Smogon Premier League - Manager Sign Ups

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Dropping out, sorry. I don't want to let anyone down. School IS still in session. =/

Edit: I'd rather not be picked to play than be picked to manage and be flamed for not delivering. xD


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Nice to see this actually got started. I don't have the time to manage effectively, unfortunately. Kudos though for getting things on track.


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The SPL Managers are as follows:

Synre / Carl / alex
whistle / matty / Scofield
Rory / RBG
jumpluff / huy
Twash / Tab
Jimbo / SoT
tennisace / Stellar / Thoughts
Huntofthelion / joshe

Bold indicates the head of the manager team (i.e. who gets final say in decisions)

Congratulations to all of the ones chosen, and sorry to those who we had to reject. There were just not enough spots to go around. However, if you're still interested in being part of a manager team, feel free to approach any of these 10 teams and help them out!

Expect Player Sign-ups after the end of Smogon Tournament 6.
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