Smeargle's Studio General Thread: Spriting and Banners go here!

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Welcome to the Smeargle's Studio general thread! This thread is for:

  • Banners.
  • Sprites.
  • Simple requests.
  • Art discussion, including art news and such!
If these things are posted anywhere else, the thread will be locked. Note that original sprites are permitted in their own threads.
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Gaburaisu, if you're looking for a sprite fusion, i suggest you check out GTS's work in the Super Sprite Fusion thread that's stickied.
I don't know if this is too big of a request, but I'd like an avatar with Metagross and Garchomp in it (seperate, not fused) with their Japanese names and letters in them. Background can be w/e you want.

If anyone is willing to do this, I'll be really thankful. Thanks.
Could somebody make me a shiny haunter avatar (he has blue glowing hands and mouth instead of red)? These details would be awesome if you don't mind, him sticking his hand out as if grasping for the viewer, and a red glowing Aleph on his forehead. (That's my current avatar BTW), a cool backgorund would be nice too, but all these are optional. I would really like it if they were there though. Sorry if this is overly complicated :o
Thanks. It's not shitty. Just cuz it's not the best in the world doesn't mean it's shitty. This is shitty. In fact it's so shitty I put that text on it. that text isn't aimed at you BTW, it's just an example of something shitty...



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Here's an example of a banner I made, in case anyone is interested in me making them one.

[edit] Here's another example I just finished.

alright, can you make me one like the last one, but with Dystrodactyl in place of your name? i like the looks of that one. also, if you can, please put an Aerodactyl in in somewhere?


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I might go back and redo this request, I got a brain fart and couldn't think of anything to add to it. If you'd like something else, just let me know, I'll be messing around with this.

I like that one better, don't you?


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Not a problem. Though, if it is an avatar you've been looking for (since you don't have the ability to insert images into your signature), I'll gladly make you an avatar, since you can't really see the details in what I've made for you when they are that small hahaha.
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