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heralds disaster.
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"Bet you weren't expecting this."

[box]Over the hill, your team comes in to view of the enemy. Lined up are a trio of powerful opponents, alert for any attack. Ready to lead your charge, your Dragonite flexes its wings for takeoff, eying the Gliscor in the brush below.

As you make yourself known, barreling down the hill with your Togekiss and Cyclohm, the enemy Pyroak and Colossoil rise up to meet your forces. Blows are swapped as the Gliscor makes towards your dragon overhead.

From the distance you hear thunder rumble as a fierce wind takes up the Pyroak, followed by a shot to the Colossoil; it seems like your Tomohawk is doing his part as well. Routed, the enemy forces retreat further down the valley.

The Inquisition is a competitive format for multiple players and many, many Pokemon, with no PvE elements. It is a rather long RP, with projected completion times measured in weeks to a month or so. It is a game of conquest and control, where skill lies in maintaining your area and disrupting your opponents' formations. A strong player will maintain powerful fronts and make strategic pushes against the foes, while a weak player will overextend themselves and leave vulnerabilities in their ranks.

Without further ado, here is the Pokemon Inquisition!

Table of Contents

- [jump=ASB]ASB Interaction[/jump]
- [jump=Hotfixes]Changelog[/jump]
- [jump=Turn Order]Turn Order[/jump]
- [jump=Turns]Turns[/jump]
- - [jump=Commands]Commands[/jump]
- - [jump=Movement]Movement[/jump]
- - [jump=Status]Status in Movement[/jump]
- - [jump=Initiating Battle]Initiating Battle[/jump]
- [jump=Combat]Combat[/jump]
- - [jump=Battle Rules]Battle Rules[/jump]
- - [jump=Leadership]Leadership[/jump]
- - [jump=Terrain]Terrain[/jump]
- - [jump=Ordering]Ordering[/jump]
- [jump=NSA]Non-Skirmish Actions[/jump]
- - [jump=Ranged Attacks]Ranged Attacks[/jump]
- - [jump=Weather]Weather[/jump]
- - [jump=Hazards]Entry Hazards[/jump]
- - [jump=Other Moves]Other Moves[/jump]
- [jump=DQ]Disqualification[/jump]
- [jump=Game End]End of Game[/jump]
[jump=Signing Up]Signing Up[/jump]
[jump=Refs]Approved Referees[/jump]
[jump=Grid]Sample Grid[/jump]


The main objectives of any Inquisition match are detailed below:

  • Control the majority of Kingdoms
  • Have the largest pool of points when the Turn Limit is reached.
However, certain games may have different objectives; make sure you read them carefully!

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[a]ASB[/a]ASB Interaction

  • The Inquisition does not have any manner of team-lock. It is only exclusive with things that state exclusivity.
  • The Inquisition, being still in beta, is prone to hotfixes that take effect immediately, in all matches, upon implementation.
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  • 12/18/12: Referee compensation has been simplified. Ranged Attacks have been updated to reflect their usage; they now deal halved damage due to their power otherwise. Temporary status is now kept after skirmishes. The Excite and Teleport commands have been added, and Heal can now be used to cure status conditions.
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  • Players are situated as opposing Kingdoms on a grid. The default arrangement is four (4) Kingdoms placed uniformly in a 6 x 6 grid.
  • Each Kingdom brings a predetermined number of Pokemon to act as their Kingdom's army. The default size is six (6).
  • Kingdoms take turns moving their Pokemon, one space at a time, around the board. Moving to an empty space claims ownership of it for that Kingdom.
  • Kingdoms have an income of points based on the amount of area they control. These points are used to heal active Pokemon, as well as to revive Pokemon. These points are also counted up to determine a victor in the event of reaching the Turn Limit.
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Turn Order

  • Turn order in an Inquisition match is cyclical, with the initial order determined via RNG. Between each Kingdom's turn will be a ref update, followed by the turn order for the next round (one turn per Kingdom).
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  • In a turn, a Kingdom will first spend Points to heal and/or revive Pokemon, if desired. Then, the Kingdom will give any move orders to their Pokemon, if desired. Then, if any of these move orders move their Pokemon adjacent to a hostile square, the Kingdom may give battle orders as described later.
  • Any attacked Kingdoms will give counter-orders as appropriate, then the ref will post. The ref's post will contain a pre-round status, the logs of any combat that occurs, then a post-round update.
  • Points earned in a Kingdom's turn may not be used in that turn. A Player obtains 5 Points for each Kingdom they control, and 1 Point for each other tile they control.
  • If an illegal action is ordered in terms of moving to a square or initiating combat, it will be ignored without notification. This is done in the interest of time.
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  • These are the commands that Kingdoms may employ during the phases of their turn.
  • Kingdom Phase: Heal [target, amount]; Revive [target]; Excite [target]. These all cost points.
    • Heal will heal 2 HP per Point. Heal may also be used to cure status conditions, at 10 Points per status.
    • Revive will revive the Pokemon at 1 HP and 50 EN. This costs 50 Points.
    • Excite will increase the movement speed of the target by one square for one turn. This costs 15 Points.
  • Movement Phase: Move <Pokemon> [north, south, east, or west]; Teleport <Pokemon>.
    • Moving a Pokemon onto an enemy Kingdom will conquer that Kingdom. A Kingdom can be conquered even if its units are present. A conquered Kingdom's units are still able to move and conquer; a Player is only truly out of the game once their units are all defeated. Move costs no points.
    • Teleport will automatically move an allied Pokemon to a Castle of the Player's choosing and count as moving. This costs 15 Points.
  • Attack Phase: Attack <Pokemon> [north, south, east, or west]. This costs no points.
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  • Pokemon can be moved one space at a time, and cannot move diagonally.
  • All movement in a Kingdom's turn is simultaneous.
  • Movement in to an empty space claims that space for that Kingdom.
  • No more than three Pokemon may occupy the same space at a time. It is permissible to move one Pokemon in to an otherwise fully occupied space if another Pokemon is leaving that space that same turn, however.
  • A Pokemon that neither moves nor performs an NSA will take a chill, restoring 12 EN.
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[a]Status[/a]Status in Movement

  • When a Pokemon is afflicted with 20% PRZ, SLP, or FRZ, it is unable to move that turn.
  • When a Pokemon afflicted with BRN, PSN, or BPSN moves to a different square, the damage from the status is applied to the Pokemon. The BPSN counter does not increase.
  • If a Pokemon is afflicted with 20% PRZ at the end of the Kingdom's turn, the paralysis will degrade by 5%.
  • Temporary status is kept after the completion of a skirmish, but decays by one action per Kingdom's turn. Status counted in rounds will last until the start of the Kingdom's next turn, like weather.
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[a]Initiating Battle[/a]Initiating Battle

  • After Movement orders are given, a Kingdom may instruct their Pokemon to attack adjacent spaces that contain hostiles. This is accompanied by battle orders, described later.
  • Up to three Pokemon may attack the same space. These Pokemon are treated as one side of a Triples battle, regardless of the number of attackers; in particular, all combat is two actions.
  • The defenders are treated as the other side. Their representative Kingdom gives counter-orders as described later.
  • Only one round of combat is processed before returning to the cycle of Kingdom turns.
  • A team that manages to clear a space of enemies do not move in to that space.
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  • When battle occurs, the attacking Kingdom gives orders for all Pokemon instructed to attack adjacent spaces.
  • No more than three Pokemon can attempt to attack the same space in a turn.
  • The battle format is always considered Switch = KO Triples, regardless of the number of attackers or defenders.
  • Only one round of combat is ever processed. Each battle is its own stand-alone affair. For example, Encore can't be used to lock in a move used in a previous combat.
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[a]Battle Rules[/a]Battle Rules

Combat in the Inquisition follows a very general set of rules that are detailed below:

  • Format: 1-3 v 1-3 Skirmish
  • DQ: 48 Hours
  • Switch: KO
  • Abilities: 1
  • Items: ON
  • Recovers:
  • Chills:
Note that, in general, items are not allowed to be brought in to an Inquisition match. This means that if you are to use items, you must obtain them in a different manner. Crossing disqualification can mean several things, which are prescribed later on. A skirmish is defined as a one round battle.

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  • A Kingdom must declare a "Leader" when attacking directly with more than one Pokemon. If a Kingdom attacks with only one Pokemon, that Pokemon is assumed to be the Leader.
  • As long as the Leader of a force has living allies, the Leader takes halved damage from all sources.
  • When attacked, a defending Kingdom also must declare a Leader if there are at least two Pokemon in the defending space. Attackers issue actions before the defenders declare their Leader, but substitutions based on leadership are allowed.
  • Leadership is declared prior to combat orders.
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  • Each square has a certain Terrain, which may or may not affect combat or other mechanics. Non-standard terrain is often extremely rare, however.
  • A list of the most basic squares are listed below:
    • Plain - No effect.
    • Castle - Gives Pokemon on the square an additional Sturdy ability.
    • Forest - Gives Pokemon on the square +5 Speed and +5% Evasion.
    • Mountain - Gives Pokemon on the square +1 Rank to Attack and Special Attack and +10% Accuracy.
    • Water - Allows only Water-types, Flying-types, and Pokemon with Levitate to pass through or stop on this square.
    • Mystery - Ending a turn on this Tile will trigger something, but what?
    • "Superior senses" and other synonyms are codified as +10 Speed. If the bonus is not explicitly stated, do not assume that it is present. This is for balancing purposes.
  • Terrain can easily be the deciding factor in a skirmish, so use it to your advantage!
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  • When declaring a move into a hostile space, the Kingdom must also declare a Leader and give combat orders. A Leader is given three actions of orders, non-Leaders are given two.
  • Only Leaders act on this third action. Anything that isn't a Leader is helpless during this third action.
  • For the sake of keeping things moving, illegal actions will not be reordered. Instead, they will be counted as either Struggle or a simple fail, depending on the scenario.
  • A sample order for offense may look like this:
[box]Sample Order (Offense)

Fiendish! We'll need to hold our south side, but we have to attack the east! Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu; you guys stay on the south and defend from our enemies there! Regirock, Regice, Registeel; move east and attack!

Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu - Stay Put
Regirock, Regice, Registeel - Move East


Alright guys, let's attack our enemies to the east! Registeel, lead us!

Regirock: Rock Slide - Earthquake [Synchro]
Regice: Blizzard - Earthquake [Synchro]
Registeel: Flash Cannon (Raticate) - Earthquake [Synchro] - Flash Cannon (Raticate)
(All) IF (Thunder Wave OR Scary Face is used on A1 or A2) THEN (Replace Earthquake with Rock Slide)[/box]

  • After the attacking Kingdom posts with all actions, each Kingdom attacked responds with a post for their own units. They specify their Leader after the attacking Kingdom orders.
  • A sample action may look like this:
[box]Sample Order (Defense)

Oh no! We can't have them overrun our territory! Raticate, lead the defense!

Raticate: Dig (Regice) - Protect - Super Fang (Regirock)
Rattata: Super Fang (Regirock) - Protect[/box]
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[a]NSA[/a]Non-Skirmish Actions

  • Actions outside of movement and skirmish fights that can be used.
  • A Pokemon cannot engage in a skirmish AND a non-skirmish action in one turn.
  • If even one Pokemon within a unit uses an NSA, the entire unit is unable to attack another square that turn. Likewise, a unit that attacks another square cannot have even one Pokemon use an NSA.
  • NSAs include Ranged Attacks, Weather, and Other Moves.
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[a]Ranged Attacks[/a]Ranged Attacks

Instead of direct combat, indirect combat in the form of Ranged Attacks can also be used; only one action may be issued, but there is no fear of retaliation. Because of the long distance, Ranged Attacks deal halved damage. In order for a unit to order a ranged attack, the following criteria must all be fulfilled.

  1. The attacking Pokemon must be the only Pokemon in its square.
  2. The following attacks are the only moves that can be used as Ranged Attacks: Acrobatics, Aerial Ace, Aeroblast, Air Slash, Aura Sphere, Brave Bird, Chatter, Dark Pulse, Dragon Pulse, Drill Peck, Gust, Hurricane, Peck, Pluck, Water Pulse, Wing Attack. Thunder while it is raining and SolarBeam while it is sunny work as well.
  3. This Ranged Attack must be the only Ranged Attack targeted at the target square.
  4. The target square must be exactly two moves away, whether it be one diagonal or a line two squares long.
Ranged Attacks are exempt from the rule that states up to three Pokemon may target a given square per turn; this means that a party of three Pokemon could issue a direct attack on a square, and then follow up with a Ranged Attack. In this scenario, the encounter would progress normally, with the exception that the Ranged Attack issued would be added on before the skirmish as unavoidable damage, providing the attack hits.

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  • Weather can be set up in two ways: within a skirmish and outside of a skirmish.
  • If used in a skirmish, then the weather affects only that skirmish and ends at the end of the skirmish.
  • If used outside of a skirmish, then the Pokemon may not move or attack during the turn. Doing so will make the weather come into effect before any other moves within the turn, so if a Pokemon sets up Rain Dance while another three start a skirmish, that skirmish will have rain in effect. Doing so will also allow the weather to last until the start of the Kingdom's next turn.
  • Pokemon with Sand Stream, Snow Warning, Drought, or Drizzle are able to move and summon their weather in the same turn. Weather summoned by these abilities within a skirmish will still only last for the duration of the skirmish, but will only cost 5 EN.
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[a]Hazards[/a]Entry Hazards

  • Instead of dealing damage upon switching in, Entry Hazards in the Inquisition function defensively.
  • After moving or not moving, a Pokemon can be commanded to use an Entry Hazard; it will last until the start of the Kingdom's next turn. When the Pokemon's unit is attacked, the hazard will take effect on the attacking team.
  • Multiple Pokemon within a unit can use Hazards in the same turn. However, the normal limit applies; there can only be a maximum of one layer of Stealth Rock, two layers of Toxic Spikes, and three layers of Spikes.
  • The EN cost for all three of these moves are unchanged.
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[a]Other Moves[/a]Other Moves

  • Non-weather effects such as Trick Room only affect the skirmish that they are used in.
  • Heal Pulse is used on one specific adjacent square, healing each Pokemon in that square for twenty (20) HP. The EN cost is adjusted to 14 times the number of Pokemon in the square, minus one for STAB.
  • Heal Bell and Aromatherapy affect the square of the user, at the cost of 10 EN, minus one for STAB.
  • Moves that would come into effect at the end of the next round, such as Yawn and Future Sight, come instead at the end of the skirmish it is used in, counted as residual damage if applicable.
  • Forme-changing also counts as an NSA, and so a Pokemon may not change its forme and attack in the same turn. Rotom may not switch into different appliances throughout the course of one match.
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As an Inquisition match can stretch over a longer duration of time, disqualification may come into play. The mechanics are explained below:

  • If it is a Kingdom's turn to move and the Player crosses DQ, then the Kingdom earns no points and performs no actions.
  • If it is a Kingdom's turn to respond in battle and the Player crosses DQ, then the opposing Kingdom attacks without retaliation.
  • After the third instance of crossing DQ, a Player may opt to call a vote to disqualify the offending Player. If the majority of the Players agree, then the Player is disqualified. After the fifth instance of crossing DQ, the Player is automatically disqualified.
  • A disqualified Player's Kingdom disappears, and all squares owned by the Player's Kingdom revert to being unclaimed.
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[a]End of Game[/a]End of Game

The game can end in one of two ways.
  • 1) A Kingdom has the majority of the Kingdoms in its possession at the end of a turn.
  • 2) The Turn Limit is reached, in which case whoever has the most Kingdoms conquered wins.
    • In the event of a tie, the Player with the highest amount of Points unspent wins.
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[a]Signing Up[/a]Signing Up

  • Players can challenge each other or invite others to Inquisitions in the same manner as TLRs or Tower matches. Approved referees may pick up and ref the oldest confirmed match (e.g. matches with all players accounted for). These matches are restricted to the standard match sizes (6x6 Grid, 4 Kingdoms)
  • Keep in mind that referees do, in fact, have limits, and so matches created in this way may take longer to be accepted.
  • A sample challenge or signup post would look like this:
[box]Example Sign-Up Post 1

Looking for an Inquisition match! Obviously, it's a 6x6 Grid with 4 Kingdoms...

Example Sign-Up Posts 2, 3, 4


  • Referees may also put up challenges from time to time, most likely with a special twist. When doing so, the referee must include the grid that will be used.
  • Signups for these challenges will usually last for about two days, and the player list will be determined by a first-come-first-serve method or randomization; a combination of the two may also occur.
[box]Example Referee Challenge Post

Opening up a new match!

This one will have an 8x8 Grid as well as 6 Kingdoms!

Example Player Sign-Up Posts


Example Referee Closing Post

Signups are now closed. Our player list is:

Deck Knight
Engineer Pikachu
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  • Each Player receives CC equal to the number of Players in the match. Each of their Pokemon receive 2 EC, 4 MC, and 2 DC; in the event that the Pokemon's EC and DC are already filled, then they gain 6 MC instead. For each Pokemon that a Player kills, the Player gains 2 KOC to be used on any of the six Pokemon brought to the match.
    • Pokemon with full movepools gain 1x the CC bonus for full movepools. It is not changed in any way, shape, or form.
  • For each match, there exists a "pot of rewards" that contains CC equal to two the number of Players and KOC equal to four times the number of Players.
    • The winner of the Inquisition match wins the 1.5 times the entire pot—that is, 3x CC and 6x KOC—if he wins through the first condition, namely conquering the majority of Kingdoms.
    • If the winner wins through the second condition—highest number of points—he gains the entire pot, which is 2x CC and 4x KOC.
    • In the event of multiple winners, which can only happen through the second condition, the pot is split evenly among the winners, and is rounded normally.
  • A disqualified Player receives halved CC, halved battle counters, and no KOC, rounded down if applicable.

  • The referee gets 1 UC for each update (one per Kingdom's turn), as well as 0.5 UC per Pokemon per skirmish.
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[a]Refs[/a]Approved Referees

Engineer Pikachu
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[a]Grid[/a]Sample Grid

|      |      |      |      |      |      |
|  K4  |      |      |      |      |  K3  |
|      |      |      |      |      |      |
|      |      |      |      |      |      |
|      |      |      |      |      |      |
|      |      |      |      |      |      |
|      |      |      |      |      |      |
|      |      |      |      |      |      |
|      |      |      |      |      |      |
|      |      |      |      |      |      |
|      |      |      |      |      |      |
|      |      |      |      |      |      |
|      |      |      |      |      |      |
|      |      |      |      |      |      |
|      |      |      |      |      |      |
|      |      |      |      |      |      |
|  K1  |      |      |      |      |  K2  |
|      |      |      |      |      |      |
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heralds disaster.
I will host a Beta Match, as will Engi!

Each match will use the standard 6x6, four-kingdom grid with no Terrain except Kingdom tiles.

I will play in Engi's match, and Engi will play in mine.

Engineer Pikachu

Good morning, you bastards!
is a Contributor Alumnus
I will be hosting a Beta Match as well.

The rules of this match are found in the post above, and the grid can be found in the post above that.

As a note, players for the Beta Matches (six excluding us) will be handpicked from the pool of participants that sign up; we want to ensure that these matches go as quickly as possible.

EDIT: We highly recommend that you read and understand all of the rules contained in the OP. They do a good job of answering most questions that you may have.


heralds disaster.
Signups may commence! Sign up here. Engineer will choose three of the signups, and I will choose three of them.

Engi and I will post our pre-determined, themed teams after all other contestants have been chosen. Each of us will focus on a specific strategy that needs testing in the Inquisition.

Engineer Pikachu

Good morning, you bastards!
is a Contributor Alumnus
Alright, after cutting some of the list and randomizing the rest, these people are in Engineer Beta Match.

2. Flamestrike
3. Maxim

PM me your six Pokemon. Lou's team has already been determined and will be revealed with the OP.


heralds disaster.
Same here. This is the list for the LouisCyphre Beta Match.

2. SimonSays
3. Lord Jesseus

PM me your six Pokemon. Engineer's team has already been determined and will be revealed with the OP.