Super Smash Brothers...MAFIA! Postgame

This was my first mafia. I had help from my great cohost AvatarST. Couldn't have done it without you. I think I did pretty well, but I did make small mistakes, which will be detailed later. Let's get started!

I had three factions in this game, and zero neutrals, as stated by billymills' PM. They were the Smash Brothers (the good guys, or the village, and the good guys of their games), the Elite (top tier people, and the mafia relying on deception and stealth) and the Villians (bad guys of their games, and the mafia relying on brute force).

Smash Brothers
Consisting of 12 people, they were rather powerful. When united, they could almost be guaranteed victory with a little luck. Held the Beam Sword, a critical item to success. The Beam Sword blocked roles, but made the user unlynchable once.

Imran - Mario - Hooker

Did not do too much independent thinking, but united with the village rather quickly. His hookering actually saved Veedrock from death from Bender's Nikita Missile. Did well enough till he died. He knew forks and Mordock from the start.
Non-game rating: 6/10
Game rating: 8/10
Total: 14/20

forks - Peach - Martyr
Was not played how I imagined it would be played. I expected an early death from martyring a killer, but forks picked the non-killers in the mafia. United quickly, and was a contributing factor in the village's planning.
Non-game rating: 7/10
Game rating: 6/10
Total: 13/20

Mordock/Seven Deadly Sins - Donkey Kong - Bodyguard
Again, united quickly. Did absolutely no independent thinking whatsoever. Protected forks through the entire game, which was largely useless. Deaths of Jimbo and Imran could have been prevented with right plays.
Non-game rating: 4/10
Game rating: 4/10
Total: 8/20 (sorry =[ )

Olie/zerowing - Link - Mayor
Fucked around a bit early game, which caused some confusion, but he united eventually. Probably ruined the village's chances of winning when he decided to lynch demon238. I think Olie is banned from mafia =/ zerowing idled, and could have done some shit, but I saw nothing.
Non-game rating: 7/10
Game rating: 0/10
Total: 7/20

Veedrock - PIKACHU - Werewolf Twin
Chris died N1, and from N2 the serial killing began. Veedrock tricked the village into thinking he had to kill Katherine to win, and when the truth was realised it was too late. He had some help from the turned-neutral Yoshi King - my mistake, I should have godkilled him =/
Non-game rating: 9/10
Game rating: 9/10
Total: 18/20

Yoshi King - Fox - Thief
Played pretty well for a beginner. Stole the Beam Sword, which was useful, but ultimately let Veedrock win. Got in contact with his teammates and the rest of the village quickly. For the record, he was immune from the Nikita Missile if he used his power.
Non-game rating: 8/10
Game rating: 7/10
Total: 15/20

Chris is me - PICHU - Vigilante Twin
Hilarious result of guesswork. Upon death, Chris would turn into a vigilante, a very powerful asset. However, instead he died and Veedrock became a werewolf. Got into contact quickly, and lynched Misaki-chi, defusing a big threat.
Non-game rating: 8/10
Game rating: 6/10
Total: 14/20

Jimbo - Ness - Inspector
A big factor in organising the village. Died quickly, but got valuable information before his death. Was very talkative, trying to get lots of information out of me. No dice.
Non-game rating: 9/10
Game rating: 7/10
Total: 16/20

RB Golbat - Captain Falcon - Item Guard/One-shot Silencer
Another leader of the village. Effectively (but futilely) silenced TAY. For the record, the Falcon Punch triggered if a female character died. He IS a ladies' man. Stuck through till the end of the game, which is good to see.
Non-game rating: 9/10
Game rating: 7/10
Total: 16/20

demon238 - Luigi - Villager With Perks
I wanted to avoid a villager role, so I made him immune to the Nikita Missile. He knew that Mario, Peach and Bowser were in the game too. Complained a lot, and lost quite early.
Non-game rating: 8/10
Game rating: 6/10
Total: 14/20

LightWolf - Samus Aran - Villager With Perks
LightWolf was immune to lynches once. That was pretty cool, he also knew of the three items and that each faction had one of each item. He made a mistake in attempting to activate Veedrock's power by having Chris killed, but nonetheless played well until his quick death.
Non-game rating: 6/10
Game rating: 6/10
Total: 12/20

CyzirVisheen - Kirby - Nerfed BPV
Kirby was bulletproof once, a big asset in a small game like this. However, inspection results on him would reveal him to be neutral, and since there were no neutrals in this game, this was a setback. He also did not have the paragraph about groups, making it very difficult to prove his identity. Subsequently, he was lynched.
Non-game rating: 7/10
Game rating: 5/10
Total: 12/20

The Elite
3 people in this mafia. They could kill every night and until their killers were dead. They also had a thief, and the Smoke Ball. The Smoke Ball jumbled inspections. However, their luck was very bad, being defeated rather quickly.

Misaki-chi - Meta Knight - Killer
Her stint came to an end D1 when she was lynched for misspelling a word in a PM. I was hoping for a village infiltration from her :( Did not kill anyone, unfortunately, but still managed to help out the Elite as well as she could.
Non-game rating: 8/10
Game rating: 4/10
Total: 12/20

Bender - Snake - Killer
The worse killer. He could not kill Luigi or Fox. However, he was still a very powerful role and got in some key kills before being lynched. Did not attempt to infiltrate, and I was disappointed by that.
Non-game rating: 6/10
Game rating: 8/10
Total: 14/20

Sir_Lu - Falco - Thief
Didn't do too much, but did get his hands on the Beam Sword, which eventually fell into Yoshi King's hands. Was martyred twice, but to no avail.
Non-game rating: 6/10
Game rating: 6/10
Total: 12/20

The Villians
Consisted of 3 people, they had to rely on brute force to win the game. Had a good opportunity for infiltrating, but it was seen through. Held the awesome Smash Ball, which unfortunately was not used.

TAY - King Dedede - Even Killer
Could kill every even night. His Smash Ball was activated when the Beam Sword was stolen from him. His Final Smash was essentially a Hi- Beams - he could use it, be immune from all night actions and find who used a night action. Played really well despite being manipulated by the village.
Non-game rating: 8/10
Game rating: 7/10
Total: 15/20

Katherine - Ganondorf - Odd Killer
Katherine >=[
Killed every odd night, but didn't get to kill too much. Was pretty much a minion for the entire game. Almost killed Veedrock, but was hookered.
Non-game rating: 6/10
Game rating: 7/10
Total: 13/20

Elements - Bowser - Silencer
The one silencer in the game - his silences were critical in some lynches. Had the added bonus of being unhookerable. Played pretty well, but didn't plan his moves too much.
Non-game rating: 6/10
Game rating: 8/10
Total: 14/20

Here's what you've been waiting for - the awards!

Best Smash Brother - RB Golbat
RB survived until the end, but that's not my reasoning. He planned his moves carefully, and saw through many would-be deceptions. Hope to see more from him!

Best Elite - Bender
Mostly on basis of not being lynched D1 :( Did get some good kills in, and did not discover his limitations at all.

Best Villian - TAY
Is there any doubt? Despite being manipulated by the village, he got some key kills in, but unfortunately idled to the end of the game. He had a very convincing win condition, but Veedrock backstabbed him.

Worst Smash Brother - Olie
My god.

Worst Elite - Sir_Lu
None of you were particularly bad, but Sir_Lu was a bit unlucky, so yeah! Misaki-chi isn't here because the lynch wasn't really her fault.

Worst Villian - Katherine
None of the Villians played horribly, but Katherine wasn't that great.

Serial Killer - Veedrock
Got the most kills in the game.

Item On The Move - Beam Sword
Was given, stolen, taken from a total of 8 times in the entire game.

Best Infiltrator - TAY
Misaki's fake PM was convincing, but had a mess up. TAY had the advantage of having a believable win condition, so he gets it.

Most Useless Game-Wise- LightWolf
The only thing he did was turn Veedrock into a wolf. Go figure.

Most Promising - Jimbo
I couldn't give too many people awards, so Jimbo looks to be the most promising user. Keep an eye on him!

X Factor - Yoshi King
Pretty much helped Veedrock win by swapping the Beam Sword around. I should have killed him =/

Worst Misinterpretation - Mordock
Protected forks the entire game, when the inspector should have been protected. This isn't #fluodome!

Biggest Whiner - demon238
Quit ya complaining!

Best Person Trying To Get Information From Me - demon238
Really appreciate your attempts. Mafia hosts, watch out!

Unluckiest User - CyzirVisheen
Though I did screw him from the start, he never really got a chance to defend himself.

Best User Not Playing - Fishin

Best Player - Veedrock
He did win, but that's not the point. He made a brilliant fake, and each and every of his moves were carefully planned and almost perfectly executed. He did get a bit lucky, but at heart mafia has that luck factor.

Worst Player - Olie

Hope you guys had fun!
Thanks for the awesome game and theme. Sucks that inactivity bit it on the ass.

Imran said:
His hookering actually saved Veedrock from death from Bender's Nikita Missile.
I regret ever killing you. @_@

Addie said:
Almost killed Veedrock, but was hookered.
You bitch.

Oh, I want to apologize to Yoshi King. As demon238 pointed out, I did know that Elements was Bowser and I wasn't really thinking when I suggested him. So I pretty much blew your win condition right there without meaning to. While it did help me win in the end, it was an honest mistake. I also used him (knowing it was really low) for my own gains since he couldn't win and abused that we made a semi-alliance in case I did go wolf (though I kept it from him for a bit). I hope I didn't cost him any future mafia opportunities because it really was my doing (using my assets to win).
No need to apologize Veedrock- it was my stupid mistake to think that I could just randy-contact people and not have a limit to it. Thorns mentioned that I should have inquired, and he's absolutely right- If I had used a bit of common sense, I think this would have resulted all around in a faster win for the Smash Brothers. I was allowed to contact Falco's corpse, so had I done that, I probably would have stuck to the Smash Brothers while trying to keep you alive somehow.

I want to apologize to you Thorns if you feel I (in any way) ruined the game by turning neutral and working with Veedrock. I am going to presume this was the case since you've mentioned you should have godkilled me. I felt that Veedrock was an excellent early-game leader and blindly followed him because, once my win condition was wasted, I was screwed... so I thought mixing things up a little would be fun. Again though, it seems that doing so displeased you, especially when I purposely idled on days to avoid suspicions of working with the werewolf from other villagers (such as the one that resulted in forks' lynching).

I'm glad my initial suspicions of Falco being an enemy proved correct, however it would seem I was being paranoid about his win condition involving the death of Fox. For a long time I wanted to reveal myself in a Starfox-manner just to settle things, but ended up wussing out for fear of death...

Probably only Veedrock knows this but I was trying my damndest to get my hands on the smash ball by endgame, desperately hoping that it would have the same attribute as the Soul Edge from StrangerDanger's Super Mafia- the holder of the item wins at the end of the game- which would have nulled my loss due to not contacting Falco. Unfortunately since I was working with him and SHFFLing (haha, get it?) around the beam sword, my ability was blocked and I never got my hands on it.

All in all this was a really fun game for me and I hope to participate in more mafia games. Thorns, you did an excellent job putting this all together, and I hope you make more mafia games in the future for more newer mafia players to enjoy. I certainly won't be making mistakes like making alliances I shouldn't (despite losing, I was still allied with the Smash Brothers...) but it was really neat getting into the whole "okay you share this information and then I'll share some of mine" game with people, never knowing if they were telling the truth or not.
avatar suggested killing you because you could potenially flip the game upside down by siding with the wolf

which is exactly what you did. haha, it was still damn hilarious but I won't make this mistake again
Ah, I see... well, as long as you're not angry, that's interesting to hear that I fulfilled Avatar's prediction.

Though, I do agree that my penalty should have been death by grief over mis-contacting or something... as it was, I had no reason to do basically anything. I say it's a good strategy to implement for future games. Thanks again for letting me play!

Oh yeah one more thing, what would the Smash ball do if activated by characters other than Bowser?
Every character had a final smash. I wrote a pm for ZSS, which I will paste when I get on my computer (tomorrow). Yours was getting into a tank and blowing shit up (ie you target a user and if they can't fly they die).
If Fox contacted you, you would recieve a message, notifying you of Fox's presence. The Elite then would not have to kill Fox to win. Blah.
The reason why the inspector was not as important as the martyr was because we already knew the identities of the mafia by day 2, we didn't expect to get backstabbed by our own and in the end we lost our massive advantage due to "personal agendas".

I don't understand how TAY got best infiltrator when he was the one that leaked all of the mafia's identities to me. Yes, he had a nice "fake" role pm, but he did not fool us with it, all he accomplished was to hide the smash ball from us with was never even used in the mafia.

p.s you can fuck off about the complaining, all I did was bring up notable lapses in judgment on your part that you agree should have not been so.
nah yours was discharge (press a to use)
any user who targeted you would be hookered and silenced that night
pichu's was the same thing (yeah I'm original)


take me anywhere
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I loved this game, thanks Thorns!!

Even though VEEDROCK OR BENDER (which? please tell me) killed me.

thorns can you tell me what my final smash would've been? I probably could've killed like 5 people PKKKKK STARSTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORM.
edit; how would people get resurrected?

also billymills and I have a new mafia, hopefully it gets approved because we are done making it :)
veed killed you. he said to me he wanted to slow the village down whilst still giving them a fighting chance.
Pk starstorm was a bodyguard for you and one other user

I didn't end up incorporating resurrection, but had I done it it would most likely be Peach's final smash

EDIT: happy birthday RBG! hope you enjoyed my gigantic fucking present that took hours to complete and even longer to play through
He made a mistake in attempting to activate Veedrock's power by having Chris killed, but nonetheless played well until his quick death.
Erm... I wanted them to target forks, the one who told them who to target was not me.

Also the lynching of Kirby even if we knew he was good was a plan of demon238, to make them kill
a elite.

Her stint came to an end D1 when she was lynched for misspelling a word in a PM.
actually it was because they both had items and Misaki lied twice about who claimed Pichu. Also there is nothing about her fooling all us in to thinking olie is spreading fake info.

Veedrock tricked the village into thinking he had to kill Katherine to win, and when the truth was realised it was too late.
Too late because of Olie fucking up
I know i wasn't playing in this game, but i wanted to point out that a villager helping the wolf win has happened before in Zelda Mafia when Brain (Village Vigilante) was trying to help Earthworth (Wolf) win. It's all part of the game i guess.

And besides, Yoshi King already lost, might as well liven things up?
Thanks for pointing that out Amelia, I was worried that I wouldn't be allowed in future mafia games for my actions.

Aha, that was exactly my mindset by the way, I basically did what I did to make things interesting.
That is so me, "OK" until the end. I was keen to follow what forks / LW said generally, as they are both more experienced than me. I remember saying to blue_light that LW's loss was a big one, he didn't seem to think so at the time, but I think the village became a little lost once he was gone. GG everyone!
How on earth was TAY the best villian? He screwed us by telling demon238 like a ton of shit about the mafia. Elements was MIA some times, or so it seems, which sucked. And so it was really just me and Veedrock working together.

Anyways, I thought I was dead because Veedrock killed Lightwolf right after we had been arguing, and I thought the village would kill me. And, I think demon238 should get "Biggest (BAN ME PLEASE)" because he complained through the entire thing and even kept talking when he should have seriously shut up.

Katherine >=[
Provide evidence that I was talking when I shouldn't have been? Don't be a dick just because your team made bonehead mistakes and couldn't recuperate from them.