Smogon Premier League - Play-offs - Semi Finals!

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You should probably clarify the deadline. The OP says the deadline is tonight at midnight (Tuesday, 12 AM), but everyone thinks it is tomorrow at midnight.


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That trophy is mine, I can taste it. I will have 2, 1 to pee in and 1 to drink from.


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I'd like to extend congratulations to all of the other teams, this season went really really well for a test!

Most importantly though, I want to congratulate all of my Tigers (and ex Tigers). You guys got yourself to this point, I just brought you together and put you to work! Obviously I'm disappointed we're not getting the trophy this season, but I'm glad that we made the playoffs! You're all awesome and hopefully next season we'll make playoffs and go farther! (ps you're all welcome to hang out in #dumbo, i'm not going to let it drop if people are gonna hang out and talk in there)


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Hi um stallion and i had arranged a time to battle yesterday and i got there a bit late but stallion was still on so pmd him but either he was idle/ignoring me and logged off shortly after. A couple of hours later i got on again to find him on the forums. i pmd him and he logged off again and i was left w/o a reply. Today i pmd him again while he was on momentarily and he was once more idle/ignoring me (even though he had just logged on) and logged off again. This probably means we won't be able to battle so im posting it here...


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Hi umm could you not make it look like I'm ignoring you and realise I'm at UNIVERSITY, which I have repeated multiple times. You know, somewhere that doesn't have shoddy access despite forum access. Not to mention I was on the whole day before scheduled date AND you were late when I have a very tight schedule. I'm trying to meet you half way but you better not be fishing for an activity win because I have been at least as active as you (if not more so, ask irc regulars). I'm happy to stay up late if I have to to get this done, but please don't make me out to be the bad guy and pm me ALL available hours for you thanks.


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Good fun playing with everyone on the Cryonicles, sad that we had to be the best team overall and lose in the play-off's but that can always happen!

Good luck to the Scooters, hoping you guys pull it off :)
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