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Roleplay Role Playing Approval Center (Update 5-12-13)

Discussion in 'Network Center' started by Deck Knight, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. SubwayJ


    Dec 16, 2011
    That sounds really fun Rediamond! I wasn't here for the original ASM but I would really enjoy playing in this one!

    Also, just a question, would we be using one mon, or a team (or would it vary based on the mission or such)?
  2. Pallas Athena

    Pallas Athena

    Aug 9, 2010
    A team of six. It's needed given some of the boss/dungeon material in the game...

    And the point of this is to open up ASM mechanics to a group beyond the 10 presently playing and a small group of refs. It's also more manageable in almost every way.
  3. Eternal Drifter

    Eternal Drifter

    Apr 11, 2012
    I would definetally be interested in the ASM Orange Islands Exploration guild. It is more a role-playing game than a lot of role-plays here, which are limited to battles and pre-determined choices. I like the freedom of choice, where, facing two unfavorable choices you can take an unknown third (Ex: Take the sword or the shield? Why can't you take them both?).
    It is also a more extreme version of the Poke'mon Center Role-Play I'm trying to get up... but that's a different story.
    I'll be looking forward to this when it comes along and my proposal gets everything worked out... and my The Legend Run is finally dealt with... I may be weak with few Poke'mon, but, boy oh boy, have I got a lot of ideas for in-character chaos...
  4. Destiny Warrior

    Destiny Warrior also known as Darkwing_Duck
    is a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    Dec 30, 2009
    Approval Status of Mystery Dungeon:

    Zarator: Approved for Beta(on IRC)

    Alchemator: Approved for Beta(on IRC)

    Engineer Pikachu: Approved for Beta(on IRC, with a new change in payout)

    As per EP's recommendations, the payout system is changed to this:

    Referees now get 1.5 UC for drawing a floor, and get 1.5 UC for each round(20A) that they ref.
  5. Lord Jesseus

    Lord Jesseus

    Jul 2, 2009
    I am intrigued.
    Except making things in PPT takes ages, especially if you want it to look good...
  6. Matezoide


    Jul 4, 2012
    I am interested in this movie RPG as well.
  7. Ullar


    Nov 8, 2011
    WOW, late reply.

    It doesn't really take that long. An hour, maybe two per movie. My goal is to make it look like aquablade11's Sprite Series. And having made a couple episodes of a series of my own, I think I can make movies promptly and make them look good.
  8. Maxim


    Jul 15, 2009
    Of course, you also have to account for the fact that not everyone has Powerpoint. Most people probably do, but not all.
  9. Ullar


    Nov 8, 2011
    All that matters is if the ref has Powerpoint; everyone else just needs to be able to access Youtube.

    Also, I redefined Encounters. Just letting you guys know about the edit.
  10. Ullar


    Nov 8, 2011
    Abandoning the Pokestar Project. I tried testing it and found out that Jesseus was right - it takes a helluva lot of work to make. Sorry, guys.
  11. Ullar


    Nov 8, 2011

    Rumor has it that scientists have discovered a remote island, filled to the brim with Pokemon...a place where evolution and other natural things happened, well, naturally...however, when humans tried to explore this island, they were forced back by hostile Pokemon. It seems only a normal Pokemon can explore this island...and that's where you come in.

    Where Pokemon are free in their natural habitats

    You are a normal Pokemon Trainer. You select one of your Pokemon, equipped with a near-invisible headgear so you can give it orders, and it is transported to the island. To not cause a stir, your Pokemon blends in with the locals of its kind. Now it is on its own to explore this new world...


    Home Nest:
    You start out at your nest, where you can heal and save. When you go to your nest, you are automatically healed. You can save your game to save the amount of MC and the treasure you have collected. Also, if you perish on the island, your Pokemon is brought back to life through the miracle of cloning - but back at the lab, where the adventure ends.

    General Options:
    From your home nest, and within other areas, you can do one of multiple things:
    -Find Other Nests
    -Look at Surrounding Areas
    -Just Walk Around

    Now I will discuss each of the following options:

    Find Other Nests:
    There is guaranteed to be at least one living nest (not including your own) in an area. When you find a nest, you can do one of two things - battle with the Nest Boss to drive the species into extinction, or try to befriend the Nest Boss with a display of talent. There are two kinds of nests: Curious and Aggressive. Curious Nests are less likely to have many Pokemon stick around in case of an attack, and you only have to impress them once. Also, you can get the 'First Strike' in a battle with them by using your Projectile attack. Aggressive Nests will be expecting battle, so you won't be able to shoot from a distance to begin. They also must be impressed twice, and not in the same way. (Once they are impressed once, they become a Curious Nest.) Curious Nests will not give chase if you Flee battle, while Aggressive ones will.

    You have three options, each of them with their own unique powers, ranked 1-9 for each Pokemon: Bite, Projectile, and Melee. Bite is a quick, typeless attack that costs minimal EN. Projectile can be used from a distance, allowing you to get the first blow in a battle on an unsuspecting nest, but it can be used up close as well. Melee is a simple, powerful attack that can only be used up close. Two of the attacks, Projectile and Melee, have elemental properties tied to the Pokemon's type. The specific details for each attack are as follows:
    Bite: +1 Priority, does damage equal to half (1/2) the corresponding Rank. Is typeless. Cost: 3 EN
    Projectile: Does damage equal to the corresponding Rank, as modified by typing. Cost: 5 EN
    Melee: Does damage equal to one and a half (1.5) times the corresponding Rank, as modified by typing. Cost: 7 EN
    If you defeat the Nest Boss and any lackeys that don't go running in fear, that species is now extinct and you will no longer encounter any nests of that species. (You may, however, encounter evolutions and prevolutions) You also gain EC, MC, and DC, and any companions you may have earn MC.

    If you opt to attempt to befriend the nest, you will have to impress the Nest Boss with a routine, and outdo him and any lackeys he summons. There are three options it may perform: Sing, Dance, or Charm. If you and your partners outdo him and his menagerie (if he has one), then you will have befriended the nest! However, for nests that look hostile towards you, you will have to impress their leader twice, and it won't repeat actions. The opposing nest will RNG 1-3(Sing=1, Dance=2, Charm=3) for what Befriending tactic they perform. If your combined (added together) efforts are equal to or greater than that of the opposing nest, you've befriended them! (Or made them Curious, in the case of Hostile nests) Like Battle, you gain EC, MC and DC. Again, your companions earn MC. Also, if you find any nests later on of the same species, that species will already be befriended. Also, you have the ability to save the game and take shelter for the night here.

    Look at Surrounding Areas:
    With this, you look to each of the four cardinal directions. This island is divided almost like a grid in its ecosystems. Unless you are by the seaside, you will see a different area in each direction. You may then opt to go to one of these areas, or stay where you are. Different areas have different Pokemon in them.

    Just Walk Around:
    This triggers random actions. You may find a dirt pile, which might contain berries, items, or even treasure that you can sell for CC. You could be attacked by marauding Pokemon, especially at night. (As a note, during the night, you could be attacked by marauders without choosing this command. Just a heads-up.) But the most striking encounter you can have is with an Epic Pokemon, a Pokemon that has stupendous strength and size. Epic Pokemon guard small caverns that are almost guaranteed to hold rare booty, and you can either try to sneak past them or take them head-on. Beware, however, that without friends, the Epic Pokemon is very likely to have you for dinner.

    At nests you have befriended, you may select a Pokemon from the nest to accompany you in battle and befriending. They will not evolve like your Pokemon, but will gain MC. Any companions you gain on your journey will be given to you, along with their acquired MC and set EC/DC whenever you decide to end your run. The number of companions you have is limited depending on how much you have evolved. Also, you will only acquire the companions you have upon leaving the island.

    During your adventures on the Island, you may perform certain tasks, such as befriending 5 nests, stumbling across an ancient treasure, etc. This will most likely earn you an Achievement, which the Lab will give you compensation for in CC. Your Achievements are saved automatically, so no need to go back to a friendly nest for that! Also, the Lab will keep track of what Pokemon you encounter, essentially creating a new Pokedex of all the Pokemon on the Island.

    Your ultimate goal is to evolve, and find various items. At certain times, you may migrate, taking you through other areas in search of a new home. You may make new allies or wipe out entire lines of evolution. The choice is yours.

    Trial Run:
    For the Trial Run of Pokelution, the tester will use an Embirch that has been treated with growth hormones, to accelerate the process of evolution to approximately twice the speed. Also, this will not take place on the mainland - the events will take place on a small island nearby, that is brimming with CAPs. The tester will be guided by Professor Cypress, the leader of this project. She will guide your choice at times, and at other times you can choose your own path. Also, unlike the main game, death will not end the game.

    A ref gets 0.5 UC for each RNG set that they do, and for each round of combat/befriending. This is awarded whenever the game is saved, or the player dies.

    The Pokemon participating gets .5 EC/1 MC/.5 DC for each nest befriended. If a Pokemon leaves with half of a MC/DC full, it is rounded down. Also, the Pokemon is given whatever prizes it finds on the island, as well as CC for unlocking achievements.
  12. Yarnus of Bethany

    Yarnus of Bethany

    Mar 5, 2010
    Can you use FEs?
    How does it end?
    Why would you fight if you could dance, song, or charm and get an extra poke out of it?
    How do dancing, singing, and charming work?
    The CAPs already have stats: why are you making new ones?
    And above all: what can I do to help?
  13. Ullar


    Nov 8, 2011
    1. Yes; they'll just earn MC out of it. Or DC, if it isn't full.
    2. It ends whenever you wish; you can simply pluck a mon out of the RP, with its earnings, at your leisure.
    3. Because your Pokemon might not be a good singer, dancer or charmer; furthermore, some Pokemon are carnivores, and if you're an omnivore, well, eating flesh gives more EN than berries. I gotta flesh this out lol
    4. Good question. This RP will use a simplified battle/befriending system that Pokemon will need different stats for, for persuading and fighting. As such, the Pokemon will need new stats.
    5. Talk to me on irc; I can't give stats to all the Pokemon by myself!
  14. Pallas Athena

    Pallas Athena

    Aug 9, 2010
    1) When and how would refs/players be rewarded for this? Waiting a possibly infinite amount of time for pay is... awkward. Seven week+ intervals for ASM were annoying, this could be worse.
    2) Is there a point/objective? Pointless wandering is nice, but I'd like to have a way to 'win,' and I'm sure I'm not the only player.
    3) What does this bring to the table that existing RP's don't have? I can see answers to this, but I'd like to see you justify it.
    4) How easy would this be to ref? ASM, Labyrinth, PMD, and Inquisition failed in part due to an overdependence on a few refs and the complexity of the format. I could see this (and admittedly, almost every non battle-facility RP that doesn't have a zarator) running into similar problems, and I would like to know how they could be averted.

    For all my criticism, the idea is... intriguing. I'd just like there to be a plot/method of "winning." I love RP, but I'd like there to be some objective or reason to keep me playing. My other criticims were mostly "If the RP can't pass this, it probably should not exist" thresholds. I think you meet some, I think you're weak against some. I just wanted to see your answers and plan.
  15. Ullar


    Nov 8, 2011
    1. Every time the player returned to the home nest, their progress would be saved and they would earn the EC/MC/DC they have collected, as well as any items they have found. Also, note that you can only return your Pokemon to ASB from the home nest.
    2. The objective is merely to explore. There is no way to 'win' this RP, sorry. Unless you want to defeat an Epic Pokemon and take its loot. Because that would be a nice note to end it on. ;P
    3. This is a more open-ended RP than any other RP I have seen(if I may be so bold). Sure, it's wandering, but you make choices along the way that ultimately determine your success or failure.
    4. The way I have it planned out, it would be fairly easy to ref, believe it or not. All the players would have to do is RNG exactly what happens to the Pokemon(what species they encounter, what areas are nearby, etc.)based on the decision they make, and execute battles that are even more simplistic than the normal battles we use in ASB today.

    I admit; I directly ripped this from Spore's Creature Stage, and I haven't finished planning it through yet. The main reason to keep playing is to find treasure, recruit other Pokemon to join your team, explore new lands, and overall just be a natural Pokemon in a natural environment.

    Also, I would like to address two things:

    1. I'm merely using the CAPs for now because there are merely 29 of them, and it would be an easy example to just integrate those. I might change details about them later on in the process, however.
    2. A rental Embirch would have to be used for 2 reasons: One, the trial I have planned will be an accelerated evolution of the Pokemon, so it wouldn't be really fair to let someone come in with a Monohm and have a working Cyclohm a week later. Two, this will have a definite beginning and end; A bit of exploring, some choices made, a couple of migrations, maybe a Epic here or there, then the Pokemon is taken out. I would not be averse to letting the tester keep the CC, Items, and recruited Pokemon, however.
  16. Yarnus of Bethany

    Yarnus of Bethany

    Mar 5, 2010
    What about making it so you lose if you are KOed twice, and you win if you defeat/befriend 7 tribes. Each tribe defeated/befriended, you gain normal prizes and 1 CC. If you beat a boss, you gain 6 KOC. That gives an end but leaves it also open-ended.

    Also, I'll be a tester even if I don't get prizes
  17. Ullar


    Nov 8, 2011
    Well...I came up with an idea that gives a sort of sense of achievement.



    Such as befriending 5 species, defeating an Epic, stumbling across some rare treasure, etc. I would need to make a list, and some would be secret until a player unlocked them, but yeah. It's something.
  18. ZhengTann

    ZhengTann Nargacuga
    is a Forum Moderator

    Mar 7, 2012
    Its a pretty good hats-off to Spore, Ullar - but it works nicely. If I may, the ref could be more involving in this, as opposed to being the AI that responds after the player makes commands in the RP - should the player becomes inactive (maybe set a timer), the ref can drop a Random Encounter (NEST INVASION!! After all, if you can invade their home, so can they to yours) and should the player not respond, his/her mons get terminated from natural history. Who knows, it could even be a multi-player RP where the Island Master (or some other title you prefer) suddenly pits two players' tribes against the other!

    And I'd like to help too :)
  19. Ullar


    Nov 8, 2011
    lol nest invasion

    I really don't want the player to stress about what's going on at the home field - I just want them to enjoy the exploration. If they become inactive, however, the ref should probably have something eat them and the exploration be over - Meaning that they lose all things gathered from the last time they saved.

    EDIT: also, I really don't think this should be a multiplayer RP. If it was, there would be an eventual limit to the island, as all the maps would have to be cohesive. And Seaside does exist...

    DOUBLE-EDIT: I would say I have all the data I need to start that trial, as soon as I hear back from the RP Committee!
  20. Glacier Knight

    Glacier Knight

    May 12, 2011
    Hey folks! A while back, my best buddy Pikapwnd came up with a neat Idea for a RP. I helped him scrap a few of the basic ideas together, and then later he posted his idea for the Pokemon Zombie Apacolypse (PZA). Even though the idea got praise from a number of people, and was even suggested to be approved, Pika went AFK, and is now gone. I've talked to him, and he's not coming back. However, i love the RP idea, and i've talked to him about it. He's told me i can work on it, so i will try to (finally) work on it, so that the RP approvers can check it out again, and hopefully allow it to have some test runs.

    The idea is unique, with having you the trainer try to survive a Zombie Apacolypse (not much to it really). i will post what Pika posted a year ago, so you all can see the idea yourselves. Please give interest in it if you like the idea (i will be ironing out any kinks, so you may point them out if you see any, so i can make sure i get them). If you would like to help me with the revival of this really cool idea for an RP, please PM me!

    Please take a gander, and let's soon hope we get to add another intriguing, exhilarating Roleplay to the collection (i mean think about it; YOU GET TO FIGHT POKEMON ZOMBIES)!

    Note: i am still working on the final product. You are all welcome to ask questions which will help PZA come together. i am just letting everyone know that i am reviving this, and that i could use help if you'd like to help.

    Okay Guys I've been working on a project for the last day or two, a roleplaying enviorment that you may find interesting. The Pokemon Zombie Apocolypse, this is something that is completely outside of pokemon's cannon. Everything else has been atleast possible and probable in then pokemon Universe. Before I got too far into the planning I figured I would provide a concept for my idea to the powers that be, before I get to far into the planning.

    Concept: 3 Pokémon from a single trainer are thrown into a post apocalyptic city from the Pokémon world, they must fight hordes of zombie Pokémon, which are essentially the same as their true forms except with limited movepools and low hp. Although what they lack in Vitality they make up for in sheer numbers, it would not be uncommon for a trainer to find themselves fighting 5 or 6 zombies in a single encounter. These run’s would take place in a city, using mainly the Pokémon located nearby, but is not limited to that. For example a Celadon City run would likely have more than a few grass type Pokémon, due to it being the location of a grass type gym. The Goal of the run would usually be to get a place where they could easily be evacuated. Like the top of a department store, or to an area where they can be evacuated by boat, or maybe an area that is a safe zone. Usually with 4 random encounters along the way, each one increasing in size, and perhaps finding a few items after each encounter. Once you reach the evacuation point you will… Of course… Face the hoard. This is usually an epic battle with at least 20 or Zombies, and not all of them weaksuace zubats or ratattas (Although you will not face them all simultaneously). There may be full grown Pokémon.

    Zombie Pokémon: The zombies would mainly retain the same stats and qualities of the Pokémon they are mimicking. Abilities would change; all zombies will have the poison touch as well as liquid ooze abilities.
    Zombies being the brilliant creatures that they are would not have access to a plethora of moves (each knowing 10 and none of them T/m Moves, 7 of them level up 3 egg moves)
    The Zombies have a lack of personality meaning no nature, and in their weakened state low HP (the formula for calculating Hp of a zombie is [Hp/4+10x] where X is the number of times you have evolved, it also equals 20 if fully evolved).
    This would make them easy to kill, but they can just as easily damage you. Also the zombie Pokémon are completely uncatchable and no Pokémon will be available for you to catch.
    There will be three tiers of zombie Pokémon for each stage each tier will have zombies of varying power and be at least somewhat related to the area in question. This may mean coming from local gyms, or routes, or safari zone or other things local to the place your escaping.

    Here is an Example of a zombie you might encounter.
    Show Hide

    Zombie Machoke

    Typing: Fighting Fighting STAB; ignore weight restrictions of throwing/grappling moves. Superior reaction time in close quarters.

    Posion Touch: (Can be disabled)This Pokemon's body is covered with a film of poison. Whenever it hits an opponent with a contact attack, that opponent has a 30% chance of being Poisoned. When disabled, all of this Pokemon's attacks that inflict regular poison will inflict Toxic poison (with the same chance of effect).
    Liquid Ooze: (Innate) This Pokemon’s body is covered in a slimy poison that when drained by Leech Seed or another draining move, damages the opposing Pokemon for the amount that would have been healed.

    HP: 35
    Atk: Rank 4
    Def: Rank 3
    SpA: Rank 2
    SpD: Rank 2
    Spe: 45

    Low Kick
    Brick Break
    Vital Throw
    Scary Face
    Dynamic Punch

    Bullet Punch
    Ice Punch


    Your Team: The Pokémon you bring are not limited at all, and I was thinking a 3 Pokémon team would be appropriate for the circumstances, though traps or circumstance may separate your team from battling coherently together.

    Encounters: There will be 4 encounters and The Hoard during each attempt at a escape. For each encounter A description of the area will be given for each round, and it is HIGHLY recommended that you use the arena to its fullest potential.

    Runthrough of a Zombie Encounter:
    1. RNG for the # of Zombies: [(1-4*X] Where X is the Encounter number 1-4 on first, the 2-8 on the second, 3-12 on the Third, 4-16 on the Fourth. And a Consistent 20 for the Horde
    2. Rng for Which Zombies: There will be three tiers of Zombie Pokémon, each with increasing power. The First encounter features pokemon from only the first teir, the second and third ecnounters RNG from the from teirs both teirs 1 and two. The Third Teir will RNG from all Teirs. The horde will RNG from only teirs 2 and three.
    3. Post the Arena and post the First Zombies: There can be a Maximum of 6 Zombies Fighting at Once.
    4. Your team Posts Actions: You will Post two actions for each of your pokemon.
    5. Rng for zombies attacks Rng for what attack your zombie will use, and then Rng for which one of of the pokemon will be hit, (zombies arent targets) If possible it will attack all of the opponents. Each zombie will only use 1 action (three of them in the first round and then 3 in the second).
    6. Ref/Rinse and Repeat <---- (until Battle is over) *note * If a zombie dies before it is able to use its action, bring in another zombie at the end of the round and use a random action from it.
    7. RNG for reward There will be 10 available Items to earn as a reward from a zombie encounter If you finish an escape without Using them, you can keep them for another escape attempt.
    Rewards: Due to the sheer number of combatants you will be facing. You will not gain KO counters for each zombie killed, you will however Receive ZOMBIE COUNTERS. Which Function Exactly like KOC, and you can spread them freely throughout your team members. You receive 2 Zombie Counters for each encounter survived, as well as each wave of the hoard and 3 bonus Counters are hidden throughout each run through. They are likely to not be same even if you do the same city as someone else.
    The way to earn these extra zombie counters are found in the ways that you kill the zombies. It may be killing 2 zombies at the same time, or OHKO’ing one of them. Or in standard video Game style seeing the exploding barrel and launching a flamethrower at it, or maybe knocking down a water tower. The requirements will be checked with each team so as to be sure they are capable of said feats, as well as three less than helpful hints Pm’d to you at the start of your escape attempt.

    In-Game Rewards: There are 10 possible in-game rewards, that can be used by 1 of your pokemon's actions (With a Cost of 3 Energy) or you can use them inbetween encounters. If not Used during an escape will be kept for a future escape attempt, or Traded in for 1 Zombie Counter at the end of an escape.

    Super Potion: Heals 50 of a pokemon's HP
    Ether: Heals 50 of one your Pokemon's energy
    Revive: Heals One of your Fainted Pokemon's Back to 35hp and 40 Energy
    Flash Bang: Completely distracts all Zombies on the feild for 1 full round.
    6-Pack Sodapop: Heals all of your pokemon 25hp and 25 Energy
    Chain Saw: Gives 1 of your pokemon +2 attack for 5 actions (It ran out of gas)
    Adrenaline: Gives +2 Speed for one of your Pokemon for 5 actions
    Kevlar: Gives a pokemon +2 in Both Defenses until the end of an encounter.
    Brain Implant: Gives a pokemon +2 Special attack for 5 actions (it dissolves after that)
    Sniper Rifle: Instant OHKO on a single Zombie.
  21. Ullar


    Nov 8, 2011
    I really like the revival of this; I was a proponent for it then and I still am now!


  22. Orcinus Duo

    Orcinus Duo Banned deucer.

    Aug 23, 2011
    Leethoof and I are making this a thing.

    http://www.smogon.com/forums/group.php?groupid=1807 Sign up for beta testing here!
  23. AOPSUser


    Dec 3, 2011
    Alright, here's a (rather crazy) proposal/idea.

    The Battle Tents/The Battle Circus

    This place consists of three battle tents, challenged together with a team of 3 mons. They are:

    Factory Tent:
    One of the challenger mons is taken out of your party. The challenger is given a choice of three RNGed Pokemon to replace that mon.

    Palace Tent:
    For all of the battles, the challenger chooses 4 moves for their mon per action. The ref RNGs the moves to determine which move is used.

    Arena Tent:
    Each battle lasts exactly three rounds. If, after three rounds, not all the Pokemon have been KOed, then there are three categories:
    Attacks used
    Accuracy of attacks (How many of them hit)
    HP remaining
    If a mon wins in one category, then it gets 2 points. A tie is 1 point for each. A loss is 0. If the score is 3-3, there is one tiebreaker score: average BAP of moves. If the score is 4-4 after the tiebreaker, then the battle continues for another round, until one mon wins.

    All battles in these three tents will be in this format:
    1v1 singles
    2 Substitutions
    2 recoveries/5 chills
    Arena: Circus Tent (same as ASB arena)
    DQ time: 2 Days

    The challenger is healed when they defeat a tent.

    If the challenger defeats all three tents, they will challenge the director of the circus. This battle will be very hard, because even though the challenger's Pokemon are at full health, the director has four of them! Granted, they're weak (or will be once I make the mons), but it's a 3v4, so all bets are off, right?

    The circus director battle is in this format:
    3v4 singles
    2 Substitutions
    2 recoveries/5 chills
    Arena: Circus Tent (same as ASB arena)
    DQ time: 2 Days

    If the challenger defeats the director on Normal Mode, they get to challenge Hard Mode, and if they beat that they get to challenge Insane Mode.


    Again, this is just a rough idea, but what do you guys think about it?
  24. yoshinite


    Aug 26, 2012
    Orcinus, that Nimbasa Dome sounds Super Fun!!!
  25. Leethoof


    Feb 23, 2011
    I'm aware that there may be others working on something similar to this right now, but I'm sucking it up and posting a progress report, of sorts. So far, in our fantastic ASB Roleplaying repertoire, we have facility roleplays and legendary roleplays successfully in place. However, I believe we need Roleplaying Roleplays.

    Labyrinth and ASM have come close to attaining this free-from greatness, but both have fizzled and died (as far as I can tell, I still love and hope they work, Lou and Red!). There was a time when ASM was perfect; I'm not sure how Red feels about G0 spoilers even now, but it was before Rediamond tried to codify dungeons, wild Pokemon, capturing, full inventories, and it eventually got overcomplicated. What I can say, though, is that we must throw codification out the window, drop into full RP battles, and go with the flow. Thus, I present...

    ASB Roleplaying Roleplay
    (Name Pending)

    Welcome to the ASB Roleplaying Roleplay, where truly anything can happen! Will you and your trusted Pokemon team aid the police in tracking down a criminal, save a village from rampaging Pokemon, help gather data for ecological studies, or join forces with the dastardly organizations of Pokemon infamy? Perhaps, you may even just sit inert and others in their adventures!

    "But Leethoof, how could such a thing exist in hardcore-codified CAP ASB? Everything would be up to the referee, cross my heart and die! I thought we had transcended such tomfoolery!"

    And I would answer, "Bolgeferous Bastiodons, young one! You just used transcended and tomfoolery in one sentence," completely ignoring your question, because the answer lies here in this following, exceedingly-small codification paragraph.

    Roleplay Order
    Sessions of the RPRP are formed into Storylines. There will be one thread per storyline, a varying amount of players, and one referee presiding over each storyline. The background info and general plot of a Storyline are planned out beforehand by the referee, though the players may take it in an infinite number of directions. A storyline can be anything, from a murder mystery or a dangerous expedition into a strange canyon, to something more relaxed like a holiday-themed celebration or a good old story-swapping Pokecenter time. Team Rocket is likely to be involved in all of them

    Roleplay order is very loose, and comes and goes as normal. It will normally involve players posting among themselves until the referee is needed for an update/decision/clue-drop. It would go a little something like this:

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