealth Rock!” Brandon frowned as small, pointed rocks appeared around his Machop. They appeared harmless, but he knew that the moment he switched, they would strike whatever came in. He couldn’t worry about that now though; he had to finish off Geodude first. “Barrett, finish it with another Karate Chop!” The second strike hit its target and Geodude fell to the ground, fainted. Roark scowled as he returned it to its ball.

“We’re just getting warmed up!” he said. “Go Cranidos!” The little fossil dinosaur popped out of its ball and it was Brandon’s turn to scowl. Cranidos was by far Roark’s strongest Pokemon, and he was hoping he would save it for last so he could use Barrett against Onix. Before he could make a move, Roark called, “Cranidos, Headbutt!” Cranidos lowered its head and rammed it into Barrett, stunning him temporarily. Brandon grimaced. He couldn’t leave Barrett in; it couldn’t even counter-attack and another hit like that would end him. He had to switch, and he knew what he was going to switch to. He called back Barrett as Roark called for a Headbutt, and set out Tifa to take it. Sure enough, it was a glancing blow, and Tifa was still raring to fight. Roark wasn’t done though. “Cranidos, hit it with Headbutt again!” Yet again Tifa shrugged off the hit, and this time Brandon was able to counter-attack. “Tifa, Rock Smash!” The Geodude grabbed a rock and smashed it onto Cranidos’s head. This time, Cranidos responded with Pursuit, though the tackling attack hardly did much more. However, the repeated assaults were starting to wear Tifa down. Still, he needed Tifa to do this, as nothing else could take a blow. “Rock Smash again!” The second attack connected, and now Cranidos was looking worse for wear. Roark persisted though, and called for another Headbutt. Brandon could tell Tifa was getting low on health, but he knew that Tifa could do it. “Tifa, Rock Smash it again!” The attack connected a third time, and Cranidos wobbled as Tifa braced herself for the counter-attack.

It never came, as Cranidos fell to the ground, fainted.

Brandon punched the air in victory, while Roark frowned as he returned his Cranidos to its ball. Not saying anything, he sent out Onix. Brandon couldn’t help but smile; with Cranidos out of the way, the hardest part of the match was over. However, he knew that Onix wouldn’t take much from Rock Smash, super effective or no, and Tifa was still looking somewhat worn down. Brandon decided to give Agrias a chance to shine. He called back Tifa and sent out Agrias. Roark, hoping to weaken Tifa’s defenses in order to help wear it down, had called for a Screech. It hit the incoming Budew instead, but Brandon didn’t care. It wouldn’t live long enough to launch an attack anyway. “Agrias, end this with Mega Drain!” While Onix could take physical hits all day, a special assault, especially one as effective as a Grass-typed one, was far too much, and as Agrias drained the life from the giant rock snake it crumpled, clearly knocked out. Brandon had won his first Gym Badge in Sinnoh, and he did it without a single casualty.

Roark called back his Onix. “Well, it seems that I have to hand out a second badge today. Not often that happens,” he remarked. “Here you go,” he continued, “the Coal Badge!” Brandon was all smiles as Roark handed over the Badge. “Thanks, it was a good fight.”
“Also, I want you to have this, a TM for the move Stealth Rock.” Brandon took the CD and put it in his bag. It was unlikely he’d use it, but it could come in handy. Thanking Roark again, he left the Gym. He let Matty out of his Pokeball along with the rest of the team and showed them the badge. Matty cooed happily, glad that his trainer was getting along well without him. The new team had various reactions. Ramza seemed to be congratulating Barrett and Tifa on their good work, Cloud and Agrias were arguing about something and Lightning just yawned and rolled over, clearly not interested in what was going on. Brandon sighed. “They have a long way to go before they truly become a team,” he told Matty, who nodded in approval. He called them all back to their Pokeballs, and then headed to the Pokemon Center for a well-deserved rest.

The next day, he headed back to Jubilife. Without a Bike he had to go the long way around to get to the next Gym, which meant leaving Jubilife to the north to get to Floraroma Town, then heading east to get to Eterna City, where Gardenia awaited. As he headed back to Route 4, however, he noticed Professor Rowan and Dawn. He also noticed two guys in strange getups, who seemed to be harassing them. He quickly ran over, and when Professor Rowan noticed him he welcomed him over. “Ah, hello there Brandon! Dawn and I were just having a chat when these men came over and started asking me about my research.” One of the men interrupted him. “All we want is your research on evolution and we’ll leave peacefully.” Brandon asked, “What would you need that for? You hardly seem like the scientific type.”
“Oh, it’s not for us. Our boss wishes to recreate this world, and in order to do that he needs immense power. Evolution could very well be the source of power we need to achieve our goals!” Dawn interjected at this point, “Recreate the world? How would he possibly do that?” Before the weird men could answer, Rowan took over. “Well, unfortunately I don’t particularly feel like sharing my research. Dawn, will you take care of these two for me?” Brandon decided to step in. “Nah, I’ll do it.” Dawn smiled. “How about we team up? There are two of them after all.”
“Sounds good to me, let’s do it!” The men smiled. “You have sealed your fates! Team Galactic will end your puny resistance and take the research by force!”

The battle was over before it began. Cloud used its newfound power as a Staravia to quickly clean house, with some help from Dawn’s Turtwig. Defeated, the Galactic grunts quickly turned tail and ran towards Floraroma town. “Well, that takes care of them,” Rowan said, the two trainers turning to face him. “It seems like you two have been taking good care of your Pokemon! I’ll be headed back to the Lab now, good luck you two!” He walked off, leaving Dawn and Brandon alone. “So, are you headed to Floraroma Town?” Dawn asked. “Yeah, actually.” Brandon replied. “Are you?”
“Yeah, I hear the flowers look really nice and it’ll be a chance to see some new Pokemon as well. Want to go there together?”
“Sure, sounds good.” The two went off onto Route 4. Both battled some trainers, and Brandon caught a Zubat in the Ravaged Path. As they were travelling Dawn asked him, “Why did you come over here from Jotho anyway? You were the Champion over there, so clearly you must have had a strong bond with your Pokemon. So why leave all that behind to come here?” Brandon wasn’t sure what to say. He didn’t want to tell her about the challenge, so he decided to tell her a half-truth. “It was hard to leave my Pokemon behind, but at the same time, once you’re Champion in a region, there’s nothing left to fight for. I’m a trainer at heart; I can’t just stop battling. So I decided to pack up and come here.”
“Oh, that makes sense. I dunno, I’ve trained Turtwig and a few other Pokemon a bit, but it seems like battling just isn’t my thing. I love Pokemon though, so I’m thinking I may just get into research like Professor Rowan.” As she said that, the two crested the hill leading to Floraroma Town. “Hey, there it is!” Dawn exclaimed, and she ran forward, Brandon hurrying to catch up with Ramza and Dawn’s Turtwig close behind. As he finally caught her, she said, “Wow, it’s so beautiful! There are so many flowers!” Brandon looked up, and saw that she definitely wasn’t kidding. Flowers were everywhere, and though he wasn’t a big fan of most floral things Brandon had to admit that it was pretty. Dawn turned to Brandon. “As pretty as this is,” she started, “I’m going to go ahead to look for some more Pokemon.”
“Alright, I’m going to head to the Pokemon Center to rest up.” They said their goodbyes, and Dawn headed off. Brandon couldn’t help but hope they’d run into each other some other time, but for now he just wanted to get some sleep. As he headed to the Pokemon Center, he noticed two guys in those Galatic outfits guarding a path to the forest. He briefly wondered about it, but decided he could worry about it tomorrow and entered the Pokemon Center.

Ramza the level 15 Monferno: Hardy nature
-Mach Punch
Ramza has been putting a lot of effort into unifying the team, and it shows. He's become good friends with Barrett and Tifa, and the three almost seem like old friends now. He also gets along well with Cloud, though unfortunately Cloud doesn't like the newcomers too much. Agrias and Lightning still remain a challenge; Agrias because she's too worried about making herself stronger and Lightning because she doesn't take anything seriously. In battle, his evolution has helped him greatly, though he'll need more powerful moves before he becomes a true powerhouse.

Cloud the level 15 Staravia: Brave nature
-Double Team
-Quick Attack
-Wing Attack
Cloud's evolution has made him a powerhouse of the team. However, he is somewhat bitter that he wasn't used in the Gym, and as such has become envious of Tifa and Barrett. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to understand that he wasn't suited at all to the Gym, so hopefully when he gets to take center stage against Gardenia he'll realize that he'll get his chances to prove himself.

Lightning the level 15 Luxio: Calm nature
As predicted, Lightning's evolution has removed the playful aspect from her personality, but unfortunately she still doesn't take anything seriously. This annoys everyone on the team to varying degrees, but in particular Agrias, who is all about self-improvement and trying to be the best, can't stand it. The two don't get along at all and usually are kept apart by Ramza to avoid having Agrias blow up.

Agrias the level 14 Budew: Adamant nature
-Mega Drain
-Stun Spore
Agrias is still just as self-absorbed as usual, and distances herself from the rest of the team. Most of the team is tolerant of her despite disliking her, and Ramza even makes an effort to train with her. However, Cloud feels she is selfish and tends to argue with her about her motivation a lot. And of course she absolutely detests Lightning and her laid-back attitude. If the two are allowed together for too long it usually results in Agrias attacking Lightning. Needless to say they need to settle their differences and fast.

Tifa the level 13 Geodude: Modest nature
-Rock Throw
-Rock Polish
-Rock Smash
Tifa has grown into a role as a protector of sorts for the group. She's always worried about everyone's health and well-being. She's become fast friends with Barrett and Ramza, and is trying to befriend Cloud despite his apparent dislike of her. She can't help but dislike Agrias though because she seems to have no intent of being a team player. She also gets annoyed easily with Lightning because she worries her attitude will lead to trouble later on.

Barrett the level 14 Machop: Docile nature
-Low Kick
-Karate Chop
Barrett is fairly laidback, but he's also a good friend and trains hard. He quickly bonded with Tifa and Ramza, and while Cloud doesn't like him too much he's still friendly with him. Like Tifa, he gets annoyed with Agrias for her self-serving behaviour and attitude and Lightning for seemingly not caring about anything, though he's more tolerant of them than Tifa is.

Vann the level 4 Bidoof: Modest nature
Orlandeau the level 5 Magikarp: Hardy nature
Cid the level 8 Onix: Hasty nature
Balthier the level 4 Zubat: Serious nature

None yet.

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I'm about to start my very first nuzlocke with SS. The only thing I'm afraid of is that I'll come to a place where I'm required to surf, and not have a water type. :(

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Don't worry, that rarely happens... unless you're a noob.
3rd chapter will be up very shortly...
Cloud the level 15 Staravia: Brave nature

Agrias the level 14 Budew: Adamant nature

Tifa the level 13 Geodude: Modest nature
Flamestrike i love your pokemon natures...

you are very lucky...
i mean now your geodude can successfully have great coverage:
flamethrower+earth power+hidden
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