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SPL General Talk Thread

Discussion in 'Smogon Premier League' started by Oglemi, Dec 5, 2013.

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    PROBLEMS you're welcome
    is a Pre-Contributor

    Jul 29, 2012
    golden sun feasting upon well known players for fucking fun
  2. King


    Feb 13, 2010
    Problems I'm sorry but your potty mouth needs to be tamed. I keep looking at your snapchats and every other word is a swear word. C'mon man, kids are reading those things. Time to get your act together.
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  3. yondie

    yondie mitt game strong
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    Nov 18, 2009
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  4. Jayde

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    Jul 20, 2011
    that was a sarcastic like yondie if you didnt get it
  5. Lady Bug

    Lady Bug ☆彡
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    Jul 25, 2008
    i think you ruined it by telling us
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  6. chimpact

    chimpact fire nation
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    Oct 22, 2006
    The Alpha Ruiners vs The Congregation of the Classiest
    BW OU: myzozoa vs jayde

    very clever lady bug, very clever.
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  7. Masterclass

    Masterclass Banned deucer.

    Jul 12, 2012
    I will bet my entire nut sack he didnt mean it like that.

    PS. dont see how its clever regardless
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  8. Versace Python Cased

    Versace Python Cased

    Dec 14, 2011
    <Cased> BKC bro
    <Cased> Big fan
    *** BKC [~BKC@the.sun.no.longer.rises] has quit [Ping timeout: 184 seconds]

    Why doesn't he like me...
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  9. LuckOverSkill


    Nov 28, 2010
  10. kill yourself

    kill yourself .|~Fashionista~|.
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    May 22, 2010
    [10:56 pm] <Tsunami> god wu tang clan is fuckin ass

    can we finally ban this (BAN ME PLEASE) piece of shit
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  11. Masterclass

    Masterclass Banned deucer.

    Jul 12, 2012
    My latest work
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    So during the end of last week, our managers started to panic thinking the ruiners were throwing games.

    BKC was really worried here is a log:
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    [03:46] <~BKC> i really hope
    [03:46] <~BKC> the ruiners dont throw
    [03:46] <~BKC> god

    so he went and contacted some ruiner players like cbb when i was minding my own business being peaceful and suddenly bkc highlights me:

    [03:58] <~BKC> [07:58 pm] <&cbb> i was honestly
    [03:58] <~BKC> [07:58 pm] <&cbb> considering it
    [03:58] <~BKC> [07:58 pm] <&cbb> because sweep was
    [03:58] <~BKC> [07:58 pm] <&cbb> pissing me the fuck off
    [03:58] <~BKC> sweep
    [03:58] <~BKC> please don
    [03:58] <~BKC> t
    [03:58] <~BKC> piss cbb the fuck off anymore


    [04:01] <~BKC> ok guys
    [04:01] <~BKC> sweep
    [04:01] <~BKC> please dont piss cbb off
    [04:01] <~BKC> it looks like they wont throw if they lose

    so just to mess with him i typed this:
    1[04:01] <@Masterclass> brb
    01[04:01] <@Masterclass> pming cbb

    In which he responded:
    [04:01] <~BKC> sweep . . .
    [04:02] <~BKC> plz dont antagonize him
    [04:02] <~BKC> [08:02 pm] <&cbb> but yea im going to give it my all dw

    He wasn't happy, and so I saw it as an opportunity to mess with him just a LITTLE. so i decided to fake logs of conversation between me and cbb that even cbb wasn't aware of:

    1[04:02] <@Masterclass> LOL
    01[04:03] <@Masterclass> ''give it my all''
    01[04:03] <@Masterclass> gotta troll him for that
    01[04:03] <@Masterclass> brb
    [04:03] <~BKC> -_-
    1[04:06] <@Masterclass> 1[04:03] <Masterclass> lol @ give it my all!
    01[04:06] <@Masterclass> 01[04:03] <Masterclass> nigga this is not the pokemon anime, give it your all next year!
    01[04:06] <@Masterclass> [04:04] <cbb> lel
    01[04:06] <@Masterclass> [04:04] <cbb> ok thats it im really gonna bring dunsparce and exploud now
    01[04:06] <@Masterclass> 01[04:04] <Masterclass> LOL
    01[04:06] <@Masterclass> 01[04:04] <Masterclass> nah dont
    01[04:06] <@Masterclass> [04:05] <cbb> yea fuck you i am also ignored

    [04:06] <&aldaron> if ruiners beat classiest
    [04:06] <&aldaron> and you beat frogs
    [04:06] <&aldaron> you ave a very good shot
    [04:06] <&aldaron> cause you play classiest last
    [04:06] <~BKC> god
    [04:06] <&aldaron> you guys should help ruiners next week :P
    [04:06] <~BKC> fucking dammit sweep
    [04:06] <~BKC> ugh
    [04:06] <~BKC> yea we will

    1[04:07] <@Masterclass> OK NOW HES REALLY MAD
    01[04:07] <@Masterclass> LMAO

    1[04:08] <@Masterclass> 01[04:06] <Masterclass> nice marshall guy you worship.. i'll show you and him how its done
    01[04:08] <@Masterclass> [02:54] <cbb> who cares lol! whats the point in winning if we're throwing (BAN ME PLEASE)

    and then suddenly two managers were in rage mode:
    [04:08] <&aldaron> you def want ruiners to win next week
    [04:08] <&aldaron> so somehow keep them motivated
    [04:09] <&gengar> sweep isn't fucking helping

    so i decided ''wow they are really mad right now'' and that's when the troll became the great troll it is. I PM'd my boy cbb and asked him:
    1[04:09] <Masterclass> cbb
    01[04:09] <Masterclass> can you PLEASE
    01[04:09] <Masterclass> assist me
    01[04:09] <Masterclass> in a troll
    [04:09] <cbb> with what
    01[04:10] <Masterclass> PLS
    [04:10] <cbb> lol yea sure
    [04:10] <cbb> always

    And then the troll evolved, we involved both McMeghan and Bloo in it. And so CBB started to pm bkc and tell him he's throwing, and BKC was furious on the channel:
    [04:11] <~Kevin> [08:10 pm] <&cbb> yea ok kevin rofl im fucking done
    [04:11] <~Kevin> [08:10 pm] <&cbb> tell sweep to suck my fucking dick
    [04:11] <~Kevin> [08:10 pm] <&cbb> exploud and rampardos
    [04:11] <~Kevin> GOD FUCKING DAMMIT SWEEP

    04:13] <~Kevin> god fucking dammit sweep
    [04:13] <~Kevin> UGH
    01[04:13] <@Masterclass> what
    [04:13] <~Kevin> you had to talk shit
    [04:13] <~Kevin> and now theyre gonna throw
    [04:13] <~Kevin> and we're out
    [04:14] <~Kevin> [08:13 pm] <&cbb> lol he is
    [04:14] <~Kevin> [08:13 pm] <&cbb> still PMing me
    [04:14] <~Kevin> [08:13 pm] <&cbb> eat my fucking nuts scooters
    [04:14] <~Kevin> [08:14 pm] <&cbb> i wasnt gonna hold it against u but
    [04:14] <~Kevin> [08:14 pm] <&cbb> jesus fuck
    [04:14] <~Kevin> [08:14 pm] <&cbb> how can you be so
    [04:14] <~Kevin> [08:14 pm] <&cbb> fucking annoying
    [04:14] <~Kevin> idk what to say
    02[04:14] * ~Kevin (~BKC@death.to.the.unwilling) Quit (Quit: )

    he was angry and left the channel for a good amount of time. In the mean time i've been CPing the events to cbb and laughing at BKC and planning more things.

    5[04:17] -avarice.wa.us.synirc.net:@#scooters- NickServ invited BKC into the channel.
    03[04:17] * BKC (~BKC@the.sun.no.longer.rises) has joined #scooters
    03[04:17] * Sgt_Semen sets mode: +qo BKC BKC

    So i decided to push him even more by lying:
    1[04:24] <@Masterclass> Im just wreckin cbb and mcm
    1[04:24] <@Masterclass> LOL
    01[04:24] <@Masterclass> 40 k
    01[04:24] <@Masterclass> for that
    01[04:24] <@Masterclass> yeah
    01[04:24] <@Masterclass> im gonna pm bloo
    01[04:24] <@Masterclass> and taunt him
    01[04:24] <@Masterclass> I swear
    01[04:25] <@Masterclass> I HATE the ruiners
    01[04:25] <@Masterclass> I HATE THEM
    [04:25] <&gengar> -____-
    [04:26] <&aldaron> ...
    12[04:26] <&aldaron> im just assuming masterclass is trollin you guys now
    01[04:27] <@Masterclass> yeah
    01[04:27] <@Masterclass> sure
    [04:27] <&aldaron> and he's not actually doing this
    [04:27] <~BKC> no
    [04:27] <~BKC> hes doing it < because cbb has been pming him logs and bkc has no idea cbb is part of the troll
    [04:27] <~BKC> dude
    [04:27] <~BKC> they are going to end our fucking season
    [04:27] <~BKC> because you cant stop yourself
    [04:28] <&gengar> let us get into playoffs first
    [04:28] <&gengar> then talk your shit
    [04:28] <~BKC> once we're in playoffs
    [04:28] <~BKC> talk all the shit you want
    [04:31] <~BKC> lol whatever sweep
    [04:32] <~BKC> i guess thats our season then
    [04:32] <~BKC> what a great way to go out
    02[04:32] * ~BKC (~BKC@the.sun.no.longer.rises) Quit (Quit: ) < this time he left for a long time he was VERY angry.
    [04:32] <&gengar> LOL
    [04:32] <&gengar> you crushed his heart
    01[04:32] <@Masterclass> I dont even care
    0104:33] <@Masterclass> don't ''-_-'' me
    01[04:35] <@Masterclass> gengar
    01[04:35] <@Masterclass> sorry
    01[04:35] <@Masterclass> :/
    [04:35] <&gengar> dude
    [04:35] <&gengar> you better hope they dont fucking throw rofl
    01[04:35] <@Masterclass> how is it my fucking fault
    01[04:35] <@Masterclass> I COULDNT HELP it

    with BKC gone new targets needed to be found and thats where mcm came in when bro fist contacted him:
    [04:36] <&gengar> <McMeghan> i'll try but like
    [04:36] <&gengar> <McMeghan> i cant 100% control what my players will do
    [04:36] <&gengar> <McMeghan> like, cbb's really eager to do it
    [04:36] <&gengar> <gengar> ugh
    [04:36] <&gengar> <McMeghan> and i know bloo made a weezing team already
    [04:36] <&gengar> <McMeghan> (first time he built in advance rofl)
    [04:36] <&gengar> <gengar> .

    Gengar was obviously VERY angry. and i saw this as an oppurtunity to make them confirm that this is not a troll. So i pretended i didn't know whats going on and that idk what MCM is saying that was fantastic because more people on the channel were furious:

    1[04:36] <@Masterclass> what..
    01[04:36] <@Masterclass> I thought only cbb was throwing
    01[04:36] <@Masterclass> wtf is this
    [04:36] <&gengar> -__-
    [04:36] <@cbt> -____________________-
    12[04:36] <@DICE> Masterclass..........
    [04:36] <@DICE> you just ruined
    [04:36] <@[IDM]Mizuzu> so many asians
    [04:36] <@DICE> our playoff chans
    [04:36] <@DICE> *Chances

    LOL. at this point it was gettng too good, and i decided to kick it up a notch and said:
    1[04:37] <@Masterclass> lol..
    01[04:37] <@Masterclass> are you all really gonna keep saying that
    01[04:37] <@Masterclass> and not take my side
    01[04:37] <@Masterclass> gengar take me out of the line up
    01[04:37] <@Masterclass> next week

    The reaction was exactly what i wanted:
    [04:38] <&gengar> no
    [04:38] <&gengar> lol
    [04:38] <&gengar> dude
    [04:38] <&gengar> just chill
    [04:38] <&gengar> shit talk them all you want 

    And i persisted:

    1[04:39] <@Masterclass> yeah so just take me out of the line up since you all want to please them and then they won't have to throw

    and suddenly aldaron was sucked in and we engaged in a fight(i was only trolling, he was being serious ;) ):

    12[04:39] <&aldaron> masterclass would like a tampon
    01[04:39] <@Masterclass> stay out of this nigga
    01[04:39] <@Masterclass> are you a player on this team?
    01[04:40] <@Masterclass> know your role
    [04:40] <&aldaron> LOL
    [04:40] <&aldaron> so leaky
    [04:40] <&aldaron> drip drip
    01[04:40] <@Masterclass> hey your only job is to be the mailbox i send my teams to
    01[04:40] <@Masterclass> okay?
    01[04:41] <@Masterclass> so stay out of team business
    [04:41] <&aldaron> bro you literally singlehandedly killed your team's chances to make playoffs
    [04:41] <&aldaron> team cancer - the definition of

    01[04:42] <@Masterclass> I'm not sure how i did that.. fuck you
    [04:42] <&aldaron> because your pride couldn't handle some shittalking you decided to troll the team that has to perform its best the next week
    01[04:42] <@Masterclass> all you guys look for is excuses to put the cancer title on me
    [04:42] <&aldaron> so your own team can make playoffs
    [04:42] <&gengar> what the fuck lol
    [04:42] <&gengar> who is looking for excuses to do that
    [04:42] <&gengar> what are you talking about
    [04:42] <&aldaron> anyway ill stop now but you seriously look to look in the mirror
    01[04:43] <@Masterclass> why is this afggot calling me a cancer
    [04:43] <&gengar> we're telling you NOT to talk shit to them so you dont get labled as a cancer
    [04:43] <&aldaron> need to look *
    [04:43] <@cbt> because
    [04:43] <@cbt> you have a high chance
    01[04:43] <@Masterclass> I already talked the shit
    01[04:43] <@Masterclass> and now i stayed quiet
    [04:43] <@cbt> of screwing us over
    01[04:43] <@Masterclass> now you're all just blaming me

    The situation only got worse, and then HE appears as gengar is about to right some salty shit:

    5[04:43] -avarice.wa.us.synirc.net:@#scooters- NickServ invited BKC into the channel.
    03[04:43] * BKC (~BKC@the.sun.no.longer.rises) has joined #scooters
    03[04:43] * Sgt_Semen sets mode: +qo BKC BKC
    [04:43] <&gengar> can you stop being a drama queen
    [04:43] <&gengar> and play the game

    I saw this as a fantastic opportunity to provoke them further:

    1[04:43] <@Masterclass> no fuck off
    01[04:43] <@Masterclass> why did aldaron
    01[04:43] <@Masterclass> call me a cancer
    01[04:43] <@Masterclass> and you didn't take my side
    [04:43] <&aldaron> i didnt
    [04:44] <&aldaron> i said that was the definition of
    [04:44] <&aldaron> read please
    [04:44] <~BKC> im really at a loss for words here
    01[04:45] <@Masterclass> me too
    01[04:45] <@Masterclass> how does my team refuse to take my side
    01[04:45] <@Masterclass> and want to please
    01[04:45] <@Masterclass> the team
    01[04:45] <@Masterclass> that shit talked them
    01[04:45] <@Masterclass> and im only shit talking back cause they shit talked our team

    And then for the final blow:

    1[04:47] <@Masterclass> yeah whatever fuck this team
    Session Close: Mon Mar 03 04:47:13 2014 < Left the channel.

    After i left me and CBB were speculating in pm what was going on in the channel after i left:

    1[04:47] <Masterclass> DUDE
    01[04:47] <Masterclass> LOL
    01[04:47] <Masterclass> <@Masterclass> yeah whatever fuck this team
    01[04:47] <Masterclass> AND I LEFT
    01[04:47] <Masterclass> THE CHANNEL
    01[04:47] <Masterclass> LOL
    [04:47] <cbb> lol
    01[04:47] <Masterclass> I'll get logs of whats happening
    01[04:47] <Masterclass> later
    [04:47] <cbb> yea
    [04:47] <cbb> pls
    01[04:47] <Masterclass> but lets see what happens now
    01[04:47] <Masterclass> shit
    01[04:47] <Masterclass> no ones pming me
    01[04:47] <Masterclass> or inviting me back
    01[04:47] <Masterclass> they're probably discussing shit

    Log of what was happening when i left:


    minutes later...

    1[04:49] <Masterclass> shit they still haven't invited me or pm'd me this is weird..

    So I decided they're pretty mad right now so I had to finally tell them the truth. I invited cbb, bloo and mcmeghan:

    ession Start: Mon Mar 03 04:51:07 2014
    Session Ident: #scooters
    03[04:51] * Now talking in #scooters
    03[04:51] * Topic is 'WEEK 7 VS. WOLFPACK http://puu.sh/7fQx0.png 6-6 | BRING ON THE FROGS'
    03[04:51] * Set by BKC on Mon Mar 03 00:07:35
    03[04:51] * Sgt_Semen sets mode: +o Masterclass
    01[04:51] <@Masterclass> ok
    [04:51] <@DICE> oh
    01[04:51] <@Masterclass> one second
    5[04:51] -nightmare.uk.eu.synirc.net:@#scooters- Masterclass invited cbb into the channel.
    05[04:51] -hades.de.eu.synirc.net:@#scooters- Masterclass invited McMeghan into the channel.
    05[04:51] -moonlight.se.eu.synirc.net:@#scooters- Masterclass invited Madara into the channel.
    03[04:51] * Madara (Bloo@lost.in.the.echo) has joined #scooters
    03[04:51] * McMeghan (dre@m.catcher) has joined #scooters
    03[04:51] * cbb (to.@ll.the.lettuce.out.there) has joined #scooters

    and finally revealed:

    1[04:51] <@Masterclass> ok
    01[04:51] <@Masterclass> BKC
    01[04:51] <@Masterclass> Aldaron
    01[04:51] <@Masterclass> Gengar
    01[04:52] <@Masterclass> Its tme to know the truth.
    [04:52] <Madara> hey :-D
    01[04:52] <@Masterclass> This was all a troll
    01[04:52] <@Masterclass> and those 3
    01[04:52] <@Masterclass> were my partners

    reaction after:

    [04:52] <~BKC> .
    [04:52] <~BKC> .
    01[04:52] <@Masterclass> LOL
    [04:52] <~BKC> .
    [04:52] <&gengar> amazing
    [04:52] <cbb> LOL
    01[04:52] <@Masterclass> GET WRECKED
    [04:52] <~BKC> ..
    [04:52] <cbb> :{|}
    [04:52] <~BKC> .................
    [04:52] <Madara> LOL
    [04:52] <@DICE> .........................................................................................
    [04:52] <~BKC> i fucking
    [04:52] <cbb> LOL
    [04:52] <~BKC> hate you so much
    [04:52] <McMeghan> :v
    [04:52] <cbb> DYING
    [04:52] <&gengar> i told you
    [04:52] <~BKC> sweep
    01[04:52] <@Masterclass> LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
    [04:52] <~BKC> i
    [04:52] <&gengar> it was a fucking troll
    01[04:52] <@Masterclass> IM DYING
    [04:52] <&gengar> i TOLD YOU
    [04:52] <@[IDM]Mizuzu> semi expected
    [04:52] <Madara> come on
    [04:52] <~BKC> sjfvkkvehvkmlevhjnekbmebjkmebvje
    01[04:52] <@Masterclass> AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    [04:52] <~BKC> enhvjem
    [04:52] <~BKC> bme
    [04:52] <~BKC> hkb
    01[04:52] <@Masterclass> LOL
    [04:52] <~BKC> bmbk
    [04:52] <~BKC> mbhjbm
    03[04:52] * DICE sets mode: +b Masterclass!*@*
    [04:52] <~BKC> bm
    [04:52] <~BKC> b
    [04:52] <~BKC> b
    [04:52] <~BKC> bkb
    03[04:52] * You were kicked by DICE (DICE)

    [04:52] <@DICE> deserve to die
    01[04:52] <@Masterclass> LOL
    [04:52] <@DICE> I HATE YOU ALL
    [04:52] <~BKC> sweep i am literally grinning like an idiot right now
    [04:52] <@LizardMan> lol
    01[04:52] <@Masterclass> LOL
    [04:52] <cbb> yea
    [04:52] <~BKC> holy fucking shit
    [04:53] <cbb> dude u should have seen
    [04:53] <Madara> lol
    [04:53] <Madara> take a pic
    [04:53] <~BKC> dude
    [04:53] <cbb> the process behind all of this
    [04:53] <&gengar> dude
    [04:53] <~BKC> i was ready to sub you out
    [04:53] <cbb> shit was legit work
    [04:53] <~BKC> LOL
    [04:53] <&gengar> bkc posted
    [04:53] <&gengar> a fucking new lineup
    01[04:53] <@Masterclass> LOL
    [04:53] <cbb> LOL
    [04:53] <&gengar> i told him
    [04:53] <Madara> LOL
    [04:53] <&gengar> RELAX
    [04:53] <&gengar> FUCKING RELAX
    [04:53] <@[IDM]Mizuzu> ~n_n~
    01[04:53] <@Masterclass> DUDE
    01[04:53] <@Masterclass> CMON
    01[04:53] <@Masterclass> LOG ME
    01[04:53] <@Masterclass> THE CHANNEL
    01[04:53] <@Masterclass> WHEN I LEFT
    [04:53] <~BKC> cbt can
    [04:53] <~BKC> i cba to scroll on mirc it sucks dick
    01[04:53] <@Masterclass> CMON
    [04:53] <@DICE> wow fuck you sweep
    [04:53] <@DICE> fuck mcmeghan and madara and cbb too
    [04:53] <@[IDM]Mizuzu> McMeanie
    01[04:53] <@Masterclass> gengar
    [04:53] <@DICE> all faggots
    01[04:54] <@Masterclass> admit t
    01[04:54] <@Masterclass> that was
    01[04:54] <@Masterclass> amazing
    [04:54] <@DICE> :(
    01[04:54] <@Masterclass> even aldaron
    [04:54] <cbb> dice ur a friend
    [04:54] <@[IDM]Mizuzu> called me a cunt, and notw this
    01[04:54] <@Masterclass> fell for it
    [04:54] <Madara> luv u 2 boo
    [04:54] <&gengar> i fucking knew it
    [04:54] <~BKC> that was flawlessly done
    [04:54] <@[IDM]Mizuzu> GOD MCM
    [04:54] <@DICE> man
    [04:54] <cbb> yea it was
    [04:54] <@DICE> im like
    [04:54] <@DICE> jealous
    [04:54] <cbb> a pretty good troll
    [04:54] <@DICE> over that troll
    [04:54] <&gengar> dude
    [04:55] <&gengar> http://pastebin.com/n22duPBZ
    [04:55] <@DICE> omg i was
    [04:55] <&gengar> he went into
    [04:55] <@DICE> about to cfy
    [04:55] <@DICE> cry
    [04:55] <&gengar> panic mode
    [04:55] <&gengar> look at that
    [04:55] <&aldaron> thank god im not on scooters
    [04:55] <cbb> come on that was a good troll
    [04:56] <~BKC> that was the best troll ive ever seen
    [04:56] <~BKC> jesus fucking christ

    [04:56] <@DICE> ugh
    [04:56] <@DICE> i hate u all
    [04:56] <&aldaron> i would have been so mad
    01[04:56] <@Masterclass> LOL
    [04:56] <&aldaron> here i was just commenting
    [04:56] <cbb> lol
    [04:56] <&gengar> although
    [04:56] <&gengar> if we had to sub in pdc
    [04:56] <&gengar> we were fucking doomed
    [04:56] <@DICE> LOL ya
    [04:56] <&gengar> i woulda been in panic mode too

    also i know its long i apologize that troll was like 30-45 mins long :/
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2014
  12. kill yourself

    kill yourself .|~Fashionista~|.
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    May 22, 2010
    i did not pay 6k for heart failure and gray hair
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  13. PDC

    PDC i zimbra
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    Mar 18, 2010
    [04:56] <&gengar> if we had to sub in pdc
    [04:56] <&gengar> we were fucking doomed
    [04:56] <@DICE> LOL ya
    [04:56] <&gengar> i woulda been in panic mode too

    you're all fucking faggots
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  14. Hikari

    is a Past SPL Winner

    Jun 6, 2010
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  15. Afro Smash

    Afro Smash

    Dec 28, 2012
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  16. Versace Python Cased

    Versace Python Cased

    Dec 14, 2011
    (15:41:26) Afro Smash: lmao
    (15:41:34) Afro Smash: i swear these ru players aint shit
    (15:41:51) Afro Smash: g a r b a g e
  17. Afro Smash

    Afro Smash

    Dec 28, 2012
    unless you can provide a screenie nigga those fake logs aint shit

    plus we say rubbish over here in jolly old England.
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  18. Sinclair


    May 7, 2011
    fuckin chav
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  19. Valentine

    Valentine ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ
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    Feb 14, 2008
  20. Nails

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    May 14, 2010
    goooooo ruiners *-* u can this
  21. WhiteQueen

    WhiteQueen boner dethroner
    is a SPL Winner

    Aug 6, 2009
    Hey panamaxis sorry I'm still in Bangkok and won't be back in the states until this Tuesday. I have very limited wifi access here. Will be on more regularly then :)
  22. [K-12] The Madchine

    [K-12] The Madchine

    Apr 24, 2009
    Quitting if the time is right can be considered a victory.

    I dodged a bullet there

    Thanks Frogs!!!:pimp:
  23. HeIIraiser

    HeIIraiser tough like igglybuff
    is a World Cup of Pokemon defending champion

    Jun 11, 2010
  24. Afro Smash

    Afro Smash

    Dec 28, 2012
    Can you faggots stop haxing AfroCase thx
  25. Versace Python Cased

    Versace Python Cased

    Dec 14, 2011
    AfroCase > Smogon
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