Pokemon Showdown private beta applications

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I have been keeping an eye on the progress of your Sim and I would love to be a Beta tester.

My favorite Pokemon? Pretty much anything banned to Ubers, though I guess if I had to pick one it would be Arceus.
I would greatly appreciate if I was given the honor of of being a beta tester.

I would say my favorite pokemon is Bulbasaur. It is my favorite because way back when, when Red and Blue first came to the USA, I started out my first ever video game with my first ever pokemon. Ever since I have been a pokemon person ever since. Thanks!
Hi, I would like to help beta test.

My favorite pokemon is dragonair cause it is hawt.
competitively it's swampert in gen 4 for being a godlike lead. roar, sr, ice beam, waterfall
I'd like to help with the beta. Im Onyx from FAQs.

My favorite Pokemon is Infernape. Why you say? Because hes adaptable, can be squeezed into most teams easily enough, looks amazing and im a real sucker for Fighting types. Of course, Scrafty has been growing on me more and more... so it may be up in the air.

Edit: Actually, someone just sent me a friend key. Where do I put it? The link only takes me to a page with Name/Password boxes and a link back to this thread.


I am always tired. Don't bother me.
Shoot me a PM if you'd like to have access to my beta key. I have 2 remaining slots left. I can't guarantee you getting it anytime soon but expect me to send it to you within 24 hours.
If you're still in need, I'd like to help with beta testing.

Slowbro is my favorite Pokemon because he is oblivious to hate and always moves at his own tempo. Even after taking Close Combats to the face, he returns, blissful smile regenerated, proving what a champion he is year after year.


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I'd like to try out the private beta if it's alright.

My favorite Pokémon is Porygon2. P2 is an epic wall and the fact that it's a cybernetic duck just makes me happy.
Me gustaría probar la versión beta.

Mi Pokémon favorito es Volcarona, por tener una combinación de tipos original y unos colores bonitos.

I'd like to be a beta tester for Pokemon Showdown!

I like Infernape as my favorite pokemon, because it's a martial artist. It's also a hippie who set it's hair alight. Infernape was the true DPPt fighting champion, going ahead of Lucario, and Gallade, and Blaziken. He still is a force in the metagame today in B/W. You can't get better, ever.
I would love to give back to this community through participation in beta testing. My favorite Pokemon is aesoft Snorlax because he it is a lazy bum like myself, who will now commence stalling to find a way to end the sentence with something to fulfill the signup requirements, but still sounds realistic.
As I played many a game before it was set to beta, and loved it, I feel like I should try applying to be a beta tester. I'm free to use the site basically every single evening (I also registered to smogon just to request beta testing status).
My favorite pokemon has (and more than likely always will be) Crawdaunt. it's somewhat viable online with a massive attack stat, it's easy to look at and not that difficult to attain with some effort and a bit of time. Speaking of time, thanks for yours and reading my attempt to request beta testing.
I would be extremely grateful if I could be a beta tester.

My Favorite pokemon is Wynaut. I love Wynaut because it is a little odd looking but still strong. Just like me :)

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