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Daenym and Wild Eep present:

Handicapable Mafia

Approved by LightWolf


The scene is a mental hospital, which we will decline to name (not for the safety of the patients, as is usually the case, but for the safety of anyone who would try to find it).

The hospital itself is in rough shape. Yesterday, some of the more dangerous patients got loose, and ended up leading a riot within the facility. The staff was overwhelmed by the wave of patients, and they did the only thing they could: put the hospital into lockdown. It kept everyone outside from being in harm’s way, but at the expense of the staff.

Now, the riot is over. The hospital in shambles. The staff... eliminated. Most of the patients were killed by each other in their frenzied takeover. However, the facility is still completely sealed off from the outside world, and the surviving patients need to find their way out. Somewhere in the facility is the control room, and they need to reach it to end the lockdown and escape.

Among the group of patients, however, are some people who don’t quite belong. A few staff members who managed to survive the riot and are attempting to blend in the with the patients, the only way to keep from having the much larger group turn on them. The staff members know their best bet is to slowly take the patients out of commission one by one until they can take back control of the hospital.

Handicapable Mafia is the story of the Patients and the Staff, both trying to eliminate each other as they work to reach the control room, end the lockdown, and escape with their lives.

1) While you are alive you may talk to anyone about the game. Once you are dead you may not talk to anyone but the hosts about the game.

2) You will receive your Role PM at the start of the game. You may not post your Role PM or any direct quotes from it until the hosts say so. Once the hosts give permission to share role PMs, however, you may share them as much as you like.

2.1) Posting screenshots of any kind is not allowed. If anyone finds a person encouraging others to take screenshots, please be sure to report it.

3) You may paste anything the hosts tell you unless they say otherwise. You may fake logs. Do not take pasting of a host conversation as definite proof, as these can be faked. If you want to fake a log, feel free to PM one of the hosts for assistance. Impersonation of a host or another user is banned at all points. Do not attempt to impersonate in any way.

4) Each Day will last about 48 hours. During the Day you may cast votes to lynch a user by writing “<flavor> <user>” in bold, or put “No lynch” in bold. You may change your vote by unbolding the initial vote and posting a new bolded vote. If you have two conflicting bolded votes at deadline your vote will become “No Lynch.”

4.1) The game begins with Night 0, which will last 48 hours. During this phase, no night actions will work, and you may not post your role PM or any part of it. You are allowed to start sharing your role PM starting on Day 1. The actionless Night 0 is meant to be an activity gauge - if you don’t touch base with the hosts during this time you WILL be subbed out.

4.2) Deadlines are not set in stone, and can vary up to 6 hours in either direction. The exact time for deadline will not be announced, so good luck with your Stealth Lynching.

4.3) If there is a tie in the Lynch, then the Lynch will fail.

4.4) The Day will not be ended early for majority, due to Day actions. However, if all Day actions are in and a majority in the vote has been reached, the Day may be called early. The number of votes required for majority is not announced.

4.5) If you have a Day action then during the Day you must send both hosts a PM entitled “Day X Action - <username>”. The body of the PM should contain all of your Day actions. If you are choosing to Idle that Day, you must still send the action PM, but put “Day X - Idling” as the title of the PM.

5) Each Night will last 48 hours. During the Night you must send both hosts a PM entitled “Night X Action - <username>”. The body of the PM should contain all of your Night actions. If you are choosing to Idle that night, you must still send the action PM, but put “Night X - Idling” as the title of the PM.

5.1) In the event that all Night actions are received prior to deadline, the update will come early. How many PMs are in will not be announced ahead of time, although the hosts are likely to complain if a significant number of PMs have not been submitted as deadline approaches.

6) If you fail to submit an action PM for any cycle without an acceptable excuse, you may either receive a warning or be immediately subbed out. This is up to the hosts’ discretion.

7) Priorities for all actions are established before the game starts. They will not be shared.

8) There are no items in this game. There are no resurrects. Dead users are out of the game. This means votes for them count as No Lynch, and abilities targeting them will have no effect.

9) If your Role PM clashes with anything posted in the Rules, your Role PM will take precedence. If you feel there is conflict, feel free to ask a host for clarification.

10) IRC access is required. The channel for this game is #Handicapable. If you have any problems with using IRC please PM a host for assistance. If you are not online during a full cycle of Day/Night for a decent amount of time you may be subbed out.

11) Don’t be inactive. Inactivity ruins the game for you and everyone else.

12) Give access to anything you make for this game to the hosts. This includes secret IRC channels, spreadsheets, and any other shareable information. In addition, please share your thought processes throughout the game with the hosts. This will add to a richer, more comprehensive Postgame. Our IRC nicks are: Daenym and WildEep. Our e-mails are:
daenym@gmail.com and wildeep219@gmail.com Hard to remember all of that, right?

13) If you are silenced or restricted in any way and fail to abide by that restriction, you may be godkilled. Godkilling is not something we would like to resort to, however. First-time mistakes may be tolerated at the hosts’ discretion, but repeat offenders will be removed from the game.

14) The theme for this game is closed. Feel free to ask the hosts for help in faking a Role PM.

15) Your win condition may change at any point in the game. Keep this in mind when forming alliances and claiming your Role to other players.

16) Don’t believe everything you read.

Signed up (31/25):

Reserved: all reserves confirmed!
Ditto (P2) confirmed
bearsfan092 (P2) confirmed
Quagsires (P2) confirmed
macle (P2) confirmed
GoldenKnight (P2) confirmed
Crux (P2) confirmed
not askaninjask because he is p1 and doesn't need it

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Signups have closed early. Have fun, everybody!
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