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WOW has it been a long time since I've posted here. I'm gonna dump all my most recent art which actually includes a pokemon one! I've lately gotten into competitive battling and am working on illustrating my team so I can post a RMT with awesome pokemon!

But first, face

This picture semi inspired by Digital Sea by Thrice

Now dat painterly stuff!

My current facebook timeline photo

Death and an angel kitty

And finally, Nasty plot Celebi, 1/6

Holy shit holy shit holy shit I LOVE that cat/death pic, the cat's expression is just adorable and the eyebrows you put on death just give him so much expression. Also I adore your lighting on every pic you do, just the way you can work with highlights and stuff and with really complex light sources is soooo goooood
Glad to see you back, Sentret n_n
Thank you so muuuuch! :D Such high compliments!!! Hopefully summer will allow me to update more often! For now here's another part of my team

Choicescarf Moxie Salamence. He's using outrage ifi you couldn't tell!

Hi again.

I love the expression on it's face! But I think that those little white spikes at the tips of it's wings are a bit uneccessary and sort of don't fit in with the rest of the picture. But that's all I can think of that's off. It looks really good!


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Lovin' the team pictures so far. I agree with Ritter too: that picture of the skeleton and cat is ridiculously adorable. I love your style, especially your recent choices in stroke and palette. Your backgrounds are definitely getting more complex and impressive; it's evident you're thinking about those too. Keep it up!
Wow you guys are so awesome! :D Thanks for all the love!

What's an art badge?

Sad news on the RMT pics: I got tired of that team. So it will forever remain unfinished. Feel free to use them if you want though!

And in this update we have absolutely zero pokemon content! Sorry guys and gals! Maybe some of you who have been watching my thread for a while will remember the characters from a graphic novel project thing I was working on. I finally worked up enough steam to finalize all the character designs and put them all on one page. Inspired by art nuveau or however you spell it.

And two small sketches I had to do of characters to nail em down.

I really like how everything is separated from each other. Like how the hand seems to be disconnected from the arm, but it still makes up the whole human body. The contrast with grey and white is nice, simple, yet effective. You made up for that with making the designs complicated and distinct, which really makes a good picture, as in my opinion, either you can have very detailed colouring with simple pictures, or have a detailed drawing with simple colouring.

With the first two characters I can really feel their emotions clearly, which is important when trying to communicate with the reader, and you nailed that. Oh yeah, and that robot is awesome!
Am I wrong to think that that Salamence looks kind of like an archetypal (albeit draconic) hipster? Between the stylish scarf and the fact that the red fin on his head resembles a jaunty beret, he certainly has the right dress sense for it.

"The new Poison-type Gym Leader had MUCH better music when she was still underground! All of you wannabe Trainers are just jumping on the bandwagon! TASTE MY RAGE!"
Wow, Sentret, this entire thread is amazing. I'm highly impressed!

If you're ever taking requests again, I have one in mind. Sort of like a cover art for a fan-fiction I'm planning on writing. Perhaps a visual picture would inspire me to stop being so lazy and begin the actual writing process instead of doing so much research and planning...
Yes Alchemator, it is so. Terry Pratchet is the best :D

Thank you so much VonDerthWood! What have you got in mind? I am often working on my personal art stuff, but what would you be looking for? Lay it on me! I can't make any promises about getting it done though... but I'll try!

And without further ado: POKEFUSIONS! thank you NastyJungle for the inspiration!

And the rest are in a hide tag cause there are lots!

Haha Sentret I love how in one post you do hilarious sketchy doodles of Pokefusions and in he next do an amazingly coloured and detailed fantasy-like scene, you have so much versatility.
Also that death kitty is even better now (is that possible) now I know it's a Pratchett reference :)
I was thinking about having a person that looks a lot like Red from the Pokemon series but in black clothing standing in the center of 6 Pokemon: Charizard, Rhyperior, Dragonite, Gengar, Snorlax and Porygon-Z.

I really like your style so whatever you see fit. I can see many different pictures in my head. I can see them just standing near him, or wrestling among themselves, showing off (like Charizard breathing fire, Snorlax flexing his arm, Gengar half-visible with his tongue out, Porygon-Z having data scrolling through his eyes, Dragonite flapping his wings and smiling, and Rhyperior cleaning/preparing his hand cannons), etc. Anything you can come up with that makes you comfortable enough to feel it out is good enough for me, I'm sure.

Also, how long have you been doing this? You're really good...

EDIT: Oh and it's alright if you never get around to it. I appreciate you considering it anyway. :P

EDIT EDIT: Also, if things go the way I want them to, perhaps I could request future art for different sagas and etc. (Really just playing with you here, but it'd be cool nonetheless. :P)
This thread requires attention.
Fantastic as usual, really loved that face you made for your dad
I think you have a really good grasp of color use, and I don't get how you make your lines so crisp yet smooth like in your fb cover
Been watching you improve over the while and really all I can say is wow
My oh my has it been a while.

Well since I last posted, I've begun art school, probably not change in quality of art yet, mostly drawing straight lines and boxes and stuff but I love it so far! Finally got time to do something Pokemon related as I have little homework this weekend!

And something I did for class. It's based on the album Hospice by The Antlers.