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Challenge The Scramble Challange

Discussion in 'Orange Islands' started by Its_A_Random, Apr 16, 2010.

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  1. HotDave


    Nov 7, 2008
    Well I may only have 4 pokemon given to me, but that's not gonna stop me from starting my challenge. Quick recap:
    TheMan the Charmander: Only level-up moves and 1 TM/HM. Solo Misty for Charmeleon, Blaine for Charizard.

    PIKACHUUUU the Pikachu: Must always know Double Team and Thunderbolt ASAP. Solo a complete Gym + 2 other Gym leaders main pokemon. Solo all Pikachu and Raichu. As Raichu, solo all Dragon and Flying pokemon unless it interferes with another challenge.

    Hornhauser the Beedrill: Must know Twinneedle and Mega Drain. Use Agility 3 times against one of Giovanni's pokemon. Solo 3 of Agatha's pokemon.

    Ptera the Aerodactyl (formerly HMSlave the Farfetch'd) Use Farfetch'd, which must know Cut and Fly, until I get to Cinnabar. It must land the finishing blow against Lance with Dragon Rage and solo at least 2 of Blaine's pokemon.

    I realize there is a conflict between Ptera and TheMan, and I am working to get that ironed out.

    Badge 1: Brock
    If pokemon was a spectator sport, this match would have gotten the both of us booed off the field. After a match against Brock in which I wonder why Poison Sting doesn't hit anything, Round 2 began. With a team of TheMan, Hornhauser, and PIKACHUUUU, and a combined total of 0 moves that hit for neutral between them (and one pokemon that can't do any damage), I was up for a hard fight.
    Despite not being able to do any hit point damage, PIKACHUUUU was great by letting me get Onix to -6 attack so that Ember could eventually beat him. Hornhauser didn't really do much save lowering speed, and would have been better used coming in to take bide damage. TheMan was my only real source of damage for the battle, but the MVP of the first gym has to be PIKACHUUUU who definitely aimed for the horn with Growl and crippled Onix.

    My last two team members have been kidnapped by Ninjask. Are you bad enough dudes to give me two more team members? Its A Random apparently is. One more now. Poliwrath will be my third weak to electricity, so no more of those.
  2. Athenodoros

    Athenodoros Official Smogon Know-It-All

    Mar 13, 2010
    I will give you a member. You get an Oddish, which can only evolve once, by soloing a gym leader. Call it 'Sprout'.
  3. plurple


    Dec 16, 2010
    Damn I had a good Haunter restriction I was gonna give him. Oh wells. =

    EDIT: Since Oddish was rejected I'll give you a Ghastly. This Ghastly is kind of an outcast, though, 'cause he never gets tired. Always awake he yearns for Pokemon to stay awake with him, and never fall asleep. Thus, he cannot learn Rest, Hypnosis, or Dream Eater. Also must switch out if a Pokemon is put to sleep. I know this gets rid of his level up move pool so I'm giving you no TM restrictions. The other Ghastlys are confused by his behavior so in order to evolve he must down 5 trained Pokemon with the last hit coming from confusion. Name him Fidget.
  4. HotDave


    Nov 7, 2008
    Oddish is rejected due to being Red only.
  5. Lightsabre


    Aug 1, 2008
    Well, I've gotten off to a good start to my challenge, I'll make this my base post that I'll keep updating

    pokemon requirements (open)

    Pokemon so far (open)

    Mastermind the Typhlosion
    Mild lv 58

    TO EVOLVE TO QUILAVA: Solo Bugsy 1/1

    TO EVOLVE TO TYPHLOSION: Solo Jasmine 1/1

    AFTER TYPHLOSION: Solo Karen of E4 1/1

    MOVESET: Flamethrower/Eruption/Flame Wheel/Focus Punch

    reasons, Flamethrower is basic STAB, Eruption for high power, Flame Wheel for Physical, and Focus Punch for coverage. I used to have swift, but I needed Focus Punch to solo Karen.

    POST E4: During the E4 he was kinda a no-show. He soloed Karen with a bit of luck and some Focus punch hits, but that's about it. However, he still has the MVP award by a mile.

    MVP beyond a doubt

    Naive lv 58

    SOLO 3 GYM LEADERS(one from Kanto) 3/3(Falkner, Whitney, Broc)

    SOLO 1 E4: 1/1

    SOLO 2 OF RED'S PKMN: 0/2

    MOVESET: Headbutt/Cut/Surf/Rock Smash

    Reasons, Headbutt for STAB, I've had it since early game and really didn't feel like replacing it with Strength. Cut is just an HM, Rock Smash is an HM which was useful early on, and it's had its uses mid-game as well. Surf is the oddball move, but it has been perhaps the move usefull move other than Headbutt.

    POST E4: Headbutt hax fot the win! yes, that's how he soloed the first member of the Elite 4. He then coasted through letting the other behemouths do the bulk of the work, but I took him back out to solo Broc. Yeah, Furret soloed Broc, who would've thought? Rock Smash of all moves saved the day

    Quirky lv 57(male)

    TO EVOLVE TO ARIODOS: Solo 5 trainers using only Leech Life 5/5---COMPLETE!!!!!

    MOVESET: Bug Bite/Leech Life/Night Shade/Shadow Sneak

    Reasons, Bug Bite is for STAB, and to avoid the really annoying gym/E4 pokemon that have Sitrus Berries. Night Shade was a HUGE blessing early on, and it's still VERY useful. Shadow sneak is my only trust-worthy priority move, and it was usefull against the Ghost type Gym, and it's pretty useful against most Psycics, since they tend towards low DEF

    POST E4: He's been solid, but not scary good. Night Shade is very useful against types that I don't have a true answer to, but those are decreasing in number. Still, he's better than...

    Lax lv 31

    MOVESET: Drain Punch/Shadow Punch/Payback/Sucker Punch

    Reasons, UGGHHH!!!!! This thing is LVP beyond a shadow of a doubt. The only time he's ever looked good was the Ghost type gym. I did the best I could with the moves allowed. Drain Punch and Shadow Punch are perfect coverage, with Sucker Punch for gimpy priority. Payback is just filler, though idk what I'll fill it with.

    LVP, uncontested, my HM slave pidgey spends more time in my party...

    POST E4: The only thing that might've looked good on this guys resume is that he soloed the Hitmontop in the E4.

    Lonely lv 58

    TO EVOLVE TO GRANBULL: SOLO Petrel with a move with a BP of <41 OR.... KO Lance's Dragonite in the double battle and then solo the rest of the pokemon. 1/1 COMPLETE!!!(soloed Petrel with Rage ^^)

    MOVESET: Strength/Ice Fang/Thunder Fang/Bite

    Reasons, This guy is really comming on now, especialy since I got the fangs. Strength is really relliable STAB, fangs for coverage, and bite(to be replaced with Crunch) gives it even better SE coverage. I chose Ice and Thunder because A) I don't have either of those types on anything else, and B) because Mastermind has PLENTY of fire(type) power

    POST E4: Everybody fear Lance, right? Well, here's your solution! This dude seriously handled the whole team, though I let godzilla in on a bit of it so I could get my ATK back up.

    godzilla the Tyranitar
    Impish lv 58

    TO EVOLVE TO PUPITAR: SOLO 25 Trained pokemon 25/25 COMPLETE; Finnish the Rocket Invasion 1/1
    TO EVOLVE TO TYRANITAR: SOLO 75 MORE trained pokemon 75/75; defeat the E4 1/1
    AS TYRANITAR: SOLO 15 KANTO GYM Leader pokemon 3/15; SOLO 2 of Red's pokemon 0/2

    MOVESET: Rock Slide/Earthquake/Crunch/Stone Edge
    Reasons, Pupitar is still in his learning stages, but Rock Slide+Dig is no laughing matter. Payback was just a lv up move that I grabbed, because I'm actualy faster than most things I face. Screech is my non-attacking move of choice

    POST E4: I decided to leave the Pupitar explanation beause that's all he was pre-E4, but not this guy is the official physical titan of the team. His ATK, DEF,HP,and SPDEF are all the best of the team, and his moveset eliminates pretty much anything that he has any buisness doing buisness with. I used Surge to evolve him, so I didn't get the pokemon to count for the 15 limit, but I've got time, and gyms, to kill.

    Update 1: Early indications are good. Thankfuly Sentret has a good special move pool, and moves like Strength and Brick Break weren't banned. Headbutt will also be useful early on. I just caught Spinarak, so idk how he'll go, but the nature allows for plenty. Spinarak is a male(hence I bolded the male part of the challenge. Time to give Giga Drain/Shadow Sneak/Leech Life/Bug Bite a shot. no gym wins(or attempts) yet

    Update 2: Falkner goes down, and Sentret is way more powerful than I thought. He solod Falkner easily, and evolved in the process(which is good since nobody else could learn Rock Smash till he did). Hatched Togepi for the Everstone, which is nice so I don't have to mash B every lv up for Cyndaquil. Gastly's every bit as fail as he looks, but the rare paralysis helps. Spinarak is actualy incredibly good, and I think I may use it in later play-throughs haha. So far Sentret is my MVP.
    Gym Badges: 1

    Update 3: I've never cussed, but I came dangerously close against Bugsy. I also hate hax, but I needed it. Let me tell you, even at -6 Accuracy and -6 DEF Scyther is still scary! It took me three resets to get this battle done(if you haven't realized yet, I had to solo this guy with Cyndaquil without STAB). Try one was basicaly, "Let's see what he's got... yeah... RESET." Try number 2 had a plan, Lower both his DEF and his Acc to -6 and then try to attack, which failed because I ran out of healing. Lucky number three had a plan, AND provisions(stocked up on Super Potions ^_^). He still scared the heck out of me, but with time and a little luck, Minion survived the whole battle and has now been promoted to Grunt! As you can probably guess, this whole time I was focused on Cyndaquil, and everyone else was kinda just left there. Something that might slip your notice( and definitely slipped my mind until just now haha) is that Spinarak now has all the solos he needed to evolve, therefore at lv 22 I will have an Ariodos!!!
    Gym Badges:2

    Update 4: This one's short seeing as it was written at the same time as the above. Basicaly I beat Whitney with Rock Smash on Furret. I need to go now, so that is it haha
    Gym Badges:3

    Update 5: Can you say "SURPRISE!!"? Gengar almost actualy solod a gym with a physical moveset?!?!?!?! It wasn't able to do anything once it was put to sleep though :/ Ariados was able to finnish everything with Shadow Sneak though. Snubbull took a while to catch up with everyone, but she's pulling her own weight now. Furret is falling behind now, especialy with a more powerful normal type STAB on the team, but she has her own niche being the only Surf user, and it's fairly good for battling as well. I'm squeezing these two updates together since I did them both almost at the same time. Grunt was tired of being belittled by his nickname, and over-leveled and crushed Jasmine for the Evolution, and is now called Mastermind. I'm now waiting for the call from the Safari Zone dude that will let me customize the Safari Zone.
    Gym Badges:5

    Update 6: I'm working on the Ice type gym, and I'd wait till I beat it to post except I need to get off. The team's made plenty of progress, most notably Snubbull to Granbull, and the addition of godzilla the Larvitar. He's already soloed more than 25 pokemon in the Rocket base using Rock Tomb. Mastermind is about to have himself another MVP of a gym, and then I'll do another LVing series. I want to go out and say this. Learning 3 moves that used to be special and are now physical is immposible, bar three dark type moves, on Granbull until I get to the final town and can use the move-relearner. That is all

    Update 7: A LOT of things have happened. First off, two more Gym badges. Mastermind was the MVP to the Ice type gym, and there's really not an MVP to the Dragon type gym, it was just attack attack attack, with several pokemon taking part. Obviously I have taken care of the Team Rocket invasion. I plan on grinding everyone to LV 45 before running through the Victory road, which Pupitar plans to solo entirely, with the exceptions of type dissadvantages, so that the 75 trainer limit can be met quickly. I also added the movesets of my pokemon, in case anyone was interested

    Update 8: The E4 went by like a breeze. Furret's Heabutt flinching allowed it to solo the first E4, and Karen couldn't take Focus Punches off of Mastermind. Granbull surprised me by soloing Lance. At first I thought his ability was a hinderance(quick feet), since I really wanted Intimidate, but after getting Paralyzed, and therefore outspeeding the oposing Dragonites, I've decided to be content ^_^ On to Kanto...

    Update 9: AHH!!!! It's the Germans!!! ... ... ... No, it's just me, but it sure is a blitzkrieg. 4/8 gyms in Kanto have fallen to my hand. Surge fell against Pupitar, who used the occasion to Evolve to Tyranitar. Gardenia was roasted by Mastermind, Sebrina was devestated by Tyranitar, and just now Furret... yes Furret, has soloed Brock. When Furrets solo rock types, you know your team is doing well. The Fire and Poison type gyms are going to fall to godzilla soon, and Misty won't like Granbull at ALL. Blue will just be catch and catch can, then the next big grind to get to the 80s, and then 90s to take out the E4 and Red respectively. side note, it took me two times to type this out. The first time, I clocked out and didn't save it. The second time, I clocked out, but I had learned :D I hit "Paste" and was satisfied haha
  6. biggie

    biggie champ
    is a Battle Server Moderator

    Sep 28, 2010
    Sorry for the long time between updates, but here we go.

    The restrictions:

    Show Hide
    - Tweaker, the Spinda. Solo Tate and Liza's Claydol or Xatu using Teeter Dance and Dizzy Punch repeatedly. Must know Teeter Dance, Dizzy Punch, Psybeam, Faint Attack. (Kipp)

    - Take a Tentacool, name it "knockout". It doesn't have to KO or solo anything, but the more you kill with it, the better. A "major pokemon" is one that belongs to either Maxie, Archie, a Gym Leader, or an Elite Four/Champion.

    Once you catch it, you may not use more than three moveslots, and you may not use a move with base power greater than 50, and the sum of the Base Powers of the moves may not exceed 100.
    Once you solo one major pokemon with it, you may use moves with up to 60 base power, and the base power sum rises to 140.
    Once you solo two major pokemon with it, you may use the fourth moveslot
    Once you solo three major pokemon with it, you may use moves with 70 base power, and the sum rises to 180
    Once you solo five major pokemon with it, you may evolve it
    Once you solo eight major pokemon with it, you may use moves with up to 100 base power.
    Once you solo thirteen major pokemon with it, the sum rises to 300.

    You may NOT soft reset to re-battle a leader if it dies. (Detroit)

    - A Sableye named Dark Ray 2. Moveset by E4:
    Fake out
    Knock off/Thief
    Astonish/Night shade
    Confuse ray

    (Dark Ray)

    - Treecko named IHTG. Must know Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Leaf Blade, Screech/Swords Dance. Solo Flannery to evolve. (Not going to limit it to evolving directly after that battle, because fuck that) Can only use "physical" moves prior to getting moveset. (Icay)

    - Lazy the Slakoth. Must know and keep Yawn forever. Use Yawn against every pokemon unless it's drowzy. (Random)

    - Savior the Nosepass. Can't use in battle or deposit in PC or restart (from last save. I am in no way restarting my game.) Must capture a Magnemite named Power Suit. Have both in party until Magnemite evolves. Can't use electric move stronger than Spark. If it's ever knocked out or leave party while a Magneton, restart from last save. (Doom)

    The current team:

    Show Hide
    IHTG Level 37, Overgrow/Brave
    Moveset: Screech, Leaf Blade, Pursuit, Quick Attack

    Dark Ray2 Level 34, Keen Eye/Rash
    Moveset: Fake Out, Fury Swipes, Night Shade, Knock Off

    Level 34 @ Silk Scarf, Vital Spirit/Modest (Blahhh)
    Moveset: Slash, Yawn, Rock Smash, Slack Off

    Knockout Level 36, Clear Body/Timid
    Moveset: Wrap, Supersonic, Bubblebeam, Acid

    Tweaker Level 32, Own Tempo/Lonely
    Moveset: Dizzy Punch, Hypnosis, Faint Attack, Psybeam

    Savior Level 10, Sturdy, Lonely
    Moveset: Tackle, Harden

    Knockout has proven to be a beast. She solo'd all 3 of Maxie's pokemon at Mt. Chimney, plus Wattson's Magnemite and Magneton. Bubblebeam wrecks. ITHG was able to Solo Whitney, alternating Screech and Quick Attack for great victory. Dark Ray has proven to be quite annoying to my opponents(much to Dark Ray's enjoyment I guess). I've added Savior to my team (by smashing 24 FUCKING ROCKS) and Tweaker has been caught up to the rest of the team. All in all, the team is shaping up pretty nicely. Quick note: Lazy and Savior are the only males. The ladies love BiGGiE :naughty:
  7. Texas Cloverleaf

    Texas Cloverleaf meh
    is a Smogon Social Media Contributor Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Oct 23, 2009
    Nice update. Question. Where exactly do you encounter NosepaSs? I`ve never found one.
  8. auramaster


    Dec 17, 2008
    @Texas, Nosepass are found in the Basement 2 of Granite Cave, by Rock Smash.

    I recently noticed that all 3 Pokemon DetroitLolcat has given me are female XD
  9. Geckoboy


    May 7, 2010
    Couple questions about my scramble.

    @ Dark Ray, can FlyAwayNow learn moves with >70bp up until fly, or not at all? Aerial ace is next level, which is why I ask. Also, is the >70bp counting STAB?

    @ Dummy 007, does the 120bp after STAB only apply too replaced moves after soloing gym trainers? Confusion is next level.

    So far, had Demeter solo the entire first gym so that requirements already done, just doing some minor grinding before my rival.
  10. plurple


    Dec 16, 2010
    Sapphire Scramble Update 2:

    The Restrictions (open)

    Treecko(Ninja)-Can evolve into Grovyle anytime, but must solo 3 Gym Leader Main Pokemon to evolve into Sceptile. Must know 3 of these moves: Quick Attack, Pursuit, Agility, Detect, Protect, Double Team, Aerial Ace, & Flash.

    Ninjask-Must always know Swords Dance, Baton Pass, and Double Team. Has to solo a Gym Leader before the League and during the League must pass +2 in each boost he has to another teammate.

    Sableye(Mr. Diamond)-Loves his bling and loves to Flash it. Must know Flash, Detect, Shadow Ball, and Fury Swipes. Needs to hold Amulet Coin as soon as possible. Also has to use Flash at the beginning of every battle he starts in.

    Vulpix(24k)-Also loves shiny things. Needs to hold a Pearl. Must solo Tate and Liza with Mr. Diamond to evolve into Ninetails. Once evolved can only learn Sunny Day, SolarBeam, Fire Blast, and Will-o-Wisp.

    Gulpin(Gabe)-Rolled a 2. Must know a move that causes poison.

    Shelgon(Jupiter)-Can never evolve into Salamence. Must solo five Pokemon in the League.

    Adventure Log (open)

    Log 1: Chose Treecko as a starter partner and nicknamed him Ninja. Powerhoused through to Rustboro City with just him. Caught a Nincada and nicknamed her Askninjask. Found myself pretty disappointed in Nincada's growth rate and movepool. Surprised when she solo'd a Poochyena two levels higher than her. Solo'd Nosepass with Ninja (1/3). Embarked to Dewford Town and caught a Sableye nicknamed Mr. Diamond (second one caught since I forgot to nickname the first) I'm in the final cave part with Steven when all of a sudden! Bam! Shiny Zubat encounter. =D First shiny ever! Mr. Diamond did work in Dewford Gym and sadly Ninja got KO'ed by Machop. =[ Still 1/3.

    Log 2: After Dewford Gym I caught a Tentacool for a HM slave and made my way to Slateport. After downing my Rival on 210 I grinded until I found a Gulpin, and named her Gabe. I was somewhat surprised and happy at what a STAB Sludge attack could do. Reaching Mauville I knew I was gonna have a hard time with Wattson with no moves being able to even hit steel-type for normal damage. So I grinded all around Mauville then took on the Challenge. First Magnemite fell to a combo between a Yawn from Gabe, Double Team and Screech abuse from Askninjask and finally some Fury Swipes from Mr. Diamond. Voltorb was easy pray for Mr. Diamond. Then came Magneton...Took him on with Ninja and Screech abuse followed by Quick Attack. A few super potions later and Ninja successfully solo'd his second Leader Main. 2/3. After I caught a Marill for more HM slaveness. Fourth Gym should be just as hard...

    The Current Team (open)

    Ninja (Male Grovyle) lv.25
    -Quick Attack
    Ninja is pretty strong but nothing makes him shine any more than the other members of the team. I feel once he gets Leaf Blade he'll do some damage though.

    Askninjask (Female Ninjask) lv.22
    -Double Team
    -Fury Cutter
    Askninjask is still a pain in the ass for experience. It takes much more than even Ninja who is three levels higher than her. Once evolved, though, she proved useful.

    Mr. Diamond (Female Sableye) lv.22
    -Fake Out
    -Night Shade
    Mr. Diamond can really ruin any Normal type attacks fairly quickly. Though not uber powerful, still has been a valuable asset.

    Gabe (Female Gulpin) lv.23
    -Sludge (poison inflicting move)
    I thought Gabe was gonna be the LVP but she has also turned out to be pretty valuable. So far I don't really have a MVP or LVP for the team.

    My shiny Zubat! Put him in the box for later. =]
  11. Its_A_Random

    Its_A_Random A distant memory
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnus

    Mar 19, 2010
    With my Current, Heart Gold Scramble, I have done the unthinkable & dropped a challenge; My Trunkie the Roller Phanpy Challenge, So, I went to look for a replacement from the random 20 & found 8 challenges that were still possible & used RNG to decide the final member...
    The Eight Possible Challenges... (open)

    1. Smeargle: Only move is Hidden Power until Pryce, after that, It must know & keep Fly (Dark Ray)
    2. Lapras: Must Solo 30 Gym Leader & E4 Pokemon combined before Blue, & may either be all Physical or all Special (Athenodoros)
    3. Aerodactyl (Bruce): STAB only, 1 Attacking move & 1 non-attacking move of each, must defeat 2 Fighting types with Rock moves & 2 Electric types with Flying moves. If it faints beforehand, no STAB (BiGGiE)
    4. Miltank: Must know & keep Substitute & only use Normal moves (Texas Cloverleaf)
    5. Gligar (Dracula/Bramstoker/Anne Rice): Cannot learn Status or Special moves until Lv34, where it must know & keep Swords Dance. It also must hold a Razor Fang & must know & keep Guillotine. Must solo Red's Pikachu (Dummy007)
    6. Farfetch'd: Only STAB moves are Fly & Cut. Rest are non-STAB (Sprocket)
    7. Growlithe (Im Grrreat): Mono-Fire, must solo one Gym Leader/E4 member it has a type disadvantage against. If successful, no move restrictions, if unsuccessful, no Fire Type moves (Dark Ray (2))
    8. Phanpy (Trunkie): Only attacking move is Rollout, must solo either Erika or Misty to evolve (Its_A_Random)

    I rolled 80 times & decided the final member using instant-runoff, results in the hide tag. The challenges are their respective numbers.
    RNG Results (open)

    ROUND 1
    Smeargle: 10
    Lapras: 11
    Aerodactyl: 7
    Miltank: 14
    Gligar: 9
    Farfetch'd: 11
    Growlithe: 8
    Phanpy: 10

    ROUND 2 (Aero's rolls transferred)
    Smeargle: 11
    Lapras: 13
    Miltank: 16
    Gligar: 9
    Farfetch'd: 11
    Growlithe: 9
    Phanpy: 10
    As a result of a tie, I did a best 3 of 5 tie breaker between Gligar & Growlithe, which Gligar won 4-1.

    ROUND 3 (Growlithe's rolls transferred)
    Smeargle: 11
    Lapras: 16
    Miltank: 18
    Gligar: 10
    Farfetch'd: 13
    Phanpy: 11

    ROUND 4 (Gligar's rolls transferred)
    Smeargle: 14
    Lapras: 19
    Miltank: 21
    Farfetch'd: 15
    Phanpy: 11

    ROUND 5 (Phanpy's rolls transferred)
    Smeargle: 17
    Lapras: 23
    Miltank: 23
    Farfetch'd: 17
    As a result of a tie, I did a best 3 of 5 tie breaker between Smeargle & Farfetch'd, which Smeargle won 5-0.

    ROUND 6 (Farfetch'd's rolls transferred)
    Smeargle: 18
    Lapras: 30
    Milttank: 32

    FINAL ROUND (Smeargle's rolls transferred)
    Lapras: 42
    Miltank: 38

    So my Phanpy replacement is this challenge:

    • Lapras: Must Solo 30 Gym Leader & E4 Pokemon combined before Blue, & may either be all Physical or all Special (Athenodoros)
    Yay, Lapras! No, three water types...>_>

    Thank you for reading if anyone's concerned about my scramble (Which no one probably is...)
  12. Athenodoros

    Athenodoros Official Smogon Know-It-All

    Mar 13, 2010
    I became interested when Lapras came back. But you haven't told us anything else. I look forward to you starting.
  13. Its_A_Random

    Its_A_Random A distant memory
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnus

    Mar 19, 2010
    Here's a link to the current status of this adventure. Haven't updated since beating Whitney.
    In case people are wondering, I have three badges at the moment & I'm in the process of EV training Valence the Staryu, who appears to have a perfect Sp. Attack IV, Just two days until I can evolve it (Can get Water Stone on Wednesdays). After that, I will beat a few more trainers & then own Morty...

    tl;dr: I have started.
  14. Texas Cloverleaf

    Texas Cloverleaf meh
    is a Smogon Social Media Contributor Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Oct 23, 2009
    You know you can change the date on the date on the DS colck to Wednesday to get your Water Stone. You can only get one item from each spot per day regardless of how many times you change the clock but you can manipulate the date once to get what you want.
  15. Its_A_Random

    Its_A_Random A distant memory
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnus

    Mar 19, 2010
    Sapphire Creative Scramble. COMING SOON!!!

    ^Meh, I'm in no rush, I can wait for the day, it isn't that urgent...^

    Anyways, I'm going to come up with yet another annoying new Scramble challenge, beginning after the conclusion of the Sapphire Payback Scramble. This one is a Sapphire Creative Scramble, one where I expect nothing less than ridiculous amounts of creativity...

    The Rules:

    • Sapphire Version
    • No Trades
    • 6 Pokemon
    • HIGH CREATIVITY IS A MUST!!! (That's why I'm allowing reservations)
    • Reserving the right to reject challenges
    • Medium-High difficulty, but not impossible
    • No Signature Challenges that isn't yours, Like my Cheri Berry Zubats & Athenodoros' all Special Gyarados
    • No Level Caps (Pokemon x cannot exceed level y), & no drudgery
    • Reservations are allowed, but if your challenge is rejected, your reservation will be dropped
    • COMPULSORY: Starter Pokemon, Surfer, Flyer.
    • BANLIST: Torchic, Mudkip, Wingull, Zubat, Abra, Magikarp, Swablu, Corphish, Castform, Absol, Shuppet, Pikachu, & their evolutions, as well as legendaries, Pokemon on the OP banlist, & Pokemon that cannot be found in Sapphire
    That covers everything, I think, & with further ado, fire away with shards of creativity!!!

    Oh, this will be the last challenge I will be asking for in a while.

    The 6 Pokemon (open)
  16. DetroitLolcat

    DetroitLolcat Maize and Blue Badge Set 2014-2017
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    Apr 11, 2010
    Take a Electrike. You must catch the first Electrike you see (if you KO it, just find another one. You may not SR for natures or anything like that though). Your challenge is based on the first Wild Pokemon you see on Rooute 110 after catching the Electrike; no Fishing/Surfing.

    If it is another Electrike, you get the King of Route 110 challenge. Electrike must never learn a move with base power above 70, but you can raise that limit to 100 if you get rid of one of your moveslots permanently. It must solo the Route 110 Brendan/May battle to show its dominance over Route 110. If you solo May on Route 110 on your first try, then the only other restriction is that it must solo three of Winona's Pokemon. If you do not solo May on your first try, Electrike must solo Wally in Victory Road. Don't fuck this up :).

    If it is a Zigzagoon, you get a Lolcat Few Good Moves challenge. Manectric must not learn Thunderbolt, Flametrower, Overheat, Hidden Power, or Crunch. This one's pretty easy, hope you get a 'goon!

    If it is a Plusle, you get the Consecutive Gym Leader Solo challenge Electrike must start soloing Gym Leaders immediately. It must be used against Wattson's first Pokemon and must keep soloing his Pokemon until it dies. You may not SR at all. If it successfully soloes Wattson, repeat the process at Flannery until it eventually dies in a Gym Battle. You may only use Potions equal to the number that the Gym Leader has. Your restrictions vary with how many Pokemon you soloed before dying for the first time.
    If you soloed 0 consecutive Pokemon, then Manectric must solo Steven without items.
    If you soloed at least one consecutive Pokemon, then Manectric must solo five Pokemon belonging to Elite Four members, only one can be Glacia's
    If you soloed at lease three consecutive pokemon, then Manectric must solo Wallace, except for the Whiscash.
    If you soloed at least six consecutive pokemon, then Manectric must solo three more Gym Leader pokemon.
    If you soloed ten or more consecutive pokemon (yeah, right), then you must solo 2 E4 pokemon

    If it is a Oddish, you get a Eightfold Path challenge then you must solo 8 Pokemon belonging to Gym Leaders, E4 members, of the Champion on your first try. If you have not soloed at least 2 by Drake, you may SR to complete the challenge.

    If it is a Gulpin, you get a Gulpin RAAAAGE challenge. It must always have four attacking moves, the sum of the Base Powers of the moves may not exceed 200, and it must solo every Poison type you come across. Wild or otherwise. For every Poison type you fail to solo, the 200 limit drops by 10. You may not SR if you fuck up.

    If it is a Wingull, you get a Level Boundary challenge. It must never be the highest, second highest, OR lowest level Pokemon on your team. Have it solo a Gym Leader for the lulz.

    If it is a Minun, then congratulations! There are NO RESTRICTIONS on this Pokemon. There is a 2% chance of this happening ;)
  17. plurple


    Dec 16, 2010
    Take Omega the frustrated Taillow. You have to catch the first male Taillow you come across. Growing up this Taillow was always the runt of his flock and always picked on by the stronger members. Thus, he is always out to prove himself and become the Alpha Taillow he believes he is. Until you came along his efforts proved futile, though, and lead to much frustration. Having a disdain for bird Pokemon of any kind Omega must solo every bird Pokemon you come across as well as soloing Winona (unless it conflicts with Lolcat's challenge) except for Skarmory. In order to evolve he must know and keep the move Frustration (which must be obtained ASAP and taught to Omega) and solo 15 trained bird Pokemon. Always trying to prove himself, he must also be the highest level Pokemon in your group (except when you catch him). For a little extra challenge, he must also have the highest Speed and rank in the top 3 Attack stats of any of your Pokemon because he strives to be the fastest and strongest. Finally, Omega needs to solo a E4 Pokemon using only the move Frustration.

    Frustration is very intriguing to me since it seems a lot harder to keep a mad Pokemon than a happy Pokemon. Have fun.
  18. Iggdrasil


    Oct 4, 2010
    Reserve for Random, both a poke and a trainer challenge if I may :).
  19. Zosodojo777


    Jun 2, 2010
    I'm looking to do a Leaf Green Challenge. I've never done one of these before, so if you could keep it slightly on the sane side, that'd be great. Also, nothing that I need trading for. Thanks!
  20. ungulateman


    Apr 11, 2009
    Zoso, you get a Pidgey. This Pidgey can only use STAB moves, and can't have more than 2 attacking moves. Call it Movepool.
  21. plurple


    Dec 16, 2010
    Zoso. Take Rayne the Squirtle. ASAP you need to teach Rayne the move Rain Dance with TM 18. Anytime Rayne starts a battle he must make it Rain and keep it raining for as long as he is out. On top of that he must know a STAB move and a normal-type move. Rayne can't evolve into Wartortle until soloing a Gym Leader (besides Brock) and can't evolve into Blastoise until he solos two Gym Leader's Main Pokemon not including the Gym Leader he solos and Brock.
  22. Bjay-Lightsworn Master

    Bjay-Lightsworn Master

    Sep 11, 2010
    Zoso. Take a Mr. Mime it must set up dual screens in every boss battle, rival included.
  23. pokemagnificent


    Jun 9, 2010
    @ Zoso, take a Clefairy it must have 3 attacking moves at all times and must have always have an item equipped. To evolve it must sucessfully defeat a gym leaders main pokemon with metronome.

    To accompany my recent emerald challenges i would like a no evo fire red challenge.
    - No Rattata Caterpie or Weedle.
    -Do not make the challenges impossible, make them doable remember this is a no evo challenge so it will already be tricky
    - I reserve the right to decline any challenges that require excessive grinding or pointless objectives.
    -i cant trade.
  24. Qwertyuiop


    Dec 19, 2010
    Its_A_Random, take a Treecko and name it whatever you wish. Your Treecko is eager to impress you and faints every wild Pokemon it encounters with its attacks. However, it is quite hasty, and as such, always uses ineffective attacks in the first turn of a battle with trained Pokemon. If this is not possible, ie, Treecko has no ineffective moves against a Pokemon, it must switch out. Thereafter, it can use any of its other three moves, which are of different types, provided they at least hit the defending Pokemon for normal damage. Treecko must gain confidence by KO-ing 6 gym leader Pokemon and then, if its speed exceeds 50, it can evolve to Grovyle. To evolve to Sceptile, it must solo your rival's team every time you meet him/her (after Treecko has evolved) and defeat Winona's Altaria. All these restrictions are removed if Treecko/Grovyle can solo Winona while following these restrictions. Even then, it will prove your loyalty to you by soloing one Elite Four.

    1. You must soft-reset for a Hasty Treecko
    2. Treecko must KO every wild Pokemon you encounter when it is your lead Poke
    3. All four slots must be attacking moves of different types
    4. If defending Pokemon belongs to a trainer, must hit it for 1/2 or 1/4x damage for first turn and then use an attack which does atleast 1x damage. If all its attacks are effective, then must switch out
    5. Must KO 6 gym leader Pokemon, and have speed > 50 to evolve to Grovyle
    6. Must KO rival's team every time (after its evolution) and solo Winona's Altaria to evolve to Sceptile
    7. If it solos Winona with these restrictions, then all restrictions are removed. However, it has to solo one Elite Four member even then (with restrictions).

    Note that to KO Skarm with these restrictions, you need HP Fire, Water, Ice, Electric or Rock OR must use Rock Smash. Have fun.

    [On a side note, this is my first Smogon post, so the challenge might sound quite stupid, idk]
  25. Dummy007


    Jun 8, 2009
    @Its_A_Random: Reserved, but you will be getting a Slugma. (muahaha).

    @Zoso: Take a Machop. Because it cannot evolve past Machoke, its only restriction is that it must always know two Fighting-typed moves (when possible) and must solo a Gym Pokemon (that's right, any Pokemon in a Gym) to evolve. Name it Isolated.

    @pokemagnificent: Take Charmander as your starter. If you can solo Brock with it without using Metal Claw at a level under 16 (at the start of the battle), ignore every other restriction. If you don't complete that requirement, it may solo Nugget Bridge, at which point you may ignore every other restriction. If you don't solo Nugget Bridge, solo Erika to ignore the last restriction. If you don't solo Erika, you must solo Sabrina's Alakazam. Name it PreReqisit.
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