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RU Theorymonning

Discussion in 'BW RU' started by Kenny, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. Worldtour

    Worldtour aka Swamp-Rocket
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    Aug 2, 2010
    What if Druddigon learned Dragon Dance?

    After thinking about it some, this would actually be a pretty threatening sweeper. You may say that Fraxure is better, but I think this is incorrect. I know Druddigon is extremely slow, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it is too slow to sweep. At absolute maximum speed at +1, it reaches 321 speed, which is one point slower than Timid Sigilyph. While this fact is annoying, it means that it outspeeds most of the metagame. (which consists of lots of base 80 and 90 Pokemon).

    Compared to Fraxure, Druddigon has more power AND more bulk at the cost of speed. Although Fraxure can utilize an Eviolite, that means that it is 30% less powerful. Then, of course, if it is not holding that Eviolite it is extremely frail and cannot set up on nearly anything, including resistances, because of that pathetic special bulk and fairly mediocre physical bulk with few physical resistances.

    Druddigon also has no way of boosting its Attack currently, and given the amount of Pokemon that it already is capable of switching into, setting up a Dragon Dance is fairly easy, especially if foes are expecting a different variant. Basically, imagine a Choice Banded, Life Orbed Outrage coming right your way if it starts to Outrage – it hurts a lot. I could easily see it being better than Fraxure is at Dragon Dancing, despite that disadvantage of speed.

    I imagine the main set would look like this.

    Druddigon @ Life Orb
    Jolly Nature
    28 HP / 252 Atk / 228 Spe
    Ability: Rough Skin
    Dragon Dance
    Outrage / Dragon Claw
    Sucker Punch

    One thing you may notice is the inclusion of Sucker Punch. Although this may seem dumb on a Pokemon that is boosting its speed, look at how it handles faster Pokémon. The following calcs assume Stealth Rock is up, taking into account most of the RU Pokémon that are naturally faster than a +1 Druddigon.

    Show Hide

    252 +1 Atk Life Orb Druddigon Sucker Punch vs 252 HP/0 Def Accelgor: 89.84% - 105.49% (Guaranteed OHKO)
    252 +1 Atk Life Orb Druddigon Sucker Punch vs 0 HP/0 Def Aerodactyl: 75.75% - 89.37% (Guaranteed OHKO)
    252 +1 Atk Life Orb Druddigon Sucker Punch vs 0 HP/0 Def Sceptile: 81.14% - 95.73% (56.25% chance to OHKO)
    252 +1 Atk Life Orb Druddigon Sucker Punch vs 0 HP/0 Def Cinccino: 83.51% - 98.28% (68.75% chance to OHKO)
    252 +1 Atk Life Orb Druddigon Sucker Punch vs 0 HP/0 Def Archeops: 78.35% - 92.44% (Guaranteed OHKO)
    252 +1 Atk Life Orb Druddigon Sucker Punch vs 0 HP/0 Def Galvantula: 86.48% - 101.78% (Guaranteed OHKO)
    252 +1 Atk Life Orb Druddigon Sucker Punch vs 0 HP/0 Def Manectric: 86.48% - 101.78% (87.5% chance to OHKO)
    252 +1 Atk Life Orb Druddigon Sucker Punch vs 0 HP/0 Def Scyther: 69.04% - 81.14% (Guaranteed OHKO)
    252 +1 Atk Life Orb Druddigon Sucker Punch vs 0 HP/0 Def Typhlosion: 66.33% - 78.11% (31.25% chance to OHKO)
    252 +1 Atk Life Orb Druddigon Sucker Punch vs 0 HP/0 Def Sigilyph: 136.14% - 160% (Guaranteed OHKO)

    Basically everything has a shot at being OHKOed except for Durant (and, with the given EVs, which are made to outspeed Rotom at +1, Jolly Drapion, which is somewhat weak). This also means that Revenge Killers may not be as big of a deal, because Sucker Punch can maim a lot of them. This set would be a monster toward offensive teams, who may not be able to handle the firepower of a Druddigon after it has set up.

    There is also another Dragon Dance variant out there, emphasizing a bit less on speed.

    Druddigon @ Life Orb / Leftovers
    Adamant Nature
    88 HP / 252 Atk / 168 Spe
    Ability: Rough Skin
    Dragon Dance
    Dragon Claw

    Pretty similar, except it tries to outspeed Adamant base 80s at +1, which I consider the "speed to beat" in RU. It also eschews Sucker Punch for two Dragon STAB moves, and you may ask "why?". First off, Dragon / Ground is pretty much unresisted in RU (Shedinja doesn't count >_>), so it can go the scouting business with Dragon Claw so then it can get past stuff with Earthquake, and then go to town with Outrage, which cleanly 2HKOs even stuff like 252/252+ Tangrowth and 252/0 Escavalier without the help of any hazards at +1. At +1, Earthquake is also powerful enough to 2HKO Steelix 100% of the time, so if it comes in on Dragon Claw, just Earthquake it for a lot of damage before it does something back to you (which is probably just phazing what else could it do?). From there, defensive teams are in trouble, because once Druddigon has set up, possibly more than once, even the sturdiest walls are going to go down quickly.

    tl;dr Dragon Dance Druddigon would be an interesting addition to the metagame, and it would be a threat that you would need to prepare for (not like Druddigon isn't already a threat to prepare for), and I would definitely use it over Fraxure.
  2. Molk

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    Jul 27, 2011
    Well, this one had to come up sometime given the lore behind this particular choice, it might be a bit controversial but i hope we can get some good discussion out of this :).

    What If Aerodactyl learned Head Smash?

    Pretty much anyone who's used Aerodactyl has noticed that Aerodactyl would be a whole lot better with the ability to use Head Smash, so lets stop for a second, just how good would this gift affect the way Aerodactyl plays, and how would it affect the metagame? Head Smash is one of the most powerful competitive moves in the game, reaching a ridiculously high 150 BP not even factoring in STAB, and while it usually has the really crippling drawback of dealing 1/2 recoil, Aerodactyl, like its fellow RU Rock-type Aggron, is gifted with Rock Head, which cancels out any recoil Head Smash would've done, turning Head Smash into an incredibly powerful tool with no immediate drawbacks bar accuracy. This would increase Aerodactyl's damage output significantly, and would easily make it a top threat imo (assuming it doesn't move up a tier with the new addition), and i think it'd affect the metagame quite a bit. Poliwrath and Quagsire usage would probably increase quite a bit with Head Smash Aerodactyl around, being some of the few Pokemon that can stomach multiple Head Smashes without eventually keeling over, in return the two can threaten to burn Aero with Scald, crippling it, or with some prediction, Quagsire could use Earthquake as Aerodactyl Roost, seriously damaging it. Tangrowth and Ferroseed usage would probably increase as well for the same reasons, although it should be noted that Aerodactyl could potentially run Fire Blast as one of its coverage moves. While this may seem strange at first, Life Orb Fire Blast does do a considerable amount of damage to both Tangrowth and Ferroseed, cleanly 2HKOing both and coming close to OHKOing the latter, and it hits many other Potential Aerodactyl checks such as Steelix hard too, making it a viable option. Gurdurr could experience a rise in usage as well, taking Aerodactyl's attacks with ease and using Drain Punch+Mach Punch to KO Aero. Furthermore, one of Gurdurr's best checks, Moltres would probably be decreasing in usage with the threat of a top threat that can switch in on all of its coverage moves at least once, outspeed, and OHKO. Lastly, i think the usage of Pokemon with Aqua Jet such as Kabutops, Feraligatr, and Samurott would definitely rise. if an RU player couldn't find a slot on their team to fit a defensive Pokemon to stomach Head Smash, they'd probably resort to revenge killing Aerodactyl, and because Aero can outrun the entirety of the unboosted RU metagame bar Accelgor, and even some Choice Scarfed Pokemon like Emboar, Aqua Jet would probably be one of the more reliable ways to do it, as Aerodactyl's rather frail and has a weakness to the attack.
  3. MicfiJasan


    Nov 15, 2012
    Head Smash Aerodactyl
    I wouldn't worry about this being too controversial unless it also gained Brave Bird. Back on topic, Head Smash would readily replace Stone Edge on both of its current sets, and it would certainly become much more of an offensive threat. Basically the only stuff that's switching into it are the Pokemon that can switch into Aggron, since while Aero is more of a glass cannon than Aggron, they do have similar coverages. I think you missed Steelix, who quad-resists Head Smash, is only 3HKOed by Earthquake and OHKOs with a full-powered Gyro Ball. I agree about Aqua Jet users, but I also see an increase in Piloswine since it gives/receives similar damage numbers with Ice Shard, while its typing and Eviolite allow it to tank one Head Smash if necessary. Finally, Scarfed Electrics like Manectric and the Rotoms can OHKO with Thunderbolt, allowing for an easy revenge kill. It probably would move up a tier though, since that extra speed really sets it apart from Aggron in that respect.

    Solid Rock Rhydon
    As if this guy wasn't already hard enough to take down physically. Attacking from the physical side is nearly suicidal. Crawdaunt would rise, as its the only physical attacker now that can OHKO Rhydon outright. Feraligatr is an interesting option, as after Rocks and 1 Earthquake, he would be in Torrent range which gives him just enough juice for the OHKO. On the other hand, he still suffers from the same problems as his evolution, namely low special defense and speed. Any Pokemon with a STAB Giga Drain, Leaf Storm, or Hydro Pump can still come out on top. Amoonguss is especially notable, since he can take any of Rhydon's moves, threaten a OHKO with Giga Drain, and use Regenerator to heal the damage he did take. Poliwrath again comes to the forefront, since he still walls Rhydon pretty well and still 2HKOs with Scald, and can rest off the damage.

    That said, Eviolite helps him out a lot. He can now survive stray non-Specs HP Grasses from Moltres, Magmortar, and Manectric, as well as some uninvested Scalds from defensive Lanturn and Slowking. Megahorn becomes even more valuable, as just about everything that can threaten a OHKO is hurt badly by either Earthquake or Megahorn.

    Registeel in RU
    Imo this is the last of the UU pokes who realistically could drop to RU in the next tier shift. He would certainly be a defensive threat, with 150 defenses and his Steel typing allowing him to resist quite a few moves. That said, with moves like Superpower and Earthquake seemingly everywhere, more stuff OHKOs him than Uxie, which surprised me. I could see him using his resistances as a pivot, setting up Stealth Rock and maybe spreading paralysis as he goes. Basically, take Uxie, drop Levitate, Calm Mind, U-turn, and Memento, and give him a better typing and defenses, and you have Registeel. They still share a lack of reliable recovery, and neither really pose much of an offensive threat, but both can be effective team supporters.

    Power Gem Lilligant
    I totally thought I already posted something on this. Yeah the main draw is that he can now run Quiver Dance with 3 attacks, which may be more effective as a mindgame, since the opponent now has to guess whether Sleep Powder is an option as opposed to knowing it is. One interesting note, if I checked Hidden Power IVs correctly, replacing HP Fire with Power Gem would allow Lilligant to speed tie with Moltres (I think Rock and Fire drop the Speed IV while Grass does not). If Moltres runs Fire Blast, that means Lilligant now beats Moltres 1v1 over 50% of the time, since they'd both OHKO each other.

    Rotom-H Dropping
    Okay I lied, Rotom-H is close enough to dropping for me to evaluate. Basically, it could run whatever Offensive set Rotom-C would run, but with a more useful Fire STAB. Rotom-H is weak to Stealth Rock, and Rotom-C can still set up Rain Dance much better, but I still give the edge to Rotom-H.

    One new question (or several depending on how you look at it)
    What if Rotom-A got a second attack?
    Basically this means Rotom-C gets Giga Drain, Rotom-F gets Ice Beam, and Rotom-S gets Hurricane. All three forms have been somewhat limited by having literally one option for their secondary STAB. So what would happen if these guys got one extra move for their new STAB that doesn't demand a switch (Rotom-C), has no accuracy issues (Rotom-F) or has some wanted power (Rotom-S). I could see all three benefiting from this, if for no other reason because it opens up other options (eg. Rotom-F is not as tied to Hail as it is). Rotom-C could still use Leaf Storm on some choiced sets, but I definitely see the other two using their new moves often.
  4. vyomov


    Apr 7, 2013
    What if Virizion dropped to RU?
    Virizion barely has any usage, so this does make some sense.
    It would be a good counter to Absol as well as Carracosta, but would it broken or not is the question.
  5. atomicllamas

    atomicllamas song of dongs
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    Apr 16, 2013
    Virizion would undoubtedly become the best Pokemon in the tier, it's calm mind set would probably be the best (I use this in OU, so I'm pretty bias), as it can easily get past top special walls Slowking, Lanturn, and Clefable. Virizion also has great synergy with Moltres, allowing some sort of special wall breaking duo. Moltres is probably the largest threat to Virizion, but Moltres is slower and can't take a HP rock (which would be preferred in RU, unlike in OU or UU where HP ice is preferable) or a stone edge if the Virizion is using a physical swords dancing set. Fast fire types and Galvantula would be forced to run a choice scarf, and a fast scarfer would be mandatory on every team. Entei, Moltres, Typhlosion, Galvantula, and Manetric all utilize a scarf and rise in usage to counter Virizion, while Lanturn, Slowking, and Clefable all decrease in usage. Trick Room Slowking becomes best Slowking. Sneasel may rise out of NU because it naturally outspeeds Virizion and can kill standard calm mind/swords dance Virizion with a life orb, jolly ice punch. Alomomola gets stopped short of its rise to RU, and Poliwrath, Klingklang, and Rhydon are given the push they need to drop to NU (wreaking havoc on the NU meta). Qwilfish rises in this new meta, as it is the absolute best counter to the physical set. Archeops becomes an actual option in this new meta as no Virizion wants to eat a flying gem acrobatics. Uxie becomes even better in this meta, shrugging off most of Virizions hits and returning damage with Psyshock, which becomes the better choice in the Virizion meta. Opposing set up pokemon that are slower than timid/jolly Virizion after a boost drop in usage. Crawdaunt also leaves the tier as Virizion doesn't really care about its STABs and Crawdaunt is unable to set up in front of Virizion. Power Herb, Sky Attack Aerodactyl becomes an option as well (you laugh, but I've been surprise revenge killed by one of these). Hail teams become more widely used, but Walrein's usage does not benefit. Scarf Glaceon and scarf Rotom-Fridge are ran on the same team to give more insurance against Virizion. On a side not, mixed-Scarf Virizion rises in usage to surprise and destroy it's usual counters. Virizion probably proves to be unhealthy to the metagame, unless both Venemoth and Cresselia are re-dropped to RU to prevent the death of, well, everything.

    TL;DR Scarf everything. Water, steel, and normal types drop. Sneasel makes the jump from PU to RU in three months, a reverse Munchlax if you will (this may not happen, but it would make me happy). Cresselia and Venemoth are reintroduced, or Virizion rises to BL3.

    Edit: And Quagsire drops... ;_;
  6. Molk

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    Jul 27, 2011
    What if Virizion dropped to RU?

    Hmmm, i'm not sure if Virizion would truely be a broken threat when placed in the tier, as it does have a few checks/counters that i'll get into later. But it'd be quite the new threat to deal with between its Calm Mind and Swords Dance sets, both of which are equally threatening.

    As far as Virizion counters go, Amoonguss is the first one the comes to mind. It has enough bulk to take pretty much any attack from Virizion, resists both of its STAB Attacks, and can either cripple Virizion with Spore and/or Stun Spore, clear away its boosts with Clear Smog, or simply attack Virizion with a decently powerful Sludge Bomb, which will still do a significant amount of damage to Viriz despite its massive Special Defense stat. Amoonguss even has Regenerator, allowing it to passively recover hp simply by switching out, making sure Amoonguss is around to counter virizion for as long as possible. Roselia could probably serve as a decent Virizion check as well, having the same typing, similar special bulk, and a higher special attack stat to hit Virizion in return with. Roselia's not going to enjoy taking a boosted Stone Edge from Swords Dance Virizion, though. Uxie could switch into both Calm Mind and Swords Dance Virizion at least once, having the bulk to take boosted attacks from both while Paralyzing it in return and/or hitting it somewhat hard with say Psyshock, although Uxie's lack of reliable recovery or resistance to Virizion's Grass STAB would make it a bit shakier when compared to Amoonguss and Roselia. Other obscure Poison-type Pokemon such as Garbodor and Weezing might rise a bit to check Virizion as well, given they have the bulk and typing to take multiple hits from both Virizion sets and can either use Clear Smog/Haze to reset Virizion's boosts or can simply hit it hard with a STAB Gunk Shot/Sludge Bomb. Both of the mentioned Poison-types have utility outside of countering Virizion too, with Garbodor setting up spikes while having Leftovers and some Extra physical bulk over Roselia, while Weezing can check some other scary physical attackers such as Escavalier with ease. Lastly, Moltres makes a good Virizion check on paper, but given i think most Virizion will either be running Hidden Power Rock or Stone Edge, it probably wouldn't be nearly as good of a check in practice. Outside of these Pokemon, many of Virizion's sets are set dependent, kinda like Sceptile in today's metagame. This means that many of the Pokemon who can check the Swords Dance set struggle with Virizion's Calm Mind set, and vice versa, making it a bit harder to outright counter outside of the already mentioned threats.

    As for Pokemon that would be affected by Virizion's presence, I think its a given that Sceptile and Lilligant usage would probably drop a little bit, as Virizion would give both of them a fair amount of competition as offensive Grass-types, and many teams that used Sceptile and Lilligant before might decide to opt for Virizion instead with its addition to the metagame. Both Sceptile and Lilligant would still be recognizable threats in the metagame though imo, and would still get a decent amount of usage because of their unique qualities such as Sleep Powder, Quiver Dance, higher immediate offensive stats, and Acrobatics. Speaking of Acrobatics, i'd expect to see a lot more acrotile running around with Virizion in RU, allowing Sceptile to outspeed and OHKO Virizion while it'd be able to take advantage of Sceptile's special set otherwise. Kabutops, Quagsire, and Crawdaunt would probably be on the downswing as well, as Virizion resists both of their STABs, outspeeds and OHKOs both, and can even use them as an opportunity to set up if needed. I still Kabutops would stick around in RU, being one of the best spinners available and all, but Crawdaunt and Quagsire would almost definitely be pushed into NU range with the addition of Virizion imo Choice Scarf Emboar's usage would probably go up a fair bit, being a decent offensive check to both Virizion varients, taking Giga Drain, Leaf Blade, and Hidden Power Rock without much trouble while being able to barely survive a Life Orb boosted CC or Focus Blast after Stealth Rock, and OHKOing in return with Flare Blitz. Emboar'd make a good teammate for Virizion as well, beating many of its potential checks while Virizion can use the Water- and Rock-types that trouble Emboar as set up bait with the exception of Slowking, forming an effective offensive core. These are just a few examples though, i'm sure there might be some more Pokemon that'd be affected by Virizion's presence, either positively or negatively.
  7. vyomov


    Apr 7, 2013
    What if Typhlosion got No Guard?
    Inferno would suddenly be a VERY competitive move.
    WIth 100BP it isn't at all Shabby, and guaranteed burn means that even Water types will not want to switch into Typhlosion :)
  8. Spirit

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    Mar 3, 2013
    What if Milotic dropped to RU?

    It's pretty much a no brainer to anyone who plays UU that Milotic is outclassed by other bulky Water-types. However, if Milotic were to drop to RU, it would actually find itself to be incredibly unique wall. Milotic sits at a pretty good 81 Speed tier, allowing to outspeed Pokemon like Kabutops and Gallade. Millotic is just as bulky as Slowking on the physical side, and actually bulkier on the special side, making it a better utility counter that can't be trapped by Spiritomb. Milotic also posses reliable recovery, a decent base 100 Special Attack, and a great defensive ability in Marvel Scale which makes a rest-talk set viable. Milotic's superior typing and Speed would likely make it a better mixed wall than Slowking because of its ability to wall Spiritomb and Accelgor (something slowking cannot do) and the plethora of Fire-types in the tier. Overall, Milotic would be an excellent Pokemon to have in RU and may actually outclass slowking in some aspects, too bad its usage is way too high. ;-;
  9. Molk

    Molk Godlike Usmash
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    Jul 27, 2011
    What if Milotic dropped to RU?

    I'm not sure if Milotic would really outclass Slowking as a mixed wall but it'd definitely give Slowking some competition as a Water-type imo. Both Milotic and Slowking have their unique advantages, with Milotic lacking the weaknesses to Ghost, Dark, and Bug that stop Slowking from walling certain Pokemon it'd be able to beat otherwise, as well as slightly better pure special bulk than Slowking. Likewise, Slowking boasts a resistantance to Fighting-type attacks, a cool secondary STAB in Psychic, some unique moves such as Fire Blast, and one of the best abilities in the game in Regenerator over Milotic. Something interesting to note as that Milotic's extra special bulk is just enough to ensure that specially defensive varients will never end up being 2HKO'd by Timid Life Orb Moltres's Hurricane after Stealth Rock damage. Finally giving BW2 RU a good Moltres check/counter with Reliable Recovery, Slowking used to fit the bill nicely in BW1, but the addition of Hurricane was just too much for it to handle, getting 2HKO'd by the move. Lastly, While Milotic would probably be used defensively the majority of the time, i could see her pulling off a good offensive set as well, given she has just enough Speed to outrun threats like Kabutops and Gallade as well as a nice base 100 Special Attack stat to work with Offensive Milotic would probably look a lot like this.

    Milotic @ Life Orb
    Trait: Marvel Scale
    EVs: 252 SAtk / 252 Spd / 4 Def
    Modest Nature
    - Hydro Pump / Surf
    - Ice Beam
    - Hidden Power [Grass]
    - Recover / Hypnosis

    This set would make an excellent bulky attacker in RU imo, Between Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, and Hidden Power Grass, Milotic has pretty much everything covered as far as offensive coverage is concerned, and after doing a mass damage calc using the Honko Calc it seems that very few Pokemon can escape Milotics wrath, with the only really relevant Pokemon that can avoid the 2HKO after Stealth Rock from one of her coverage moves being Jynx, Ferroseed, Ludicolo, Slowking, Lanturn, Lickilicky and ironically Milotic herself. Milotic's still really bulky even without investment too, making it easier to safely switch her in on while also ensuring that Milotic can take a stray hit or two even if she can't outright OHKO her opponent. Offensive Milotic would also have Recover to heal off the damage from any she may potentially take, as well as residual damage from Stealth Rock, Spikes, and Life Orb recoil if needed, although Hypnosis could also be used in this moveslot to put a potential counter out of comission, although the accuracy would really hurt.

    Oh here's the mass calc i did, for reference, hide tags because huge

    Show Hide
    Munchlax (RU RestTalk) Hydro Pump 26.37 - 31.22% HP Grass 10.33 - 12.23%
    Lapras (RU Curse) HP Grass 29.09 - 34.69% Hydro Pump 18.96 - 22.19%
    Jynx (RU Luna) HP Grass 29.59 - 35.2% Dragon Tail 23.05 - 27.41%
    Regice (RU ChestoRest) Hydro Pump 31.12 - 36.91% HP Grass 12.12 - 14.6%
    Ferroseed (RU Support) Ice Beam 32.19 - 37.67% Hydro Pump 30.13 - 35.61%
    Ludicolo (RU SubSeed) Ice Beam 33.79 - 40.1% HP Grass 25 - 29.67%
    Jynx (RU Choice Scarf) HP Grass 35.05 - 41.32% Dragon Tail 27.3 - 32.47%
    Slowking (RU Defensive) HP Grass 35.11 - 41.73% Hydro Pump 22.39 - 26.46%
    Ludicolo (RU Offensive Tank) Ice Beam 36.07 - 42.81% HP Grass 26.68 - 31.67%
    Articuno (RU Specially Defensive) Hydro Pump 39.94 - 47.25% Ice Beam 21.14 - 25.06%
    Lanturn (RU Tank) HP Grass 40.14 - 47.88% Hydro Pump 25.93 - 30.67%
    Ludicolo (RU Swords Dance) Ice Beam 40.72 - 48.34% HP Grass 30.13 - 35.76%
    Hypno (RU Support) Hydro Pump 40.9 - 48.39% Ice Beam 21.65 - 25.66%
    Lickilicky (RU Support) Hydro Pump 41.27 - 48.82% Ice Beam 21.69 - 25.7%
    Throh (RU Bulk Up) Hydro Pump 42.11 - 50% Ice Beam 22.29 - 26.35%
    Slowking (RU Trick Room) HP Grass 42.23 - 50.38% Hydro Pump 27.22 - 32.31%
    Mandibuzz (RU Specially Defensive) Ice Beam 43.73 - 51.53% Hydro Pump 41.37 - 48.93%
    Slowking (RU Choice Specs) HP Grass 44.01 - 52.08% Hydro Pump 28.12 - 33.07%
    Lanturn (RU Rain Dance) HP Grass 44.13 - 52.61% Hydro Pump 28.42 - 33.66%
    Gardevoir (RU Support) Hydro Pump 45 - 53.23% Ice Beam 23.82 - 28.23%
    Cryogonal (RU Rapid Spin) Hydro Pump 45.48 - 53.93% HP Grass 17.78 - 21.28%
    Roselia (RU Utility) Ice Beam 45.39 - 53.94% Hydro Pump 21.38 - 25.32%
    Cradily (RU Mono-Attacker) Ice Beam 45.74 - 53.98% Hydro Pump 42.81 - 50.79%
    Dragonair (RU Defensive Dragon Dance) Ice Beam 45.39 - 54.29% Hydro Pump 21.77 - 25.76%
    Clefable (RU Support) Hydro Pump 45.93 - 54.31% Ice Beam 24.11 - 28.68%
    Gallade (RU Bulk Up) Hydro Pump 46.58 - 55.48% Ice Beam 24.62 - 29.37%
    Lapras (RU LapDance (Dragon Dance)) HP Grass 46.79 - 55.66% Dragon Tail 10.34 - 12.06%
    Escavalier (RU Defensive) Hydro Pump 47.81 - 55.97% Ice Beam 12.82 - 14.86%
    Poliwrath (RU RestTalk) HP Grass 51.56 - 60.93% Ice Beam 17.44 - 20.57%
    Eelektross (RU Coil) Hydro Pump 52.13 - 61.49% Ice Beam 27.54 - 32.62%
    Uxie (RU TrickScarf) Hydro Pump 52.82 - 62.14% Ice Beam 27.96 - 33.05%
    Hariyama (RU RestTalk) Hydro Pump 53.24 - 62.5% HP Grass 20.83 - 24.76%
    Druddigon (RU Support) Ice Beam 53.07 - 63.12% Hydro Pump 25.13 - 29.88%
    Golbat (RU Defensive) Ice Beam 53.67 - 63.27% Hydro Pump 50 - 59.6%
    Miltank (RU MooDoo) Hydro Pump 53.55 - 63.45% Ice Beam 27.91 - 33.24%
    Lanturn (RU Choice Specs) HP Grass 53.88 - 63.52% Hydro Pump 34.35 - 40.47%
    Shelgon (RU Wish) Ice Beam 53.59 - 63.77% Hydro Pump 25.14 - 29.94%
    Misdreavus (RU Support) Hydro Pump 54.62 - 65.12% Ice Beam 29.32 - 34.56%
    Musharna (RU Calm Mind) Hydro Pump 55.5 - 65.59% Ice Beam 29.58 - 34.86%
    Poliwrath (RU SubPunch) HP Grass 55.4 - 65.65% Ice Beam 18.83 - 22.16%
    Qwilfish (RU Utility) Hydro Pump 56.28 - 66.46% HP Grass 44.01 - 52.09%
    Meganium (RU Dual Screens) Ice Beam 57.14 - 67.85% Hydro Pump 27.19 - 32.14%
    Snover (RU Focus Sash) Ice Beam 57.4 - 67.9% Hydro Pump 54.32 - 63.88%
    Metang (RU THE MIGHTY METANG [Eviolite]) Hydro Pump 57.71 - 68.51% Ice Beam 15.12 - 17.9%
    Scyther (RU Bulky Swords Dance) Ice Beam 58.3 - 69.09% Hydro Pump 54.51 - 64.72%
    Uxie (RU Substitute + Calm Mind) Hydro Pump 59.36 - 69.84% Ice Beam 31.42 - 37.14%
    Drapion (RU Specially Defensive) Hydro Pump 59.47 - 70.55% Ice Beam 31.48 - 37.02%
    Murkrow (RU Stallbreaker) Ice Beam 59.44 - 70.89% Hydro Pump 56.65 - 66.87%
    Lickilicky (RU Choice Band) Hydro Pump 60.14 - 71.53% Ice Beam 31.93 - 37.62%
    Cryogonal (RU Offensive) Hydro Pump 60.94 - 72.05% Dragon Tail 27.6 - 32.65%
    Gardevoir (RU Dual Screens) Hydro Pump 61.17 - 72.35% Ice Beam 32.35 - 38.23%
    Dusknoir (RU Tank) Hydro Pump 61.56 - 72.78% Ice Beam 32.31 - 38.43%
    Mesprit (RU Trick Room) Hydro Pump 61.53 - 72.8% Ice Beam 32.41 - 38.46%
    Cradily (RU Support) Ice Beam 62.23 - 73.4% HP Grass 22.87 - 26.86%
    Alomomola (RU Wish Support) HP Grass 63.29 - 74.53% Hydro Pump 40.44 - 47.75%
    Feraligatr (RU GATR TIME (Swords Dance)) HP Grass 63.2 - 74.77% Hydro Pump 40.35 - 47.77%
    Weezing (RU Specially Defensive) Hydro Pump 63.17 - 74.85% Ice Beam 32.93 - 39.22%
    Gallade (RU Bulky Swords Dance) Hydro Pump 63.6 - 75.22% Ice Beam 33.63 - 39.75%
    Zweilous (RU Wallbreaker [Eviolite]) Ice Beam 64.24 - 76.45% Hydro Pump 30.23 - 35.75%
    Hariyama (RU Status Orb) Hydro Pump 64.56 - 76.45% Ice Beam 34.26 - 40.32%
    Clefable (RU Tank) Hydro Pump 64.72 - 76.64% Ice Beam 34.26 - 40.6%
    Escavalier (RU Offensive) Hydro Pump 64.72 - 76.67% Ice Beam 16.9 - 20.4%
    Samurott (RU Swords Dance) HP Grass 65.76 - 77.89% Hydro Pump 42.04 - 49.59%
    Bouffalant (RU Substitute) Hydro Pump 65.67 - 78.1% Ice Beam 34.86 - 41.08%
    Spiritomb (RU Defensive) Hydro Pump 68.09 - 79.93% Ice Beam 35.85 - 42.43%
    Meganium (RU Support) Ice Beam 67.85 - 79.94% Hydro Pump 32.14 - 37.91%
    Beheeyem (RU Trick Room) Hydro Pump 68.36 - 80.79% Ice Beam 36.44 - 42.93%
    Feraligatr (RU Dragon Dance) HP Grass 68.48 - 81.02% Hydro Pump 43.72 - 51.76%
    Amoonguss (RU Support) Ice Beam 68.51 - 81.25% Hydro Pump 32.4 - 38.42%
    Amoonguss (RU Offensive) Ice Beam 68.99 - 81.81% Hydro Pump 32.63 - 38.69%
    Kangaskhan (RU SubPunch) Hydro Pump 69.55 - 81.93% Ice Beam 36.63 - 43.31%
    Mr. Mime (RU Baton Pass) Hydro Pump 70.07 - 82.74% Ice Beam 36.97 - 44.01%
    Spiritomb (RU Calm Mind) Hydro Pump 71.71 - 84.53% Ice Beam 38.15 - 44.73%
    Gurdurr (RU Bulk Up) Hydro Pump 71.92 - 84.75% Ice Beam 37.96 - 44.91%
    Spiritomb (RU All-Out Attacker) Hydro Pump 71.94 - 84.81% Ice Beam 38.28 - 44.88%
    Serperior (RU Parashuffler) Ice Beam 72.59 - 85.87% Hydro Pump 34.46 - 40.67%
    Mesprit (RU Choice) Hydro Pump 74.17 - 87.74% Ice Beam 39.07 - 46.35%
    Eelektross (RU Special Attacker) Hydro Pump 74.33 - 87.96% Ice Beam 39.3 - 46.52%
    Magneton (RU Steel Killer) Hydro Pump 74.28 - 88.21% Ice Beam 19.64 - 23.57%
    Beartic (RU SubPunch) Hydro Pump 75.13 - 88.5% HP Grass 29.41 - 34.75%
    Gallade (RU Choice Band) Hydro Pump 75.09 - 88.8% Ice Beam 39.71 - 46.93%
    Gardevoir (RU Choice) Hydro Pump 75.09 - 88.8% Ice Beam 39.71 - 46.93%
    Gallade (RU Offensive Swords Dance) Hydro Pump 75.09 - 88.8% Ice Beam 39.71 - 46.93%
    Garbodor (RU Tank) Hydro Pump 75.27 - 89.01% Ice Beam 40.1 - 47.25%
    Glaceon (RU SubProtect) Hydro Pump 75.23 - 89.47% HP Grass 29.41 - 34.98%
    Vileplume (RU Support) Ice Beam 75.7 - 89.54% Hydro Pump 35.87 - 42.37%
    Druddigon (RU Choice Band) Ice Beam 76.27 - 90.39% Hydro Pump 35.87 - 42.65%
    Rotom-S (RU Support) Ice Beam 76.97 - 90.78% Hydro Pump 72.36 - 85.85%
    Clefable (RU Wallbreaker) Hydro Pump 76.8 - 90.96% Ice Beam 40.66 - 48.19%
    Rotom-C (RU Rain Dance) Ice Beam 77.22 - 91.08% Hydro Pump 36.3 - 43.23%
    Druddigon (RU Mixed) Ice Beam 77.36 - 91.69% Hydro Pump 36.38 - 43.26%
    Miltank (RU Mootility) Hydro Pump 79.18 - 93.4% HP Grass 30.96 - 36.54%
    Kangaskhan (RU Physical Attacker) Hydro Pump 79.2 - 93.73% Ice Beam 41.88 - 49.57%
    Hitmonchan (RU SubPunch) Hydro Pump 82.12 - 96.95% Ice Beam 43.34 - 51.33%
    Rotom-C (RU Support) Ice Beam 82.68 - 97.52% Hydro Pump 38.86 - 46.28%
    Wynaut (RU Why Not in RU?) Hydro Pump 82.93 - 98.2% Ice Beam 44.01 - 52.09%
    Floatzel (RU Baton Pass) HP Grass 84.22 - 99.46% Hydro Pump 54.27 - 63.9%
    Sigilyph (RU Defensive) Ice Beam 85.05 - 100.86% Hydro Pump 80.74 - 95.11%
    Metang (RU THE MIGHTY METANG) Hydro Pump 85.8 - 101.54% Ice Beam 22.53 - 26.85%
    Hitmonchan (RU Bulk Up) Hydro Pump 86.05 - 101.59% Ice Beam 45.41 - 53.78%
    Vileplume (RU Special Attacker) Ice Beam 85.98 - 101.91% Hydro Pump 40.44 - 48.08%
    Quagsire (RU Curse) HP Grass 87.05 - 103.04% Hydro Pump 55.83 - 65.73%
    Volbeat (RU Baton Pass) Hydro Pump 87.68 - 103.3% Ice Beam 46.54 - 54.95%
    Volbeat (RU Weather Support) Hydro Pump 88.02 - 103.89% Ice Beam 46.4 - 54.79%
    Serperior (RU Coil) Ice Beam 88.01 - 104.1% Hydro Pump 41.78 - 49.31%
    Exeggutor (RU SubSeed) Ice Beam 89.08 - 104.82% Hydro Pump 42.13 - 49.74%
    Hitmonlee (RU Unburden) Hydro Pump 89.25 - 105.37% Ice Beam 47.1 - 55.78%
    Electivire (RU Physical Attacker) Hydro Pump 88.96 - 105.68% Ice Beam 47.49 - 56.18%
    Hitmonlee (RU Life Orb Attacker) Hydro Pump 89.62 - 105.8% Ice Beam 47.3 - 56.01%
    Mr. Mime (RU Nasty Plot Sweeper) Hydro Pump 89.63 - 105.85% Ice Beam 47.29 - 56.3%
    Glaceon (RU Choice Specs) Hydro Pump 89.01 - 105.86% HP Grass 34.79 - 41.39%
    Exeggutor (RU Trick Room) Ice Beam 90.23 - 106.16% Hydro Pump 42.67 - 50.38%
    Drifblim (RU Calm Mind) Ice Beam 90.35 - 106.72% Hydro Pump 85.65 - 100.89%
    Sawsbuck (RU Baton Pass) Ice Beam 90.65 - 107.14% Hydro Pump 42.85 - 50.54%
    Rotom-S (RU Substitute + Charge Beam) Ice Beam 91.05 - 107.39% Hydro Pump 85.6 - 101.55%
    Rotom-F (RU SubSplit) Hydro Pump 91.28 - 107.46% HP Grass 35.68 - 41.9%
    Miltank (RU MooFensive (Life Orb)) Hydro Pump 91.49 - 107.91% Ice Beam 48.38 - 57.18%
    Ursaring (RU Quick Feet) Hydro Pump 91.92 - 108.07% Ice Beam 48.44 - 57.45%
    Braviary (RU Choice Band) Ice Beam 91.49 - 108.21% Hydro Pump 86.8 - 102.05%
    Gorebyss (RU Shell Smash Sweeper) HP Grass 91.66 - 108.33% Hydro Pump 58.73 - 69.04%
    Rotom-C (RU Choice Specs) Ice Beam 92.49 - 109.09% Hydro Pump 43.47 - 51.77%
    Regirock (RU Support) Hydro Pump 92.03 - 109.34% HP Grass 36.53 - 42.85%
    Weezing (RU Physical Wall) Hydro Pump 92.51 - 109.88% Ice Beam 49.1 - 58.08%
    Klinklang (RU Shift Gear) Hydro Pump 93 - 110.48% Ice Beam 24.82 - 29.37%
    Flareon (RU Special Tank) Hydro Pump 94.31 - 111.97% Dragon Tail 15.26 - 17.96%
    Sceptile (RU SubSeed) Ice Beam 95.6 - 113.17% Hydro Pump 44.93 - 53.37%
    Whimsicott (RU Support) Ice Beam 95.37 - 113.27% Hydro Pump 45.37 - 53.7%
    Zweilous (RU Wallbreaker) Ice Beam 95.93 - 113.37% Hydro Pump 45.34 - 53.48%
    Accelgor (RU Lead) Hydro Pump 96.7 - 114.01% Ice Beam 51.09 - 60.43%
    Rotom-S (RU Choice) Ice Beam 97.09 - 114.52% Hydro Pump 91.28 - 107.46%
    Rotom-C (RU Choice Scarf) Ice Beam 97.09 - 114.52% Hydro Pump 45.64 - 53.52%
    Rotom-S (RU SubSplit) Ice Beam 97.09 - 114.52% Hydro Pump 91.28 - 107.46%
    Altaria (RU Support) Ice Beam 98.3 - 116.1% Hydro Pump 23.16 - 27.11%
    Murkrow (RU Perish Trapper) Ice Beam 99.07 - 116.71% Hydro Pump 92.87 - 109.9%
    Accelgor (RU Substitute + Encore) Hydro Pump 99.71 - 117.56% Ice Beam 52.69 - 62.32%
    Skuntank (RU Trapper) Hydro Pump 100 - 118.1% Ice Beam 52.58 - 62.35%
    Drifblim (RU Air Support) Ice Beam 100.89 - 118.83% Hydro Pump 95.51 - 112.78%
    Sceptile (RU Swords Dance) Ice Beam 100.71 - 119.21% Hydro Pump 47.33 - 56.22%
    Floatzel (RU Choice Band) HP Grass 100.96 - 119.23% Hydro Pump 65.06 - 76.6%
    Rotom (RU Bulky) Hydro Pump 101.39 - 119.93% Ice Beam 53.49 - 63.28%
    Drifblim (RU Weather Balloon) Ice Beam 102.04 - 120.18% Hydro Pump 96.59 - 114.05%
    Electivire (RU Mixed Attacker) Hydro Pump 102.4 - 120.61% Ice Beam 53.95 - 63.91%
    Masquerain (RU Quiver Dance) Ice Beam 103.55 - 122.06% Hydro Pump 97.5 - 115.65%
    Sigilyph (RU Offensive Life Orb) Ice Beam 103.49 - 122.72% Hydro Pump 98.25 - 115.73%
    Leafeon (RU Physically Defensive) Ice Beam 104.19 - 123.05% Hydro Pump 49.1 - 58.08%
    Fraxure (RU Dragon Dance [Eviolite]) Ice Beam 104.37 - 123.35% Hydro Pump 49.27 - 58.39%
    Basculin (RU Choice Band) HP Grass 104.25 - 123.4% Hydro Pump 66.66 - 78.72%
    Basculin-B (RU Wallbreaker) HP Grass 104.25 - 123.4% Hydro Pump 66.66 - 78.72%
    Basculin (RU Wallbreaker) HP Grass 104.25 - 123.4% Hydro Pump 66.66 - 78.72%
    Drapion (RU Swords Dance) Hydro Pump 105.33 - 123.84% Ice Beam 55.51 - 65.83%
    Shelgon (RU Offensive Dragon Dance) Ice Beam 105.14 - 124.26% Hydro Pump 49.63 - 58.82%
    Exeggutor (RU Sunny Day) Ice Beam 105.72 - 124.39% Hydro Pump 50 - 59.03%
    Tangrowth (RU Tank) Ice Beam 105.44 - 124.75% Hydro Pump 50.24 - 59.15%
    Scyther (RU Choice) Ice Beam 105.33 - 124.91% Hydro Pump 100 - 117.79%
    Raichu (RU Nasty Plot) Hydro Pump 107.25 - 126.33% Ice Beam 56.48 - 66.79%
    Arbok (RU Coil) Hydro Pump 108.77 - 127.86% Ice Beam 56.87 - 67.55%
    Natu (RU Physically Defensive) Ice Beam 109.18 - 128.62% Hydro Pump 102.47 - 121.2%
    Sawsbuck (RU Choice Band) Ice Beam 109.27 - 129.13% Hydro Pump 51.65 - 60.92%
    Crawdaunt (RU Choice Band) HP Grass 109.7 - 129.85% Hydro Pump 70.14 - 82.83%
    Carracosta (RU Tank) HP Grass 110.79 - 130.68% Hydro Pump 94.03 - 111.07%
    Lilligant (RU Quiver Dance) Ice Beam 110.63 - 130.85% Hydro Pump 52.48 - 61.7%
    Pinsir (RU Swords Dance) Hydro Pump 111.03 - 130.96% Ice Beam 58.71 - 69.39%
    Skuntank (RU Wallbreaker) Hydro Pump 111.23 - 131.41% Ice Beam 59.07 - 69.74%
    Leafeon (RU Hybrid Swords Dance) Ice Beam 112.86 - 132.79% Hydro Pump 53.37 - 63.02%
    Medicham (RU Offensive) Hydro Pump 112.97 - 132.82% Ice Beam 59.54 - 70.61%
    Butterfree (RU Quiver Dance) Ice Beam 112.64 - 133.33% Hydro Pump 106.51 - 126.05%
    Floatzel (RU Mixed Rain Dance) HP Grass 113.82 - 133.76% Hydro Pump 72.66 - 85.53%
    Leavanny (RU Swords Dance) Ice Beam 113.4 - 134.02% Hydro Pump 53.6 - 63.23%
    Pinsir (RU Choice) Hydro Pump 114.7 - 135.29% Ice Beam 60.66 - 71.69%
    Primeape (RU Life Orb) Hydro Pump 115.12 - 135.79% Ice Beam 60.88 - 71.95%
    Shiftry (RU Nasty Plot) Ice Beam 115.52 - 136.33% Hydro Pump 54.65 - 64.28%
    Zweilous (RU Choice Scarf) Ice Beam 115.38 - 136.36% Hydro Pump 54.54 - 64.33%
    Tangrowth (RU Offensive) Ice Beam 115.44 - 136.58% Hydro Pump 55.01 - 64.76%
    Accelgor (RU Offensive) Hydro Pump 116.55 - 137.41% Ice Beam 61.58 - 72.84%
    Piloswine (RU Tank [Eviolite]) Hydro Pump 116.58 - 137.62% HP Grass 45.79 - 53.96%
    Linoone (RU Belly Drum Sweeper) Hydro Pump 116.77 - 137.91% Ice Beam 61.4 - 72.81%
    Sneasel (RU Choice) Hydro Pump 117.13 - 138.24% HP Grass 46.21 - 54.18%
    Tauros (RU All-Out Attacker) Hydro Pump 119.58 - 141.23% Ice Beam 62.88 - 74.57%
    Rotom (RU Choice Scarf) Hydro Pump 119.83 - 141.73% Ice Beam 63.22 - 74.79%
    Cinccino (RU Choice) Hydro Pump 120.54 - 142.12% Ice Beam 63.69 - 75.34%
    Scolipede (RU Spikes) Hydro Pump 120.99 - 142.74% Ice Beam 64.12 - 75.57%
    Zangoose (RU Toxic Boost) Hydro Pump 122.29 - 143.9% Ice Beam 64.45 - 75.95%
    Galvantula (RU All-Out Attacker) Hydro Pump 124.91 - 146.97% Ice Beam 65.83 - 77.58%
    Manectric (RU Choice Specs) Hydro Pump 125.26 - 147.68% Ice Beam 66.19 - 78.29%
    Kingler (RU Choice) HP Grass 125.49 - 148.2% Hydro Pump 80.87 - 95.21%
    Dragonair (RU Offensive Dragon Dance) Ice Beam 125.47 - 148.28% Hydro Pump 59.31 - 69.96%
    Ninjask (RU Pure Baton Pass) Ice Beam 126.46 - 148.92% Hydro Pump 118.76 - 140.3%
    Magneton (RU Choice Scarf) Hydro Pump 128.92 - 152.06% Ice Beam 34.29 - 40.08%
    Absol (RU Swords Dance) Hydro Pump 129.41 - 152.57% Ice Beam 68.38 - 80.88%
    Quagsire (RU Physical Wall) HP Grass 130.71 - 154.31% Hydro Pump 83.5 - 98.22%
    Cacturne (RU Spikes) Ice Beam 131.31 - 155.51% Hydro Pump 62.27 - 73.66%
    Seismitoad (RU Rain Dance Sweeper) HP Grass 131.9 - 155.55% Hydro Pump 83.76 - 98.86%
    Whiscash (RU Dragon Dance) HP Grass 132.24 - 156.28% Hydro Pump 84.15 - 99.45%
    Carracosta (RU Shell Smash [Solid Rock]) HP Grass 134.94 - 159.16% Hydro Pump 114.53 - 135.29%
    Victreebel (RU Mixed Growth) Ice Beam 137.2 - 162.45% Hydro Pump 65.44 - 77.07%
    Ditto (RU Ditto That) Hydro Pump 139 - 163.66% Ice Beam 73.66 - 86.66%
    Smeargle (RU Spikes) Hydro Pump 139.17 - 164.01% Ice Beam 73.24 - 86.62%
    Moltres (RU Defensive SubRoost) Hydro Pump 139.16 - 165.01% Ice Beam 37.07 - 43.86%
    Kadabra (RU Special Attacker) Hydro Pump 140.54 - 165.76% Ice Beam 74.32 - 87.83%
    Omastar (RU Support) HP Grass 140.69 - 166.27% Hydro Pump 89.82 - 106.68%
    Dodrio (RU Choice) Ice Beam 142.52 - 168.19% Hydro Pump 134.86 - 159%
    Absol (RU All-Out Attacker) Hydro Pump 144.85 - 170.58% Ice Beam 76.1 - 89.7%
    Ninjask (RU Offensive Baton Pass) Ice Beam 145.39 - 172.01% Hydro Pump 138.56 - 162.79%
    Entei (RU Substitute + Calm Mind) Hydro Pump 146.41 - 172.09% Ice Beam 19.25 - 22.71%
    Torterra (RU Defensive Tank) Ice Beam 147.65 - 174.73% Hydro Pump 69.27 - 82.29%
    Altaria (RU Special Attacker) Ice Beam 147.35 - 175.07% Hydro Pump 34.89 - 41.43%
    Mothim (RU Quiver Dance) Ice Beam 151.6 - 178.64% Hydro Pump 143.06 - 168.32%
    Relicanth (RU Swift Swim Sweeper) HP Grass 152.04 - 179.53% Hydro Pump 96.78 - 114.32%
    Golurk (RU SubPunch) Hydro Pump 152.3 - 179.67% Ice Beam 80.21 - 95.12%
    Relicanth (RU Rock Polish) HP Grass 152.49 - 180.05% Hydro Pump 97.06 - 114.66%
    Fraxure (RU Dragon Dance) Ice Beam 155.47 - 183.94% Hydro Pump 74.08 - 87.22%
    Armaldo (RU Rapid Spin Support) Hydro Pump 157.06 - 185.87% Ice Beam 41.52 - 49.15%
    Emboar (RU Choice Band) Hydro Pump 157.85 - 186.19% Ice Beam 20.95 - 24.52%
    Entei (RU Physical Attacker) Hydro Pump 159.83 - 187.87% Ice Beam 21.02 - 24.79%
    Durant (RU Hone Claws) Hydro Pump 161.62 - 190.31% Ice Beam 42.63 - 50.38%
    Durant (RU All-Out Attacker) Hydro Pump 162.25 - 191.05% Ice Beam 42.8 - 50.58%
    Haunter (RU Special Sweeper) Hydro Pump 162.06 - 191.81% Ice Beam 85.77 - 101.29%
    Haunter (RU Substitute + Disable) Hydro Pump 162.77 - 192.64% Ice Beam 86.14 - 101.73%
    Armaldo (RU Choice Band) Hydro Pump 163.37 - 192.73% Ice Beam 43.02 - 50.87%
    Swellow (RU Guts) Ice Beam 163.21 - 193.1% Hydro Pump 155.55 - 182.75%
    Altaria (RU Offensive Dragon Dance) Ice Beam 162.54 - 193.12% Hydro Pump 38.48 - 45.7%
    Magmortar (RU Wallbreaker) Hydro Pump 163.63 - 194.27% Ice Beam 21.54 - 25.58%
    Torterra (RU Choice Band) Ice Beam 165.78 - 196.19% Hydro Pump 77.77 - 92.39%
    Nidoqueen (RU Special Attacker) Hydro Pump 165.52 - 196.27% Ice Beam 87.88 - 104.03%
    Moltres (RU Life Orb) Hydro Pump 166.04 - 196.88% Ice Beam 44.23 - 52.33%
    Crustle (RU Utility) Hydro Pump 168.84 - 199.1% Ice Beam 44.21 - 52.52%
    Torterra (RU Rock Polish) Ice Beam 170.78 - 202.1% Hydro Pump 80.12 - 95.18%
    Omastar (RU Shell Smash) HP Grass 173.4 - 204.6% Hydro Pump 110.63 - 130.49%
    Marowak (RU Trick Room Sweeper) Hydro Pump 173.45 - 204.62% Ice Beam 91.35 - 108.33%
    Smeargle (RU Trick Room Lead (Level 1)) Hydro Pump 174.1 - 205.17% Ice Beam 91.63 - 108.36%
    Piloswine (RU Tank) Hydro Pump 174.25 - 205.19% HP Grass 68.31 - 80.44%
    Golurk (RU Choice Band) Hydro Pump 175.62 - 207.18% Ice Beam 92.5 - 109.68%
    Steelix (RU Defensive) Hydro Pump 177.11 - 209.32% Ice Beam 46.89 - 55.36%
    Typhlosion (RU Sunny Day) Hydro Pump 178.45 - 211.11% Ice Beam 23.56 - 27.94%
    Marowak (RU Substitute + 3 Attacks) Hydro Pump 179.55 - 211.82% Ice Beam 94.56 - 112.14%
    Carracosta (RU Shell Smash) HP Grass 179.93 - 212.45% Hydro Pump 114.53 - 135.29%
    Charizard (RU Choice) Hydro Pump 179.46 - 212.79% Ice Beam 47.81 - 56.56%
    Emboar (RU Choice Scarf) Hydro Pump 182.27 - 214.68% Ice Beam 24.09 - 28.53%
    Aerodactyl (RU Life Orb) Hydro Pump 184.73 - 217.13% Ice Beam 97.19 - 114.95%
    Kabutops (RU Choice Band) HP Grass 186.64 - 220.22% Hydro Pump 119.08 - 140.45%
    Armaldo (RU Swift Swim + Swords Dance) Hydro Pump 193.12 - 227.83% Ice Beam 50.85 - 60.13%
    Rampardos (RU Trick Room Sweeper) Hydro Pump 203.76 - 239.69% HP Grass 79.14 - 93.46%
    Rapidash (RU Physical Attacker) Hydro Pump 207.38 - 244.64% Ice Beam 27.3 - 32.47%
    Crustle (RU Shell Smash) Hydro Pump 211.03 - 248.04% Ice Beam 55.51 - 65.83%
    Sandslash (RU Support) Hydro Pump 211.58 - 248.87% Ice Beam 112.42 - 132.2%
    Aggron (RU SubPunch) Hydro Pump 227.09 - 267.41% HP Grass 44.51 - 52.25%
    Archeops (RU Choice) Hydro Pump 227.83 - 268.72% Ice Beam 120.61 - 141.92%
    Rampardos (RU Choice Scarf) Hydro Pump 239.7 - 282.38% HP Grass 93.13 - 110.14%
    Rampardos (RU Rock Polish) Hydro Pump 242.08 - 284.77% HP Grass 94.02 - 111.04%
    Aggron (RU Autotomize) Hydro Pump 249.64 - 293.97% HP Grass 48.93 - 57.44%
    Rhydon (RU Tank) Hydro Pump 268.9 - 317.69% HP Grass 104.55 - 124.12%
    Gabite (RU Choice Band) Ice Beam 282.91 - 334.87% Hydro Pump 133.8 - 158.36%
    Camerupt (RU Trick Room Attacker) Hydro Pump 315.24 - 370.56% Ice Beam 55.31 - 65.6%
    Camerupt (RU Rock Polish) Hydro Pump 351.24 - 413.52% Ice Beam 61.92 - 72.95%
    Rhydon (RU Rock Polish) Hydro Pump 483.93 - 570.36% HP Grass 188.64 - 223.26%
    Rhydon (RU Choice Band) Hydro Pump 485.27 - 571.94% HP Grass 189.16 - 223.88%
  10. ScraftyIsTheBest

    ScraftyIsTheBest It's Showtime! Are you ready?
    is a Contributor to Smogonis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 5, 2012
    Okay, time to answer some of these.

    What if Drought Vulpux was allowed in RU?

    This would really bring in some weather into RU! Hail and Sun teams will be fighting in the dangerous Rarelyused tier, and threats such as Charizard and Victreebel would make way into RU as they become all the more dangerous. Charizard and Victreebel in particular would really like it as they can sweep. We may also see Chlorophyll Lilligant and Sawsbuck go up as they can sweep well. Maybe even Munchlax will rise in usage to fight off sun and hail wars. Overall sun would have an impact on the metagame that would be a mini OU.

    What if Aerodactyl got Head Smash?

    Aerodactyl would make for a powerful, fast attacker with Head Smash+Rock Head. It would be the Aggron of fast teams. With fast paced teams, Aerodactyl can run a CB and become extremely powerful, and EQ+Aqua Tail helps too as Aerodactyl becomes a powerful Pokemon. LO+Roost works too. Quagsire and Poliwrath would definitely see more usage, as would Ferroseed, as it can cripple Aerodactyl, wear it down, and kill it with Gyro Ball. Steelix is in a similar boat. Overall Aerodactyl would become all the more threatening, and even give the manly Aggron competition for a teamslot!

    What if Rhydon had Solid Rock?

    This would help Rhydon's godly bulk immensely. This would make Rhydon the ultimate physical tank, and it would become an even bigger bitch to take down. Even CC's and EQ's will struggle to get past this hard beast as he would set up SR super reliably, and even take hits for weeks and dish solid damage with its STAB's. Kabutops would die too. As said, stray HP Grasses would not take down Rhydon, which even allows him to check Magmortar, Moltres, and to an extent Manectric. Grass-types and Samurott will still shit on Rhydon for days though. Either way, this would be a great improvement (especially given Rhydon has useless abilities).

    What if Cinccino got Hi Jump Kick?

    Cinccino is already a powerhouse to begin with, but this would bring it up a level. With the obscene power even exceeding Bullet Seed and Rock Blast, Cinccino will have a smoother time with Steels, making Magneton and Ferroseed fearful about coming in. Escavalier would also have a harder time, as Spikes (provided by Scolipede)+Hi Jump Kick+Rock Blast is serious business. I guess Steelix would also apply to this as well. Ghost-types would definitely rise in usage, especially Spiritomb, as it will come in to make Cinccino crash and burn it. Misdreavus is in a similar boat. The best way to balance this would be to drop Dusclops from UU to take it on. Overall Cinccino would become an even greater threat to contend with with Hi Jump Kick.

    What if Rotom-H were RU?

    The oven would definitely give competition to his lawn mower cousin. He has a great typing, which allows him to check Sceptile, Entei to an extent, and a bunch of others. He can use a mighty Overheat and Thunderbolt providing great coverage to put dents into opponents while scouting with Volt Switch making it hard to deal with. Rotom-C, however, will still see usage as it handles Water-types better and such. However, Rotom-H will definitely be a powerful Pokemon in RU.

    What if Porygon-Z were RU?

    Hey, just saying, Porygon-Z is actually technically BL2, so if he fell below 3.41% usage, he actually would not go to RU and be placed in BL2 since he was deemed broken. Either way, if he were in the tier, Porygon-Z would be a force to be reckoned with. 135 Attack, STAB Tri Attack, a solid special movepool, and either Adaptability or Download to make it a greater powerhouse to boot. Specs Download would be a powerful set and make stall teams cringe. Adaptability+Nasty Plot would also be a monster as P-Z is powerful and modestly fast. Primeape may come back to hold his own in P-Z RU, as his Scarf set will always check P-Z no matter what. Munchlax too, might see usage, possibly just to endure P-Z hits for days. Escavalier and Spiritomb would definitely see usage as well, as they effectively wall Porygon-Z and can keep it in check. As 90 Speed is still outsped by a number of things, fast Pokemon would see the rise; we may see Scolipede, Sceptile, Cinccino, Archeops, and a bunch of others make the rise and find a fast metagame. Overall, Porygon-Z would be a powerhouse in RU, and would be a (S-Rank) threat that everyone must prepare for.

    What if Virizion dropped to RU?

    In my opinion, if Virizion dropped, it would become one of, if not the best Pokemon in RU. It has excellent coverage in Grass / Fighting, solid 90 Attacking stats, 108 Speed, and solid boosting moves in Swords Dance and Calm Mind, Virizion would easily become a threat in the tier. Virizion has a solid 129 Special Defense which means it is hard to kill with a special attack, while it's a potent offensive threat and is difficult to wall. As far as what may rise in usage, Amoonguss is easily one that comes to mind, as Molk said, as it walls Virizion, can Spore it, reset its boosts with Clear Smog, and hit it hard with Sludge Bomb. Swords Dance Scolipede may see the rise too, as he resists both STAB's, and can smash Virizion hard with a Megahorn. We may also see Acrotile and Archeops get high usage, as Acrobatics murders Virizion for days. Scarf Emboar and Mesprit too I guess. Virizion may decrease usage of Quagsire and Poliwrath, possibly sending them down to NU, along with other things like Crawdaunt and Lanturn. Virizion would definitely be a big threat to face in RU, and possibly an S-Rank threat.

    What if Typhlosion got No Guard?

    Gee, nice one. Typhlosion could definitely spam Inferno now, as said, as it can burn the hell out of everything and make physical attackers way about coming in. Eruption sets will see use, and they will become better as well. Typhlosion now has a perfectly accurate Focus Blast and Fire Blast in his hands, so if that Clefable or Rhydon comes in, Typhlosion can fire a Focus Blast with absolutely no worries about missing. He could also run Fire Blast if his HP is down. However, Blaze may be missed, but No Guard would definitely be nice on Typhlosion.

    What if Milotic dropped to RU?

    Damn. Milotic would definitely be a strong Water-type in RU, as opposed to UU where it struggles to do well. Milotic would be a powerful special wall, as it takes on Moltres with no problem, and wall a bunch of physical attackers. As Molk said, Slowking and Milotic each have their individual advantages, so they may still each see use, and Slowking would still be very good. It would be a good wall, but that offensive set Molk posted can also be pretty good, so that's a plus for it too. Milotic would be pretty common in RU overall.

    Well I oughtta keep the discussion going, so...

    What if Mesprit got Fire Blast or Flamethrower?

    Azelf got them, so why not Mesprit? Anyways, Mesprit has a pretty good offensive movepool as is and is a strong offensive threat, but it has problems with Escavalier and Magneton, which can really deal with Mesprit well. But Mesprit could actually find good use from Fire Blast/Flamethrower as it could handle Steel-types and Escavalier becomes a lot less foolproof. Thoughts?

    EDIT: This is probably the longest post I have ever made, damn
  11. Kenny

    Kenny don't expect me

    Aug 1, 2012
    What if Typhlosion got No Guard?
    Well, although I don't see this happening any time in the future it definitely would be interesting. This would mean all Typhlosions could carry Fire Blast (or Inferno) over Flamethrower (although most Typhlosions run Fire Blast anyways), and Focus Blast would become a lot more reliable. However, I don't see many other implications this would have on the RU metagame other than a being able to rely on those moves without missing. Inferno would be an interesting option, with a 100% burn while being slightly stronger than Flamethrower. This would make physical checks/counters wary on coming in, such as Aerodactyl, Kabutops, and even Feraligatr would not appreciate a crippling burn. All in all I don't think it'd have too big of an impact, but it would definitely make it a bit harder to switch into.

    now for something a bit different than previous questions... (hopefully this is ok!)
    What if a physical Hidden Power existed? (Seperate move from Hidden Power, and every mon that gets Hidden Power gets this)
    A lot of physical RU mons have barren wastelands for movepools (Looking at you, Escavalier and Klinklang.) A physical move that works just like Hidden Power would be quite the godsend to such Pokemon, allowing for an all important coverage move. As a particular example, strong bird Swellow would love a physical Hidden Power, probably using Fire (For Steel mons like Escavalier), Fighting (also for Steels, covers Rock too), or Grass (covers stuff like the manly Rhydon.) This would severely cut down on checks of physical mons, not just Swellow. Escavalier would definitely run either Ground (for Qwilfish and all its Fire counters/checks sans Moltres) or Rock (Fire mons sans Emboar.) The possibilities are endless, and a physical Hidden Power would definitely shift the metagame in terms of checks and counters.
  12. Explorer


    Mar 22, 2012
    How is this realistic? What makes you think Typhlosion could get No Guard?

    Of course, people would start spamming Scarf Inferno, and the best Flash Fire users are all up in UU or OU. The only Pokemon that could beat it would be Pokemon that could outspeed it (a handful of Scarfers: Scarf Galvantula, Scarf Manectric, etc. plus Lampent and Guts users such as Hariyama with Earthquake or Stone Edge). These would be everywhere, and Typhlsion + Kabutops + Lilligant offensive cores would dominate RU).
  13. Axa


    May 14, 2010
    What if Typhlosion got its Flash Fire ability?

    Random Fire attacks all around, even Will-O-Wisp, how have to be wary of Typhlosion coming in to get a powerful boost, and even Manectric has to be careful with its Overheat. Choice Specs Flash Fire Fire Blast even 2HKOs Entei.
  14. ryan

    ryan ICONIC.
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    NU Co-Leader

    Jun 18, 2012
    What if Poliwrath, Hariyama, and Throh had access to Drain Punch?

    First off, they should.

    Second, all three of these Pokemon would benefit greatly from the addition of Drain Punch to their movepools. All of them are very bulky Fighting-types with no reliable form of recovery. While Drain Punch is not the most reliable form of recovery, it's something else in addition to Leftovers and/or in place of Rest.


    Poliwrath would probably appreciate the move the most of the three Pokemon I mentioned. Its most reliable Fighting-type attack at the moment is Submission. Focus Punch and Circle Throw are both better, but due to their negative priority, they can both make things a bit difficult for Poliwrath. Drain Punch can work well on both of its main sets. On the RestTalk set, RestTalk can be gotten rid of, and you can use Drain Punch without having to decide whether you would rather use Scald or Toxic; you could use both.

    Meanwhile, on the Substitute set with Bulk Up, instead of just running Sub/Focus Punch, you would have the ability to run Sub/Bulk Up with Drain Punch and Waterfall. Thanks to its cool typing, this would allow Poliwrath to set up on even more things than it can now!


    Hariyama would also greatly appreciate the addition of Drain Punch to its movepool. Both of its main sets wouldn't mind the addition of Drain Punch. The status orb set probably benefits from it the least out of all the sets I will mention for each of these Pokemon, but even so, it still wouldn't mind it. Especially if you are running Flame Orb, Drain Punch can allow Hariyama to stick around much longer than what it would otherwise. Considering its Speed is so lackluster, it will likely be taking a hit or two as well. Drain Punch means that it won't mind this so much.

    It's other main set (albeit a rare one) is its Whirlwind RestTalk set. The best option for Hariyama to run with this set is Force Palm since Close Combat causes Defense drops. While this provides it a nice niche as a parashuffler, Hariyama would still prefer the added power that Drain Punch provides. It also doesn't mind the recovery, even on a RestTalk set. Finally, thanks to Guts, it gets a nice power boost while asleep, meaning that Drain Punch will hit for a notable amount of damage against many Pokemon in the tier.

    Finally, with Drain Punch, not unlike Poliwrath, Hariyama could run a potent Sub/Bulk Up set. I feel like it would have great success with this thanks to its great bulk and Attack. Not much else to add on this one, as it would play very similarly to Poliwrath. It would probably run Ice Punch and Bullet Punch for coverage and priority respectively. It may run Thunderpunch over Ice Punch though so that it can hit Slowking.


    Throh is another Pokemon that would love Drain Punch despite its NU status. With (once again) Bulk Up and Drain Punch at its disposal, Throh would be a force to be reckoned with. Probably the best check to the set would be Spiritomb who is immune to Drain Punch and can burn Throh with Will-o-wisp. Of course, this will give Throh a Guts boost, but since the best moves it has to hit Spiritomb with are Payback (which Throh outspeeds, so it will only be base 50 power anyways) and Ice Punch. Even so, as the Fighting-type with the greatest bulk aside from Arceus-Fighting, players would be rather hard-pressed to take the fighter down.

    So overall, how do you think the addition of this move to these three Pokemon would affect the tier? I don't think that it would shake things up as drastically as Houndoom, King of RU, dropping to the tier would, but I definitely believe it would increase the viability of these Pokemon!
  15. MicfiJasan


    Nov 15, 2012
    What if Typhlosion/Entei got Flash Fire?
    Adding Entei in because he also happens to have Flash Fire as an unreleased DW ability (and they both originate from Johto too!). Both would greatly appreciate the immunity allowing them to switch in on Flare Blitzes from Emboar and Fire Blasts from Magmortar and Moltres. With the boost, CB Entei can OHKO Magmortar with Flare Blitz, and Typhlosion has a chance to OHKO all of them with Eruption if rocks are kept off the field since he naturally outspeeds all three. Speaking of which, those three would probably all fall in usage to prevent giving something like Entei/Typhlosion a free set up. Things like Electivire, Manectric, and Clefable who might run Fire-moves would run them less as well. Qwilfish, Rhydon, Alomomola and Poliwrath would certainly rise to counter Entei as they are the three things that can reliably tank a boosted Flare Blitz, while Slowking would rise even more to take Typhlosion. Hariyama, Lanturn, Druddigon become better checks once Typhlosion has taken some prior damage. Regirock and Flareon could rise as less used counters to Entei and Typhlosion, respectively. Speaking of Flareon, assuming they both got the ability at the same time, non-choiced versions of them served as solid counters to choiced versions (watch out for Entei's Stone Edge, though). Finally, Aqua Jet users like Kabutops and Feraligatr remain excellent revenge killers, since a Flash Fire boost would give slightly less incentive to spam Extremespeed on Entei, leaving banded variants vulnerable to them.
    EDIT:Nice catch, SpareAacount, I always tend to forget that those two were event moves. That said, there's a small chance they do release Entei with one of them, so I'll keep fingers crossed.

    Physical Hidden Power
    On a side note, I've totally wanted this since the split. You kinda nailed the best choices on the head, since physically speaking, I usually see Steel and Flying types with the worst coverage. On Escavalier, you could consider using Water as an alternative to Rock. You're still better off hitting Qwilfish with Megahorn than Physical HP Rock, and Poliwrath/Steelix still wall you pretty well (though Steelix now slightly less so). But the trend I noticed was that of the Pokemon you presented, Ground was the best option for all three. Pretty much anything that wants Earthquake but can't get it would also settle for Hidden Power Ground. As for other users, Entei might like Physical Hidden Power Grass since although Qwilfish walls harder, Physical HP Grass actually hits Alomomola and Poliwrath harder on a banded set (not flame plate for Mola though). Durant also might also use Ground for the same reasons Escavalier would, since it's better overall than Rock Slide (though it still would be used for Moltres) and doesn't counteract Hone Claws like Superpower.

    New Drain Punch Users
    Yes, they should.
    Due to his mediocre attack the SubPunch set might still be better offensively, but Poliwrath could use Drain Punch in niche cases. He does have decent enough Special Defense to be really hard to take down after a Bulk Up, and between Water Absorb, Leftovers, and Drain Punch he might be better off healthwise than other Bulk Up users. It's a bit of diversity that gives him a couple more options. Hariyama would probably appreciate this a lot, functioning kinda like Conkeldurr in OU, but with Close Combat instead of Mach Punch. The more defensive sets would definitely appreciate this addition to his longevity, but the offensive sets probably prefer Close Combats power (although he could heal off Flame Orb damage with Drain Punch). Throh would like it as well, although (and this does kinda apply to Poliwrath too) he would probably prefer the near exclusive Circle Throw for phazing. He could run it over Rest on his current set, since neither are really reliable for healing considering he will be useless until he wakes up from Rest. He could also run a Bulk Up set with Drain Punch/Payback/Stone Edge/Bulk Up, giving him slightly more versatility.

    Also, I'm gonna try one more time with my last question, this time separated into 3:
    What if Rotom-C got Giga Drain?
    The Rotom Formes all are known for only having one move of their secondary type, so what if they all got another? For Rotom-C, Leaf Storm is already a great move on him, but he might enjoy Giga Drain on sets where he doesn't necessarily want to switch out immediately. It also gives him some extra longevity alongside those base 107 defenses, so they might find use on the support/Rain Dance sets.

    What if Rotom-F got Ice Beam?
    Rotom-F, known for having STAB BoltBlizz, is often shunned outside of hail due to Blizzard's poor accuracy. With Ice Beam, he might be able to function outside of Hail, with a true STAB Boltbeam off a decent base 105 Sp Atk. It would probably be the primary choice on any team that does not have Snover, since I don't people will run Blizzard just to counter-abuse Hail.

    What if Rotom-S got Hurricane?
    Rotom-S was shunned as a Rotom Forme in Gen IV due to being stuck with the weak Air Slash. Gen V made him even more of a laughinstock with his double immunity to Ground. However, Gen V also introduced a powerful Special Flying-type move in Hurricane, being what would seem to be a perfect fit for him. He would obviously ditch Air Slash a la Moltres if he got it, and it could make him quite a bit more of a threat than he currently is.
  16. shadowpandax

    shadowpandax formerly SpareAacount

    Jul 26, 2012
    Hey, MicfiJasan, just a quick nitpick, but Flash Fire is illegal with event moves like Flare Blitz and ExtremeSpeed on Entei.
  17. vyomov


    Apr 7, 2013
    What if Mismagius dropped to RU?
    This is quite interesting, Mismagius being one of a few offensively viable spinblockers. It would see cores like Crustle-Mismagius form a good partnership, with Crustle taking on Dark types and setting up while Mismagius spinblocks.
    What if Bisharp dropped to RU?
    This again would be interesting because Bisharp would give Durant needed competition for Steel powerhouse with STAB Sucker Punch.
    Fighting types like Hitmonchan would rise in usage to combat this.
  18. Explorer


    Mar 22, 2012
    Throh gets Earthquake and Stone Edge, both of which hit Spiritomb harder. Plus if Throh has room for Toxic, it can just poison Spiritomb and switch out.
  19. NfskMjmMal


    Jan 1, 2013
  20. Molk

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    Jul 27, 2011
    Just going to drop in and leave you guys with a theorymon question for now, but i'll probably edit this post later with some of my replies to some of the questions already presented =).

    So, What if Steelix learned Glare?

    Firstly Glare's japanese name is Snake's Glare, and Steelix's species name is the Iron Snake Pokemon, so giving it a move like this would be at least somewhat reasonable. Anyways, i think Glare would be a pretty cool addition to Steelix's movepool, because of Steelix's decent typing, 4x resistance to Stealth Rock and absolutely massive physical bulk Steelix gets ample opportunity to enter the match and then proceed to cripple the opposing team with a Paralysis inducing move that even hits Pokemon that are normally immune to Thunder Wave, such as Manectric and Golurk. Not just does this make Steelix significantly harder to switch into without risking being crippled for the rest of the match, but it also turns Steelix into quite the excellent parashuffler, using its combination of bulk, Roar, and Glare to cripple and weaken as much of the opposition as possible so one of its teammates can clean up afterwards without anything standing in its way. Glare presents Steelix with one problem, though: its really hard to find a moveslot for it! Its really hard to give up any of the 4 moves on Steelix's standard set at the moment in my opinion, no matter how great the utility of Glare would be if it had it. So anyways, Do you think Glare Steelix would be effective? Would it be worth the moveslot? how would it affect its role as a defensive Pokemon, and what might people rely on to switch into Steelix without risking being crippled by Glare?
  21. Kenny

    Kenny don't expect me

    Aug 1, 2012
    Very nice article! :)

    Steelix Glare
    This would be pretty cool, a parashuffler similar to Druddigon only with more physical bulk. Glare is also pretty handy 'cos it can paralyze Ground types such as Seismitoad, Rhydon, and Piloswine. It also adds to the amount of support Steelix can give, which makes it an all around better mon. Although it wouldn't change too much, it would be a cool addition that I would definitely utilize.
  22. ScraftyIsTheBest

    ScraftyIsTheBest It's Showtime! Are you ready?
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    Sep 5, 2012
    What if Steelix learned Glare?

    This would be pretty damn cool imo. He would be a good parashuffler that walls a lot of attackers, kinda like Druddigon in a way. He also has SR to sweeten the deal, which allows him to add to the fun. He would be much like Druddigon, except he checks different Pokemon from Drudd.

    Also, for theorymon questions of my own.

    I asked this before, so how would this do?
  23. Enoch


    Mar 19, 2013
    One Pokemon that I would like to bring to the attention of the Theorymon thread is Slowking. The Slowpoke Evolution blessed with Dragon Tail, Slowking makes makes a decent phazer- not a good one, as it lacks Roar. So, what if Slowking got Roar?

    What if Slowking got Roar?

    If Slowking were to get Roar he would undoubtedly add Phazer to his many Roles. And with the addition of Snover (Hail) into the RU Metagame, in combination to Slowking's synergetic Typing and formidable Bulk, Slowking could become a Pokemon that sets up the Blizzard sweep 90% of the time. His Ability in Regenerator helps him accomplish this, as he could safely switch out of a Threat (bar Pursuit users such as Spiritomb) while Recovering his health without waiting to resort to Slack Off/Rest. His natural Special Defense along with his access to Scald further allows Slowking to Wall on both sides of the Defensive spectrum with dat' relatively high 30% Chance to Burn. If Slowking were to have Roar, then...

    Possible Sets

    Slowking (M) @ Leftovers
    Trait: Regenerator
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 Def / 252 SDef
    Relaxed Nature (+Def, -Spd)
    - Dragon Tail / Scald
    - Roar
    - Sleep Talk
    - Rest

    The above set is one that I would use on a Hail team under a good layer of Spikes/Toxic Spikes and Stealth Rocks, racking up residual Hazard and Hail damage. Rest+Sleep Talk grants Slowking with the ultimate form of Recovery, restoring to 100% while shedding of loathsome Poisoning or Burns that can otherwise wear him down. The Leftovers cancel out the Hail damage, but can always be replaced with the Mental Herb to allow a free Rest against a Taunter. Dragon Tail+Roar are what makes this Set what it its, ravaging the opponents team until Glaceon, Rotom-F, or similar Pokes are ready to Blizzard Sweep. Scald is an alternate option. Just watch out for Users of Pursuit that can Trap him, most notably Spiritomb and Escavilier.

    All in all, I think GameFreak (TrollFreak) really robbed this Pokemon of a staple part of it's Movepool.
  24. bobbyvaporeon


    Dec 21, 2012
    What if Emboar Received Hi Jump Kick?
    Now, I don't know how Emboar would use HJK (fat AF yo) but it would be a welcome addition to his movepool. Now having something other than Superpower as STAB, and also boosted by the unreleased Reckless, Emboar would be able to run much better sets with Hi Jump Kick.
  25. Explorer


    Mar 22, 2012
    Reckless is still not released (sad, since I will likely use it more from that point on).

    What if Drapion got Baton Pass?

    I hardly see Drapion in RU, or anywhere for that matter, probably because Qwilfish is running around everywhere, Drapion must run Swords Dance to even have decent power, and Hariyama does the ResTalk phazing thing a little better. Swords Dance (or Acupressure :P ) + Baton Pass would make for a lethal combination, passing to things such as Scarf Emboar, Virizion (if it comes down), Pinsir, Zangoose, Primeape, etc. It would make it much harder to manage because while you try to take it down from the physical side, it will be setting up boosts, ready to sweep with that Scarf Emboar. Drapion's decent (not good, but decent) bulk might allow it to do this decently. What do you think?

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