Data Onion Subs--the ASB Magazine! (Currently signing up/pitching ideas)

PM orcinus your article ideas, and what you would be willing to help with. (I've done that and have been accepted. Once you pm he will invite you into the magazine's work group)

Orcinus Duo

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If you're a writer, express your interest in this thread and PM me pitches.

If you're an artist or a GPer, post your interest in this thread.

Sorry for not making that clear. Thanks all. :)
I am interested, and will write about almost anything.

I'm thinking about something related to the Battle Pike, but I realize that there are others who would be more qualified to write that.

Orcinus Duo

Banned deucer.
GPers will be asked to help out on a need basis once we get articles up. Because I'm trying to limit the amount of people involved in each issue (to a certain extent), if you apply only as a GPer, you are unlikely to get in.

Somebody needs to do an article for tournament/important gym matches/HLM recap of the last month. If you're out of ideas...;)

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What do you guys need from me. I don't play as much since I've been busy with big irl projects, but I'm happy to get this up and running.
-_- Stinking autocorrect. I know how to spell write properly, and am not bad grammatically speaking. A lot of times I do not have access to my home computer and as such use my IPod. I will Write the article on an actual computer, assuming I get one.
Okay, since Orcinus Duo seems to have been chased off somehow, does anyone want to take this over?

I might be interested, but I'm not sure what Orcinus was planning on doing so...yeah.
Well, since nobody else is stepping up to the plate, I might as well.

Onion Subs-Issue #0
Purpose: To provide a test to see whether or not a CAP ASB magazine would be viable or not.

In order to do this, I think a nice round number of 10 articles would be appreciated. However, due to some concerns that there won't be enough competitive articles to make this work, I'll need at least 5 Competitive Articles and 5 Non-Competitive Articles.

Competitive Articles-Any article dealing with the battling side of CAP ASB as well as competitive roleplays (Battle Subway, Battle Hall, Raid Zone, etc.)

Non-Competitive Articles-Any article dealing with the more artistic side of CAP ASB, as well as non-competitive roleplays (Pokelution, Glacier's Travels, etc.)

Now, what I want everyone to do here is to suggest articles for both competitive and non-competitive purposes!

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As a final note, nobody should write any articles until after this phase is completed. Thank you.
My production has its final performance today, so after today I will be able to actually write and be a part of onion_subs if needed. I can continue with "glaciers travels"