The Nuzlocke Games (Accepting Subs)

Approved by Mario With Lazers

Welcome to the 1st Smogon Nuzlocke Games!
Credit to Inanimate Blob and Geodude6 for helping
Credit to the Nuzlocke Forums for the original proposal

The time has come to select 24 courageous tributes to compete in the Orange Islands' very own Nuzlocke Games! The tributes will be tested on their in-game and competitive pokemon knowledge. But remember, you will be using Mightyena and Gardevoir, not Drizzletoed and Tyrantiar! Regular nuzlocke rules appy.

24 tributes will be assigned a district (flavor purposes onky)(signups in this thread) from the people who signed up. They will be required to post updates within 72 hours of the first tribute reaching the next checkpoint. They will participate in elimination, one-chance battles on a regular basis. If there are more than 2 people left at the last checkpoint, a phase called the Grand Finale will begin See Grand Finale

There are 18 total checkpoints. The first tribute to reach a checkpoint may select one other tribute to battle in the style that Gamemaker Geodude and I have pre-determined. You may not move on from the checkpoint until Geodude6 or I say so. There is a TBD level cap for each checkpoint. You may go above this level with no ill effects, but will be unable to use that pokemon in an elimination battle.

If you did not make the cut, or did not wish to battle, there will be sponsors. Sponsors start out with 1200 creds, and get 200 more at each checkpoint. Additionally, sponsors may bet on elimination battles to get more credits.To bet or gift post in the thread and me or Gamemaker Geodude will approve. Hack in any items or Pokémon you receive.

Online Battles:
All battles (unless agreed on by both players) will take place on Pokemon Showdown. Pokemon that die in online battle do not die in-game. The winner of an elimination battle may steal one pokemon from the loser. You must screenshot the pokes you will be using for them to count, however you may PM the movepools to me, g6 or blob if you don't want that public before a battle. You are immediately eliminated after losing an online match.

Two or more tributes may be in alliance. Alliances allow other tributes to "borrow" their pokemon for the Online Battles. Alliances may be broken at any time without warning.

Grand Finale:
If three or more tributes are left after the 18 checkpoints, the Grand Finale phase begins. Hint: If you die, keep watching because your role may not be over!

You may only post 2 things in this thread. Updates, or Flavor. You may not post "GL Blob" or "darnit y didnt u winn blob", as that clogs the thread. Those posts will be subject to moderation

Additionally, if you win, you are a Gamemaker next round.
Reserving post for Sponsor Gift list.

Sponsor Item List

5x Antidote: 50 Creds
5x Parlyz Heal: 30 Creds
5x Awakening: 30 Creds
5x Burn Heal: 40 Creds
5x Ice Heal: 20 Creds
5x Full Heal: 100 Creds
5x Old Gateau: 100 Creds
1x Full Restore: 100 Creds
5x Potion: 50 Creds
5x Super Potion: 110 Creds
5x Hyper Potion: 180 Creds
1x Max Potion 50 Creds
5x Ether: 20 Creds
5x Max Ether: 60 Creds
5x Elixir: 40 Creds
5x Max Elixir: 90 Creds
1x HP Up: 50 Creds
1x Protein: 80 Creds
1x Iron: 50 Creds
1x Calcium: 80 Creds
1x Zinc: 50 Creds
1x Carbos: 60 Creds
1x PP Up: 80 Creds
1x PP Max: 140 Creds
1x Rare Candy: 170 Creds
5x Fresh Water: 110 Creds
5x Soda Pop: 140 Creds
5x Lemonade: 160 Creds
5x Moomoo Milk: 160 Creds
5x Berry Juice: 50 Creds
5x Heal Powder: 80 Creds
5x EnergyPowder: 90 Creds
5x Energy Root: 150 Creds

One-Use Bag Items:
5x Repel: 20 Creds
5x Super Repel: 40 Creds
5x Max Repel: 80 Creds
1x Escape Rope: 50 Creds
1x PokéDoll: 80 Creds

Evolutionary Items
1x Fire Stone: 700 Creds
1x Water Stone: 700 Creds
1x Thunderstone: 700 Creds
1x Leaf Stone: 700 Creds
1x Moon Stone: 700 Creds
1x Shiny Stone: 700 Creds
1x Sun Stone: 700 Creds
1x Dusk Stone: 700 Creds
1x Dawn Stone: 700 Creds
1x Everstone: 100 Creds
1x Link Cable: 700 Creds
(Link Cable allows one free evolution on a pokemon that evolves by trading, e.g. Gengar)

Poke Balls:
5x Poke Ball: 100 Creds
5x Great Ball: 300 Creds
5x Ultra Ball: 500 Cres
1x Master Ball: 1200 Creds
5x Any assortment of Apricorn Balls: 400 Creds
Any other Poke Balls: 350 Creds

5x Oran Berry: 10 Creds
5x Sitrus Berry: 60 Creds
5x Status Healing Berry: 100 Creds
5x Type Reducing Berry: 300 Creds
5x Other Berries: 250 Creds


Sponsor List: PM me, Blob or G6 to me a Sponsor.
Houndoomsday: 1190 Creds
Espeon65: 950 Creds
Incoleo: 1200 Creds
shinyskarmory: 1090 Creds
Deinosaur: 1200 Creds
The Reptile: 1200 Creds
GottaLoveMeloetta: 1200 Creds

Gift List (Tell me when you hack things in, so I can get rid of some of this):
5x Super Potion


Look at my shiny CT!
All battles will be 4v4 singles, BUT if a challenger for whatever reason has less than 4 Pokémon, the battle will be adjusted accordingly. (ie, if yoshinite has the required 4 mons but Inanimate Blob has only 3 mons, then the battle will be 3v3 singles)

1. After Roark (Lv 15, Roark's trump is level 14)
2. After Galactic Eterna Building (Lv 23, Jupiter's trump is level 20 and these levels should be fine given that nothing in the chateau surpasses the mid teens)
3. After Fantina (Lv 29, Fantina's trump is Lv 26)
4. After Maylene (Lv 33, Maylene's trump is level 32)
5. After Wake (Lv 39, allows for grinding 3 levels in the gym. Wake's trump is level 37)
6. After Candice (Lv 47, Candice's trump is level 64 never mind I was looking at the rematch, her trump is level 44)
7. After Giratina (Lv 53, Cyrus' trump is level 48 but he's tough as hell, Giratina is level 47)
8. Before League (Lv 57)
9. After League (Lv 65, Cynthia's trump is level 78 62)
Signups are officially open. Accepting people on a first come, first serve basis. (with subs)
May the odds be ever in you favor...


Districts are for flavor only.

District 1: The Unlucky one
District 2: Ashley11
District 3: celever
District 4: Focus
District 5: RedNeck Holsety,
District 6: kingmitus
District 7: Geodude6's sister
District 8: Tyranitarphantom
District 9: Organization Member XIV
District 10: cap
District 11: MrcRanger97
District 12: GG bro
in. not so active in Orange Islands but Platinum is easily my favorite pokemon game.

I just want some more clarity. Are you eliminated when losing an online match? Or is it just a consequence of having one of your mons stolen


Look at my shiny CT!
In. Not for me, but for my sister as she is 9 and thus can't join due to COPPA.

And you are eliminated if you lose an online match.
Eh, in. So this is basically a nuzlocke, upon reaching chekpoints you battle on showdown and whoever loses is out?

What if you get to a checkpoint and no one else is there? Also, if a pokemon dies in the online battle do you have to release it in-game?


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This looks quite fun, and relatable to the Rival Challenge from a while ago. Unfortunately, I' l'm out of town with no DS until friday, so I'll settle for sponsorship instead.
Hi! Due to less than expected participants, we are starting the Nuzlocke Games. YOU MAY NOW POST UPDATES, AND SPONSOR (ONLY UPDATE TO THE FIRST CHECKPOINT, THEN STOP)
Good luck Nuzlockers! Do your best! But just one question about the Sponsor List. Shouldn't the Sun Stone be on the list for 700 creds? Because its not on there currently.
Question about checkpoints. Due to the fact that there are 12 tributes but 13 checkpoints at minimum, and likely more after that, what will happen once the inevitable situation that only 1 tribute is left plays out? Does he or she win the Games?
Just beat Roark. Not sure if that is still a checkpoint right now but I just wanted to put that out there. Will post proof and a bit more stuff via edit in a little bit. Have some quick stuff to do. Gl everyone else! Also, do I have to post a story telling or a narration of my Nuzlocke? Or is it preferred that I hide my information. Also, do I have to decide on who to challenge now?

Here it is:
Just beat Roark. Not sure if that is still a checkpoint right now but I just wanted to put that out there. Will post proof and a bit more stuff via edit in a little bit. Have some quick stuff to do. Gl everyone else! Also, do I have to post a story telling or a narration of my Nuzlocke? Or is it preferred that I hide my information. Also, do I have to decide on who to challenge now?

Here it is:
Yup, that's a checkpoint. Additionally, I would post your team so we can know if you met the level cap or not.