Official Nintendo Pokemon Tournament

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Even though the rules are gay beyond belief, I still might enter, the prizes appeal to me =)

I think any smogoner should wear a nametag.


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I was just able to get on the site a few minutes ago, and I just find it so annoying that entering the tournament is all based on luck. 128 is not much. I guess if I don't get picked, I'll go to NY and try my luck at the on site drawings, since I live in NJ. I think I've got my ideas for a team. Time to test it on PBR Wi-Fi, lol.

Edit: I'm about to take the test. I have google and Serebi open and I'm ready to go. The test has 20 multiple choice questions and you have to get 15/20 correct. I took the practice test, and the questions are simple(Ex. What Type is Delcatty? What attack is not very effective against Empoleon), except for the last one, because I didn't know what city was connected to bicycle road x_x
this is kind of pathetic, i really thought nintendo knew a bit more about competitive play
This is Nintendo we're talking about here. They don't care at all about "competitive" players. Seriously, how many times do you need to trip or get hit with a blue shell to understand this? We're just lucky we can salvage anything out of Pokemon.


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Does anyone know what heals more hp, Super potion or MooMoo Milk? Serebii says 500 hp for super potion but everywhere else says 50.
And what attack is super effective against Bonsly, Petal Dance, or Brick Break? O.o
Does anyone know what heals more hp, Super potion or MooMoo Milk? Serebii says 500 hp for super potion but everywhere else says 50.
And what attack is super effective against Bonsly, Petal Dance, or Brick Break? O.o
MooMoo Milk heals 100hp. Super potion heals 50 hp.

Both attacks are SE against Bonsly (Grass and fighting are both SE on rock), but Petal Dance is likely to hit it harder being a special attack.


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Thanks, I know they're both super effective, but only one of them was the correct answer. That quiz was retarded <.<


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Why would you be needing to Sketch Sketch?

Nvm, it would be to get any move on any pokemon. I don't think Sketch can be Sketched.


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From the moves section...

Uses a random attack other than the following: * Assist * Chatter * Copycat * Counter * Covet * Destiny Bond * Detect * Endure * Feint * Focus Punch * Follow Me * Helping Hand * Me First * Metronome * Mimic * Mirror Coat * Mirror Move * Protect * Sketch * Sleep Talk * Snatch * Struggle * Switcheroo * Thief * Trick * Any move the user knows.


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WTF, that test was bullshit. I clicked submit with 2 minutes left. The site froze like it's been doing all day, the clock ran to 0, and then it froze again with a blank screen. I refreshed the page, and a few minutes later, my quiz results came up and it said I got a 0/20 x_x
I guess I'll try emailing them, but I doubt that will work, and I don't even know what their email address is.
This is a joke...
Item clause? Lati@s? Under 50? No DT or OHKO ban anywhere in sight...

I think that this is completely stupid. The only people that will show up are guys that live in the NY/LA, and they will just abuse the rules. Does anyone find this a really bad idea?
I think that this whole thing is just going to be another one of those bad Nintendo tournaments. If anyone went to the Super Smash Bros thing earlier this year, they would know what I'm talking about.

P.S. I live in Canada so...yeah.
One of the above moves learned by Pokemon is Metronome. With Metronome you can Sketch any move (but Chatter or Struggle).
Sketching Metronome causes Smeargle to learn Metronome. I just tested it. The upshot is that Smeargle can't have Seed Flare or Judgment in this tournament.

I'm surprised, Obi! I didn't expect this kind of assumption from you. ;P
You can't abuse OHKO moves in a Double Battle without using Gravity.
The accuracy of OHKO moves actually isn't affected by accuracy or evasion changes of any sort. This includes Gravity. I found that out right after training the two members of my own Doubles Gravity team that have OHKO moves. :( They've since been retired.

I think the extent to which they claim to be checking hacks is pretty hilarious, considering GTS. Most of the players could be disqualified right off the bat without even knowing they had hacked Pokémon!

I don't know why you're all so upset about L.50. Yeah, Wireless play should have level scaling. The programmers dropped the ball there. Nintendo seems to use L.50 for most of their events these days, though. It shouldn't really be a surprise.

As has been stated, Regigias is banned due to level, not power. As a side note, however, Slow Start is a far less crippling ability than Truant in Doubles, so it's understandable that Regigigas would be banned and Slaking would not.

If any of you are invited to one of the qualifiers and you want advice on Double Battles, PM me. Don't worry about conflicts of interest; I think I'm going to sit this tournament out. The combination of travel time and no Sleep Clause is a deal breaker. Dark Void Smeargle is going to be ridiculously overused. Idiotic tournament designers...

Also, this is amusing: "Players who are found to be intentionally delaying the pace of their match will be disqualified from the event." No stall teams, I guess. They clearly want these matches to finish in a hurry.
Sturdy, Insomnia, Inner Focus, Lum berry, Taunt, and priority moves all counter DV Smeargle effectively. I wouldn't be so worried.

My only concern is actually being allowed to compete in the qualifiers.
It's really late, so I'm probably missing something really obvious. But why would you use Dark Void Smeargle when you could use Spore :/

EDIT: Nevermind, somehow the answer came back to me just as I posted this >_>
I used an Electrode with Mimic, traded it to GSC, mimicked sketch, sketched sketch, then sketched spore, and traded it back to RBY.

At least pretend to put forth consideration before criticism.
I haven't exactly tested it, but how would Sketch function in RBY, where it hasn't been programmed in at all? Wouldn't it glitch?
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