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The Ghosting Tournament - Round 1

Discussion in 'Tournaments' started by Fatecrashers, May 17, 2012.

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  1. Blim


    Dec 24, 2005
    I pm'd steven snype on the server and got no reply, I also vm'd him on here and haven't gotton a reply yet either, so am waiting for him to reply so we can set up a time.
  2. Style_Dota

    Style_Dota formerly MikeDecIsHere
    is a Smogon Social Media Contributor Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Sep 28, 2010
    Thanks for telling me when you were battling nig -_-
  3. Leftiez

    Leftiez Geeeuaahhh...
    is a Tutor Alumnusis a Team Rater Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Jan 21, 2012
  4. bojangles

    bojangles IF YOU TRULY BELIEVE,
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    May 23, 2008
    VMed toasdt.
  5. Vinc2612

    is a Tournament Director Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Sep 26, 2010
    We'll play wednesday
  6. yee

    is a Battle Server Moderator Alumnusis a Past WCoP Champion

    Jan 3, 2010
    We ghosted to win with help from a crit, but gg.
  7. JabbaTheGriffin

    JabbaTheGriffin Stormblessed
    is a Tutor Alumnusis a Super Moderator Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Jan 21, 2007
    dem first turn crits, gg guys
  8. Bloo

    Bloo Banned deucer.

    Jan 20, 2009
    I haven't received a response from shinycarletto yet. I sent the message early Sunday morning, so I'll wait!
  9. Robert.

    Robert. Gone.
    is a Tiering Contributor Alumnus

    Jan 4, 2011
    we are going to play soon.
  10. -Tsunami-

    -Tsunami- A Legend Fades Away...
    is a Team Rater Alumnusis a Smogon Social Media Contributor Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Past SPL Championis the 2nd Smogon Classic Winneris a defending World Cup of Pokemon champion

    Feb 27, 2009
    I asked CZ when he could battle (it's summer for me so idc), and he said that he'd ask his teammates. No response yet, so activity post i guess lol
  11. kd24

    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Live Chat Contributor Alumnusis a Researcher Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Dec 21, 2007
    we're scheduled sometime around smogon tours
  12. Django

    Django Started from the bottom...
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    Oct 23, 2009
    No response from Ghostbusters
  13. Celsius


    Jul 24, 2009
    We'll play this weekend i guess
  14. HBK

    HBK Subtlety is my middle name

    May 25, 2009
    We won but the match was so tense i forgot to save the log.When I remembered at the end Bad ass closed the window too fast :( sorry Fate.My team mates already have the team so we shouldn't have a problem formulating a strategy.

    EDIT:x_x my bad
  15. yond

    yond mitt game strong
    is a Past WCoP Champion

    Nov 18, 2009
    the hairy ass enjoys giving free hand outs once in a while
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    [21:47] <~badass> ok it started
    [21:47] <~badass> mamo celebi sciz terrak dnite rotomw
    [21:47] <~badass> standard shit
    [21:47] <~badass> he will lead rotomw
    [21:47] <~badass> rocks or rain?
    01[21:47] <yondie> hmm
    01[21:47] <yondie> does
    01[21:47] <yondie> sharp
    01[21:47] <yondie> have icebeam?
    [21:47] <~badass> fang
    01[21:47] <yondie> ok
    01[21:48] <yondie> i guess
    [21:48] <~badass> destroy the priority go for a sharp sweep mybe
    01[21:48] <yondie> ya
    01[21:48] <yondie> destroy priortiy
    01[21:48] <yondie> rocks i guess
    [21:48] <~badass> so...
    [21:48] <~badass> rain or rocks
    [21:48] <~badass> yeah i think so too
    [21:48] <~badass> snaunx?
    [21:48] <~badass> (cause of dnite and voltturn
    01[21:48] <yondie> ya
    01[21:48] <yondie> lol
    01[21:48] <yondie> thats what i was thinking
    [21:48] <~badass> plus if he volt turns into terra or sciz we have glis
    01[21:49] <yondie> ya
    01[21:49] <yondie> rocks
    01[21:49] <yondie> no one
    01[21:49] <yondie> runs hp fire
    01[21:49] <yondie> rotom-w anymore
    [21:49] <Snunch> concentrate on celebi
    [21:49] <Snunch> make it crumble
    [21:49] <~badass> why
    [21:49] <~badass> we have 15 celebi Contres
    01[21:49] <yondie> its his only rain counter
    01[21:50] <yondie> if celebi dis
    01[21:50] <yondie> then starmie / poli can sweep
    [21:50] <Snunch> yeah if celebi dies starmie and toed have it so easy
    01[21:50] <yondie> as well as sharp
    01[21:50] <yondie> so like
    [21:50] <Snunch> or if celebi is just weakened at all
    [21:50] <~badass> rotom
    [21:50] <~badass> besides im p. sure h pump + ice beam is a ko
    01[21:50] <yondie> celebi dies
    01[21:50] <yondie> then
    01[21:50] <yondie> starmie rips holes
    01[21:50] <yondie> so does dnite
    01[21:50] <yondie> then bam
    01[21:50] <yondie> swep with sharp + poli
    [21:50] <Snunch> shit i have to eat dinner
    [21:50] <Snunch> i'll try to be fast
    01[21:50] <yondie> speed eat
    01[21:50] <yondie> or bring it to comp
    01[21:50] <yondie> lol
    [21:51] <~badass> just kill sciz + dnite and weaken rotom
    [21:51] <~badass> gg
    [21:51] <~badass> this should be a Slice of cake
    [21:51] <~badass> u can leave
    [21:51] <~badass> for as long
    [21:51] <~badass> yondie an di have this
    [21:51] <~badass> gliscor??
    [21:51] <~badass> Yondie == please be vigilant
    01[21:51] <yondie> gliscor
    1[21:51] <yondie> ur lagging
    01[21:51] <yondie> or i am
    01[21:51] <yondie> idk
    [21:52] <~badass> toxic ?
    01[21:52] <yondie> whats
    01[21:52] <yondie> his 6 again?
    01[21:52] <yondie> cele mamo
    01[21:52] <yondie> terra
    01[21:52] <yondie> scizor
    01[21:52] <yondie> rotom-w
    01[21:52] <yondie> ya toxic
    [21:52] <~badass> mamo celebi sciz terrak dnite rotomw
    01[21:52] <yondie> nice
    [21:52] <~badass> hm will SD stone edge ko?
    [21:53] <~badass> i doubt
    [21:53] <~badass> so ... ferrothorn?
    01[21:53] <yondie> ko glisC?
    01[21:53] <yondie> ya
    01[21:53] <yondie> go to ferro
    [21:53] <~badass> Roxx
    [21:53] <~badass> ?
    01[21:53] <yondie> do we need
    01[21:53] <yondie> ferro badly?
    01[21:53] <yondie> because for rocks ull take
    01[21:53] <yondie> 50%
    [21:54] <~badass> nope
    01[21:54] <yondie> ok
    01[21:54] <yondie> rocks
    [21:54] <~badass> i can deal with that he walls rotom still
    [21:54] <~badass> leech seed maybe?
    [21:54] <~badass> he'd be doing shit to us
    1[21:54] <yondie> ya
    01[21:54] <yondie> leech + rocks
    01[21:54] <yondie> thats smart
    [21:54] <~badass> since i bet hes sash
    01[21:54] <yondie> o
    01[21:54] <yondie> hes def nasty plot
    01[21:54] <yondie> but
    01[21:54] <yondie> he might
    01[21:54] <yondie> hp fire
    01[21:54] <yondie> turn 1
    [21:55] <~badass> i say . . . . . . . . t wave
    01[21:55] <yondie> eh
    01[21:55] <yondie> sure
    01[21:55] <yondie> risky
    01[21:55] <yondie> but i guess
    01[21:55] <yondie> if he plots
    01[21:55] <yondie> it works out
    01[21:55] <yondie> but what idiot switches into ferro
    01[21:55] <yondie> w/o nasty plot earthpower
    01[21:55] <yondie> or hp fire
    [21:55] <~badass> but we can t wave it
    [21:56] <~badass> go to poli
    [21:56] <~badass> and then dragonite
    01[21:56] <yondie> ya
    01[21:56] <yondie> he might ohko
    01[21:56] <yondie> no rain
    [21:56] <~badass> nahhhhh
    [21:56] <~badass> +0 hp fire does
    [21:56] <~badass> 55ish
    01[21:56] <yondie> ok
    01[21:56] <yondie> twave it is1[21:56] <yondie> dumbasses
    01[21:56] <yondie> are overpredicting
    01[21:56] <yondie> good
    [21:56] <~badass> haaa
    [21:56] <~badass> politoed?
    01[21:56] <yondie> we can exploit that
    01[21:56] <yondie> ya
    01[21:56] <yondie> poli
    [21:56] <~badass> i wanna spin asap
    01[21:57] <yondie> ya
    01[21:57] <yondie> dont let starmie
    [21:57] <~badass> hit em with a cane?
    01[21:57] <yondie> take any big hits
    01[21:57] <yondie> oh ya
    01[21:57] <yondie> he has nothing but rotom-w
    01[21:57] <yondie> for cane
    01[21:57] <yondie> and he
    01[21:57] <yondie> wont expect it
    01[21:57] <yondie> ooo
    [21:57] <~badass> hmmm
    [21:57] <~badass> back to
    [21:57] <~badass> Ferror?
    01[21:57] <yondie> thats the safe play
    [21:57] <~badass> i bet he tricks
    [21:57] <~badass> maybe to ptoed?
    01[21:57] <yondie> hmm
    [21:58] <~badass> a lil risky but the payoff is grange
    01[21:58] <yondie> is it worth it
    01[21:58] <yondie> you have the momentum
    01[21:58] <yondie> if you go ferro

    1[21:58] <yondie> he just goes celebi
    01[21:58] <yondie> u twave
    [21:58] <~badass> true true
    01[21:58] <yondie> and repeat this process
    [21:58] <~badass> yeah
    [21:58] <~badass> agreeal
    01[21:58] <yondie> and if he tricks you
    01[21:58] <yondie> 'oh well'
    01[21:58] <yondie> ferro wasn't important anymore anyway
    [21:58] <~badass> ferro is
    [21:58] <~badass> pretty much useless
    [21:58] <~badass> tbh
    01[21:58] <yondie> hes dumb
    [21:58] <~badass> lol
    01[21:58] <yondie> ya
    [21:59] <~badass> i dont wanna double to dnite
    01[21:59] <yondie> nah
    01[21:59] <yondie> dont
    01[21:59] <yondie> these kids are idiots
    [21:59] <~badass> since he is key in dealing wiht bii
    01[21:59] <yondie> just twave
    [21:59] <~badass> i say throw a t wave
    01[21:59] <yondie> ya
    [21:59] <~badass> and back to mr nite?
    01[21:59] <yondie> mhmmmm
    [21:59] <~badass> roost time
    01[21:59] <yondie> roost her up
    01[21:59] <yondie> and hurricane spam
    01[21:59] <yondie> hell def psychic
    [21:59] <~badass> no way
    [22:00] <Snunch> ack
    [22:00] <Snunch> ack
    [22:00] <~badass> he will go to something else maybe sac rotom
    [22:00] <Snunch> still 6-6
    [22:00] <Snunch> good
    01[22:00] <yondie> there guys are bad urag
    01[22:00] <yondie> ok
    01[22:00] <yondie> ferro imo
    [22:00] <~badass> i figure
    [22:00] <~badass> head out to politoed?
    01[22:00] <yondie> um
    01[22:00] <yondie> that works too
    01[22:00] <yondie> i suppose
    [22:00] <~badass> hm my deal with ferro:
    [22:00] <~badass> if he takes a lot of damage
    [22:00] <Snunch> do we know if its LO mamo?
    01[22:00] <yondie> sash
    01[22:00] <yondie> im pretty sure
    01[22:00] <yondie> it sr'd
    [22:00] <~badass> we can no longer tank a +2 hp fire under rain
    [22:00] <~badass> and paralyze
    [22:00] <~badass> its sash
    [22:00] <~badass> most likely
    01[22:00] <yondie> ok
    01[22:01] <yondie> poli is fine
    01[22:01] <yondie> if he eqs
    01[22:01] <yondie> you just send in starmie
    [22:01] <~badass> Hmmmmm
    [22:01] <~badass> a Conundra
    01[22:01] <yondie> do you have
    01[22:01] <yondie> surf?
    [22:01] <~badass> yeah
    [22:01] <~badass> ps
    [22:01] <~badass> if we can pivot to sharpedo any time
    [22:01] <~badass> he will do a lot of dmg
    01[22:01] <yondie> ya
    01[22:01] <yondie> but why not just
    01[22:01] <yondie> wait
    01[22:01] <yondie> to fodder something
    01[22:01] <yondie> lol
    [22:01] <Snunch> you can surf on celebi then go to dnite as it recovers
    [22:02] <~badass> i bet it doesnt have recover
    [22:02] <~badass> and if he nasty plots...
    01[22:02] <yondie> it doesnt
    01[22:02] <yondie> im guessing
    [22:02] <~badass> he can KO the nite
    01[22:02] <yondie> hmm
    [22:02] <~badass> double to ferro?
    01[22:02] <yondie> that seems
    01[22:02] <yondie> least risky
    [22:02] <Snunch> ferro is a free NP for celebi
    01[22:02] <yondie> he expects scarf
    01[22:02] <yondie> ya but snunch
    01[22:02] <yondie> we have twave
    01[22:02] <yondie> lol
    [22:02] <~badass> we could smack it with an ice beam
    01[22:02] <yondie> that too
    01[22:03] <yondie> go for offensive play
    01[22:03] <yondie> do we need poli?
    [22:03] <~badass> hit it with an IB?
    [22:03] <~badass> not really
    [22:03] <~badass> starmie cleans up way better and poli lets dnite set up
    [22:03] <~badass> imo ice beam
    [22:03] <Snunch> what set is terrakion
    [22:03] <Snunch> LO?
    01[22:03] <yondie> ya
    [22:03] <~badass> yeah
    [22:03] <~badass> maybe 3 attack, prob. dd
    [22:03] <~badass> kewl
    01[22:03] <yondie> sharpedo or starmie?
    [22:03] <~badass> gotta hit that sharpedo
    01[22:04] <yondie> ya
    [22:04] <~badass> hes faster than jolyl mam
    01[22:04] <yondie> crunch that celebi on ur way to victory
    01[22:04] <yondie> you could also protect
    01[22:04] <yondie> ?_?
    [22:04] <Snunch> pedo is faster than mamo
    [22:04] <~badass> no wayyy
    [22:04] <~badass> waterfallin
    01[22:04] <yondie> oook
    [22:04] <Snunch> well
    [22:04] <Snunch> he might switch to dnite
    [22:04] <Snunch> nah wfall is best
    [22:04] <~badass> in which case he's at -25 from sr
    01[22:04] <yondie> ya
    [22:04] <Snunch> he'll probably just fodder rotom
    [22:05] <~badass> we cant lose sharpedo to overpredictng
    [22:05] <~badass> yeah
    01[22:05] <yondie> hell fodder rotom
    01[22:05] <yondie> then go to
    01[22:05] <yondie> scizor
    [22:05] <~badass> Dragonite
    [22:05] <~badass> ok inthe case of dnite
    [22:05] <~badass> we cant really let it set up
    [22:05] <~badass> well...
    [22:05] <~badass> we have glis and ferro
    [22:05] <~badass> IDK
    01[22:05] <yondie> u have
    01[22:05] <yondie> ice fang
    01[22:05] <yondie> gliscor
    01[22:05] <yondie> relax
    01[22:05] <yondie> lol
    01[22:06] <yondie> wait
    01[22:06] <yondie> he may pursuit
    01[22:06] <yondie> protect to scout it?
    01[22:06] <yondie> but
    01[22:06] <yondie> that risks him
    01[22:06] <yondie> being sd
    01[22:06] <yondie> HMM
    [22:06] <~badass> if he's SD starmie can just smosh him
    [22:06] <~badass> i say hit it with protect
    01[22:07] <yondie> ya
    01[22:07] <yondie> we just
    01[22:07] <yondie> need to kill
    01[22:07] <yondie> that damn celebi
    01[22:07] <yondie> or weaken it
    [22:08] <~badass> Hit em with that Ferrothorn?
    01[22:08] <yondie> ya
    [22:09] <~badass> Ah!
    [22:09] <~badass> Life Orbed!
    01[22:09] <yondie> TWAVEEEEE
    [22:09] <Snunch> nah he probably has spower
    [22:09] <~badass> wat
    [22:09] <~badass> why...
    [22:09] <Snunch> gliscor
    01[22:09] <yondie> oh
    01[22:09] <yondie> right
    01[22:09] <yondie> superpower
    01[22:09] <yondie> good call
    01[22:09] <yondie> ...
    01[22:10] <yondie> YONDIE RIGHT
    01[22:10] <yondie> -_
    01[22:10] <yondie> ferro
    01[22:10] <yondie> ferro
    [22:10] <~badass> i say go to
    01[22:10] <yondie> ferro
    [22:10] <~badass> ferro
    [22:10] <~badass> ? ?
    01[22:10] <yondie> yes
    [22:10] <Snunch> do you have protect
    01[22:10] <yondie> no
    [22:10] <Snunch> no nvm
    [22:10] <Snunch> he might sd here
    [22:10] <Snunch> expecting protect
    [22:10] <~badass> or is that too ovvious
    [22:10] <~badass> i think EQ
    01[22:10] <yondie> i think
    01[22:10] <yondie> gliscor
    01[22:11] <yondie> isn't nessecary
    01[22:11] <yondie> i mean
    1[22:11] <yondie> i doubt his terra
    01[22:11] <yondie> is rock polish
    [22:11] <~badass> eq?
    01[22:11] <yondie> and yo have starmie
    01[22:11] <yondie> eh why not
    01[22:11] <yondie> =////
    [22:11] <~badass> fuck
    01[22:11] <yondie> man
    [22:11] <~badass> starmie --> ferrothorn?
    01[22:11] <yondie> SHOULDA TWAVED
    01[22:11] <yondie> ya
    01[22:12] <yondie> shoulda ran protect glisc
    01[22:12] <yondie> xD
    01[22:12] <yondie> ok
    01[22:12] <yondie> its basically
    01[22:12] <yondie> 4-3
    01[22:12] <yondie> his rotomw is useless
    01[22:12] <yondie> i think
    01[22:13] <yondie> wait
    01[22:13] <yondie> his last is dnite?
    01[22:13] <yondie> you gunna have to figure out
    01[22:13] <yondie> how to get a crunch off on celebi
    01[22:13] <yondie> or enough
    01[22:13] <yondie> for ice beam to ko
    01[22:14] <yondie> because starmie wins
    01[22:14] <yondie> FFfff
    01[22:14] <yondie> you have to stay in
    01[22:14] <yondie> imo
    01[22:14] <yondie> snunch?
    [22:14] <Snunch> what set is rotom
    01[22:15] <yondie> scarf
    [22:15] <~badass> scrf
    01[22:15] <yondie> he dies to SR + Toxic
    [22:15] <~badass> Hm Would you guys like to employ
    01[22:15] <yondie> im pretty sure
    [22:15] <~badass> Thunder wave?
    [22:15] <~badass> not quite yondie
    [22:15] <~badass> well
    [22:15] <~badass> he will CC
    [22:15] <~badass> im pretty sure
    [22:15] <~badass> but if he uses RP we are fucked
    01[22:15] <yondie> you cant
    01[22:15] <yondie> let anything take cc
    01[22:16] <yondie> twave seems best option to me
    01[22:16] <yondie> idk thou
    [22:16] <Snunch> i dont think we need ferro for anything
    [22:16] <Snunch> dnite might be annoying but we can stop it
    [22:16] <~badass> yeah
    [22:16] <~badass> or should we just power whip
    [22:16] <Snunch> and i would say that i doubt nite has espeed
    [22:17] <Snunch> but hbk is probably using a bad team
    [22:17] <Snunch> so it might
    01[22:17] <yondie> starmie
    01[22:17] <yondie> is lefties
    01[22:17] <yondie> so im not worried about dnite espeed
    01[22:17] <yondie> more worried about dumbass celebi
    01[22:17] <yondie> but u gotta stay in and twave
    [22:17] <~badass> why t wave as opposed to power whip
    01[22:17] <yondie> because
    1[22:17] <yondie> powerwhip
    01[22:17] <yondie> may miss
    [22:17] <Snunch> power whip might miss
    01[22:17] <yondie> twave will assure terra's demise
    [22:18] <~badass> ok
    [22:18] <~badass> yeah
    [22:18] <~badass> starmie?
    01[22:18] <yondie> wlel
    01[22:18] <yondie> you could go
    01[22:18] <yondie> pedo
    01[22:18] <yondie> and scout for espeed
    [22:18] <~badass> if he has RP tho
    01[22:18] <yondie> urg
    01[22:18] <yondie> snunch thoughts?
    [22:19] <Snunch> yeah starmie
    [22:19] <Snunch> hydro
    [22:20] <Snunch> actually maybe spin
    01[22:20] <yondie> thats super risky
    [22:20] <Snunch> starmie lives LO stone edge
    [22:20] <Snunch> im pretty sure
    01[22:20] <yondie> 4hp
    01[22:20] <yondie> ..
    01[22:20] <yondie> no way
    [22:20] <Snunch> i'll calc
    01[22:21] <yondie> f
    [22:21] <~badass> wow.....
    [22:21] <~badass> ....
    [22:21] <~badass> ...
    [22:21] <~badass> ...
    [22:21] <~badass> ...
    [22:21] <~badass> ..
    [22:21] <~badass> ..
    [22:21] <~badass> .
    [22:21] <~badass> .
    [22:21] <~badass> ..
    [22:21] <~badass> ice beam kos too
    01[22:21] <yondie> i guess
    [22:21] <~badass> should we send in dragonite
    [22:21] <~badass> once celebi is dead starm sweep
    01[22:21] <yondie> ur best cance
    01[22:21] <yondie> dnite
    01[22:21] <yondie> if he kos dnite
    01[22:21] <yondie> sharpedo sweep
    01[22:21] <yondie> into starmie clean
    01[22:22] <yondie> follow that?
    [22:23] <~badass> yes
    [22:23] <~badass> if he nasty plots do you want to go to pedo on the psychic
    01[22:23] <yondie> lets see
    01[22:23] <yondie> what he does first
    01[22:24] <yondie> lol
    01[22:24] <yondie> roost
    01[22:24] <yondie> roost
    [22:24] <~badass> Exalant
    [22:24] <~badass> i think roost get that multiscale up
    03[22:25] * Lamppost (Mibbit@i.am.so.cool) has joined #hairyassofshame
    01[22:25] <yondie> SNUNCH
    [22:25] <Lamppost> use fblast
    01[22:25] <yondie> omg
    01[22:25] <yondie> this kid
    01[22:25] <yondie> wants to sac his celebi
    [22:25] <Snunch> thats because
    01[22:25] <yondie> LOL
    [22:25] <Snunch> this guy is bad
    [22:25] <~badass> LOL
    [22:25] <~badass> hurricane timeeeee
    [22:25] <~badass> im Lawling
    [22:26] <~badass> only way we lose is pump miss
    01[22:26] <yondie> lets take it
    01[22:26] <yondie> 1 turn at a time
    01[22:26] <yondie> hes gunna go to dnite now
    01[22:26] <yondie> imo
    01[22:26] <yondie> or just stone edge w/ terra
    01[22:26] <yondie> hoping he goes
    01[22:26] <yondie> for the stone miss
    01[22:27] <yondie> i bet lady salamence calling the shots
    [22:27] <~badass> just sacrifice the dnite
    01[22:27] <yondie> 'hey lets trade panamax... I MEAN STAY IN VS HURRICANE DNITE'
    [22:27] <~badass> well
    [22:27] <~badass> no
    [22:27] <~badass> fuck
    [22:27] <Lamppost> lol
    [22:27] <Lamppost> still salty ic
    [22:27] <~badass> guys
    [22:27] <~badass> his rotom can come in on a sacrifice
    01[22:27] <yondie> what is ur concern
    [22:28] <~badass> and KO both of our waters
    [22:28] <~badass> if we sac dnite
    01[22:28] <yondie> he can only
    01[22:28] <yondie> kill 1 poke
    01[22:28] <yondie> before he dies
    01[22:28] <yondie> and that would be starmie
    [22:28] <~badass> nope
    01[22:28] <yondie> then protect w/ sharp
    [22:28] <~badass> he has 2 attacks
    [22:28] <~badass> 21% hp
    [22:28] <~badass> then his draognite espeed kos
    01[22:28] <yondie> just chill
    01[22:28] <yondie> he may be a dumbfuck
    01[22:28] <yondie> and switch it in now
    03[22:30] * Eo (eo@mort.us) has joined #hairyassofshame
    01[22:30] <yondie> badass
    01[22:30] <yondie> he doesnt see it
    01[22:30] <yondie> w/ rotomw
    01[22:31] <yondie> he probably dismisses it as useless
    [22:31] <Lamppost> hi eo!
    [22:31] <Eo> hello
    01[22:31] <yondie> fuck
    01[22:31] <yondie> fuckkckckckckc
    [22:31] <~badass> we have to sacrifice
    [22:31] <~badass> sharpedo
    [22:31] <~badass> then we can Pave the Path to victory
    01[22:31] <yondie> think this one out
    01[22:31] <yondie> let me
    01[22:31] <yondie> look at this
    01[22:32] <yondie> i believe
    01[22:32] <yondie> you are correct
    [22:32] <~badass> sac the sharpedo, go to starm
    01[22:32] <yondie> sharpedo it is
    [22:32] <~badass> hit it with a thunder
    [22:32] <~badass> when he goes to rotom, dnite can take 2 tbolts
    [22:32] <~badass> ice beam for the win
    [22:32] <~badass> unless he is rock polish but then we're fucked either way :)
    01[22:32] <yondie> indeed
    1[22:32] <yondie> he would have
    01[22:32] <yondie> rock polished by now
    01[22:32] <yondie> no wait
    01[22:32] <yondie> does this
    01[22:32] <yondie> even ohko?
    01[22:32] <yondie> thunder?
    [22:32] <~badass> huh?
    01[22:32] <yondie> FOOL
    01[22:33] <yondie> i knew it
    01[22:33] <yondie> fuck
    [22:33] <~badass> w0w
    [22:33] <~badass> im sorry guise
    01[22:33] <yondie> lol
    01[22:33] <yondie> wtf
    01[22:33] <yondie> failed m
    01[22:33] <yondie> e
    01[22:33] <yondie> (BAN ME PLEASE)
    01[22:33] <yondie> (BAN ME PLEASE)
    01[22:33] <yondie> thaadsduasidhsaifhsadg
    01[22:33] <yondie> adhsgasd
    01[22:33] <yondie> hg
    [22:33] <~badass> We R Foolz
    01[22:33] <yondie> sdaghads
    01[22:33] <yondie> hgsda
    01[22:33] <yondie> hfds
    01[22:33] <yondie> fhds
    01[22:33] <yondie> fhs
    01[22:33] <yondie> af
    01[22:33] <yondie> asdf
    [22:33] <~badass> how did we lose
    01[22:33] <yondie> o
    1[22:33] <yondie> no
    01[22:33] <yondie> ur a fool
    01[22:33] <yondie> FFF
    01[22:33] <yondie> RAGE
    01[22:33] <yondie> <3
    [22:33] <~badass> oh well
    01[22:33] <yondie> dude
    03[22:33] * ~badass (Mibbit@710BEF26.763A16E1.DBCFBE7F.IP) has left #hairyassofshame
    [22:33] <Lamppost> lol
    01[22:33] <yondie> why would you not
    01[22:33] <yondie> ugh
    03[22:33] * Lamppost (Mibbit@i.am.so.cool) has left #hairyassofshame
    01[22:33] <yondie> thats embarrasing
    Session Close: Wed May 23 22:33:49 2012


    <&badass> GG Yondie I lost on Porpoise!!
    <&yondie> badass has been deemed the http://tinyurl.com/awesomezenpanda
    <&reyscarface> :((((((
    <&badass> harry's assofshame
    <&yondie> u had that one won
    <&yondie> X((
    <&uragg> FUCK
    <&badass> i did
    <&badass> 80%
    <&badass> my only regret...
    <&badass> ...
    <&badass> ...is that i have boneitis
    <&yondie> my only regret
    <&yondie> is not using stab 2x super effective move
    <&yondie> boosted by rain
    <&yondie> vs a terrakion
    <&yondie> to win the game
    <&badass> 80% acc!
    <&yondie> 80%>0% chance
    <&badass> I thot it kod

  16. Eo Ut Mortus

    Eo Ut Mortus Elodin Smells
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    Jun 3, 2007
    It's for the rest of us to formulate a strategy, not you :/
  17. Taylor

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    Dec 11, 2006
    me and alice settled on a time this saturday.

    HANTSUKI Rivers in a dry land
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    Apr 24, 2010
    We're scheduling it for Saturday or Sunday
  19. Earthworm

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    Pretty sure we are scheduled for 7:30PM GMT+10 on Monday. (11:30AM for Tomahawk9 and Hot N Cold, 5:30PM for D4RR3N, 7:30PM for me, and 9:30PM for Heist and Hipmonlee)
  20. CZ.


    Oct 2, 2010
    Talking with Shakeitup about times to get it done
  21. Alice

    Alice The worst taste in music

    Jun 23, 2007
    Acrivity, we've been in contact since last weekend, but we had a difficult time trying to figure out a time to play that suits all of us. Fortunately, it seems we're having our match this saturday.
  22. toasdt


    Sep 3, 2011
    contacted our opponents

    i think we can make it this weekend
  23. Nails

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    May 14, 2010
    <Robert> hey
    <Robert> sorry for the time
    <Robert> what about to schedule a time for battle?
    <Robert> maybe this weekend or tomorrow
    <Nails> ok
    <Nails> i'll be on
    <Nails> a ton tomorrow

    from last night. will likely battle today.
  24. Fatecrashers

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    Messaggeri della Dopa has been subbed out for Team Noids
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    Contacting Bloo now
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