Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2


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It is finally done!

Chapter 2 of my Black Scramble is now up!

Alright everyone, sorry it took so long but there was a LOT of grinding involved this chapter and that sucked up a lot of time. Now you guys get to meet the rest of the cast! I hope you all enjoy it, because I put a HELL of a lot of time into this one.

Excellent update and I was laughing like an idiot as I read Random's Metronome description!!

@StallMandibuzz- You asked me to post in the thread. I deliver.

Take Ashe the Petilil/Liligant EDIT: Grass type of your choice. This is pretty much stealing from Ashe the Treeko's challange, but I don't think you really mind at this point.

Have a moveset of 4 moves ASAP:

Frost Shot: Status move
Volley: Bullet Seed
Hawkshot: Protect/Detect/Sunny Day
Enchanted Crystal Arrow: Any move >80 base power.

Instead of Nauris' nature restrictions, though, you get to abuse Ashe's passive. In League of Legends, this passive gives her increased critical strike chance the longer she is out of combat. Whenever she crits, keep her out of battle for 1 real life hour to allow her to refresh her passive.

@Jimera0 and ShinySkarmory, fantastic updates so far.
I'm on the edge of my seat, waiting for the next ones, so please hurry. This is an uncomfortable way to sit.

tomorrow or friday, when I am hopefully not coughing up a lung, I will update one of the two games.
@Shiny: I notice that Petilil can't use Bullet Seed, so what should I use instead? And this looks like a fun challange. :) And the 'Enchanted Crystal Arrow' is a move that has 80 or less BP, or more?
@Shiny: Damn, I was looking forward to use a Lilligant. D: Hmmm, I'm going to mess with this particular Scramblocke and import an egg from my other game, since this is so far from a Scramble. Maybe a Bellsprout. Although this might suck in the long run, due to three of my twelve being Grass-types. :3 Ah well, I'll be lucky if I get to the E4. :3
Reserving Demon the Houndour for Sky.

Demon is a demon, so his only moves as a Houndour must be Dark and Fire.

After soloing 10 trainer-owned water types, Demon's power is unleshed and he evolves.

Upon evolution, Demon gains the ability to bring the sun to full power (Suny Day), magnify its energy (Solarbeam), launch deady fire (Fire Blast), and think of murderious ways of killing things (Nasty Plot).

Solo a Gym leader in Kanto............murder them all!!!
Reserving for Skyshayde.

Take UberKle the Shuckle. This Shuckle believes that Shuckles should be Uber, so he tries to prove himself. As a result, he must gain 252 HP EVs ASAP (you can hack it), and he must only fight trainer Pokemon that have a Smogon Uber analysis. This rule is lifted for all mandatory solos and wild Pokemon. However, Shuckle has some weird syndrome, the only non-attacking move he may use is Defense Curl, and he must have Defense Curl+Rollout ASAP. However, that restriction does not last forever. To lift certain restrictions, complete the Gauntlet:

1. Balls of Steel: Solo Jasmine. Unlocks all non-attacking moves except Stealth Rock, Encore, Substitute, Toxic, and Rest.
2. (depending on game) Master of Status/Ultimate Wall: Solo Ho-Oh/Lugia. Unlocks Toxic/Rest.*
3. Greater than the Greatest: Solo Lance. Unlocks Substitute.
4. (depending on game) Master of Status/Ultimate Wall: Solo Ho-Oh/Lugia. Unlocks Toxic/Rest.*
5. Conquering the Trio: Unlocks Encore. Has three parts:
a. Frozen World: Solo Articuno.
b. What a Shocker!: Solo Zapdos.
c. That Burning Desire!: Solo Moltres.
6. A New Hero: Solo Red. Unlocks Stealth Rock.
7. Mewtation: Solo Mewtwo. All restrictions are lifted.
Reserving the last Pokémon for Skyshayde. Been a little while since I gave one out. :)

Skyshayde, give yourself a Froslass. Since you can't obtain a Dawn Stone until very late in the game, don't bother with the Snorunt stage; skip straight to Froslass.

When you get all of your Pokémon together, pick any Pokémon other than Froslass (I'll refer to this Pokémon as X from here on to save space). Froslass has an unnatural connection with X - she is the physical representation of X's soul.

Froslass' nickname must be the species name of X. X and Froslass must always stay together; if X is in the party, so is Froslass, and if X is in the box, Froslass must be boxed too.

Froslass is bound to X, so takes on X's abilities. She may only learn or use a move if it shares a type with either Froslass or X.

Finally, if either X or Froslass faints, their counterpart becomes impaired; they've had a part of themselves knocked unconscious, after all. Until you heal at a Pokémon Centre, both X and Froslass may only use moves of the primary types of each partner.

- Pick any of your other Pokémon, referred to here as X.
- Froslass must be nicknamed whatever X's species name is.
- If X is in the party, so is Froslass. If X is in the box, so is Froslass.
- Froslass may only know Ice and Ghost moves, along with moves that share a type with X.
- If either X or Froslass faint, the counterpart can only use the primary STAB of each partner until healed at a Pokémon Centre.

I really hope this makes sense, can't tell if my explanation is clear enough. Just in case, I've included a couple of examples:

Example 1:
Shuckle is chosen as Froslass' partner.
- Froslass' nickname is "Shuckle".
- Froslass and Shuckle must stay together at all times.
- Froslass can only use Ice, Ghost, Bug or Rock type moves.
- If Shuckle or Froslass faints, their counterpart may only use Bug and Ice moves until you heal at a Pokémon Centre.

Example 2:
Houndour is chosen as Froslass' partner.
- Froslass' nickname is "Houndour".
- Froslass and Houndoor must stay together at all times.
- Froslass can only use Ice, Ghost, Dark and Fire type moves.
- If Houndour or Froslass faints, their counterpart may only use Dark and Ice moves until you heal at a Pokémon Centre.

On my own run, I'm taking a crack at the E4, starting with Confused's solo of Aaron since I completely forgot I could try to solo ten Victory Road trainers instead. I'm just about to succeed on said solo, using some of the most bizarre tactics I've ever come across in all my time playing Pokémon. Watch this space, I guess. :p