The Philip7086 Smack Talk Thread

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It's pretty obviously a toxicroak you morans.

And cute logos are terrible... I don't know what your obsessions with them are. You don't see the Carolina Panthers using a chibi animal for a logo... -_-
appreciate the critique so far

Would you say any other logos are similarly unclear in which pokemon they aim to represent? I remember there was similar feedback with the tyrants
you should play for the smog frogs, lavos spawn. you have enough personality, nerves, talents, and uniqueness to be a frog. Go impress lonelyness now

the WhiteQueen is an equal opportunity hater. At least I have integrity, impartiality, and don't play those petty childish elementary games. The only game i play is Pokemon and I win and keep winning playing it

By the way, I am sorry to disappoint my gay fans on here, but I am not gay. I'm just über gay friendly, that's all. I have even done drag for halloween once because my gay friends wanted me to. Sorries!
It appears LN is challenging WhiteQueen for the highest amount of (terrible) posts in this thread.

LN's off to a good start, but if WQ remains consistent, I don't think he will be beaten in this category; however, with WQ's ICBB status, LN could pull off an upset.
We interacted that one time you johned me for the UU Open and then got the activity win, as well as that time in the All Gens tourney where you also johned for a good amount of time before I beat you.

"Fitting in with the cool crowd" and "being relevant" are clearly matters with which you have much experience; please, teach me!
Why the fuck are you greentexting on Smogon?

Also, where is the logic in that argument? If someone is annoying [hint: in this scenario, it's you] then they shouldn't be calling other people annoying, unless I'm mistaken.
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