Smogon's VGC 2011 Tournament Finals [Won by Tyler]

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Smogon's VGC 2011 Tournament

Welcome to Smogon's first annual official VGC tournament. Since this is an official tournament, that means you can win a trophy for your profile, and all the glory and prestige that comes with it. This is the beginning of a tradition on Smogon, we will continue these tournaments every year with the new ruleset. This is the perfect opportunity to prepare against top level opponents for the real thing, or try your hand at VGC if you can't make it to one of Nintendo's events.

How to Join or Host a Tournament

  • This tournament will be played on Pokemon Online
  • Matches are best two out of three
  • Games are 4v4 doubles.
  • Your roster should consist of 6 different Pokemon, and 6 different Items, but only 4 Pokemon are used in each game, the first 4 in your wifi clause team selection screen will be used
  • You should not change anything about your team between games
  • Only Pokemon numbering between 495-642 and number 645 in the national dex, are allowed.
  • Team preview will be turned on
  • Species Clause
  • Item Clause
  • Self-KO Clause
  • The move "Sky Drop" is banned
  • Unavailable Dreamworld abilities are banned
  • Unavailable items are banned

I expect many battles to be completed under alts. This can be bad for tournament security, and thus I will make this clear: If I hear any whispers of identity theft (battling as someone you are not) or proxy battling (helping someone else battle through pm) I will not be pleased and I will take severe actions.


Next, I do not want to hear anything about counterteaming, at all. Do not complain about it. I also don't want to hear about any blatant scouting. There is a difference between "[user] is known for using stall" and "let me follow [user] around all day to watch all his battles since I am his opponent". I expect a lot of the former and none of the latter.

With that said, I give permission to all battlers to ask any person spectating their battle to leave if they do not want them watching.

Timer Clause

As for taking long between moves, if your opponent asks you to hurry up, please oblige. If you are doing a damage calc for a key turn that is one thing, but prolonging every move is suspicious and annoying. Don't do it. Furthermore, Battle Timeout is a rule for a reason. If you run out of time, you lose, simple as that. It does not matter what your opponent says. Do not battle if you think you will have to leave mid battle, and instead reschedule for a better time.


Finally, in the case of a disconnect, the decision is in the hands of the player who did not disconnect. The options are: redo the battle move for move, redo the battle with the same teams but different moves, or redo the battle with completely different teams. If the battle was without a doubt over, they may also take the win. Any suspicion that a disconnect was committed on purpose to redo a match may be appealed to me, and if I feel this happened there will be severe consequences, don't do it.

I know that was a lot to read, but it is all necessary for me to have posted here so everyone can see it in the case of a dispute. I don't want any confusion or any problems.

Tyler vs andrea
Tyler vs Human
Human vs andrea

These matches will be taking place in person at the world championships of Pokemon in San Diego


You can PM any questions to a Tournament Director.
These matches will be taking place in person at the world championships of Pokemon in San Diego
Awesome! Hopefully this will work out a bit better than me vs Dubs trying to finish it as we all walk to watch the finals, glad we finished it in time for those.
SOMEONE PLEASE RECORD IT! It'll be awesome to watch. Still rooting for Human to win this all the way! It's been a great tournament so far, let's end it amazingly!


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Tyler vs andrea
Tyler vs Human
Human vs andrea

Let's try again!

Tyler vs andrea
Tyler vs Human
Human vs andrea

for the love of mankind..
o strong trainers in finals

rooting for strong rumble tyler to come out of the jungle and kill every pokemon

fun finals though will be happy for whoever wins
Good point. But I've never been to west coast, at least that I can remember, but I have been in Israel and Europe before. Worlds going to be my first time on west coast. Gonna have In n Out for the first time.
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