CAP 1 Smogon's First "Create a Pokemon": Poll 9

What will be the type of our custom move?

  • Physical

    Votes: 105 58.0%
  • Special

    Votes: 39 21.5%
  • Support

    Votes: 37 20.4%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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God Bless Nintys Incompetence :*)
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Eww, a custom move!

That's going just a little bit too far IMO...


*pokemon creature plays air guitar*
Diddle diddle owwwwwwn.
I think if it can use Fly, it should be allowed Defog and Roost.

My idea for the move:

Frost Swarm
Type: Bug
Base Power: 40
Side effect: Freeze (15% chance), flinch (10% chance)
Additional info: Hits twice
Ingame desc: The user summons more of its kind, chills the air, and dive-bombs the enemy twice. May freeze and cause flinching.


God Bless Nintys Incompetence :*)
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The eyes and the shape of the head could ddo with being changed, but otherwise it looks alright I guess...
i think X-scissor is fine for Bug physcial stab after all after it it 120 BP the same has unstabbed megahorn

but ice phycial stab is a diffrent story the strongest one it can have is eather ice punch or avalance and ice punch is only 112 BP after stab and avalance requires getting hit for 120 BP which something this frail and so many weaknesses doesn't want

its special stabs are fine since it gets both bug buzz and Ice beam (or blizzard for hail abusers)

Deck Knight

Tornadic Cyclohm
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Actually you don't need to be in the Ground Egg Group to learn Earth Power. Trapinch-Flygon are in the Bug Egg Group, believe it or not.

I had Egg Moves in a later post IIRC.

Egg moves:
- Counter (Heracross/Pinsir)
- Spikes (Forretress)
- Reversal (Heracross/Pinsir)
- Pursuit (Tauros/Yanmega)
- Thunderpunch (Ampharos)
- Wing Attack (Scyther)
- Superpower (Pinsir)

Note: I did rail against having Spikes, Toxic Spikes, and Stealth Rock but figured of the three, Spikes was the most justifiable.

Also, I'm not going to support Fire Fang. Yes, it's a crap attack even when STABed, but just like Magmortar and Typh (and even Amphy...) don't get Ice Punch just for having arms, this shouldn't be able to set its fangs ablaze just because it has teeth. Houndoom and Arcanine don't get Ice Fang, so I don't see why this should get Fire Fang.

Poison Fang on the other hand :-D... Although it would need tp breed with Drapion for that. (Bug/Water 3)

For the move, resubmitting:

Ice Breaker
Power: 100
Acc: 90
PP: 10
Effect: Breaks Light Screen/Reflect. (EDIT: Add New effect: Unfreezes frozen opponents, but deals double damage)
special oriented dragon dance, maybe?
I've always wanted to see one of those, and he could benefit from it.
Bug dance?
Obviously I voted support.
okay, finally voted Physical. No new Bug moves, we have enough of those. Deck Knight's move looks the best so far. Also agreeing on the Poison Fang > Fire Fang (even if it is weak, Garchomp uses it to success). Air Slash could also be used to great effect (not really in battle though)

I still say it needs pre-evos. That will easily justify the Order moves, which allows it to have a good Bug physical attack (X-Scissor is meh in my opinion, 80 Base with no side effect). It will also give us more variaty in the Egg moves.
Ice version of SE?

Ice Pick
100 BP
80% Accuracy
Has a high chance of a critical hit.
In-game Text
The user stabs the foe with a sharpened icicle. It has a high critical-hit ratio.

It could pretty easily slide a sharpened icicle from its hand holes.

Or a cool support move, even though its getting no love:

Larvae Drop
80% Accuracy
Drop Eggs on Enemy Pokemon. Eggs hatch after 1 turn. Drains HP and Returns to User every turn. 15% HP drained each turn.
In-Game Text
User Lays eggs in Enemy Pokemon, Eggs Hatch and larvae returns back forth restoring Users HP.

Both Male and Female could use it. Males hold the eggs, like Male Seahorses. Females can produce eggs and thus possibly have higher PP or something.

Larvae Drop

with an umbreon trap-passing might be pretty elite and give this thing some variable.
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