Pokedex 3D (free and in 3DS eShop now)

When you are viewing a pokemon go to the top right and click the gear
Then go to AR Viewer
They will scan automatically after it detects the code
It adds the code to your sticker book, but for some reason it doesn't actually add them to the dex. I don't know why

edit: Oh also a reminder to people, if you take a photo of the pokemon you're scanning with a code, it gets added to the picture sticker thing, and after 30 pictures you get to use the "note" feature when scanning
I can't be assed to upload the codes for the 15 you start with though, sorry
this is gonna be pretty cool i think, looking at these 3d renderings of the pokemon makes me think that if the next game were 3d like this (like colosseum and gale of darkness) it would be really awesome!
I'm pretty sure only the legends work. By scanning the others it makes it more likely that you will download them from Spot Pass (3 random Pokémon per day).
I downloaded it yesterday so I assumed I would get three new Pokémon today. My 3DS has been sitting in sleep mode all day and I haven't received anything; that's why I was asking.
After looking at everyone else's sticker books, it seems that the pokemon we start with are the same. That probably means that each day everyone will get the same 3 pokemon, provided you are in sleep mode near a wifi spot.
If that's the case, than the trading feature would be pointless. I think it's 3 random pokes a day, but I'm not really sure...
Okay, this is actually pretty damn cool. Especially with the 3D picture element. If only I could draw these AR things correctly to work.

Yes, now you too can have a Hydreigon sitting atop a mousepad or something. Example? If I'm right in thinking the AR tech would work laying down on the ground as well, you could probably do some neat shit with this.

I have my 16 pokemon. Am i correct in saying everyone gets all the starters line, plus 7 more random ones?

Or am i just crazy lucky to have the full set of Unova starters?