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Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

Discussion in 'Orange Islands' started by Its_A_Random, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Professor Science

    Professor Science

    Nov 19, 2011
    KS, take Peasant the Male Turtwig. Peasant wants nothing more than to join the Knights of the Round Table, to sit at King Arthur's side. However, this is no easy matter- Peasant must prove himself. First, a knight is brave and never gives up, even when faced against the most terrible odds. So, Peasant must never switch out. Also, knights are chivalrous and fair. So, Peasant may never use a super effective move, or emit Curses.

    However, Peasant won't just become a knight by adopting these principles into its life. It has to show it's worth. First, Peasant must demonstrate his courage. So, Peasant must solo 10 trainer-owned pokemon using only resisted moves, and 10 trainer-owned pokemon with super effective STABs. After passing the test of courage, Peasant may evolve into Grotle. Now, Peasant must demonstrate his honour. He must protect his kingdom- solo 30 Galactic Grunts and Cyrus at least once. Peasant may evolve again. He is almost ready to be accepted as a knight, but he has one more task to complete. He must rescue Princess Cynthia from the Elite Four, who have imprisoned her at the Pokemon League! Peasant must solo 8 pokemon from the members of the Elite Four. After completing all these challenges, Peasant has been accepted as a Knight of the Round Table! Rename him Knight. Have fun!

    -Male Turtwig named Knight
    -May not switch out
    -May not use SE moves
    -May not use Curse
    -Solo 10 trainer-owned mons using only resisted moves, and 10 trainer-owned mons with SE STAB to evolve
    -Solo 30 Galactic Grunts and Cyrus once to evolve again
    -Solo 8 E4 pokemon
  2. EndQuote


    May 5, 2011
    Good Luck, Have Fun.
  3. shinyskarmory


    Jul 12, 2011
    Submitting my first mon for King Serperior.

    KS, take a Ralts, and nickname it whatever you want. I would tell you that it must be female, since it's wearing a dress, but I know they're really rare and I'm not that sadistic.

    Unfortunately for you, Gardevoir can see the future, so your Ralts' mother was able to see your Ralts' eventual fate. At some point in the distant future, you will (accidentally I hope) pull a Ninetales tail, forcing your Ralts (in Gardevoir form) to block the curse for you. We all know how that turns out, right? Your Ralts knows its eventual fate, but it won't tell you.

    Your Ralts, however, has developed an evolution related disability from knowing its fate. Each time it evolves, it recognizes that it is getting closer to its fate. When it evolves to Kirlia, it realizes that it will only live once, barring some ridiculous revival by Dialga. Whenever it faints, it may not battle for 24 REAL LIFE HOURS (as in, wait a day IRL instead of playing for 24 more hours before you can use it again). In addition, it must learn Calm Mind, which it must use at least once every 3 battles to keep itself calm and able to fight for you. If you fail to follow this restriction for any reason, then it temporarily loses its mental control, preventing it from attacking in battle and destroying 5 items in your bag applying Taunt and Torment to it until it solos 2 trainers.

    When it evolves to Gardevoir, it knows that its time is coming soon, but it still doesn't know when. You may drop the previous restrictions, but you also must teach Gardevoir Future Sight, which it may never forget. Finally, every 5 IN GAME HOURS, it has another Future Sight enabled Flash Forward, preventing it from being used for 1 IN GAME HOUR.

  4. King Serperior

    King Serperior

    Sep 15, 2011
    Looks good, but the "never-use-in-daylight" restriction will be a pain.

    Ok, just let me say that by having a "no-SE-moves" restriction automatically bumps the difficulty up a level. Next, am I able to switch in the case that I have to solo something with someone else? Soloing 8 E4 pokemon.......You might as well say that I am to solo 2 E4 members. That isn't going to be fun without SE moves....

    I like this challenge, but I have an EXTREMELY strong dislike of destroying items :(

    As for the time based restrictions, I could do that if I were using more than 6 mons.....but I am not. I know it is revenge for Soda, but I never placed a 24hour restriction.....

    Do you know how far into a game one can get in 24 hours?
  5. Treadshot A1

    Treadshot A1

    Jun 30, 2010
    KS, the 24 hour restriction is in real life, not in game. You can just pick it up again the next day and Gardevoir will be back to usable standards. It's the 5to1 hour in game restriction you should be worried about.
  6. King Serperior

    King Serperior

    Sep 15, 2011
    ^ Yea, I see your point.

    I was half asleep when I was looking at that challenge...
  7. Naix


    Apr 24, 2012
    @King Serperior
    You can battle during the day, just not outside. And I never said anything about changing the DS's clock.
  8. Jimera0

    Jimera0 You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
    is a Smogon Social Media Contributor Alumnus

    Jul 24, 2010
    KS, take Loyal the Houndour. This cute little puppy wants to help you on your adventure! Aren't you lucky? But wait... something seems a little off about this little dog. It seems to have an odd affinity for darkness and pain... how strange.

    Well that's because Loyal is actually EVIL! He's not loyal to you, he's loyal to CYRUS! *DUN DUN DUN!* He's evil as can be, and may only use Dark power and painful Fire type moves. Secretly he wishes to end to the world, and to achieve that goal he is tasked to tag along with you, and help you reach the Distortion World, where his plan will finally be enacted. He however won't fight any Galactic members (up to and including Cyrus). He pretends he's scared, but really, he just can't risk any tip off that might reveal his true purpose. Everything is nice and simple other than that, until you get to the Distortion World that is. In your battle with Cyrus, Loyal finally puts his plan into action, and attacks you during the battle! Because you're too busy fending him off, you may not use items while in the distortion world, and 2 of your Pokemon that aren't weak to Fire / Dark are also unable to battle, because they're too busy defending you from your own Pokemon! After you thwart Cyrus' plan and defeat/catch Giratina though, he realizes that all his efforts were for naught, and that his actions did not go unnoticed by the gods! Dialga and Palkia curse him in punishment. Dialga, master of time, punishes him by slowing down his actions. He must hold an Iron Ball at all times. Palkia, master of Space, punishes him by warping the space around him so he can never reach his opponent, meaning he can only use non-contact moves on them. He actually does feel some remorse though, and as such feels compelled to help you solo one of the Elite 4 (your choice) despite his crippled state.

    Good Luck, hope it's creative enough for you. Sure the challenges were a bit generic, but I'm hoping the backstory makes up for it.
  9. King Serperior

    King Serperior

    Sep 15, 2011
    ^ Thats perfect!!
    I have a violent update already planned out ^_^
  10. StallMandibuzz


    May 4, 2011
    @Jimera: Ooo, the is a particularly dark Challange, I must say. Well, since Anger the Gyarados has to solo Cyrus in the Distortion World with no items and no help, he should have a good old time with it. :D o.o It actually depends on if he even takes Anger, but still. :3
  11. EndQuote


    May 5, 2011
    King, I'd love to throw my hat Budew into the ring.
    Catch yourself a Budew and name her Aloe.
    Backstory (open)
    Aloe originally belonged to Gardenia, and was one of the strongest pokes in the gym.
    From the moment she hatched, she fought harder and trained longer, pushing herself to be the best Grass-type in Sinnoh.
    Then, one fateful day, disaster struck...
    A trainer strolled in with a vastly overleveled Grotle, laying waste to all in his path, until only Aloe stood between him and the Forest Badge.
    Though she fought bravely, the Budew was overwhelmed by the trainer's power.
    Not able to live with her defeat, she fled the gym in the dead of night.

    Years passed, and Aloe still refused to battle, believing herself incapable of success.
    She lived in the woods near Eterna City, watching the gym battles from afar.
    Then you came along.

    Taken by surprise by a Pokeball, she was caught before she even knew what was happening.
    Once again thrown into the heat of battle, she wanted nothing to do with the stress each skirmish brought, giving up before her inevitable failure. Aloe saw herself as a waste of space, and refused to waste any of your items.
    Then you reach Eterna City. Seeing her old gym, teammates, and trainer sparks something deep within her. Determined and resolute, she prepared herself for one more battle, just to test her ability...
    The success of the solo gives her the courage to evolve.
    As a Roselia, she works hard to regain her former battling ability.
    She must always learn each new level-up move.
    Remembering her dream of being the strongest Grass-type in Sinnoh, she must always test her strength against each Grass-type foe.
    After weeks of training, she feels ready to again help you in your quest to conquer the Sinnoh league.
    She must solo Volkner on the first try, and can only evolve after this battle.
    Her arrogance is so advanced she eschews the use of items for this battle.
    As a Roserade, her battling ability goes to her head.
    She must lead the party against each Elite Four member, and cannot switch out until she is KOed.

    Restrictions: (Bolded above)
    Aloe must be caught in the first turn of battle.

    As a Budew:
    1) She must switch out every time her health drops below 50%.
    2) No items can be used on her.

    Must solo all of Gardenia's gym. (Above restrictions are dropped for these battles)
    Must solo Gardenia on the first try.
    If she fails (open)
    Her resolve shattered, she remains in doubt. One of her two restrictions from her time as a Budew is kept for the entire challenge.

    She can evolve after this battle.

    As a Roselia:
    1) Must always learn Level-up moves.
    2) Must switch in and solo all Grass-types or die trying.

    Must solo Volkner on the first try without items.
    If she fails (open)
    Confidence shattered, she must again be bound by one of the restrictions on her as a Budew. (If you failed the Gardenia solo, both restrictions now apply)

    She can evolve after this battle.

    As a Roserade:
    1) Must lead the party against each Elite Four member, and cannot switch out until she is KOed.
    2) Must switch in and solo all Grass-types or die trying.

    Good luck!
  12. Arceustar


    Jan 8, 2012
    Dammit CyberSpeed. Forgot I reserved. What did I reserve? Jellicent?
  13. Mygavolt


    Apr 21, 2011
  14. Cyberspeed


    May 14, 2011
    All good,if you want more time,thats fine.
    It's just I haven't seen you round in a while and I want to get started soon.
  15. Arceustar


    Jan 8, 2012
    It'll be up this time tomorrow
  16. Skyshayde


    Jan 28, 2012
    Grinding up in eterna forest
  17. AOPSUser


    Dec 3, 2011
    Hi guys:

    So I finished my HG Nuzlocke, and I must say that 6 Pokemon really do suck. You have to grind them all. So, I'll be accepting an HeartGold Scramble.

    So what's the catch? Well, I want to make it impossible, but not impossible to grind. Therefore, I'll be using my UberKle the Shuckle, Its_A_Random's IH8IAR the Ditto, and two other Pokemon.

    I will be accepting many challanges, and I'll pick the best of 8. You have until Monday when I get back from school.

    1. Treadshot A1's Scyther
    2. Professor Science's Dunsparce
    3. Tetrinity's Spinarak
    4. The QWAZ's Sunkurn
    5. IAR's Gastly
    6. Naix's Dratini
    7. Skyshayde's Totodile
    8. none. Didn't get enough mons.

    So I will put 1v8, 2v7, and so on. I will flip a coin, and the two that survive to the finals get put on my team.

    Difficulty: IMPOSSIBLE
    Starter: I might use one.
    4 Pokemon
    No drudgery. A Pidgey that has to solo 25 Electric-type Pokemon to evolve is OK, but not a Pidgey that has to solo 150 Caterpie to evolve.
    Creativity: MAX
    You have until 4 PM Pacific Time (GM -8) on Monday, May 7th.

    EDIT: I can't trade.


    OK, remember the coin flip? Screw that, I'm just going bias these towards one Pokemon, so the harder one is more likely to win:

    1v8: 1 (bye)
    2v7: 7 (6203/10000)
    3v6: 3 (3976/10000)
    4v5: 5 (5443/10000)

    1v5: 5 (8778/10000) (Nooooooooooo)

    So my mons will be...

    Mons (open)
  18. Treadshot A1

    Treadshot A1

    Jun 30, 2010
    You'll get a Scyther from me.

    AOPS, take Scynesta the Scyther. Scynesta isn't known for being especially nice to anyone who decides to catch it. First, it breaks all the poke balls you're carrying at the time you capture it (I.e. go to our bag and chuck out every ball you have). Then, it decides that frankly it doesn't like you very much. So it decides to play a little prank on you, something it learnt from another Scyther, Faelnirv. Basically Scynesta decides to lace your food and drink with...*you don't want to know what*....so that whenever she is sent out, you lose the ability to think sanely. You call attacks randomly each turn (put the DS on the ground in front of you, close your eyes, and tap the touch screen randomly with the stylus until the turn is spent). You may end up attacking, switching, using an item..you don't know what will happen. As long as Scynesta is out, you have to randomly act each turn.

    Scynesta also wants to see how many times you can carefully enact a set of movements under its spell, so while you randomly call attacks, every time you successfully attack, then use an item and then attack and then switch, in that order, on consecutive turns, you gain one Move Counter. Every time ANY of your Pokemon wants to learn a new move, you must spend one move counter. If you don't have a move counter, too bad, you can't learn that move. If you want to evolve a Pokemon, spend 2 Move Counters. No counters = no evolution.

    Oh, and Scynesta has to solo 2 gyms (while you're randomly giving commands), including all their trainers, without leaving for healing at the PC or any other place (I.e. go into the gym, then don't come out until you've beaten the entire gym with just Scynesta. Also solo one of the E4 or Champion.

    If Scynesta is to faint at any time, you must choose a Pokemon. Congrats, when you use that Pokemon you must call attacks randomly as you did with Scynesta, and this is a permanent effect. This overrides Troll's attacking restriction.
  19. Professor Science

    Professor Science

    Nov 19, 2011
    Reserving for AOPSUser. Time for some brutality.
    AOPSUser, take Noob the Dunsparce. Your Dunsparce has lived in a cave its whole life, so it doesn't know how to apply its natural skills. So, Noob may never use a move with a secondary effect, since it doesn't think to abuse it's Serene Grace ability (if you get it). It may also never use a STAB move, since it is completely ignorant about power boosts. Finally, it may never use Super Effective moves. Like all noobs, he always leaps into battles he has no chance of winning. Noob must solo all Fighting and Dragon types you encounter, and Chuck, Clair, Bruno and Lance. Good luck and have fun!
  20. Tetrinity


    May 9, 2010
    I'll reserve one for you.

    Edit: AOPSUser, take a Spinarak called Prioritise.

    Prioritise is an interesting little fellow, dedicated to mastering the art of battle that his father once knew. When in battle, he follows his list of priorities to the letter. He will not proceed to the next step until the current one is complete:

    1. Prevent the opponent's escape (use either Constrict or Spider Web once)
    2. Poison the opponent (e.g. spamming Poison Sting until poisoned, using Toxic)
    3. Ensure opponent cannot hope to match Prioritise's speed (e.g. using Scary Face / Agility or a move with priority)
    4. Eliminate the opponent and move on

    Note that for Prioritise to succeed here, his moveset must be of the following form:

    - Constrict / Spider Web
    - Poison Sting / Poison Jab / Toxic / Sludge Bomb
    - Scary Face / Shadow Sneak / Sucker Punch / Agility
    - Filler; any legal move (can be one of those slashed above if desired)

    There are many fearsome enemies out there in the world. Unfortunately for Prioritise, his father was infamous for his abilities in combat, and the infamy has passed down to him. RNG two unique numbers between 1 and 4. These numbers correspond to Pokémon types:

    1 = Flying
    2 = Rock
    3 = Fire
    4 = Psychic

    Prioritise must attempt to solo any Pokémon with the RNG'd types, unless this conflicts with another solo. If Prioritise fails in his solo, the opposing Pokémon claims a cash prize - toss items worth at least (250 * Prioritise's level) as soon as possible. If you cannot afford this prize due to a complete lack of funds and resources to sell, Prioritise loses his filler moveslot until you amass the funds to pay off the debt. Any money or items you acquire must go towards paying off this debt!

    Evolution to Ariados may only happen at or after level 29, which is the level at which Spinarak can learn Spider Web (learning it isn't required to evolve, though). You must also have zero debt in order to evolve.

    Finally, one more thing to prevent you simply not using Prioritise in order to minimise failed solo costs; Each time through the E4, Prioritise must solo any E4 member. Prizes aren't necessary to give out for this solo unless the Pokémon that knocked out Prioritise happens to be one of the RNG'd types.

    Optional difficulty tweaks:
    Easy mode: cash prize = 100 * Prioritise's level
    Regular mode: cash prize = 250 * Prioritise's level, as given above
    Hard mode: cash prize = 500 * Prioritise's level
    Insane "you'd have to be crazy to even consider it you'll be forever stuck with a three-move Spinarak with no items, Poké Balls or TMs at all and quite frankly it's challenging enough even on regular difficulty" mode: cash prize = 1,000 * Prioritise's level

    Whatever difficulty level you choose; as the traditional saying goes in these parts... good luck, have fun.
  21. Naix


    Apr 24, 2012
    AOPSUser, take Gen 1 the Dratini. Gen 1 has been around since, well, Gen 1, and it's been in the Gen 1 mindset ever since, so It may only know moves that it could learn in Gen 1, and two of them must be Wrap and Agility. Whenever Gen 1 is sent into battle, the first move it uses has to be Agility, and the second one has to be Wrap, and if the opponent gets out of the Wrap status, use it again. Gen 1 is also unfamiliar with the concept of holding items, so it may not hold any items at any time. To evolve, Solo Pryce, and to evolve again, Solo your Rival at Mt. Moon and a Kanto Gym Leader of your choice using only Wrap and Agility (only applies to the Kanto Gym Leader).
    Good luck! You'll need it...
  22. Its_A_Random

    Its_A_Random A distant memory
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnus

    Mar 19, 2010
    Ahhh AOPSUser. I give thee Troll the Gastly.

    Troll is a troll who is designed to troll. Troll loves to troll & troll he will.
    Troll may never evolve past Haunter.
    Troll may only use moves with a BP of less than or equal to 79.999.
    Troll must solo every Gastly/Haunter/Gengar you encounter from the moment it becomes a Haunter.
    Troll must become a Haunter before you enter the Burned Tower for the first time.
    Troll can never switch out of battle until he faints/the battle is over once he's in.
    Troll likes being inconsistent, so each time you attack with it, flip a coin twice. What move it uses depends on your result - HH=Move 1, HT=Move 2, TH=Move 3, TT= Move 4.
    Troll lols at your impossible difficulty challange & must solo Karen.
    Troll must also solo Sabrina, just for measure.
    IAR perhaps went a little bit overboard with this...

    Have fun.

    Also, if you haven't checked out #scramble on IRC, do so now. We need more users on the channel, ya know?
  23. The QWAZ

    The QWAZ

    Jan 15, 2012
    Reserving a sunkern for APSOUser.

    APSOUser, take fukdis the sunkern.
    Fukdis was constantly bullied in the national park, so solo 2 of every species available in the park, this includes bug catching contests. only use NFE moves if possible . Solo every single trainer between the park and Cianwood city, no STAB moves.
    To prove himself to you solo jasmine with only normal moves, while being no more than 5 levels higher than steelix.
    solo lance to evolve with only grass type moves.
    solo every Kanto gym leader with an SE STAB only using grass type moves
    solo red's and lances charizard only using grass type moves.
    try not to break your ds.
  24. Professor Science

    Professor Science

    Nov 19, 2011
    ^Lol, multiple fails.
  25. CrystalDragon


    Sep 19, 2010
    I am going to hate myself for doing this but:

    -Pokemon Platinum
    - Extremly hard
    - Nicknames
    - No access to other games
    - All Pokemon must reach final evolution
    - No Ralts

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