CAP 2 Smogon "Create a Pokemon" Part Deux

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Cooper has given me permission to do this.

Link to Cooper's Idea:

Yeah, Cooper gave me permission to run this next one. I'm doing things a little differently. First of all, on any decision not limited to subjectivity, I am not going to do a poll. People answers polls with out reading threads, etc. So, if you want to participate, be prepared to back up your votes with posts. Simply bold your vote once you have decided. I would prefer if you gave explanation, but I will not discount your vote if you don't. This also allows us to see who votes for what, somewhat like political pollsters minus the pollster part.

Also, there are a few people whose opinions I highly respect. Cooper, Lord_Sunday, Eric the Espeon, and DougJustDoug will be some of the most important people in the selection. If there is a close poll, they are people who I will talk with to decide what to do. None of them will have the "executive" (hah, I'm just making things for you to vote in) power I have, but their opinions will greatly influence me.

Finally, onto the question:

Do we want this next Pokemon to be an evolution of an existing Pokemon or an entirely new one?
i think we should do an evo of an existing pokemon. makes it so much easier, cuz we don't have to argue as about movepool, or stats. thats just my opinion. also, we will have what it looks like roughly, and wont have to spend as much time on the artwork.

EDIT: damn, 1 minute away from 1st post.
anyways, onto business.
mawile evo.
An evolution. There are many pokemon who deserve an evolution, and it greatly simplifies the design.

With just pokemon who deserve a "full true" evolution, there are Jynx, Farfetched, Rapidash, Raticate, Bibarel...

Hell, we can give it to a pokemon who doesn't even deserve an evolution. Scizor for example :-)

And then of course, we can provide alternative evolutions, kinda like Gallade and Froslass.
Remember to bold your votes.

And go for Banette evo!

Banette would be entirely new. Since when have we had a kick ass physical sweeping ghost in OU? Since never.

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New evolution.

Either something as helpful as Magnezone/Magmortar/Weavile, unnecessary as Dusknoir/Rhyperior or JESUS CHRIST IT'S A MIRACLE as Togekiss/Yanmega/Mamoswine. Anything decent goes.

EDIT: ...And I want either a Fire/Grass evolution for Cherrim (with two of the following three: Flower Gift/Chlorophyll/Flash Fire, maybe? Whatever, that's not the time), or Tentaghoul.
I however totally see a new evolution for Jynx, it needs one now that Magmar and Electabuzz all got one. It'll look like Michael Jackson gone wrong though, so i'm not too sure


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This can not be an evo, have your read Coopers post in the last one? It restricts our creativity. I'll go dig it up now...
If it is an evolution, make it be of something that really needs it.
In other words, not Pinsir.
Magcargo, Parasect, and Banette are quite good candidates.

But a completely new Pokémon appeals to me more.
This can not be an evo, have your read Coopers post in the last one? It restricts our creativity. I'll go dig it up now...
Not necessarily. However, I do feel this was done wrong on Hyra's part. The first poll should've been for type, then, if the type matched an existing pokemon, we could vote on evolution. Fortunately, because this isn't a poll, the question can be changed and answers can be edited. It is a huge pain though....


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Ok, I swear before cooper posted he didn't want an Evo, but I now see that was about a slightly different topic. I'm still quite iffy about it. Entirely new Pokemon gets my vote.

EDIT: Unless it's a Farfetched split evo line. One Fighting / flying, one Dark / Flying XD


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Oh, I'm really pressed for things. :(

Uh, I suppose New Pokemon might be more appealing to me, but I'll be fine if more people choose an evo. I kinda like the freedom of creativity though that comes with scratching an entirely new concept. :)
Sunday, you just got owned by Cooper.

I'm voting New One. As much as I want an evo, I also want to have the full process going.

Also, pokes chosen will be the top ten most reasonable/popular that I see mentioned here.
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