Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 - Mark 2 ** Spoilers **

I would not be surprised if tornadus does not get roost as it would lose its typing completely.(it actually becomes a normal type)
Well they actually went and changed that this generation because I remember reading that the gen IV logic would have resulted in ??? type. (People might have found out by hacking roost onto a converted Porygon or something. I don't quite remember)

Anyway, I just had this weird lightbulb go off about Kyurem's move Glaciate. It's Frozen World in Japanese...like what happens to Unova in BW2. Part of me hopes it's buffed when carried by Black/White Kyurem or maybe it has some other battle or field effect now (accounting for the weird effect number in BW). Meh, guess we'll find out soon enough.

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But, I wanted her name to be Vicky ;_; Why did they have to go with Roxie? Now I don't know if she is a Poison or Rock Gym Leader >_<

Also, does anyone know if the GTS is updated for B2/W2, or atleast the hack checker updated to allow stuff like DW Foongus?



Anyways I really hope they don't butcher Roxie's a-DOR-able voice in the English version of her Gym theme. DOGARS! :D

Edit: @Dcae
Yeah, anything and everything there was to say about DD+Outrage+MoxieMence has already been said at some point earlier in this thread (or the Move Tutor thread, actually). Pretty much discussed to death. :P


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I don't know if this was mentioned in previous pages, but DD + Outrage + Moxie for Salamence is now legal, with one of the move tutors teaching Outrage :)

EDIT: ninja'd several pages back, and also NOOOO not Stealth Rocks. I hate it so much, now everything in B/W gets it too. ARGH gliscor is going to be everywhere.
06:38; The Battle Skyscraper in Black City has you go through the rooms, battling trainer after trainer until you defeat the Boss. You can pass to the next room and have your Pokémon healed
Ohhhhh so these are also battle facilities. WHite Forest has it's own equivilant obviously.

So the reason why Unova leaders are 1 bp each is because they have an entire tournament to themselves. Brycen's in there, so hopefully Lenora & The Triplets show up as well.

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For the record, I get the whole Roxie =Rock+Toxic BS, but this is why I hate the name, RoxANNE=Rock type GL, so why is RoxIE a Poison type GL? It would be like them introducing an Electric GL named Skyler,
06:50; More World Tournament modes unlocked World Leaders - Battle Leaders and Champions from around the world

Could this mean that the Hoenn & Sinnoh Frontier Brains might show up? Or maybe just keep it to the Unova battle guys (the subway masters, alder's grandson)

edit: I am a moron who can not read. It's just saying battle leaders & champs not 'Battle Leaders' & 'Champions'

Latios Lv.80, Garchomp Lv. 80, Volcarona Lv. 80

Iris still leading the pack.

Edit: I spoke too soon.

07:35; Banjiro's Team is Level 85 in Challenge Mode
I like Roxie as a name, but I'd like it better if Roxanne weren't already a used name. Too similar for my liking. I was also hoping for Alice, but eh.

Banjiro looks like a friendly, well-adjusted sort.
Before all these leaks were provided I wasn't so excited to get this game that I couldn't wait. You know how it is. Now I can't wait because of these leaks...

Roxanne in the game? Awesome, give me Winona, Flannery, and Norman, and I'm really happy guy. All Gym Leaders would make much more sense though, but if not that, at least those three.

I really can't go into explaining how exciting all the old legendaries are and all that, because that make this post longer than necessary, but I can't until next week when I can play this myself. :)