Gen 1 RoA Mini-Tourney 6: Abnormal RBY - Congratulations Crystal_!

Beat Jorgen in a gg. This battle proved that wrap can be as unreliable as much as it can be cheap. gg and sorry for the luck man.

Well I can't definitely blame anything. I've been lucky all the tournament most of the times i needed to. Including the coin flip? lol


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Shame I didn't make it past the first round but I brought Dragonite with me, not like there's anything better to use after banning the Normals anyway. Didn't use Agility because I consider Wrap a means to free chip damage more than a strategy unto itself, didn't use Cloyster (Clamp) because unlike Dragonite there's still plenty of better mons. ;[ Packed Gengar too on the assumption everyone else would try to abuse the move.

Starmie / Zam / Eggy, nothing better to use. Dragonite is one of the best non-Normals remaining and is the only "good" Wrap user honestly, rolled with T-Wave so I had more freedom to switch in and out and abuse PAR on other shit. Gengar beats Wrap, Cloyster too with Tbolt, packing Mega Drain for Golem/Rhydon.. Brought Rhydon along because hey, Zapdos was still allowed and damn scary if anyone decides to use it.
I was surprised I didn't see anyone use Lapras. I remember thinking about that I will use it in the finals after winning my semifinal game, but I forgot until after the battle lol


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I saw a few Lapras. It was pretty nice. I think the reason it wasn't used more is because it tends to compete with Starmie, which is gnarly without Chansey to check it.


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nice job crystal, proving once again you're one of the best at what you do

shame you got unlucky, jorgen, unfortunately that's sort of rby...better luck next time