Pokedex 3D (free and in 3DS eShop now)

I have my 16 pokemon. Am i correct in saying everyone gets all the starters line, plus 7 more random ones?

Or am i just crazy lucky to have the full set of Unova starters?
From what I've read, everyone gets all 3 starter families, plus Audino, Scraggy, Minccino, Emolga, Foongus, Axew and Hydriegon.

Also, if you happen across Victini's, Cobalion's, Terakion's, Virizion's, Reshiram's or Zekrom's AR code, you unlock them automatically. Everyone else you need to get via Spot Pass or trading. Scanning any AR code besides those 6 gives you an increased chance of receiving that 'Mon from Spot Pass.
I have Spotpass turned on but it didn't download any new Pokemon for me yesterday.

EDIT: It worked! Now I just got Braviary, Beartic, and Fraxure!


not hatching shiny values, go away
you can unlock much more pokemon by changing your date, I did that and I have 151

Does anyone else think it would be so much better if you could set the background in the Main Menu and take the picture from there? That would allow for better positioning, sizing, etc.
I emailed Serebii to add a section that lists the AR card dimensions required to make the mons as big as the dex says they are. I can't help, because I lack a 3DS. But if you could help with this and email Serebii then that would be a big help for players of this game, including me when I get it.

Yes, you can make a really big AR card and have it actually work.

The smallest mon is Joltik at 0'04", and the biggest is Serperior at 10'10".
I ahve to say, Samurott and Serperior look pretty sick, as well as Galvantula and Eelektross IMO. Cryogonal and Emboar look stupid

EDIT: Also, I noticed there are some errors in the stat bars. For example, Durant's bar for attack and speed are bigger than its bar for defense even though its defense base stat is higher
It appears both Zerowing and I are missing the same Pokémon:
Spring / Summer / Winter Deerling and Sawsbuck
Pansage / Simisage
Pansear / Simisear
Male Unfeazant
Male Frillish / Male Jellicent

Is anyone else having this problem?

ETA: Apparently each person only gets one of each form (and monkey) and must actually swap with a real life person to get the others. :/
Cecil- I think you are right, I have Simisear ad Pansear, Female Unfezant, and male frillish, not their counterparts :/

EDIT: And Wichu, since there ARE codes for them, can we assume they will be added in a future update?
My bad, sorry.

EDIT: Also, I figure that it may at the least recognize their markers seeing as there are exactly 4 spots left for Keldeo, Meloetta's two Forms, and Genesect...
You can certainly ask for the AR codes here, lol. He must have thought you meant Action Replay.
Those three currently do not have functioning codes though.
you can unlock much more pokemon by changing your date, I did that and I have 151
I'm just curious about something, what happens if you set it back to the normal date? Do the Pokémon you obtained with this method disappear or do they still stick around?

Also how many is it that you get a day? If it's 3, like I've read somewhere else, it would be useful to know that it takes 46 days to get all of them using that method only, assuming you only started with the first 16 Pokémon in the game.
I NEED a 3DS, there's so much shit I'm missing. Super Scramble, Super Mario 3DS, and this. It's a portable Serebii for fucks sake.

BTW, are you able to get Victini on this?