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Welcome to Red Panda Mafia!

Approved by billymills

Once upon a time, there was a quality user named Empoof, who joined a quality game named MUDS Mafia. He lost, narrowly, but everyone saw the magical light he shone out across all.

Then he posted cute animal pix erryday arrday.

Beloved by many, Empoof spread the adorableness of red pandas far and wide. His stash of cuddly images was extensive, and nobody was quite sure how he had such a quantity of cute without exploding.

Fast forward to now, with real, live, totally legit conversations:

<Empoof> dude i am so drunk
<Yeti> cool story bro
<Empoof> so mafia?
<Yeti> red pandas?
<Empoof> legit
<Yeti> lets make them buy crap so we don't have to balance the game
<Empoof> :pimp:

And thus, it happened.

Now, here it is, the ultimate battle of red pandas.

In one corner we have the BABY RED PANDAS.

In another, we see the OLD RED PANDAS.

Let's not forget about the MIDDLE AGED RED PANDAS!

Fourth, everyone's favorite romantics, the RED PANDAS IN LOVE!!

Not to be forgotten about despite their captivity, the RED PANDAS IN ZOOS are up for the challenge.

And last, we have our final challengers, the TEENAGE BASEMENT RED PANDAS!

These six teams are here to duke it out, for the championship title of BEST RED PANDA.

Which Red Panda is the cutest, most adorable, and resourceful of them all?

That's up to you to decide.

It seems one team has already bowed out early: the Red Pandas with a Problem. Some of their members bit the dust too early, but at least you can see what strengths they had!

Empoof said:
Dear Yeti
You are Politically Incorrect Panda

While witty and sarcastic, there are often times when some of what you do could seriously be considered a hate crime. But we don’t mind cause its Yeti and she’s hosted plenty of games to give back to her community. Also racism is funny. You know that billymills sux so bad that sometimes unicorn horns pop out of his ass, and so you joined the Pandas with a Problem to help SAVE THE WORLD.

or something.

You are allied with Pandas with a Problem:
You win if the Billymills Pandas and the Billinamillsette Pandas are dead, and the Birrymirrs and Bollymolls Pandas are halved.
Yeti said:
Dear Empoof
You are Alcohol Panda

You always gettin crunk, crunking, crunked, crunkopolis, crunk-supplying. It goes on. Always got booze in your mouth ready to swallow, you drink like a boss and try to hit on girls. Maybe you succeed, maybe you don’t. The Pandas with a Problem took you onto their team, because your liver is crying out like Lady Salamence when Shining Latios posts her nudes on 4chan by accident.

You are allied with the Pandas with a Problem:
You win if the God the Mother and Straight Edge 4 Life Pandas are dead, and the Convicted Felon Pandas and Pandas in Sweatshops are halved.
Note the first was crafted by Empoof, and the second by me.

1 Talk about game while alive. Don't talk to living people when you die. Unless they're on your team. Then don't share post-death info.

2 No kills N0. Don't post role PM (not much in it anyway). Post roles D1 on. Hosts gon fake 4 u, ask.

3 If Empoof was drunk while writing PMs, or billy tried to take over, they may be screwy. Chillax, don't worry.

4 Hostfax can be pasted. Don't post pix tho, no screenshots of your cam sesh with naked Lady Salamence or anything. Fake logs are chill, PM us to fake. Don't pose as anyone.

5 Nights: 48 hours or PMs in. 24 hours once scrubs dead.

6 Days: 48 hours or majority. 24 hours once scrubs dead. Grace periods are for chodemeisters.

7 Bold your vote in format: flavor USER. Edit original post with new vote, your first bolded vote for the day is your vote if you make a new post. Stealth lynches, you can attempt them.

8 No Lynch is valid. Votes for dead people/suicidal buffoons (inc billy) = No Lynch. Unbold original vote & edit w/ retracted if you wish to remove your vote. Ties = no dice.

9 Priorities, you can't know them. Priority changers, you can't know by how much.

10 Dead users, you can target them. Not sure anything will happen.

11 No items or day actions.

12 Yeti and Empoof need to be in ur chans, on your spreads. Yeti and Empoof on IRC, ask for emails.

13 Activity, we'll sub you if you don't have it. IRC, you need it to talk to your team. Please show to game channel: #PANDAS If you don't get on IRC before this post closes I will remove your signup.

14 Send PMs to both hosts brehs. Also you should probably confirm with Yeti her cohost didn't biff writing your action right. Actions accepted on IRC as well.

15 Posting while silenced, breaking your persuasion, not including your post restriction in every post that cycle, posting while kidnapped, and all similar things = u godkilled wigga. Trying to get Lady Salamence nudes = u godkilled wigga.

16 Non-info roles get no result if you succeed by default. You can ask to confirm, though.

17 You don't start the game with a role. Instead, you get to build your own faction! Pay close attention to the following statements:

18 Each faction begins the game with $1000 and the link to the Roleset One spread. N0's only use is to buy your first set of roles, off this list. You cannot go over $1000, but if you go under, you keep the $ for Roleset Two.

19 You will gain $150 for voting in the Day One lynch, and $200 for sending an action PM Night One. This gives you $1400 as a faction to spend Day Two to buy from Roleset Two.

20 Before you can double up on roles from either Set, each member of your team must have one (ie no cramming 3 roles onto one guy and SG onto another). There is no Set 3, or later purchase, so saving $ after Set 2 is pointless.

21 The Day One and Day Two lynches will reward a BPV. After that, Day Three on will kill the person with the most votes.

22 Set 1 roles will be available Set 2 for 1.5x the price. Set 2 roles can be bought twice, but for 1.5x the price for the second one.

23 Each faction needs two other factions fully dead, two halved, and the last isn't a factor. However, that guy you don't need dead may need you halved!

24 Every faction has a set flavor that is applied to every action they get: Baby Red Pandas are cute, Old Red Pandas smell like old people home, Middle Age Red Pandas are skilled at their tasks, Red Pandas in Love leave candy hearts at the scene, Red Pandas in Zoos make use of bamboo, and Teenage Basement Red Pandas have cheesy fingers and acne.

YOU HAVE 48 HOURS TO BUY YOUR FIRST SET OF ROLES. You have $1000 to buy with.

NOTE: Post Restrictor cannot influence votes.
NOTE: Kidnap hooks the night it is used, prevents a user from being targeted the next day and night, cannot post in the thread, and returns them at the end of that night.
NOTE: Hookguard works on roles: Hooker and Kidnapper.
NOTE: Buying two BGs in Roleset 1 is not possible, the price for duplicate roles increases by 1.5. <billymills> 1, 1.5, 1.5, 1.5, 1.5 so if you wanted to buy 5 Hookguards, it'd be $100, $150, $150, $150, $150.
NOTE: If you do not distribute 4 roles N0, the individual(s) without a role may send "N1 - Idling" and this will count as activity for your $200. If you are hooked or die, your team still gets $ for your effort.

Living Pandas (11)
Soul Torrent

Dead Pandas (13)
versailles / Engaged Pandas / Sheriff / Red Pandas in Love / Bamboo staked to the heart N1
zorbees / Newborn Panda / Inspector / Baby Red Pandas / Skillfully killed N1

Quagsires / Xbox Panda / Hookguard + Role Duplicator / Teenage Basement Red Pandas / Voted off the cuteness island D3

LightWolf / Cutest Panda / Sheriff + Hookguard + Silencer / Baby Red Pandas / Strangled by a (BAN ME PLEASE) with cheesy fingers N3
Daenym / Warhero Grandpa Panda / Hookguard + Role Duplicator / Old Red Pandas / Candy hearts left at the scene N3

Ace Emerald / Desk Jockey Panda / Kidnap + Announcer / Middle Aged Red Pandas / Voted off the cuteness island D4

Slim Guldo / Overbearing Mom Panda / Sheriff + Hookguard + Mayor / Teenage Basement Red Pandas / Suffocated on candy hearts N4
Coronis / Downs Panda / Bodyguard + Rogue / Teenage Basement Red Pandas / Bamboo stake to the chest N4

Ditto / Star Wars Panda / Inspector + Vote Negator / Teenage Basement Red Pandas / Voted off the cuteness island D5

Spiffy / Great Uncle Fisherman Panda / Sheriff + Mayor / Old Red Pandas / Died from cuteness N5

Paperblade / Yacht Club Panda / Hooker + Priority Raiser / Old Red Pandas / Voted off the cuteness island D6

Aura Guardian / Dubai Hotel Panda / Hookguard + Mayor / Red Pandas in Zoos / Skillfully killed N6

Nightmare Jigglypuff / Cookie Baking Grandma Panda / Bodyguard + Mayor / Old Red Pandas / Voted off the cuteness island D7


Note your only PM N0 will be with your purchases.

IT IS NOW NIGHT ZERO. N0 will end in 48 hours at 3PM PST, 2/24, or when all purchases are received.

Role PMs are going out NOW along with team PMs - all role PMs are OUT. Get your chans and plan your buys.


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billymillsux line


You all have the purchases you made. If you need to double check your roles, just ask.

There are no other results.

Paperblade has been subbed in for Metal Bagon.
Ditto has been subbed in for Kaxtar.
Both were inactivity requests by their team(s).


The lynch reward is a BPV. Not death.

Empoof is MIA. I may or may not need to find a third cohost if he doesn't show up and show signs of life :[ Empoof COME BACK TO US.

It is now Day One. D1 will end in 48 hours or when all votes are in. 2/26 2PM PST.
vote gosoultorrentku because we can.

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