The Nuzlocke Games (Accepting Subs)

Ok thanks, back in the running then. Have a disadvantage thougoh... :(

Oh well, I have speed-up suckers :P

Oh wait, my emulator doesn't have speed up @_@

Edit: since I dropped out could I have extended time? I'm starting late. :[

I've made it to the first checkpoint. I caught many Pokemon along the way, but I narrowed my team down to four. Thankfully, there were no casualties. Due to the level cap, I couldn't use all the Pokemon I wanted, but I'll be able to use them by the next checkpoint. One of my Pokemon grew very close to me as I trained my Pokemon, and it evolved via happiness! I also made a few allies along the way, so I believe I'll be a top contender to be the victor. THE GROOSE IS LOOSE! ALL GLORY TO DISTRICT 8!

Seriously though.
Also you must publicly post your team, but you can keep the moves secret. Also, some sponsors have informed that they will just sponsor the person with the best flavor;)
^Will post flavor after I'm done with my wifi battle and such. I really hope other people do that as well!

EDIT: Apparently, time is up for everyone that's name is not celever. Will take a screenshot of my team along with everyone else.

Since not everyone has posted an update are we going to disqualify the ones who have not posted an update
EDIT: Update

Abra and Psyduck died :(
Have fun
President Yoshinite sat in his room, staring at his telescreen. "Tsk, tsk tsk, not everyone has beaten my mutation Roark. I expected more of them, especially Holsety. However, I don't want to do anything yet, mustn't anger the sponsors! I'll give them a day to beat it, but after that, something very bad might happed to them.


Since not everyone has posted, you all have until 12:00AM GMT +5 Sunday to beat Roark and post team, or else me and the Gamemakers will do something very bad to you.
Flavor Time
I set out from Twinleaf Town, with my new partner Turtwig. In Sandgem Town that old pedophile professor gave me some thing called a Pokedex, and his kidnapping victim assistant taught me to catch a Pokemon, even though I already knew how to do that x_x. Along the way I caught a Starly, and Jubilife was bustling. This really weird guy from the International Police-he said anyways-caught me and Dawn off guard. I've never seen such a big city, but then being in a four house town my whole life didn't help that. Some random fat guy told me that I could get this watch called a Poketech if i got three coupons from clowns by answering questions. Those questions were too easy though.I met up with Barry in the Trainer's School, and with his usual hyper active ADHD attitude he accepted the Town Map, although there were two, so he decided to give me one. It's kinda useful I guess, but not really. Barry decided to battle me, but my Starly died during the fight :(. On the way from Jubilife to Oreburgh, I fought some trainers, caught another Starly and a Psyduck, and tried to figure out what the hell to do with this Poketech. I eventually got to Oreburgh, where some snotty little kid who thought he was the shit taught me about Gyms-like I didn't know about them already. Barry was waiting at the door, bitching about how Roark was in the Oreburgh mines and not at his gym to take battles. Soooooo because Barry was too lazy I went to find Roark, catching an Onix while in the mines. After I got Roark to go to his gym, I went there as well. The battle wasn't easy, however. My Psyduck was easily able to best his Onix and Geodude, but Cranidos was another story. I'd never seen the Pokemon before, although apparently it was a Rock type like Geodude and Onix. It's Headbutts were powerful, but Turtwig was stronger, eventually beating it. I got some shiny badge, as well as a TM for Stealth Rock, the most important move in the game a TM I'll probably never use.
Ok maybe I'm not back in, since pokesav isn't working for me. I decided I would try it (I was just going to download a starly, and I caught a starly by the point anyway) but, despite selecting the platinum version, it would only let me put the starly on pokemon firered omega, crystal or emerald...
I expected more of them, especially Holsety.
What did I do besides ask you to PM me any and all alliance details you knew about on four separate occasions?

Legal stuff:

There is the badge and team evidence above. While all are capable to be used in battle, I've decided to use Bibarel Luxio and Staravia in this first battle should I be selected.

At long last, flavor time(!)
"Life is just a funny blending of experiences" was the only thought running through my head as my quest for survival began. Running from objective to objective with my trusty ally Turtwig, more allies were made along the way, each slightly more useful than the last (Bidoof, Luxio, Staravia; named Doomsday, Ms. Hyde, and Get Well respectively). Rival Nolan proves to be as incompetent as any other NPC and Roark scores a critical hit....with pursuit. gg.
Otherwise I caught a Geodude, Zubat, and Ponyta. Anyone who watches Survivor might be able to figure out why I named Ponyta Danni.

Also on a side note Celever I think you are stressing out too much over the concept of hacking in team members, especially since there is no moment you are forced to hack one in unless you win a match.
Proof of first gym Badge

Update #1 - And so it begins

I awoke on a cold morning, something was different about today- my arch nemesis/ best friend/ fellow tribute Barry was all eager and it smelt like today was a good day to enter the first ever annual Nuzlocke Games. Barry and I set out north from our home in Poke-district 9 "Twinleaf town"

We soon ran into the commissioner of the games and were given our very own pokemon. I chose a rather Hardy looking Chimchar and he a fierce Piplup. “Why don’t you nickname that Chimchar said la commissionaire as I arrived in Sandgem town about to set out on our journey. I thought long and hard and decided to name my partners after my favourite sport. “Flame we’ll call you”

Flame and I set out back home to say goodbye perhaps once and for all to my mother. Through tearful eyes she could do nothing but hold me. “It’s time to go” I said, starting for the door on an incredible adventure. “Just win!” she called after me, breaking down in our living room as I left her there not knowing if this was the last time I would ever see my mother.

We set out upon the road – Flame and I and encountered our first new friend a Bidoof I named Canuck. Along the way to Jubilife we also met our friend Panther the Shinx. On the other end of Jubilife we met Maple Leaf the Budew as we made north for the ravaged path. After a fierce journey we arrived to find the way blocked. A boy outside the cave told me we needed to go get an HM and a gym badge from Oreburgh city to get through. Just as we were about to leave a Zubat appeared, nearly killing Flame due to confusion- at the last second a pokeball was thrown and Flyer joined our team.

On the way to Oreburgh we met Red Wing the Starly and found Barry- “Should we have a little practice?” he yelled- “Alright” I responded- but don’t cry when I send you to the losers lounge. It seemed for now at least, Barry was all talk as I made short work of his team. When finally I arrived in Oreburgh though he was back and energetic as ever.

The gym leader is a rock type eh? Said Barry. Looking at my team I noticed that without Maple Leaf we were distinctly overmatched in Type categories so I ran off into the mine to look for something to give me the advantage in the coming battle. The mine is where I met Hurricane the Geodude- and then we took an excursion north and I found Oiler the Machop. With 8 Pokémon in the party I finally felt comfortable entering our first real challenge.

The Oreburgh Pokemon gym was unlike anything I’d ever seen before. Roark explained that in order to get the rights to advance to the next phase of the games I had to defeat him in 1 on 1 combat. 3 pokemon each: a fight to the death. We both lead with our Geodudes, but Hurricanes power eventually brought victory. Next he used Cranidos and with Hurricane in the orange tried to outsmart me with pursuit. Hurricane was too fast after rock polishing though and dealt a devastating blow to Cranidos. While Roark was healing, we used the chance to escape and brought in Oiler. Within a few quick turns- the Machop had brought down his fossilized Dinosaur as well as his oversized Rock Snake. I was victorious. I was bruised, battered but after a quick trip to the Pokémon centre none the worse for wear. Back to Jubilife and north towards Floaroma town. I was training in the grass, getting stronger day by day- when suddenly in the distance…

The team so far


Red Wing






Maple Leaf
Thank you Shiny Skarmory, thank you :)

I'm going to need help hacking the things in to my file though. Can I use Pokesav with just a cartridge?

EDIT: So we arrange online battles via PM? Also for online battles should we just assume 0 IVs and EVs as well as for hacking Pokemon in?

DOUBLE EDIT: Are evasion boosting moves allowed?

What about EVs and IVs though :(?
Also yeah hi new sponsor!
The first person to reach a checkpoint (in this case TUO, will decide who to battle, all moves allowed, then arrange it over PM
Another quick question, for the online battles should we use Gen V mechanics or Gen IV mechanics? I'd have to say Gen IV because stuff like Gen V Sturdy would be unfair when we are basing the battles off of Platinum.