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My first publicized Nuzlocke

Ok, so I’ve attempted several Nuzlockes in the past, but never really did anything with them, since I’d usually lose some of my teammates, soft-reset ‘cause I’m a girly-girl who can’t stand the loss, then give up on the run due to guilt of breaking rules. I’ve only ever completed one run, a FireRed Charmander-solo run that I ended up losing to my rival in the championship match. Now, though, I’m finally going to try posting one for Black. Ok, let’s do this.

1. Catch first Pokemon you (or shall I say, I) see for each named area, if fainted or ran from then boo-hoo for you who is me.
2. Put fainted Pokemon in box marked “CEMETARY”, never to be removed again (until I either beat or completely fail this Nuzlocke run).
3. Nickname all pokemon caught.
4. Shift setting (Set is too much for me, I'm sorry).

I may have to think of other rules as they come up. I'm still not sure whether I should have a dups rule or not. Maybe I'll flip a coin for it when it comes up. Or maybe I can ask you guys whether I should or not. Yeah, that sounds good.


• Chose the girl for this run, as my White is a guy and I’m an equal-opportunity employer.
• Named Alisha; it’s the name of the female lead in a book I was thinking of writing but was too lazy to actually write (haven’t we all).
• Chose Tepig as my starter, since it’s a pretty cool guy; it beats up Pokemon and doesn’t afraid of anything. Whooped on Bianca and Cheren; oddly enough, my fight with Bianca was closer than the one with Cheren.
• Tepig’s a male, so I nickname him Aaron when I get the chance (male lead and protagonist of aforementioned book).
(I wish I could find one of these for all of them; oh well *sigh*)
Nuvema Town – Aaron the Tepig: Lv. 5, Brave nature, sometimes stubborn (not bad, Speed’s not that great anyways and Flame Charge fixes that)
• Killed my first possible catch, a Lv.2 female Patrat, by critting him -_-,
• Get items from people, Juniper tells me shit I already know, watch a boring speech with Cheren, beat N like a red-headed stepchild, and get a new mon from Route 2 (didn't kill it this time! yay)

Route 2 – Blair the Patrat: Lv. 5, female, Relaxed, mischievous (yeah, not so great, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers… yet)
• Crush trainers on route, get some items, head to Dreamyard to crush more trainers, and get myself some grass monkey action

Dreamyard – Charles the Pansage: Lv. 10, male, Hardy, quick to flee (Adamant would have been nice, but hey, at least it’s not bad, like some pokemon *cough*Blair*cough*)
• Hand Cheren his ass, do the same for gym trainers, decide I'm not strong enough so I leave to grind
• new EXP formula + lower-leveled wild Pkmn + higher-leveled owned Pokemon= FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-
• After getting Aaron and Charles to Lv. 12 and Blair to Lv. 11, I get bored and decide that this much should be good enough. I hope I'm not wrong. Arceus help me if I’m wrong.


• Blair gets in a Bite/healing war with Cress’s Lillipup; it only gets 1 crit on me the whole fight, thankfully, although it does get a couple flinches. Relaxed isn’t looking like such a crappy nature right now, I'm sorry I thought it was bad. I think I eventually stall out his Bite’s PP, as he starts using Work Up enough times for me to get attacks in and kill it. Potion overload ftw!

In hindsight, I should have been Tackling instead of Biting the whole time. I didn't think about it until the last couple turns, and the extra damage may not have changed the match, but still.


• I switch to Charles for Panpour; even after a Work Up, he does pitiful damage with Water Gun. He does at one point crit and put me in the red, but a Potion fixes that nicely. Charles just glares at Panpour till it's at -6 Def, then KOs with his Vine Whip. When you're Charles, there's no kill like overkill.


• I get the Trio Badge and TM83 Work Up, which I promptly teach to Blair and Charles over Bide and Leer respectively (oddly enough Aaron can’t learn it; that kinda sucks)
• Fennel brings me to her room, gives me HM01 Cut and tells me to get Dream Mist from Munna. What a sick, twisted individual.
• Instead, I use Cut to get some items from Route 2, then go heal up and save.

Badges 1/8

Aaron the Tepig @Oran Berry
Lv. 12 Brave
-Odor Sleuth
-Tail Whip

Blair the Patrat
Lv. 11 Relaxed
-Work Up

Charles the Pansage
Lv. 12 Hardy
-Vine Whip
-Work Up

I'll be updating this after every badge.
I think I'm going to Nuzlocke my second playthrough of White (I'm gonna trade my Victini to save it of course). It will be my first Nuzlocke attempt in any game.

My rules go as follows:

1) I must nickname all of my pokemon
2) I will be allowed to catch only the pokemon found in the first wild encounter in a new area. If it is the species of a pokemon I have already captured, whether they are currently dead or alive, I may not catch that pokemon or any pokemon in that area.
3) I may purchase and use items as I see fit, however, I can only visit the Pokemon Center in each town once, twice if the town has a Gym Battle and only after the Gym leader is defeated. I may only use the healer NPCs twice, they automatically heal you after your battle with them, and I may backtrack to them one more time.
4) Battle style will be set.
There should be a mention in the OP of limiting saves. Being able to simply restart from a save whenever a pokemon dies is really taking away a lot of the difficulty and tension. A rule that I always follow (even in normal games) is that I am not allowed to turn the gameboy off without saving. I call it the "quicksave" rule.

Edit: Also, completely banning the use of Pokemon Centers (and using the PC to heal) is quite a fun variant, as strategic money planning becomes a significant issue. Another rule that I've seen is that blacking out is "game over", and the run ends immediately, but I don't really see the point in that.
There should be a mention in the OP of limiting saves. Being able to simply restart from a save whenever a pokemon dies is really taking away a lot of the difficulty and tension. A rule that I always follow (even in normal games) is that I am not allowed to turn the gameboy off without saving. I call it the "quicksave" rule.

Edit: Also, completely banning the use of Pokemon Centers (and using the PC to heal) is quite a fun variant, as strategic money planning becomes a significant issue. Another rule that I've seen is that blacking out is "game over", and the run ends immediately, but I don't really see the point in that.
Added the first two rules, thanks for pointing them out. As for the game over rule, some people do use it but usually people will use their spares (assuming they want to spend the time to grind lol)
I never appreciated the value of Fresh Water, Soda Pop, and Lemonade until I embarked on my Nuzlocke Challenge. Before leaving Castelia City, I spent almost all my money on drinks for the long haul. HUGE benefit.

Anyways, here is my third update!

Rules: (slight changes)
1. If a Pokemon faints, it is dead, and I have to store it in my PC (cannot be used again)
2. I must catch the first Pokemon I see in any route/area. If the first Pokemon I see has already been caught, I may catch the next Pokemon I see in that area.
3. I must nickname every Pokemon I capture.
4. Once I pass a city and enter a new route, I can no longer visit the previous Pokemon Center. [NEW]
5. No strict rules on items, but I will limit their use as much as possible.
6. I will play on [Shift] battle setting

First Update:
I enthusiastically select OSHAWOTT as my first Pokemon and my two friends zealously engage me in battle. Oshawott disposes of Bianca's Tepig with ease...Cheren (who has already begun to rub me the wrong way) gives me quite a scare by bringing Oshawott down to critical health. Luckily, Oshawott gets the KO. 2-0 start on this journey. After getting the details on my journey from Professor Juniper, I finally get to nickname my little guy. Hamilton is his name, but he will be referred to from time to time as Hammy.

Upon entering Route 1, I immediately run into a PATRAT. Patrat hits Hammy with TWO critical journey is almost over before it begins! Luckily, I get a Poke Ball off in time and catch the feisty sucker. A few minutes of grinding brings Patrat (Chaz) to L5 and Hammy to L7 (Water Gun!).

We arrive to Accumula Town for a much needed rest. My Pokemon get healthy and I pick up some potions from the Mart (I have a feeling I will be needing these quite a bit). We step outside and listen to the mysterious character Ghetsis as he proselytizes the townsfolk on his own unique view of Pokemon relationships...just as I try to regain my bearings on what I just witnessed...f'ning N.

N introduces himself to Cheren and I but there's no time for small talk with N. Nope, straight to business. Catching me completely by surprise, I lead off with Chaz and N's Purrloin proceeds to pummel Patrat with no remorse. Am I going to have my first casualty already??! Chaz BARELY survives with 1HP and I frantically switch into Hamilton. Hamilton exacts revenge for the beating his lil' pal has taken and Water Guns the HECK out of Purrloin for the win. Quite the scare there.

After talking to some more townsfolk, I bounce and head to Route 2. To my pleasant surprise, I run into a PURRLOIN of my own. No difficulties in catching it and I nickname it Scipio. With potions in hand I feel confident enough in taking down the two trainers in the Route and I dispatch them with ease. Chaz learning Bite eases the burden a bit for my overworked Hammy (who is now at Lv10). Content with my training, I head towards Striaton City...

REALLY BIANCA, REALLY? Out of all times, NOW you want an f'ning battle? Chaz is my lead pokemon against her Lillipup but he only has about 40% health. He is able to sustain a hit and get one Bite in before I switch to Scipio. My little Purrloin takes a BEATING as an ill-advised Assist (I was hoping for a BITE to get a STAB bonus or Water Gun) almost spells doom for Scipio. Scipio survives a Tackle with 2HP! and Hamilton comes in for the kill. At this point, I'm shell-shocked at how close my guys have come to biting the dust but Hamilton gloriously KOs Tepig with Water Gun. Whew!

After a long day of battling and some near-fatal close calls, we decide to grab a couple of Potions (can't use the Pokemon Center in Striaton due to rule), heal up, and go to bed.

Second Update:
My team and I decide to visit the Dreamyward. A random guy decides to give me a Pansear...very much appreciated! With the new Poke in tow (nicknamed Abe) I head to the training school (where's I'm expecting a battle.) Paranoia proves might right, Cheren is there waiting. I take down his first Pokemon with a tag team of Scipio and Hamilton. However, I get a little too cocky with Abe against Snivy, almost paying the price when Abe gets down to critical health (not a good start for the new Poke). Luckily, Snivy is down low enough for Chaz to sub in and get a Crit Bite for the KO.

Not satisfied with my current levels, I decided to gain a couple more for Abe and Scipio before entering the first gym. The brief training is still not enough as the gym leader has much higher levels than expected! Lillipup gives Chaz hell, forcing Hamilton to come in and sweep with Water Gun.

Now let's talk about "Work Up". Geez, what a devastating combo this early in the game. I send Abe out against his Pansage but incinerate isn't doing the amount of damage I would like it to. (Sidenote: Pansear is AWFUL). The fight with Lillipup left only two Pokemon with healthy enough to continue fighting and Pansage has already been brought down to critical with Work Up + NVE Vine Whip. My only hope of winning this is Scipio. He enter the battle, luckily Pansage does another Work Up and then a Vine Whip, allowing Scipio to get the critical STAB Bite from Assurance! Moments like this are why a Nuzlocke Challenge can be simultaneously amazing and exhaustive. Without that critical hit for the KO, I can still probably win the match but have several of my guys dead. Luckily, I'm able to leave with my team intact and my first badge. Baller.

I heal up at the Pokemon Center and head off to Route 3. I head North towards the Daycare and realize there's a NPC healer on this route. Perfect opportunity to get some level grinding done. I see a number of trainers to the left so I start battling the…preschoolers?! Easy pickings right?

The first Preschooler I run into (with Panpour) takes down Scipio with a critical hit Water Gun. Really?! A 6.25% chance of critical and it KOs my poor little Scipio. Sad moment for the team here but it was bound to happen eventually. We make our peace with Scipio's demise and beat on the rest of the preschoolers. F them.

I walk in the grass to see if I can get a new Pokemon, first one to spawn is a Blitzle! Just what the team needed after losing a member. She's also the first female of the group (I nickname her Appolonia). After a rendezvous with my two friends, Cheren and I enter the Wellspring Cave to take on Team Plasma. Before the battle, I get another random encounter…Roggenrola! We take down Plasma easily (seriously guys, you need to come at us with more than just Patrats…).

After my altruistic work, I resume me journey and head towards Nacrene City. Foolishly having Chaz as my lead (lowest level on the team), he proves to be no match for a wild Lillipup (who is quickly becoming the bane of my in-game existence). I have to admit that I thought nothing of him when I first caught him. But having travelled with me since the start, it was a sad moment for Hammy and I when Chaz fainted. Two pokemon lost on Route 3. Rough times. With heavy hearts, we continued on our path and reached Nacrene City…

Third Update:
Key Events:
- Found out second gym was normal type, NPC told me I could find a fighting type at Pinwheel Forest. First Pokemon I encounter...Timburr! Nicknamed him Chuck and got some training in with the trainers/Pokemon there. Ran into a Throh while training (would have been nice to have him) and picked up a Rock Smash TM. With Rock Smash on a few Pokemon and Timburr, I beat the 2nd gym leader pretty easily.

- Castelia City gym leader Burgh proved to be difficult. Pansear was absolutely awful in doing what I needed it to (sweeping), and I had to sacrifice Amethyst (Roggenrola). Really pissed with Pansear at the time, I tried to purposely have it killed. Luckily for him, I regained my senses, used some Fresh Waters and incinerated Burgh to victory.

- Before leaving Castelia City, I decided to hop on the ship to Liberty Garden to catch a Victini. Abe proved surprisingly useful in catching Victini with Yawn+Bite. After several Great Balls, I managed to catch Victini. I of course named him C.Sheen since duh, he's always WINNING.

- Abe the Pansear finally meets his doom in a trainer battle against Sigilyph. Good f'ning riddance. Victini does your job better anyway. I manage to catch a Darumaka (Rt 4 I think) and a Sandile as previously mentioned.

- Elesa gets pwned hard by Sandy and Appolonia, the only female Pokemon on my team.

MVPs of this update: Sandy the Sandile and Chuck the Gurdurr

Previous MVPs:
1st Update - Hamilton
2nd Update - Scipio

Here's how the current team looks:

Hamilton the Dewott
Lv25 / Mild
Rock Smash / Razor Shell / Water Pulse / Grass Knot

Sogna the Munna
Lv22 / Careful
Psywave / Psybeam / Moonlight / Yawn

Chuck the Gurdurr
Lv25 / Naive
Rock Throw / Focus Energy / Wake-Up Slap / Low Kick

Appolonia the Blitzle
Lv25 / Careful
Pursuit / Thunder Wave / Flame Charge / Spark

Sandy the Sandile
Lv25 / Lax
Sand Tomb / Assurance / Dig / Embargo

Characteristic: Impetuous and silly
Lv22 / Timid
Confusion / Incinerate / Grass Knot / Headbutt

The Fallen:

Scipio the Purrloin (Lv10) @ Route 3 [vs. Preschooler's Panpour]
Chaz the Patrat (Lv12) @ Route 3 [vs. Wild Lillipup]
Amethyst the Roggenrola (Lv18) @ Castelia City [vs. Burgh's Leavanny]
Abe the Pansear (Lv21) @ Relic Castle [vs. Psychic's Sigilyph]
Not much happens in this one, just the dreamyard but don't wanna keep people in the dark so here is PART 6(refer to recent parts if needed.

I also enjoy Charlie Sheen Victini
Finally, the long awaited update of my Blue Nuzlocke!

Skwog's Blue Version Nuzlocke Super Hard Challenge!

May only catch the first Pokemon I see upon entering a route.
When a Pokemon faints, it is dead. No revives, no nothing. Dead.
No antidotes or potions.
May only purchase five Pokeballs per Pokemart. These are the only Pokeballs I'm allowed to use, bar the ones I find while adventuring.
White out means game over, even if there are extra Pokemon in my box.

Previous Updates:

Chapter 13:

"Come on, come on, come on!" Skwog shouted at a machine while watching three columns spin. After defeating Team Rocket in the Pokemon Tower, Skwog made his way back to Celadon City. He was stumped as to where he should go next, and chose to sit around and try his luck at the slots. A large sum of cash was spent on coins, and currently his coin case was filled with around 5000 coins. He was determined to hit a certain sum of coins so he could buy something special; something unique. His eyes spun left and right as he watched the reels lock into their final resting place. "Seven... seven... seven!" The machine had locked into the jackpot and began to spew out coins. Skwog excitedly scavenged all of the coins and counted up the total. "Yes, I have enough."

He ran to the next building over and approached a teller in the middle. "Give me a Porygon," Skwog said while handing over his entire case of coins. The teller nodded and pulled out a dusty Pokeball. Clearly this hadn't been touched in years, as it was nearly impossible to attain the sum of coins seeing as the slots were rigged. "Awesome. Welcome, Dexter."

"Dexter, Psybeam!" Skwog shouted while training the Pokemon. He had successfully raised it a few levels, and was confident in its strength. In the time since attaining the rare Pokemon, Skwog had ventured south towards Fuschia City. Dexter had become a valuable team member as he provided a useful offense against Poison types which usually walked all over Skwog's team. "Let's challenge this trainer," Skwog said as he approached a beautiful woman. "Hey, let's battle!"

"Very well, go Pidgeotto!"
"Uh, Dexter, let's go!"
Skwog was not sure Dexter could handle the bird by himself, and switched out to Arnold. Arnold took a quick attack on the switch, but took minimal damage. "Thunderbolt!" A powerful surge of electricity surrounded the bird and fainted it. Upon finishing the first foe, Skwog switched back to Dexter as the woman sent out a Wigglytuff.
"Hmm... we should be able to rack up some damage on this. Psybeam!"
Skwog watched in horror as the fat, pink blob charged at Dexter and landed a fierce slap on his cyber duck. After that each blow seemed to hurt more seeing as the first hit was critical, and after three slaps Dexter had fallen to pieces, shattered on the ground. "No! Grr... Miranda, avenge him! Flamethrower!"
Somehow the blob had dodged the attack, and ran in for another Doubleslap. Miranda was worn out, but surely she could survive a Doubleslap. However, Skwog had miscalculated. Miranda survived one, two, three, and four slaps. At this point she was on the brink of death. Surely this Wigglytuff wasn't lucky enough to get a fifth blow.
"Finish it, Wigglytuff!" the trainer shouted and a fifth slap put Miranda out of her misery, sending her into death. At this point Skwog was streaming in tears. He had lost two valuable team members in one battle. What more could this pink monster do? For security, he sent out Pedro who quickly subdued the threat.

"Miranda, Dexter... I failed you both..." Skwog said as he burried them in a proper resting place. Two graves were selected side by side within the Pokemon Tower, and together his comrades were put to rest as Skwog wiped away a final bit of tears.

Chapter 14:
The Takeover​

"I'll take a Thunderstone, please," Skwog requested as he stocked up on some items at the Celadon Department store. He was still in shock from losing two team members in one battle, but he needed to rebuild. Currently he was left with Pedro, Carlos, and Arnold, the three Pokemon he has had the longest. They were all strong, but he knew he needed more than that do properly deal with Giovanni and win back Tara. "Arnold, come on out." The mouse appeared by his side, and Skwog handed over the stone he had just bought. Arnold grabbed a hold of the item and began to vibrantly glow. His body began to mutate, and when the light ceased he had transformed into a new Pokemon. "Raichu!" shouted Arnold as he flexed, impressed by his new strength.

Skwog and Arnold walked down the stairs, unsure of where they should head next. While on the floor with televisions they were drawn to one broadcasting a news station. "This just in! Team Rocket has taken over Saffron City!" Trainer and Pokemon looked at each other, knowing where their destination was.

"He's to strong!" shouted a Rocket grunt as he ran away. Skwog had found where Team Rocket was based in Saffron City, the Silph Co. building, and knew this was where he would find Giovanni. Together, he and Arnold were removing the threat of Rocket grunts one by one as they ventured up the building.
"Arnold, Thunderbolt!" Skwog shouted as his Pokemon decimated an opposing Arbok. "Good work." Where Team Rocket's boss was hiding, Skwog was unsure. He had to be in here somewhere though.

"Hey Skwog, you're here?" called out a familiar voice. "I'm afraid I can't let you go any further."
"That's right." Skwog's rival was standing guard in front of a teleporting pad. Both of them knew what that pad led to, and both of them knew a battle stood between Skwog and Giovanni.
"Why are you always where Team Rocket is? Why can't I ever deal with them without seeing you."
"Silly Skwog. Haven't you figured it out yet?"
"No... it can't be..."
"It can. I am a member of Team Rocket, and prepare to lose!"

A heated battle carried out between the two. Skwog's three Pokemon fought valiantly, as did all of Blue's. They both knew the consequences of this battle, and how important it was for either of them to win. However, once again Skwog proved himself to be victorious. "Get out of my way," Skwog quietly said as he pushed the defeated Blue to the side and stepped on the teleporter pad.

His body was transported to another part of the building, a part he had not been to before. Before him stood a closed door which required a key card. Skwog pulled out the card he had found elsewhere in the building and swiped it through the lock. The door opened, and inside was exactly who he was expecting.
"Skwog, I knew you would come. As did she," Giovanni said while gesturing to a Pokemon by his side. A Sandslash was beside him, a look of fury in her eyes.
"Yes. Now Skwog, can you manage to battle your own Pokemon? The Pokemon that I raised to a formidable power level?"
Skwog swallowed a breath of air and sent out Pedro. "If that's what it takes to earn her back, then so it shall be."
"Very well, Tara, Slash!" The shrew charged at Pedro, her claws colliding with Pedro's thick shell. The damage was minimal, but it hurt nonetheless.
"Pedro, Water Gun!" A stream of water shot at Tara, hitting her square in the chest. Knowing how much ground types hated water, Skwog was sure a victory was near.
"Tara, Poison Sting! Then Dig!" The combination of attacks left Pedro poisoned, and Skwog at a loss as to how to attack a Pokemon he could not see. Tara then struck Pedro from below, dealing a massive amount of damage.
"I have to do something..." Skwog said, then an idea struck him. The Pokeflute. Mr. Fuji said it could calm angry souls, and bring them back to their former sense. It was worth a shot, and Skwog pulled out the instrument and began to play. The melody seemed to sooth Tara, and a darkness was lifted from her.

"Ah, Skwog, you are very resourceful. Your Pokemon has recognized you as her trainer once again." Giovanni tossed the Pokeball belonging to Tara over to Skwog who caught it cleanly in his palm. "Now the true battle shall begin."
Giovanni sent out a Nidoqueen and Rhyhorn and pointed a finger at Skwog. "Defeat him." A massive brawl between Pedro, Tara, and Giovanni's Pokemon began. They were all using their maximum amount of strength, but the power of Skwog's Pokemon was slightly more than the foes could handle. "Skwog, I respect your power. You deserve to own Tara. However, you have not stopped my plot to spread poison throughout the world. Perhaps it would be wise to challenge the Fuschia City gym leader. He may hold some invaluable information." With that, Giovanni exited the room.

"Ahem, young man," said a man cowering in fear from underneath a desk. "That was very bold of you. Please, take this." The man handed Skwog a Pokeball after crawling out from his spot of refuge. "This is what Giovanni was after. The Masterball. It can catch any Pokemon without failure."

Chapter 15:

"Congrats, you are a strong trainer. Take the Marsh Badge," Sabrina said as she handed over a badge to Skwog. He had successfully finished off another gym leader, this time with Carlos and his fierce Drill Peck. "I suggest going down to Fuschia City next. Maybe try out their Safari Zone. There's some rare Pokemon in there."
"Yes, ma'am," Skwog said before exiting the gym and hopping onto Carlos's back, flying towards the town they had visited once before.

"For $500, you can catch all of the Pokemon you want! You in?"
"You know it."
"Here you go, thirty safari balls. Good luck."
"Luck is always on my side."

Skwog entered the Safari Zone, eager to see what his first encounter would be. He needed a new member for the team. Despite gaining back Tara, his team was not complete. There were still two spots available for team members. "Here we go," he said while venturing into the tall grass. The first ambush occurred, and Skwog was stunned by what he saw. A Chansey had appeared, and Skwog knew it was near impossible to catch one. "Oh no you didn't... You're not getting away!" A safari ball was thrown, and Skwog watched anxiously to see if he captured the Pokemon. One shake, two shakes, three shakes. Could it be? The Pokeball settled in its spot, and let out a ring to signal a catch. "Oh my gosh! Yes!" Skwog was so excited for this capture that he did not want to finish the game. He ran out of the safari zone, knowing what needed to be done now.

"Where's the gym leader?" Skwog questioned as he entered the gym. It was hazy inside, and he could barely see five feet before his face.
"A challenger? Very well."
"Where are you?"
"I am a ninja, and a master of Poison. I am Koga." A man suddenly appeared before Skwog, clad in a full outfit of black and a crimson cape. "Can you handle the poison?"
"Poison... so this what Giovanni meant..."
"Giovanni? He sent you here?"
"You know him?"
"Heh heh heh... child, you do not know, do you? I developed the toxic Giovanni is using to poison the Pokemon."
"All the more reason to defeat you then, correct?"
"Mhm. However, if you manage to win, I will share a secret with you. Are you ready?"
"Never been more ready in my life."

Koga sent out a Muk, and Skwog sent out Tara. The two fiercely battled, but Tara's Dig was too much for the Muk to handle. It was at this point Koga sent out a Weezing, which suffered a similar fate as Muk. Koga appeared to be shocked at the power of the Sandslash, and bowed in defeat. "Your Pokemon, it has a similar fighting style at Giovanni's Pokemon."
"Uh, yes. She does." Skwog did not want to reveal that Giovanni raised this Pokemon for him.
"Nevertheless, you won. Take this badge, and the TM for Toxic."
"It's the most potent form of Poison a Pokemon can use. Many can utilize this move."
"I see."
"Now, trainer, you must venture to Cinnabar Island. There you will find an old building. Inside there are secrets. I will leave the rest for you to find out."
With that Koga disappeared into the darkness, leaving Skwog with a clear idea of where he needed to go next.

Chapter 16:

"This place reeks of tobacco," Skwog said while walking through an abandoned building. The place was in less than acceptable condition, and he was surprise it hadn't been torn down yet. Somewhere in here was something Koga intended for him to find. Where was it though? While walking around, a Raticate jumped out at him but was quickly defeated by Pedro. Unfortunately it was not a fire type, so Skwog's opportunity to find a Pokemon to fulfill the spot left vacant by Miranda was lost. Shrugging off the incident, he continued to explore the building.

"Pst, kid, come here," a man with dark glasses called out as Skwog was looking around a statue. Skwog uneasily approached the man, not knowing what the man wanted. "You're looking for Mewtwo, aren't you?"
"Yeah, man. Everybody that comes here looks for him."
"What's a Mewtwo?"
The man pointed at the statue Skwog had been inspecting. "That is Mewtwo. The strongest Pokemon ever."
"Yeah. It was made here in this building. But then it went psycho and blew up the place. Some people think it's long gone, but I know where it is."
"Well where is it?"
"In the basement."

With this gold mine of information, Skwog thanked the man and climbed through the debris in an attempt to find the basement of the building. Poison Pokemon ran rampant throughout the building, constant attacking him. Skwog was undeterred, however. In the basement was Mewtwo. Perhaps this was what Koga sent him here to find. While walking across the floor, the ground beneath him gave out and Skwog fell down into a part of the building that appeared to have been untouched in years. Dust flurried around him as he picked himself up, trying to establish his sense of where he was. Before him was what appeared to be a laboratory. Destroyed machines and computers were scattered throughout the room, and the crunch of broken glass came from beneath his feet as he walked around. "Where am I?"

Skwog tried to take in everything he was seeing, but it was simply too much to absorb. Walking up to a table, he wiped off a dust coated book to see what the title was. On the cover was the Team Rocket emblem, as well as the title "Project Mewtwo." Curiosity took the best of him, and Skwog opened up the book to inspect the contents. Inside was journal recording an experiment involving cloning a Pokemon and attempting to mutate this creature into a being of mass destruction. "So this is Mewtwo... this is what Giovanni wanted to create... this is what brought me back to life."

"Hey, kid, get out of there!" shouted an irate man from the hole Skwog had fallen through. He was wearing a lab uniform and was balding. "That's unsafe for kids to be looking around."
"Yes, sir." Skwog closed the book and stuffed the treasure into his backpack before following orders and leaving the basement. Once outside, the man continued to scold Skwog about the dangers of the building.
"What on earth were you doing down there?" the man questioned.
"I... I was exploring."
"For what?"
"I... I don't know. Koga of Fuschia City sent me here."
"Koga? The gym leader?"
"Yes. Do you know him?"
"Know him? Ha, that's hardly a question. Koga and I used to work together in Team Rocket. But that is long in my past. Tell me, are you a gym challenger?"
"Y-yes..." Oh goodness, another member of Team Rocket? What's going on in the world?
"How about a battle then? You win and I'll call the Viridian City gym so you can challenge their gym leader. Deal?"
"Come by later then. First go clean up your filth."

Later that afternoon, Skwog entered yet another gym. This was his seventh gym challenge, but this man was nothing to underestimate. Blaine, the gym leader, had selected an Arcanine as his Pokemon to battle with, and Skwog had chosen Pedro. The odds were incredibly in Skwog's favor, but there was a reason this man held the title of gym leader. "After you," Blaine said.
"Pedro, Surf." A massive wave was summoned, capsizing the entire gym and Blaine's Arcanine in the process. When the water level receded, the Arcanine was left fainted and Blaine stunned. "Your strength... it's immense. It's nothing I have ever seen before..."
"Thanks, I guess."
"Well, I have seen strength like that before."
"From who?"
"Not who, what."
"What do you mean?"
"You see, that building you were exploring used to be a laboratory. Inside me and a team of scientists created the world's most powerful Pokemon. And succeeded. It's strength was immense, and we could not contain it. It destroyed the lab, and it forced Team Rocket to disband for quite some time. That is, until Giovanni, our leader, became aware that the Pokemon we created had showed itself once again. Since then he has been trying to wipe out all other Pokemon, knowing this Pokemon's psychic powers could be better sensed if the weak Pokemon were out of the way."
"I see..."
"Sorry, listen to be ramble on. Here, Skwog, take this badge. Now go to Viridian City, I will be sure the gym is available for challenge."
"Thank you sir."

With that Skwog left, riding on the back of his Blastoise in the direction of Pallet Town. When he was far enough away, Blaine pulled out a phone and dialed a number. "Yes, it's Blaine. The kid took down Koga and I. He's coming for you next. He knows too much. Someone has to put an end to him."

Chapter 17:
The Last Badge​

Now in Viridian City, Skwog rested in the PokeCenter as he mentally prepared for his gym challenge. This would be his most difficult battle yet, and he hoped by defeating this last gym leader he would be one step closer to curing the Kanto region of the poison. "You ready for this, guys?" he asked his team, who were all sitting outside of their Pokeballs. Pedro, Carlos, Arnold, and Tara all nodded. Everybody knew the perils of the battle, and the stakes it held. "Here we go."

Skwog opened the doors of the gym and entered the building, unsure of what type of Pokemon he would be facing within. Once inside, there were Rocket grunts working inside. One of them looked up, then to a poster hanging on the wall. On the poster was a picture of Skwog, similar to the one at the game corner in Celadon. "Guys, the kid's here."
"What's going on?" Skwog asked, confused as to what was going on.
"Skwog, the gym leader is waiting for you within the stadium. Proceed through the doors ahead," a grunt instructed while pointing at a pair of doors. Skwog nodded and walked through the doors. A large room was revealed, as well as a large battle field. Opposite of Skwog was what looked to be an office overlooking the battle field. Inside the office was a silhouette which walked up to the window and stared at Skwog.

"Gym leader, I challenge you!" Skwog declared and pointed at the person in the office.
"Very well, Skwog." The voice was vaguely familiar, and Skwog's eyes shot open in shock.
"No, it can't be..."
The window rolled down, and the silhouette took the form of a man Skwog was all too familiar with. "Are you ready to battle, Skwog?" asked Giovanni as he tossed a Pokeball. A Rhydon took its position on the battle field, menacingly watching Skwog.
"Team Rocket is at this gym too? What's going on?"
"Skwog, Skwog, Skwog. It is all very simple. You see, all Team Rocket wanted to do was eliminate the weak. In order to do so, I needed to create something to draw in trainers. So, I created the Kanto gym league. I hand selected each gym leader, knowing their strengths and weaknesses, and knowing there could not be one trainer with a team strong enough to defeat each of the varying types. That is, of course, until you came along."
"So this is all a scheme? A scheme to eliminate trainers and their Pokemon? All because you want to find Mewtwo?"
"Ah, you know of Mewtwo? Very well. All the more reason I have to defeat you. Skwog, select your Pokemon and let's get this over with."

Skwog through a Pokeball and selected Pedro to battle, knowing his first companion would serve best against Giovanni. "You get the first move, Giovanni."
"Ah, so polite, young man. Rhydon, let's end this as fast as possible. Fissure."
Rhydon stomped on the ground, splitting the ground wide open. The battle field began to crumble, and Skwog was in shock as he knew not what this move was. "Pedro, dodge!"
"Silly boy, you can't dodge Fissure. It is a guaranteed death to any Pokemon."
Pedro began to panic, knowing this was the end of his time with Skwog. "No, Pedro!" As the ground began to fall around Pedro, Skwog was shocked to see there was still a sliver of the battle field remaining where Pedro was standing.
"What? What is this?" Giovanni exclaimed in horror. The move had failed. It had failed to decimate Skwog's most prized Pokemon. "How could you survive?"

Pedro chuckled as he locked his shoulder cannons onto Rhydon, readying a fatal attack. "Hydro Pump," Skwog said with a smirk, and Pedro sent a fierce blast of water from the cannons towards the foe. Rhydon was instantly knocked back, then fell into the chasm he had created.
"Rhydon! No!" Giovanni shouted from his office. "How... how could you do this..."
"Giovanni, give it up. Team Rocket has failed you. Now tell me, how do I end the poison?"
"Skwog, you win, I admit that. But, you have not finished your quest yet."
"What do you mean? You're the leader of Team Rocket. You have to end this now."
"I may be the leader, but I cannot end the plague of poison sweeping Kanto. To the west, there is a large mountain. Atop the mountain is where the strongest of trainers meet and battle. There, you must fight and succeed. Though Koga gave me the knowledge of Toxic, he learned from an even stronger trainer. You must battle her. She will tell you how to end this."

Giovanni tossed Skwog the final gym badge which Skwog quickly put into his case of badges. He now had all eight of Kanto's badges, and knew how to complete his destiny. Mewtwo chose him to do this, to end the plot of Team Rocket to wipe out the toxic. "Indigo Plateau, here we come," Skwog said while gazing at the mountains in the distance.

The Crew:

Pedro the Blastoise Lv. 53
-Water Gun

Pedro is the leader of the team. His close encounter with death because of poisoning mellowed out his personality. No longer is he as bubbly, but more reserved, calm, and hungry for power. Never again does he want to fail his trainer. A close encounter with poison once again cured Pedro's desire to be the strongest, and allowed him evolve into a Blastoise.

Carlos the Fearow Lv. 44
-Drill Peck
-Double Team
-Mirror Move
-Fury Attack

Carlos remains quiet most of the time, but makes up in battle skills. Though not the most frequent battler on Skwog's team, Carlos brings the team out of many close situations. Its vicious Drill Peck is a much needed upgrade from the regular Peck and allows Carlos to tear holes into many opponents.

Arnold the Raichu Lv. 44
-Pay Day
-Quick Attack

Arnold is the dunce of the team. He does not have the best time processing orders from Skwog. His lack of intelligence provides comic relief for the gang. The electric attacks he brings to the team are invaluable, and since evolving Arnold has become a reliable attacker.

Tara the Sandslash Lv. 42

As a desperate attempt to save all of his Pokemon, Skwog sacrificed giving Tara to Giovanni as a part of Giovanni's evil scheme. In return, Skwog and his companions were spared from being poisoned, but at the cost of a friend. After soothing her with the Pokeflute, Tara rejoined the team, now as a formidable Sandslash. Her training with Giovanni has turned her into a tank, able to take down any Poison types in the team's way.

-Poison Sting


Camille the Meowth Lv. 21

A random, critical Thundershock from a Pikachu took you down before your time was meant to come. You will certainly be missed, despite your short time on the team.

Dexter the Porygon Lv. 26

The large sum of money spent on you assured the team you would be useful. It was unfair for you to be taken from us, but you simply were not meant to be on the team.

Miranda the Vulpix Lv. 37

Your loss was one that heavily impacted the team. How on earth the Wigglytuff managed to his you five times with Doubleslap, I do not know. All I know if our team was robbed, and the fire type attacks you brought are near irreplaceable.
Updating Diamond Nuzlocke.
So, yeah. I did some grinding, killed Roark with Dennis (who has HP Fire 60!) and added three members to my crew: Ellie the Geodude, Fred the Zubat and Gertrude the Shellos. Also, Adrian evolved. I'm about to grind for Saturn. Wheeeeee.

The Team:
Gertrude the Shellos
Hardy Lv. 7
- Mud-Slap
- Mud Sport
- Harden
- Water Pulse
I know little about Gertrude herself, but I know her species is a magnificent contribution to my team.

Brandon the Shinx
Adamant Lv. 14
- Bite
- Tackle
- Leer
- Charge
Brandon is strong and stubborn, but very kindhearted. His narrow movepool (and thus hampered contribution to the team) frustrates him greatly, but I hope Spark's arrival changes things.

Dennis the Budew
Jolly Lv. 15
- Mega Drain
- Growth
- Hidden Power
- Stun Spore
Dennis is a carefree spirit who loves to frolic and play, particularly with Brandon and Carlos. His strength was proven by a victory over Roark, and he proudly uses his Stun Spore to forge new bonds of friendship.

Adrian the Monferno
Lax Lv.15
- Ember
- Mach Punch
- Leer
- Taunt
Adrian has been angrier and angrier in battle lately, especially after his evolution from Chimchar. Perhaps the endless energy of a Fire-Type and the rage of a Fighting-Type are causing the problem, but it could be something else. He's barely made friends with anyone - only Brandon, his steadfast battle partner, warrants Adrian's respect and attention.

Carlos the Bidoof
Jolly Lv. 4
- Tackle
- Rock Smash
With Rock Smash in tow, Carlos is glad to earn a living to send back to the other Bidoofs. Although he's not a fighter nor a member of the challenge, Dennis insisted on befriending him; the two caught on like a house on fire.

Ellie the Lv. 7 Geodude
Fred the Lv. 6 Zubat
Will update my story in either 30mins (if I get it finished) or some time tomorrow.
Will post links to the previous two chapters too. Nice to see all the new people posting in the Nuzlocke Thread :)
I'm sorry, but I tried writing a Hoenn story. It sucked. Therefore, I quit. Instead, I'm going to get this thing off the ground... and hopefully third times the charm.

Game: Heart Gold
Trainer Name: Terra
Starter: Cyndaquil
No buying healing items until I get eight badges
Nick's required
One Pokemon per route/city.
No breeding.

And here we go. I'll try to give an update today or tomorrow.
Tepig can use Work Up when he evolves.
that kinda RULES!

Anyways, update time!

1. Catch first Pokemon you (or shall I say, I) see for each named area, if fainted or ran from then boo-hoo for you who is me.
1a. Dups rule: I’ll be using a baseball rule for dups; I can ignore up to the first two pokemon in an area, but if the third one is a dup, I cannot catch anything on that route. This allows me to avoid dups, but disallows me from abusing it to get rare Pokemon.
1b. I am allowed to break the above rules in regards to any Shiny Pokemon I may happen to run into.

2. Put fainted Pokemon in box marked “CEMETARY”, never to be removed again (until I either beat or completely fail this Nuzlocke run).
3. Nickname all pokemon caught.
4. Shift setting (Set is too much for me, I'm sorry).

• Went to get Dream Mist, and met Bianca and Team Plasma as well. Man, Plasma grunts may be pretty douchy, but their battle music kicks ass. Which, coincidentally, I do to them.
• Why did Fennel ask me to get some Dream Mist for her, then just come herself and get it? So pointless. Anyways, after I collect items, I go to Fennel’s room and she offers her body to me gives me a C-Gear that I’ll just turn off to save battery power and never use. Yay.
• I also get a Pal Pad from her assistant. Too bad the only person who’ll be in it is my White character; I have no Poke-friends T_T
• I heal up, then beat up a bunch of children and their babysitter. I’m such a good person.
• How cute, Cheren thinks we’re equals because we both have a Trio Badge. Charles shows him just how wrong he is by pointlessly critting his Oshawott and not-so-pointlessly critting his Purrloin too.
• Because of my new dup rule, I skipped a Patrat and then got myself a Pidove for the route.

Route 3 – Dalia the Pidove: Lv. 8, female, Hasty, a little quick tempered, Big Pecks (not too shabby, although I believe “a little quick tempered” means good Attack when my only attack right now is special, and the other ability would have been nice; minor nitpicks though, looks like she’ll do nicely)
• Whooped on some Plasma grunts in a cave, then got myself a new friend!

Wellspring Cave – Eric the Roggenrola: Lv. 10, male, Jolly, strong willed (the speed’s pretty much wasted on Eric, but at least it isn’t terrible)
• Also, Charles became a Thief. Will he become a Ninja when he evolves like in FF1? Only time will tell, and it will tell you yes, or Charles will sneak into time’s house at night and kill it’s entire family.
• Got a bit scared when Eric failed to 3HKO a trainer’s Blitzle, was threatened with a 2HKO, and I ran out of Potions. Luckily, Charles is a BAMF and took a critical hit Shock Wave like it was nothing. Charles is definitely solidifying his place on my team and in my heart; it must be because we are both Hardy. Nothing else of note on the route, just trainer-bashing.
• …Eric… I thought you were faster than that Munna… I watched you out-speed him every time. I thought you could do it… I… I’m sorry… Damn Nurse… YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO HEAL POKEMON, NOT KILL THEM! WHY!? *sob*

RIP: Eric the Roggenrola, Lv. 10 – Lv. 12
A jolly, kind young man, he always went in head first. He was a such a tough, sturdy soul that The Lord took him from us early, and as we lay his stone body back where it belongs

• New member for Pinwheel Forest:

Pinwheel Forest – Freida the Timburr: Lv. 13, female, Rash, good perseverance, Sheer Force (not-very-good nature, imo not-as-good ability, and his typing will overlap with Aaron when he evolves. I’ll keep her on for now, but she’s not gonna have one of my empty spots and she’s certainly not replacing Eric any time soon)
• …This isn’t fair. Not fair at all. I just lost Eric. Now… Charles? Rock Blast crit… how was I to know? I should have… argh… AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! …heh, that’s kinda funny; I lost my Roggenrola to something I shouldn’t have, then lost something to a Roggenrola that I shouldn’t have. Isn’t that ironic? Haha… hahaha… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! *silence*

RIP: Charles the Pansage, Lv. 10 – Lv. 14
A hardy soul, he was going places, gonna see new things. With his trusty Vine Whip, he lay down all who opposed him. When push came to shove, he’d urge himself to stand firm, even when it was against his nature. He shall be dearly missed, along with the possessions that mysteriously disappeared around his presense.

• I guess I was wrong; as the currently only member on my team who can super-effectively hit Rock-types without being super-effectively hit back, Freida has a niche to fill.
• As with Blair and her Relaxed nature, Freida is being surprisingly useful thanks to her good defense and Rock Throw resistance; those trainer’s Timburrs would have probably swept me without her.
• …I hate this game. I hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never wanted to kill a Sawk so badly in my life. F’ing Bide… I should have just run away… Oh my god… I, I should have given her Rock Smash… it might have done more than Low Kick, and she would have… I… I’m just a bad trainer, aren’t I? That has to be it. I… should just quit. I mean, Aaron, Blair, and Dalia are still alive; there’s no reason to let them die, right? That’s what they’ll do if I continue, right? Die? I don’t want that. I don’t want that I don’t want that I don’t want that I don’t want that I don’t want that I don’t want that I don’t want that I don’t want that I don’t want that I don’t want that I don’t want that I don’t want that. But wait… if I don’t… wouldn’t Eric, Charles, and Freida’s deaths be in vain? Wouldn’t they have been meaningless? NO! I must continue. I must win… for their sakes. I just… have to be… more careful.

RIP: Freida the Timburr, Lv. 13 – Lv. 14
I hated her at first. I mean, she seemed too weak to be as rash as she was. But she perservered through a heavy burden with sheer force to protect my team, and she earned my respect. If I had been more careful, her death could have been avoided. I’m sorry Freida. I’m sorry I ever doubted you, and I’m sorry that I failed you. I’d promise on your grave that I wouldn’t let this happen again, but I don’t know that. I don’t know if my stupidity and recklessness won’t send one of my other friends to your side. But I promise you this; I will do my damned hardest to prevent another tragedy such as this. Though you were with me only a short time, you will be missed.

(btw, the reason Freida was the one to get killed by Bide was because I tried to run just before Bide hit, not because I thought she was the most expendable; why I didn’t try earlier is because of my stupidity)

• …Wow… just… just wow. Sawk… I hate you. You should Double Kick yourself in the head and die too… Dalia… I’m sorry, I couldn’t even get revenge for you like the others, I was too scared to lose someone else. Exactly what I feared would happen is starting to happen… I’ve lost almost everyone so far… Is this… the end for me?

RIP: Dalia the Pidove, Lv. 8 – Lv. 16
Such a good girl. She had a mean temper and was a little too hasty, but she was kind and brought a lot to the team. I’m sorry Dalia, and I’m sorry Freida, for breaking my promise so quickly.

• …I totally forgot that N fought you in front of the gym… I didn’t have enough Potions… I’ve failed… I’m… a failure… all my Pokemon up in heaven, I’m sorry… If you didn’t have such a worthless trainer, you wouldn’t have died…

RIP: Blair the Patrat, Lv. 5 – Lv. 15
My first catch. Like with Freida, your laid-back but mischievous attitude turned me away at first, but you really proved yourself. You really did. I… I can’t say much more about you. I don’t deserve to say much more about you. Thank you… for everything.

RIP: Aaron the Tepig, Lv. 5 – Lv. 16
My first Pokemon. You were my shining star. While stubborn, you stood bravely in the face of danger, even in your last moments. Your flames burned the brightest of all, and yet they’ve been snuffed out. You’ve been my savior and protector from the beginning. I don’t regret choosing you, and I never will, except that because of me, you died so young; you were so close to evolution too.


Nothing to see here, since I wiped at N.

Nothing to see here, since I wiped at N.
It seems like I'm the only one who boxes Pokemon I deem crappy, or am I imagining things? For example, in my Platinum Nuzlocke run, I ended up using only my starter until the second gym because I got shit like Bidoof and -Atk natured Starlys. I finally got a Modest Budew and a Naive Staravia somewhere and used those. I also got a Timid Riolu.

Anyway, here's my White Nuzlocke so far:

Beckett the Samurott @ Lucky Egg, level 41, Hardy - Surf, X-Scissor, Aqua Jet, Revenge
Hannah the Reuniclus (Magic Guard!) @ Amulet Coin, level 41, Serious - Psycho Shock, Psychic, HP Flying (lol), Recover
Gertrude the Darmanitan @ Shell Bell, level 41, Rash (ugh, at least it's not -Atk or -Spe) - Fire Punch, Flare Blitz, Dig, Rock Tomb

It's a semi-blind run, as in I know stuff from messing around with Pokemon-Online, but I know very little about the in-game content. I'm trying to avoid spoilers, but I won't be too upset if I run into any.
I need a flyer, and hopefully I'll get a decent-natured Archen soon (but either way I need someone to teach Fly to). I also wish I had a speedy special sweeper. I found a Joltik which I boxed after seeing its nature (too bad, it had Compoundeyes too...) and a Litwik which despite being Modest was boxed in favor of Darmanitan.
It seems like I'm the only one who boxes Pokemon I deem crappy, or am I imagining things? For example, in my Platinum Nuzlocke run, I ended up using only my starter until the second gym because I got shit like Bidoof and -Atk natured Starlys. I finally got a Modest Budew and a Naive Staravia somewhere and used those. I also got a Timid Riolu.
Personally, I think half the fun of a Nuzlocke is actually using the "crappy" stuff. I've discovered that Herdier is pretty awesome, so far. The several times I played through the Japanese games I just ignored it, since I was waiting for more "endgame" Pokemon so that I didn't waste my time on the crappy stuff. But when it's in-game, the Rattatas and Pidgeys of each gen actually have some pretty good potential.


Maize and Blue Badge Set 2014-2017
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Going to try some Nuzlocking over Spring Break. Hopefully I can win this one so I can make it the start of a series. I'm doing FireRed, (ROM, of course) even though I have a legit copy of LeafGreen. I can't boost my speed on a cartridge.
The Rules:
-First pokemon on a route
-No Items, except for Hold Items
-Frequently write updates
-Pokemarts are fair game, but the only useful thing there are Pokeballs
DetroitLolcat's FireRed Nuzlocke Challenge
Prologue: Pokemon #1

...Pallet Town is a small town in southern Kanto, about halfway between Viridian City and Cinnabar Island, home of the two toughest Gyms in Kanto. Ironically, Pallet Town only has one tough Trainer in it, namely Professor Samuel Oak. However, Oak gave up battling decades ago in favor of studying the interactions between Pokemon. He also instructs Junior Trainers in his Laboratory by the southern beaches of Pallet Town. Most Juniors haven't seen much outside of Pallet because of the wild Pokemon to the north and south, so everyone in the city knew each other, and knew each other well. But this story is about a specific Trainer, not a history of Kanto...

Six years ago, a Junior Trainer named Lolcat was admitted into Pallet Academy of Pokemon Training. He was greeted by the headmaster Samuel Oak on his first day of school, and the professor greeted him.
"Hello there! Glad to meet you. Welcome to the world of Pokemon", Oak read monotonously, almost like he had been reading the same message to students for years.
"My name is EarlOak. People refer to me as the Pokemon Professor. This world is inhabited far and wide by creatures called Pokemon. People use Pokemon as pets, battle them, and as for myself...I study them for a living. So, student, tell me about yourself"

Lolcat responds, "My name is Lolcat. I don't want you to embarrass yourself and ask me if I'm a boy or girl, so I'll just say I'm a boy and cut the bullcrap."
"Thank you.", replies Oak, "Let me introduce you to my grandson, who will be a classmate of yours. His name is Blue. I wish you luck in your studies. If you work hard, you could become a pokemon Trainer in only six years!"

The average student in Kanto is not bound by his age, but rather his ability. Most Juniors in Kanto take seven to eight years to become full-fledged Trainers. Very rarely, one will finish in six years and sometimes a student will take nine. However, Lolcat was a diligent student, quickly competing with Blue for his class's top spot. Oak recognized Lolcat's precocity along with Blue's, and closely monitored their progress over the years of their education.

Six Years Later

Oak continued with his lecture to the class, "Students, I've been impressed with your progress this year. Most of you have been progressing above expectations, and I'm proud to announce that at this rate, over half of you will be becoming Trainers in only seven years! Congratulations for your hard work, and remember: one more year of hard work, and you'll graduate from this academy and receive your first Pokemon! Have a great summer!"

The class happily packed their things and headed for their respective houses, but Oak had one thing to say to his two top students.

'Lolcat, Blue, come here for a moment. It's obvious that you're the two best students in the academy at the moment, and I'm usually not supposed to do this, but I'm going to graduate the two of you one year early. That means you will be receiving your first Pokemon later this week. I've already confirmed this with your parents or grandparents, as the case may be, and they agree with my decision. I doubt either of you will object to this, but I must ask: do either of you object to this decision?"

"Of course not, gramps!", blurted Blue.

The next day Lolcat stepped out of his house, remembering that this is the day he receives his first Pokemon. After running down the stairs and jumping out the door, Lolcat steps onto his street and heads north, completely forgetting that he needs a Pokemon first.

Lolcat steps onto Route 1 and Oak immediately stops him.

"Lolcat! A little careless, aren't we? You have to get a Pokemon before you begin a journey out of Pallet Town!"

After beating himself for his idiocy, Lolcat silently steps back into Pallet Town and then into Oak's Laboratory. After Blue rudely yells at his grandfather for taking too long, Oak decides that Lolcat will get the first choice at a Pokemon. Lolcat looks at his three choices:

-Charmander, the Fire pokemon
-Squirtle, the Water pokemon
-Bulbasaur, the Grass pokemon.

"Oak, I've made my decision. For my first pokemon, I want a Squirtle."
"I want Bulbasaur!" yells Blue.

Lolcat looks at his turtle and sees it's nature is Quirky, but it's Attack is lower than its other stats. Remembering the lesson on Individual Values, Lolcat realizes that this Squirtle will not have great attacking power in the future. Lolcat thanks the professor and leaves, only to be interrupted by Blue.

"Hey, Lolcat. I bet your shitty piece of shit sucks ass! I'll rape it with my dinosaur thingy and then it means that you suck and are shitty pokemon person! Coherence!"

After trying to decipher Blue's sophisticated, eloquent speech, Lolcat accepts Blue's challenge.

Lolcat sends out Squirtle to face the Bulbasaur. Squirtle leads off with a Tackle to hit the Bulbasaur, and Bulbasaur retaliates with a Tackle. Bulbasaur Tail Whips to soften the dino, and Bulbasaur Tackles again. The two beasts tackle again, with Squirtle at a slight disadvantage. Squirtle tackles again, but misses his target, and Bulbasaur lands another hit. Bulbasaur has a little over half his health, and Squirtle has 35% The two beasts collide a second time, and Squirtle takes a turn for the red. However, one more swift Tackle smites the 'Saur and seals the fight for Lolcat.

"Agh! I picked the wrong pokemon! You'll regret this, Lolcat!"

End of Prologue
@DetroitLolcat, you definitely should've gone with LG. BECAUSE STARMIE.
That being said, update.

So, yeah. I ignored the Geodude at Ravaged Path, but got Gertrude. Well, she was the MVP of the Saturn fight, KOing Zubat and ripping off half of Purugly's HP after a crit on Brandon gave me trouble. Adrian lolpunk'd with Mach Punch afterwards. Wurmples SUCK, and I ignored the ones I found in Eterna while escorting Cheryl. Also, Brandon evolved - whoo! I'm about to head to Eterna now; hopefully Dennis's HP Fire and Adrian's Ember will see me through.

Adrian the Monferno
Lax Lv. 18
- Ember
- Mach Punch
- Leer
- Taunt
Adrian's personality issues persist, but he chose to befriend Gertrude after the fight with Saturn. Perhaps he respects her, and perhaps he feels threatened...

Gertrude the West Sea Shellos
Hardy Lv. 18
- Water Pulse
- Mud Bomb
- Hidden Power (Ice) 40-50
- Harden
Gertrude is both intelligent and powerful; I'm fairly certain that she is the only team member who understands the grave danger of the challenge, but she bears the burden well. She's become close with Adrian and Dennis, but hasn't really gotten to know Brandon.

Brandon the Luxio
Adamant Lv. 19
- Spark
- Bite
- Leer
- Charge
Brandon is emerging as the leader of the team, both in strength and in teamwork. He's close with all of the fighters, and rallies them with his bravery.

Dennis the Budew
Jolly Lv. 19
- Mega Drain
- Growth
- HP Fire 55-65
- Stun Spore
Dennis is a happy go-lucky Pokémon, and he cares about (and enjoys the company of) everyone. Sadly, Adrian has little patience for his childish antics.

Carlos the Bidoof
Jolly Lv. 4
- Tackle
- Rock Smash
Carlos may be illegal, but his aid is always welcome. Dennis and he pull pranks on the other Pokémon, but most still don't really see him as part of the team.

Ellie the Lv. 7 Geodude
Fred the Lv. 6 Zubat

No deaths yet; let's keep it that way.
Yea that's right, chapter three. The first chapter of this new thread which means new people to read it :D

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:
“Go Falise, use tackle!” Nexus roared, Falise obeying as it charged up to the cowering Zigzagoon, it’s eyes full of fear. As Falise barged Zigzagoon into the tree, Nexus called her down, “Falise, I’m going to catch this one”.
Nexus tossed a white and red ball, it’s contents unknown to the average human. As the ball struck the wild Zigzagoon on the head, it’s body wavered, becoming blurry and then all of a sudden; was sucked into the ball.
The front circular button of the Pokeball glowed, its status determined whether or not the catch was successful or not. One glow. Two glows.

Nexus gripped Scott the Zigzagoon’s Pokeball tightly, his second catch in the Hoenn region. He loved making new friends, giving Pokemon an opportunity to shine and become a hero, he hoped he could do that with all the Pokemon he caught on this journey.

As he approached the entrance to Petalburg City a voice grasped him from the shadows to his right, “By some chance, are you Nexus?” the voice asked, the shadows of surrounding trees cast upon his face.
Nexus stopped and turned, his eyes following the sound of the voice until they fell upon the figure, “Uh, yea” he replied, his voice full of puzzlement.
The man stepped from the shadows, his face suddenly illuminated. What Nexus saw was undescribable, just an ordinary looking man; completely normal.
“My name’s Norman” said the man, now identified as Norman, “I’m the Petalburg Gym Leader.”
Nexus wasn’t surprised, but he guessed Norman was expecting him to be, he had met plenty of Gym Leaders of all sorts before, it wasn’t something new to him.
“I hear you’ve come to me to find out about Team Magma and Aqua, that true?” he asked as he straightened up his dull red coat.
“Yea,” he replied, “Much you can tell me?”
Norman laughed, his head tilted back, “yes boy, there’s plenty to tell you, but you’ll have to beat me to get it out of me”

Nexus entered Viridian City, his eyes absorbing the surrounding scenery, taking it all in.
“What do you think of this, Columbia?” he asked his companion, the small mouse-like creature clinging to his back.
She replied with a series of cheerful sounds and Nexus walked into the closest building to him, the Pokemon Center.

“Welcome to the Viridian Pokemon Center, how may I help you?” questioned the slim nurse behind the counter, sounding like she had said that line a million times, but happy about it.
“Could I get Pikachu here healed please?” he asked, even though Pikachu had only suffered minor injuries from the recent battles.
“Sure thing” she replied, a cheerful smile on her face as she beckoned for Columbia to jump onto the counter.

Nexus looked at the sign in front of him, his eyes scanning the information ahead of him, ‘Route 22’ it read, ‘The Road to Victory’, Victory Road that is, Nexus assumed.
Nexus tore off down the path to the closest patch of grass he could find, Columbia beside him, keeping a steady pace, obviously full of energy.

He lay in wait. Waiting for him. He knew the boy would come here, and he knew what he had to do.
The masked figure lay in a thick grouping of tall grass, keeping him out of view, but enabling him to see things on the outside. He saw the boy coming towards him, the Pikachu that had been given to him beside him.
‘He needs to understand loss’ the masked figure thought to himself as he withdrew a Pokeball from his belt and whispered, “Rattata, you are released from your duties.” A dull light sprayed from the ball and within the array of light a small rat creature appeared in front of the boy.

Nexus was happy to find a Pokemon, and a Rattata, which in his opinion was a great Pokemon. Fast and powerful, just not very good and dealing damage to the more solid typed Pokemon.
“Ok Columbia, here’s our first companion, go get him, but don’t kill him” Nexus commanded as Columbia the Pikachu hopped forward, ready for battle.
The Rattata stayed where it was, nerves making it unable to move, fear in it’s eyes.
“Columbia, use thundershock!” commanded Nexus, eager to get the battle started.
Columbia dashed forward, her speed obviously high compared to most Pokemon. As she neared the Rattata she began to pick up speed, her feet pounding hard against the ground. The Rattata didn’t move. As Columbia continued to sprint towards Rattata, her dull red cheeks starting to buzz, electricity building up in them as she prepared to attack.
“Ok Columbia, when you’re ready, this should only take one shot to weaken enough to capture”
10 meters from Rattata, Columbia launched herself into the air, her small yet powerfully packed feet able to propel her high into the air. As she soared, she unleashed the electrical energy, and showed Nexus her true potential.
A bolt of pure power surged from Columbia, her body engulfed with an eerie yellow shadow, the bolt of electricity shot into the sky, coming down a few seconds later, striking the Rattata who still hadn’t moved.
As Columbia landed back on her own two feet she padded back to Nexus’s side, pleased with her show of power and happy to see Nexus happy as he found that the Rattata was still breathing.
Nexus neared the fainted Rattata, his body small and fragile as it lay on the soft grass that surrounded them. Nexus withdrew a Pokeball from his belt and pressed the center button, and watched as it grew from walnut size to palm size. He did a soft lob of the ball so that it hit the Rattata on the stomach, and then watched as the ball absorbed all the matter held by the Rattata. The ball began to bob, side to side, every now and then a enchanting glow of the button updating the status of the capture of the injured Pokemon.

“Oi!” yelled a deep voice, that you would expect to hear from a well built man or hiker of some sort. Nexus turned to find that the voice actually came from a young boy who looked to be slightly younger than himself, he wore dark brown clothing and wore a shiny neckless, that of which you would expect to be some sort of family heirloom.
“Yes? What?” asked Nexus, puzzled that the stranger would call to him in such a rowdy way.
The boy neared him, “Would you happen to be Nexus?” he asked, as he panted slightly.
“Yea I am, why do you ask?”
“Hehe, you’ve met Brock, the old Pewter city Gym Leader right?” he asked, a sly smile on his face.
“Uh yea, did he end up marrying that lady? Cassie was it?”
“Sabrina. My mum. Now, enough talk, let’s battle!” he demanded, whipping a Pokeball from the back of his pants, as it grew to palm size Nexus responded, he withdrew his own ball from his belt, his senses tingled as he felt it grow to palm size.

Nexus threw his ball at the same time as the boy, both Pokemon unveiled from the white light at the same time. Nexus’s Pokemon stood tall and proud, a Totodile that seemed to have relatively blunt teeth. The son of Brock’s Pokemon was recognized by Nexus as a Onix, a giant snake of rocks, huge, towering over all the surrounding scenery.
“Let’s do this thing” the boy said.
Nexus paused, thinking through a strategy to take down the towering beast that was upon him and his partner. He knew he had a type advantage, but he clearly didn’t have a height or weight advantage.

Nexus took a step forward, ready to command his recently gifted Pokemon,“Tyrant, jump onto his tail, try to climb up his body!” Tyrant the Totodile reacted instantly, he lunged at the enemy, jumping onto his tail and starting to crawl up the beast.
“Triton, shake him off!” ordered the boy, his voice full of confidence. The enemy Onix responded, shaking his thick body until the parasite fell from his tail, landing onto the solid ground below.

Nexus had a feeling he wouldn’t be able to do this. All Tyrant could do is scratch at the enemy but that would be pointless and ineffective. He gave up prematurely, admitting his defeat.

“That was the quickest match I’ve had in a while” the boy taunted, “Oh yea, and my name’s Brent.”
The boy left swiftly, without another word, and left Nexus and Tyrant to continue on to the next town, Cherrygrove Town.

“Go Scott!”
A spiky looking creature appeared from Nexus’s Pokeball, almost identical to the one that had come out of Norman’s Pokeball. His was bigger and seemed to have a menacing look on his face. Scott on the other hand looked extremely frightened, even though it wasn’t his first Pokemon battle with Nexus.

“Scott, tackle it!” yelled Nexus, having not felt the rush of battling a Gym Leader for some time.
Scott obeyed, however he didn’t seem very happy about what he was doing. As he neared the opponent’s Zigzagoon Norman commanded, “Doug, roll left, tail whip spin then follow up with a tackle!”

Scott’s tackle missed as Doug preformed an awkward looking commando roll to the right, a maneuver they must have practiced many times. Doug whacked Scott on the bottom with his tail as he ran right where Doug used to be. As Scott panicked, trying to slow his pace down, Doug charged after him, his head held down ready to hit the other Zigzagoon.

Nexus thought. Nexus thought fast.
“Scott! Keep running forward towards the wall, back flip over him” Nexus ordered, figuring Scott would be used to running from battles.

Scott obeyed and continued to sprint forward, his short legs managing to keep up with each other. As he neared the wall 5 seconds after the command, he made sure the enemy was still behind him. He wasn’t.
A small pile of dirt in front of Scott began growing, and after a second Doug popped out from it, blocking off his path. However, Scott was still running, “Scott, head down and tackle!”

Scott’s reactions were fast enough, he stuck his head down and rammed into Doug, sending him flying into the wall behind him. Scott continued with a follow up, smashing his skull into Doug as he lay against the wall.

“One down” Nexus whispered, “one to go.”
Personally, I think half the fun of a Nuzlocke is actually using the "crappy" stuff. I've discovered that Herdier is pretty awesome, so far. The several times I played through the Japanese games I just ignored it, since I was waiting for more "endgame" Pokemon so that I didn't waste my time on the crappy stuff. But when it's in-game, the Rattatas and Pidgeys of each gen actually have some pretty good potential.
LOL, if I forced myself to use crappy Pokemon like Patrat, they'd probably "accidentally" die early.
I don't know, you might be surprised at how useful some of the crappy Pokemon are. I know I was. Woobat is probably one of the most useless Pokemon in existence, it's like Gamefreak took the Zubat line, pumped it full of weaksauce, said "LOL U STILL NOT SHIT ENOUGH" and gave it an ability that actually screws it over, and then just to add insult to injury, made it ugly to boot. But I found myself having to use one after Lenora and her damn Hypnosis-spamming Watchog wiped out almost my entire team, and now ole Swishy is one of my key fighters, providing useful resistances to psychic, fighting, ground, grass, and bug, and having actually quite decent stats for the mid-game. I'll probably have to bench him eventually as the enemies become stronger, but he's more than proved his worth, saving my hide a whole bunch of times and pulling through in battles where I was sure he was gonna bite the dust.
yeah update time.......finally up to chapter 10 will post team status after i finish chapter 11

Chapter 7 More Gyms and Graves
After defeating the trainers there i went and to heal and challenged the leader to a battle Starting with it off with Geo vs his Gyrados defeating it with a Rock Throw with a OHKO.
Defeating the rest with Torts razor leaf.

After the battle i got the badge. Then all of a sudden
KABOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!! I ran out of the gym and ran into my rival on my way to to investagate the Explosion and he says it came from the Marsh. So me, Barry and Wake, all go to investigate the sound. When we get to the marsh ,a Galatic Grunt runs out talks to us and then Wake gos inside to check the damage and tells us not to let anyone in. Barry stays while i chase the grunt all the way to the Resort when Looker cames, well Looking.

He tells me some stuff and then runs after the grunt. When i get to the resort i find Looker interrogating some of the people. So i go ahead and find the grunt near the Lake.Hmm suspicous. He says some more stuff and runs off another 10metres i think and then i walk up to him and battle him. I win and he runs to the Lake but before i can stop him, Cythnia, gets in the way. Bitch.

Starts to say some stuff and before she could continue, who ever could show up why of cause my rival. Says some stuff the idoit thinks they me and Cynthia are related and runs off. She says some more stuff gives me some medicine and walks off. I head to the Psyducks and cure them of their headachs and they walk off. Then Cynthia appears and asks me to run an errand for her. I accept the braclet and head off to Celestic Town.

After a grulling session of battles hound evolves. When i get there i here Team Galaxy is here. Seriously suspicous. I head to where the grunt is and battle him. Go inside the cave read some paintings and then the Creepy guy appears again. He claims hes the leader of Team Galaxy. We battle Geo easily taking out all of his team with Rock Throw. After that he leaves and i get HM03 surf.
After that i head to Canalave City. On the way i once again dont run into any pokes.

WTF!!!!!! Only some trainers i dispose of easily and head to the city and i am crossing the bridge (i had not gone to pokecenter because i forgot we batte the rival here, and the books wrong anyway its a Staraptor not Staraivia) with an inured team easily disposing his first poke with rock throw. Them out comes Monferno. I switch to Bat but he gets hurt badly. No one else has the power to take him down. So i send out my surfer, Duck, to sacrifice him to heal Bat. Bat still isnt at full strength so i send out my flyer Wing. He dies too. Bat comes out and kicks his ass off. After the battle i send my pokes to the Tower via PC.

After that i got several main members out. So i head to iron island for some training. I dont encounter any pokes untill the 2 or 3rd floor, but before then some guy named Riley gave me a HM04 Strength. I catch my steelix and name it Steel. I heal him with a hyper potion and use him in one battle but is hurt too badly so i dont use him until i run into Riley again.

He helps me defeat several trainers and wild pokes. Then we reach the end we find the problem.

Team Galaxy, Again seriously, they are always causing trouble wherever i go for Gods sake. I send out Steel. I was overconfident of his Defence abilitys and 2 crits in the first round took him down before he could attack. I send in Chopper. Bearly surviving he defeats the rest by himself after Lucario was defeated. After that bury Steel in his home.

Then i go and send Gas to the PC. i head back talk to Riley and he gives me an egg.
I am at the Gym next thing i knew,with Chopper defeating te last trainers poke.

After a goods nights rest i head back and defeat the gym leader only using Chopper, Geo and Tort.

I am then heading to the pokecenter when my rival runs up and tells me to met him at the Libary and i think he will get kicked out before i even get there because hes sooooo loud............

Chapter 8 The fall of Psi and Hound
When i get to the libarys 3rd floor i find the old geser and .......Dawn. When Barry tries to leave the prof just stares at him. Barry gets the message and sits down.

The prof starts talking and after a bit theres all of a sudden a big fat KABOOOOM!!!!!!!! We turn to the TV and see smoke at Lake Valor. I run there as fast as i can remembering that the others where going to the other Lakes. When i get there i go, oh man not again, Team Galaxy seriously how come when theres trouble their there. After defeating some grunts i run into a guy named Staurn we get into a battle. Chopper taking some damage but kills his Bronzor. Then Geo kills his Golbat and i forgot to switch to Psi when he switched in Toxicroak and when i switch in Psi.......

(something which would look cool if it was a TV show showing some drmatic moment) " Use Posion Jab" Saturn shouts."Go Psi" i say. Then i see the damage done to Psi the instant that attack hit i knew i lost him, blood went everywhere then Psi fell to the ground dead. No not Psi. WHY???????

With vengence in my plan i send out Chopper not caring what happened next i just wanted that thing dead. "Chopper use Earthquake FULL POWER!!!!!!" i shouted angerly. Chopper obliged without thinking off nothing but i was. VENGENCE.

The Toxicroak was killed in one hit from that EQ. After the battle Saturn left with the Legendary poke and i had lost a team mate. I send Psi home via PC for my mum to bury in Twin Leaf Town for everybody to remember that Team Galaxy was pure evil.

When i got there for the furneral i remember that Dawn and the Prof was at the Lake. I think Galaxy was there too so i run there desperatly hoping i get there in time. When i get there i see Rowan, But no Dawn when i beat a few grunts to death, i find her corned by Mars defeated. I run up to protect her fainted pokes and Mars looks terrifed when i pop up. Then she battles me too, but not after telling me she defeated Dawn and called us stupid and a "lovey dovey couple" thats what set me off. No the insults to me but to Dawn. Chopper comes out i kick the bronzors, the golbats and the puruglys asses with him.

After the battle she run away too with the legendary poke. I run up to Dawn to see if shes ok. Then she surprises me by kissing me. But we were interrupted by Rowan who said we can do that later when i have helped out Barry at the other Lake.
Several days later i appear at the Lake with 5 new pokes in the PC, Evil the Sneasal, a Snover, Icey the Glaceon, a finneon and Swin the Swinub.

But my rivals already up there saying i need the next gym badge to get up there and says Team Galaxy here i come. Wait how does he know there up there, all well, i head to Snowpoint and Battle some trainers.

During one of them I send out Hound. He sends out a lvl44 Galie. He use confuse ray and i hit him with Fire Fang. Then when i order the finising blow hound takes way more damage then i thought any poke could take from hurting them selves (at least 80% of his health). He then dies from an ice beam. I just stand there and think about what just happened.

The same king of vengence i thought when i lost Psi came and i sent out Chopper and killed the thing with a Fire Punch. I then challenge the gym leader and defeat her with only Chopper. After the battle i bury Hound near Snowpoint Temple and leave for the Lake.
When i get there my rivals been defeated by Jupiter,but she just leaves.

Damn i wanted to kick her ass. All well. After that i head to Veilstone City and attack the Headquarters with Looker. After i bunch of battles i run into Looker at this big reception hall just in time to hear Cyrus speech.

After the speech i keep going and find hes private quarters. I open the door and hes there waiting for me. We batte with Geo killing his Sneasal with rock throw. Same with golbat and honckrow. After that he gives me the master ball and leaves for Mt Cornet and i go and battle Saturn whos gaurding the Legendary pokes. After i win he moves and lets me free them. Then i am out to Mt Cornet to chase Team Galaxy..

Chapter 9 the Mountain
After a gruelling battle with Saturn and Cyrus, i leave for the mountain. Taking the pokes i need along with some HM slaves. On the way to the Spear pillar i run into several pokes training up for the battles which lay ahead.

After defeating the last of the grunts i run into Jupiter and Mars about to send out Chopper to defeat them when all of a sudden i heard a familar voice say "STOP!!! Wait for me". Then guess who, Barry appears to try to save the day and to get his revenge against Jupiter then the battle begins.

Go Chopper, Go Bronzor, Go Bronzor, Go Munchlaz We all shout. "Chopper start this off with fire punch" i say but Jupiter and Mars had set up Reflect and Light Screen combination which lessens the damage. But surly after a bit its just me and Barry defeating Stuntank and Purugly. Then Barry heals my pokes and runs off like the coward he is.

Then all this crap, i should mention but wont, happens and one minute there was nothing then there was Dialga, then Palkia, Then Mesprit, Azelf and Uxie appear. Cyrus says some crap, then a shadow appears, Cyrus says that its too late for anyone to stop the power of Diagla and Palkia, and before he could finish his speech.

He was rudly interrupted by the shadow pokemon snatching him up and leaves a portal.
Then Cynthia starts to talk. Wait CYNTHIA????? When did she get here, that BITCH!!!!!! Then me and her go into the portal and appear in a weird distorted world which Cynthia starts blabbling on about some stuff, then we start to walk and found some sort of elevator made of stone and went though a whole labyrinth of mazes, challenges and puzzles, till after all that i run into Cyrus again and we battle, him sending out his Weavile against Chopper "Fire Pucnh" i yell starting the battle off.

Bam Bam Bam. I finished his final pokemon with Cross Chop.(Ironically his final pokemon was Weavile since firepunch didn't kill it he switched in crobat or maybe it was his Honckrow well it doenst matter what matters is that i beat him OK). I then keep on going with Cynthia blabbing on about some more stuff, then showed me the way to the exit and on the way i ran into Giratina and catch it in my Master Ball, so it doesn't kill any of my team mates.

After i catch it i name it Renegade and leave the distorted world and end up in a new area which is called Spring Lake or something like that and went back to Sandgem town to say hi to the prof and to show him that i am ok when i get there i get a welcome home kiss from Dawn and the prof says how proud his is of me yada yada.
Then i am off to SunyShore City for the final gym battle to begin........

Chapter 10 The Final Gym Battle Begins
I walk up to Sunyshore City feeling quite content with myself and my team.
Chopper, Geo, Tort, Evil, Icey, Elec(my new pokemon i caught on the way here and its an electabuzz) and Bat i appear into the city for this weird dude with a red afro to appear and say that he is the fire member of the elite4 (thanks for telling me your type now i know you weakness hehehe) says that i must rekindle the gym leaders fighting spirt.

I then find the leader in the light house challenge him to a battle he says that if he wins he is going to challenge the pokemon league.

I then battle though everyone and get to the leader. Then we battle "Go Raichu" Volkner Says. "Go Geo use Earthquake" I yell out confident that with Quick Claw i could kill it before he could attack........ and i was..........................correct. Wo Ho. After defeating the rest of his pokes i got the gym badge, The Becon Badge, the Sunyshore gym badge whatever you want to call it i dont care. The point is i have all 8 gym badges of Sinnoh. Finally, half way there man, HALF WAY THERE. WO HO.

All right guys lets train for the upcoming battles. "Electabuzz" Says Elect, "Terra" says Tort, "Machamp" says Chopper, "Rarr" says Geo, "Remoraid" says Jet and "Glaceon" says Icey. All right lets do this..........

Well thats i lot i know but at least i finished before it got any bigger....... and i know that number 10 is small but i dont care its meant to be ok
My Nuzlocke Run so far:
Note: I will be doing one again, and recording it MUCH better. Most likely in a journal style writing. ANYWAYS FOR THOSE INTERESTED:

  • Catch the first unique (one I don't have) pokemon per route.
  • Box all pokemon that faint, I may not use them.
  • Nickname everything.
  • CORALLERY: If, for somereason, I forget to nickname a Pokemon, I may recatch a same species, sex and level of that Pokemon. The un nicknamed one is released immediately.
  • Battle style: shift.
  • Try not to Potion Stall. This is where you just use potions while they use attacks that do not OHKO, hoping for a miss.
  • Record events in a Journel Like style (starting from 6th gym SHUT UP).

Sandy the Krokorok Lvl 37
Nature: Relaxed (+attack -speed)
Ability: Intimidate
Met at level 20 at Desert Resort
Rock Tomb

Steven the Boldore lvl 36
Nature: Relaxed (+attack -speed)
Ability: Sturdy
Met at level 10 at Wellspring Cave
Rock Slide
Stealth Rock

pAUL the Elgyem lcl 30
Nature: Naughty (+attack - Sp Def)
Ability: Synchronize
Met at level 26 at Celestial Tower
Hidden Power (unsure of type)
Simple Beam

Arlene the Scolipede lvl 32
Nature: Calm (-attack + Sp Def)
Ability: Swarm
Met at level 15 at Pinwheel Forest
Poison Tail
Baton Pass (hoping to get a stat up move soon)

BIOS the Klink lvl 35
Nature: Bashful (nuetral)
Ability: Plus
Met at lvl 25 at Chargestone Cave
Charge Beam
Gear Grind

Scrappy the Scraggy lvl 32
Nature: Rash (+sp atk -sp def)
Ability: Shed Skin
Met at lvl 17 at Route 4
High Jump Kick
Rock Tomb

Zuello the Patrat: Random Crit

Conagher the Pignite: N

Zenaphiah the Yamask: Killed while grinding.

Bill the Deerling: Killed while grinding.

Alex Trebl the Tranquill: Killed while grinding.

My Promise:
You may notice something missing from my team. Look closely. There is no starter. That stupid, ignorant, ugly, green haired, self righteous, idiotic, hypocritcal, moronic, vicious, merciless, appalling, and downright loathesome N had to kill my Conagher the Pignite with a crit during the Ferris Wheel battle. Should I have switched? Should I have used a Super Potion, I had plenty? Should I have done a million other things that would have let him live? That is not the point.

The point is that we learn, and grow from our loss. Because of this, I promise to myself and my team that N shall not take another from us. It is from this day forth that I will do whatever I can to defeat that bastard. Today is the last day that he takes one of my beloved Pokemon from me.

You, N, claim to only think of the Pokemon's best interest, well tell that to Sandy or Steven, who relied on Conagher to take care of their grass weakness. Tell that to Scrappy after he saved it from Bianca's Servine. Tell that to Anabel (my Leavanny) who was able to level up thanks to Conagher defeating countless wild Pokemon for her. Tell that to me, the trainer before you, who just lost his first Pokemon. The very same pokemon that survived a crit in his first battle, who was able to defeat the panpour, and fought off countless Team Plasma. Tell that to us, the people before who, who lost a dear friend.

More updates to follow!
I really want to start a Nuzlocke challenge now but Ive already beaten black and am using it to breed and get ready for the vgc's. I guess I can start one on pearl, platinum, or heart gold when I have spare time, but it wont be as epic :(

I'm digging that "Promise" of yours. If only you were writing a story about the Nuzlocke, that would lend to an epic story.

In other news, I haven't touched my Blue Nuzlocke. I should probably finish it, but I've been playing Black version. A lot.
I'm really tempted to do a super epically hard Nuzlocke on my White version where I can't evolve my starter (it would be a Snivy, because it's my favorite). Maybe I'll do that when I'm done with Blue.
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