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Gotcha. You get a Hariyama, restrictions in a few minutes.

Okay, then if it is a hard challenge:

-Always out against Tate&Liza
-Solo Brawly and three of Winona's Pokemon to evolve.
-Must solo a Pokemon League member by using Belly Drum, which it must keep.
-Must be called Ares.
-Must be the first Pokemon sent out against all Magma/Aqua Leaders or admins which do not need to be soloed.


P(n) = 1 - (1 - P(1))^n
Mind if I call second dibs Texas Cloverleaf?

Use any Pokemon you want, no evolution restrictions, however it must be caught in the wild or be an in-game acquisition (to prevent passing moves down by breeding).

Here's the catch: Every time it wants to learn a new move (via level-up, TM, HM, move-tutor, or whatever), roll a D6 (a six-sided die). On a 1-4 it must learn that move, and replace the corresponding move in its move list (1 corresponds with the first move, 4 corresponds with the last move, as seen by the out-of-combat Pokemon menu). On a 5 or 6, it cannot learn that move, period. You can only attempt to teach it any given move once. You cannot use the move deleter for any reason, and you cannot teach it TM/HM/Move-Tutor moves until it has 4 moves already.

(Obviously, this rule doesn't apply until the Pokemon has 4 moves)

You have the potential to have a really, really awesome Pokemon, or a Pokemon that knows no attack moves at all. :P
Sprocket, I like your idea. I haven't done any scrambles yet and I don't even know if I intend to, but I see a minor flaw in the plan - what happens if an HM is to be replaced?
-Go to the move deleter, delete the HM, relearn the move from the relearner
-Don't learn the move
I realized that I never actually finalized my team for my Hard Emerald Scramble so I will combine that with my first update.
Alright, time to take challenges for my *hard* Emerald challenge. Since this challenge falls into my category feel free to check my Firered Scramble for examples.
- I would appreciate all pokemon being able to fully evolve. All Pokemon must be usable in battle.
- Treecko will be the starter, don`t give me Mudkip or Torchic.
- As with Atheno, I will ban drudgery. If you drudge me I will reject the challenge. If you drudge me once, the challenge will be rejected but you will get a chance to poast another challenge. If you drudge me twice, no challenging for you.
- Absolutely NO reserving of slots.
- Banned pokemon: Wurmple, Feebas, Barboach, Luvdisc, Chimecho. Also, please don`t give me a Slakoth. I will probably reject any given to me just because of how irritating they are.
I think that covers everything so let`s have at `em.
Also if you intend to give me a Pokemon then read rules. Just do it.
Finally, Physics sucks.
Texas Cloverleaf, I'll go easy on you & give you a Dusclops named 1EyedGhost. Catch it as a Duskull & evolve it ASAP.
Turns out your Dusclops idolises E4 Member Phoebe, so it must know one of Phoebe's Dusclops' (Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald) movesets & get it before the E4. The movesets are...
Curse/Confuse Ray/Future Sight/Shadow Punch
Confuse Ray/Shadow Ball/Ice Beam/Earthquake
Protect/Curse/Confuse Ray/Shadow Punch
Ice Beam/Rock Slide/Shadow Ball/Earthquake
Whatever you choose, you must solo Phoebe with it, because it turns out Phoebe hates your Dusclops.
EDIT: Oh, it must be no higher than 5 levels of the lowest leveled Pokemon at all times.
Have fun.
Texas Cloverleaf, your starter is Treecko. Nickname it Chikorita, just to be sadistic. In a Gym Leader or Elite Four battle, it must be lower level than the Pokemon it is fighting or it cannot be used in combat. It must always know *edit* exactly one Grass-type move, but cannot learn Solar Beam.
Reserving for texas.
Just kidding, you get a whismur named "CANUHEARME" (yes it must be in all caps) it must learn 3 of the following moves, uproar, howl, supersonic, screech, roar, sleep talk, hyper voice and snore. The last move is up to you but can't be >80 bp (80 is fine). Since you asked for a hard challange it must solo 1 gym leader pokemon to evolve the first time, and 1 whole gym leader to evolve the second. So you actually use it, it must be within 5 levels of your highest leveled mon.
Good luck.
EDIT: You heard the man, edit your challanges so they're harder.
Texas, well...since this is supposed to be "hard" you get an Absol, nickname it NightRider, it has to have the pressure ability, and can never be the lowest level in your party, ohhhh...and it can only know special attacks, I'll let you choose them though.
Edit: Since it needs to be harder it must solo all the gym trainers in every gym after you catch it (unless it conflicts with another challenge)
Take a Golduck that may not learn: Surf, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Cross Chop, Hidden Power, Encore, Psychic, Hypnosis, Blizzard or Rest.
It may learn ONE of: Waterfall, Toxic, Psych Up, Disable.
It must be at least Level 30 once you battle Sidney. There are other moves it can learn, e.g. Brick Break, Aerial Ace, Focus Punch, Hyper Beam, and it can still use Waterfall for STAB.
Gotcha. You get a Hariyama, restrictions in a few minutes.
Okay, then if it is a hard challenge:
-Always out against Tate&Liza
-Solo Brawly and three of Winona's Pokemon to evolve.
-Must solo a Pokemon League member by using Belly Drum, which it must keep.
-Must be called Ares.
-Must be the first Pokemon sent out against all Magma/Aqua Leaders or admins which do not need to be soloed.
The Team so far:

Hariyama (Ares), Careful lv 45
Fake Out, Strength, Vital Throw, Belly Drum

Elite Four MVP. It really didn't hit that hard but its high HP allowed me to constantly heal team members. Soloed Glacia to fulfill requirements.

Exploud, Adamant lv 45
Stomp, Roar, Screech, Howl

It is actually very underpowered but was probably the best E4 team supporter with Screech. Screech allowed for so many pokemon to be KOed where they ordinarily wouldn't it proved to be a valuable team member.

Sceptile, Rash lv 39
Leaf Blade, Pursuit, Quick Attack, Flash

Well, Sceptile was finally able to be used against Juan and didn't look back. Leaf Blade is so OP it isn't funny and it was literally the only move Sceppy used bar some Flash use against Drake's Kingdra to allow for the win. Flash was only put on for Victory Road so it surprised me how useful it ended up being.

Absol, Mild lv 46
Bite, Fire Blast, Blizzard, Thuderbolt

From the time it was obtained until the league it was the clear-cut MVP, destroying everything in sight with its powerful Thunderbolts. At the league it just wasn't able to outspeed many things so it only saw limited use bar Phoebe.

Golduck, Lax lv 45
Waterfall, Aerial Ace, Return, Surf

The exact opposite of Absol, it only saw action in the League. Despite not having much power its excellent typing and surprising bulk saw me turning to it frequently as a defensive purpose.

Duskull, Timid lv 47
Shadow Ball, Ice Beam, Earthquake, Confuse Ray

Until the league this thing shocked me with its awesomeness. Despite its -Atk nature this thing was an offensive beast with is amazing coverage. At the league, things tended to hit too hard for him to stay in but it was still able to hit a lot of things well.
Sapphire Scramble Update:

Treecko(Ninja)-Can evolve into Grovyle anytime, but must solo 3 Gym Leader Main Pokemon to evolve into Sceptile. Must know 3 of these moves: Quick Attack, Pursuit, Agility, Detect, Protect, Double Team, Aerial Ace, & Flash.

Ninjask-Must always know Swords Dance, Baton Pass, and Double Team. Has to solo a Gym Leader before the League and during the League must pass +2 in each boost he has to another teammate.

Sableye(Mr. Diamond)-Loves his bling and loves to Flash it. Must know Flash, Detect, Shadow Ball, and Fury Swipes. Needs to hold Amulet Coin as soon as possible. Also has to use Flash at the beginning of every battle he starts in.

Vulpix(24k)-Also loves shiny things. Needs to hold a Pearl. Must solo Tate and Liza with Mr. Diamond to evolve into Ninetails. Once evolved can only learn Sunny Day, SolarBeam, Fire Blast, and Will-o-Wisp.

Gulpin(Gabe)-Rolled a 2. Must know a move that causes poison.

Shelgon(Jupiter)-Can never evolve into Salamence. Must solo five Pokemon in the League.

Log 1: Chose Treecko as a starter partner and nicknamed him Ninja. Powerhoused through to Rustboro City with just him. Caught a Nincada and nicknamed her Askninjask. Found myself pretty disappointed in Nincada's growth rate and movepool. Surprised when she solo'd a Poochyena two levels higher than her. Solo'd Nosepass with Ninja (1/3). Embarked to Dewford Town and caught a Sableye nicknamed Mr. Diamond (second one caught since I forgot to nickname the first) I'm in the final cave part with Steven when all of a sudden! Bam! Shiny Zubat encounter. =D First shiny ever! Mr. Diamond did work in Dewford Gym and sadly Ninja got KO'ed by Machop. =[ Still 1/3.

Log 2: After Dewford Gym I caught a Tentacool for a HM slave and made my way to Slateport. After downing my Rival on 210 I grinded until I found a Gulpin, and named her Gabe. I was somewhat surprised and happy at what a STAB Sludge attack could do. Reaching Mauville I knew I was gonna have a hard time with Wattson with no moves being able to even hit steel-type for normal damage. So I grinded all around Mauville then took on the Challenge. First Magnemite fell to a combo between a Yawn from Gabe, Double Team and Screech abuse from Askninjask and finally some Fury Swipes from Mr. Diamond. Voltorb was easy pray for Mr. Diamond. Then came Magneton...Took him on with Ninja and Screech abuse followed by Quick Attack. A few super potions later and Ninja successfully solo'd his second Leader Main. 2/3. After I caught a Marill for more HM slaveness. Fourth Gym should be just as hard...

Ninja (Male Grovyle) lv.25
-Quick Attack
Ninja is pretty strong but nothing makes him shine any more than the other members of the team. I feel once he gets Leaf Blade he'll do some damage though.

Askninjask (Female Ninjask) lv.22
-Double Team
-Fury Cutter
Askninjask is still a pain in the ass for experience. It takes much more than even Ninja who is three levels higher than her. Once evolved, though, she proved useful.

Mr. Diamond (Female Sableye) lv.22
-Fury Swipes
-Fake Out
-Night Shade
Mr. Diamond can really ruin any Normal type attacks fairly quickly. Though not uber powerful, still has been a valuable asset.

Gabe (Female Gulpin) lv.23
-Sludge (poison inflicting move)
I thought Gabe was gonna be the LVP but she has also turned out to be pretty valuable. So far I don't really have a MVP or LVP for the team.

My shiny Zubat! Put him in the box for later. =]
well, my Nuzlocke challenge is growing to it's climax at the E4, and afterward I'm wanting to try this type of challenge on HeartGold, so I am now opening up my six slots for challenges

-I must have 5 pokemon by the 5th gym
-no profane nicknames
-I want a medium challenge, but lean towards hard, to make it interesting.
-No drudgery
-Evolution requirements are awesome
-no pokemon that only evolve once(ex. sandslash) that are unable to evolve until the E4 or something like that.
-no all special Gyarados.
Lightsabre gets Godzilla the Larvitar (Obtainable via Safari Zone in the Mountain Area).

This little guy is young at first & has trouble controlling its power & as such, may only use moves with a base power of 60 or less & may only know 2 attacking moves as a Larvitar. To evolve into a Pupitar, it must solo 25 Trained Pokemon & you must've have stopped the Rocket Invasion at Goldenrod. Once a Pupitar, this guy has become a bit better & as such, can have an extra attacking slot, and the cap has raised to 80. After beating the E4, this cap raises to 100. To evolve into Tyranitar, it must solo a further 75 Trained Pokemon & you must beat the E4. Once a Tyranitar, all this guy thinks about is power, power, power, & must know all physical attacking moves and have a base power of 80 & above. On top of that, to prove his strength, must solo 15 Kanto Gym Leader Pokemon & 2 of Red's Pokemon.


  • Larvitar named Godzilla.
  • As a Larvitar, may only know 2 attacking moves with the power capped at 60. Solo 25 Trained Pokemon & complete the Rocket Invasion to evolve.
  • As a Pupitar, three attacking moves, power capped at 80 (100 after E4). Solo 75 Trained Pokemon & defeat the E4 to evolve.
  • As a Tyranitar, all Physical attacking moves with a power of 80 & above, must solo 15 Kanto Gym Leader Pokemon & 2 of Red's Pokemon.
Have fun. If you're only going to the E4, notify me & I will give you another challenge.
Take Minion the Cyndaquil. It may not know STAB as a Cyndaquil (except Ember, which is to be deleted ASAP). Solo Bugsy to become Quilava; when you get to Goldenrod, rename it Grunt. It may now know 1 STAB move. Solo Jasmine to become Typhlosion; rename it Mastermind. It must now know 3 Fire moves. It must solo Karen of the E4 as Typhlosion.
lightsabre take a Snubbull. This Snubbull is living in a Gen2 mentality and as such must have three moves that were Special in gen 2 but are now physical in its moveset ASAP.

To evolve it must either solo Rocket AdminPetrel with a move having BP<41 or by KOing Lance`s Dragonite during the Mahogany battle with him before it KOes more then 2 pokemon. Then solo the remaining 4+ mons left.


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Hmm, I'll give you a somewhat infamous "You cannot use good moves" Challenges.

Take a Furret. It may not learn: Trick, Return, Body Slam, Sucker Punch, Protect, Focus Punch, Assist, Substitute, Shadow Claw, Pursuit, U-Turn, Double Edge, Shadow Ball, Quick Attack, Endure, Reversal, Rest.

It must solo three Gym Leaders, and at least one of them must be from Kanto. It must solo an Elite Four member, and two of red's Pokemon. get a spinarak because I've never used one before. It must know and keep leech life for the entire game and in order to evolve it needs to solo 5 trainers only using leech life. Once it evolves if it is male it can not know any moves with BP greater than 60, if it is a female it can not have more than 1 type of move in it's moveset (so since it has to have leech life no other bug type move).


P(n) = 1 - (1 - P(1))^n
Lightsabre, you get an all-physical Gengar (If you can't trade, take Haunter instead). Catch it as a Gastly in the Sprout Tower before you battle Falkner, and it must evolve as quickly as possible. The only attacks it can learn are Physical attacks, and cannot learn Special attacks. It cannot have a +Attack nature. It cannot learn or use Hypnosis, Confuse Ray, Spite, Curse, Night Shade, Destiny Bond, Nightmare, Toxic, Natural Gift, Fling, Dream Eater, or Explosion. And don't even think about using it against Whitney, she will kick your butt.


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All-physical Gengar is even worse than Alakazam, especially without all those moves, and Haunter is just cruel. It is essentially confined to Lick, Payback and Sucker Punch.

And what do you have against my Special Gyarados such that you feel the need to ban it specifically?
Meh...Lazy 400th post, & I'm going to fill it with a minor update to my Heart Gold Scramble. The link to the OP is here.

  • 16.) Hoppip (4xTheFun): Must appear against 2 GLMP to evolve into Skiploom, & KO 2 GLMP to evolve into Jumpluff. Post-Chuck, must be no more than 2 levels below highest levelled Pokemon & must KO at least one Pokemon on each of the E4 member's teams (Vratix)
  • 1.) Variable (Dexington)--> Furret (Dexington): Must know & keep Attract, Me First, & Surf/Whirlpool & use Me First against one of Lance's Dragonites (Dexington)
  • 10.) Haunter: Must solo every Haunter I see, including Morty's Haunters. May only use moves with a base power below 80 (DetroitLolcat)
  • 19.) Phanpy (Trunkie): Only attacking move is Rollout, must solo either Erika or Misty to evolve (Its_A_Random)
  • 5.) Starmie (Valence): If kept below Lv40 against E4, must have Surf & BoltBeam. Otherwise, must know Surf, but no BoltBeam (Treadshot A1)
  • 11.) Wooper (Yawn): If ability is Damp, Must know & keep Yawn & Yawn 5 Pokemon to sleep to evolve. If ability is Water Absorb, must know & keep Yawn & Rest & Yawn 10 Pokemon to sleep to evolve (Edwin Illan)

  • Started at Azalea Town, Fresh from my 2nd Badge.
  • Beat Idiot (My Rival) handily with Dexington.
  • Arrived in Goldenrod, where I Voltorb Flip until I get the TM's for Thunderbolt & Ice Beam.
  • 4xTheFun evolves into Skiploom after a trainer battle at National Park.
  • Battled Whitney. Her Clefairy took out Wooper, but fell to Dexington. Then came Miltank. The whore took out 4xTheFun after been put to sleep twice & being Tail Whipped twice, the I sacraficed Troll to put a Curse on Miltank. Dexington couldn't get an attack in at all thanks to Attract, but Milky eventually went down to Curse Damage, winning me the Plain Badge.

Yawn (Male Wooper) @ Nothing
-Tail Whip
-Water Gun
-Mud Shot
Pokemon Yawned to Sleep: 0/5
Comments: Doesn't have Yawn yet, Luckily I got Damp for the ability...

4xTheFun (Male Skiploom) @ Nothing
-Sleep Powder
-Tail Whip
GLMP Appearances: 2/2 GLMP Solos: 0/2
Comments: Acting like a typical Skiploom at the moment; Being very Dodgy...Current LVP.

Troll (Male Gastly) @ Nothing
-Night Shade
-Confuse Ray
(Will become a Haunter)
Comments: Not bad for a Troll, Hypnosis-Curse-Potion Combo screws a lot of opponents over.

Dexington (Male Furret) @ Nothing
Lv:20/Brave/Run Away
-Fury Swipes
-Defence Curl
-Quick Attack
Comments: Very Powerful, Quick Attack helped a lot, & the Brave Nature. Current MVP.

And that's the update, at the Pokeathlon Dome racking up Athlete Points so I can get a Water Stone on Wednesday. And yeah, that concludes my 400th post.


P(n) = 1 - (1 - P(1))^n
All-physical Gengar is even worse than Alakazam, especially without all those moves, and Haunter is just cruel. It is essentially confined to Lick, Payback and Sucker Punch.
Not so. It can also use Frustration, Return, Facade, Secret Power, Giga Impact, Poison Jab, Shadow Claw, and Strength.
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