Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

Drakon, take a Spinarak and name him ArachNed.
This Spinarak is desperate to prove himself as the toughest bug-type around.
In trainer battles, he can never switch out, as that would show weakness.
In addition, he must learn and keep Scary Face, and use it against any Fire, Rock, Flying, or Psychic foes he sees, just to prove his own bravery.

To evolve, he must solo at least one trainer in six gyms. Good luck!
Axmaster, I'm kind of annoyed that you rejected that, it's not that similar to MrcRangers at all and it's actually very easy to do.

However, I guess I'll indulge you...

Take a Sentret, and name it Axmaster. He has a dislike of rules and so wants to disobey every single one of your rules so that you can rage harder in your update. However, since he also wants to be accepted as a challange, it's a bit difficult.

Other rules:
1. No starting over
2. No losing pokemon or moveslots
3. 1 major solo per pokemon
4. try to keep type coverage at least okay
6. No treadshot or healfodder-like challanges
7. All pokemon must be able to evolve fully before the 7th gym
8. No E4 solos please
9. All pokemon must be able to use at least 1 attacking move at all times
1. You must soft reset your game 5 times when catching your Sentret, and you must take the last one you catch.
2. Each time you violate any of the below rules, one of your pokemon loses the ability to learn the last move it learns naturally before level 60. These will stack on top of each other (in the event that you fail more then one challange)
3. Solo whoever the steel type chick is (can't remember). Failing that, solo the fighting type dude (this is the wimp way out). If it takes you more then 3 attempts to do this, lose a move as per Rule 2.
4. You must learn Surf, since you care so much about coverage. (I don't care what your other challanges say about this)
6. You must run yourself out of PP and then solo....haha i can't take myself seriously.
7. Your Sentret may only evolve into Furret when it has fainted exactly 20 times over the course of the game and you have finished the mandatory solo of steel chick/fist dude. If you have fainted more or less times then that, apply rule 2 for each faint.
8. Fine. You win. Furret may not fight against the Elite Four-if it does, apply Rule 2 once for each pokemon on your team, and delete any moves that this requires you to delete. Furret may also never leave your party once you catch it.
9. You may use any attacking move at any time, so long as that move is Tackle, Quick Attack, or Surf.

If you reject this challange, the only challange you may take in its place is the one I previously posted. If you STILL refuse that, you may not have a 6th pokemon. Period.

Rule #6:
You can only reject a challange you were given ONLY IF it breaks your rules, or if it "Doesn't fit your difficulty", or if it's one of those downright stupid challanges that nobody would even consider doing, but yeah. If you get a challange you want to reject but you didn't say no to, too bad. You have to put up with it.
So yeah.

EDIT: I thought an example for Rule 2 would be nice:


Order of moves that applications of Rule 2 would cause it to lose the ability to learn (in Gen 4 obviously):

Double Edge

and so on.
I suppose I must explain myself, then. I originally rejected you first challange because I already had a challange that indices flipping a coin/ rolling a die, and it would beextremely time consuming to have 2. But since your next challange pretty much broke most of my rules, I reallyhaveto accept your earlier one.

Wish me luck guys, my team is filled, but with the challanges I have, I may not be able to get as far as I'd like. GL to all the other scramblers out There as well!


You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
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Hey ranger, I said I'd give you a mon and so I will.

But really, lat least link to your scramble request post when you ask for people to give you more, your post is 3 pages back and I had to go searching for it. Making people do that is a great way to ensure that you don't get you scramblemons any time soon.

Ranger take a Sunkern and name it Blossom. Sunkern wants nothing more than to bloom into a beautiful Sunflora, and is extremely eager to do so. However, in order to do so it must gather energy from a powerful foe (a GLMP, [Gym Leader Main Pokemon. Solo it). After it does this it can evolve. Due to its eagerness it must lead your party at all times until it evolves, as it is always dashing ahead into danger.

After it evolves, no restrictions, since I'm burdening you with a freakin' Sunkern for at least 1 gym. Enjoy!
Reserving a Totodile for MrcRanger97. Will edit in ASAP.
MrcRanger97, take Vegetarian the Totodile. Vegetarian must know Bite/Ice Fang and must always keep it. This Totodile, unlike the others, prefers to eat plants rather than meat, meaning that Vegetarian can only use Bite/Ice Fang on Grass-types. He was teased for that, and can only unleash his rage by using Rage on every Water-type he sees. To evolve once, solo 5 Grass-types with just Bite/Ice Fang and 10 Water-types, and to evolve again, solo 15 Grass-types with just Bite/Ice Fang and 25 Water-types.
Have fun!
reserving for MrcRanger97.
heres Snake the Ekans. Snake likes doing things backwards, so if it's ability is Intimidate you must use a move a move that raises the opponent's attack by two stages(Swagger) an only use attacking moves afterward.
If it's ability is Shed skin, whenever it's status is healed by Shed Skin, you must throw out 500 worth of items ater battle and switch out.
Feel free to decline this challenge, because Ekans comes after you beat the 6th(?) gym.
Ok I'll try once more...
MrcRanger take Dodgem the Mareep. Dodgem belives that it can become the fastest pokemon ever, so if it ever moves last, you must use cotton spore until it moves first. To be a fast pokemon, Dodgem needs to dodge many attacks, so to evolve, it must dodge 6 attcks. To evolve again, it must dodge 13 attacks. Dodgem may NOT learn Double Team.

This will be my main post for my SS Rage Update Scramble. I'll edit my 'mons in soon.

Here are the updates:

Chapter 1: Not-So-Great Moods


Ugh. Now I'm not happy. I was going to tell you guys this super awesome epic story, but now you'll get the pissed off version and LIKE IT(jk).

Well, after being SO FREAKING ANNOYINGLY shrunken, I go to the PC in my room to get the Potion that's supposed to be there, and there's nothing.

Afterwards, I head downstairs, and get stuck talking to Mom for FIFTY FREAKING ETERNITIES, and she gives me random stuff that doesn't even fill my menu up.

So, I head outside to see the Prof., when BAM!


And OF COURSE my so-called friend Lyra comes up to me and talks to me boringly for another 5 TRILLION ETERNITIES until I FINALLY get left alone to head to the Lab.

Once I FINALLY get there (after 200 eternities), I begin to chat with the Professor.... RANDOM E-MAIL ATTACK!!


Once I recieve Frederick, I go outside, and I decide to look in the lab's window when this red-haired dude kicks me out.

Seriously, I'm gonna get that guy. He's gonna PAY. HARD.

Next, I head out to Route 1 AKA 29 for some RANDOM REASON I DON'T GIVE A * ABOUT, I give Frederick a work-out with some Pokemon battles (spoiler- he kicks *) as I pass a bunch of people who randomly decided to hang out on a route nobody ever stays on for longer than 5 minutes and give absolutely no help to even a new player (XD), I arrive at Cherrygrove City. Okay, OLD DUDE (not) RAPE TOUR!! Dude gave me the Running Shoes for my trouble, and wasted 5 minutes of my time. FUN!

I heal up real quick, helped out by a Nurse Jenny that actually WANTS MY POOR LITTLE FREDERICK TO GET HURT D: D: D: D: D: D:

After purchasing more supplies, I head out onto the next route so I can find Mr. Pokemon and MOVE ON WITH MY LIFE, the old dude has a (not) rape attack and decides to give me a Town Map (okay?). Anyways, I train Freddy(AKA Frederick) up to level 8, passing by a random dude who obviously has ADHD and NEEDS TO TAKE A FRICKING CHILL PILL ALREADY's house and recieve the Apricorn Box (or whatever it's called). And NO FREAKING DUH THERES AN APRICORN TREE OUTSIDE YOUR HOUSE I'M NOT A FRICKIN' IDIOT!!

Once I arrive at Mr. Pokemon's house, he decides to give me(my in-game name is Chris) AKA some RANDOM KID an egg to take care of (talk about GREAT LOGIC /sarcasm). While these guys are at it, Professor Oak (not happy with the guy. He's the one who shrank me) gives me the pokedex. AT LEAST they healed Freddy.

I walk outside and.... BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!


I train Freddy up to level 10 before heading out because I'm not a complete idiot, then head out to the lab and WHACK!

Wild REDHEAD WITH NO SOUL(AKA DERPFACE *er(jkjk)) appeared! Let's wipe his face on the floor (not literally) Freddy!

*does so easily*

Dude says I'm weak and leaves. Seriously, me, WEAK?

I boringly head to the Lab, where I officially name the redhead with no soul DERP! (because the earilier name wouldn't fit). After talking to Mr. Policeman (who obviously has no brain because he thinks DERP! is a name XD). After delievering the Egg to the Prof, I head off to continue my journey.


SOOO, once I'm back in Cherrygrove, I heal up with the super mean Nurse Joy (*U), and head out to Violet City. I quickly destroy a couple of trainers, and nonchalantly spam the A button as they ask for my number out of the blue. Once I pick up a few items and clean up a few more trainers, I arrive in Violet City. I heal up and head over to clean out the gym like a boss, but I can't. OF FREAKING COURSE I have to go through FRICKIN' SPROUT TOWER FIRST.

Ugh. I head over there, and quickly utterly demolish a bunch of sages until...


Then, once I get to the Elder... Wild DERP! suddenly appeared again!


Herpity derp derp I don't care about my pokemon herpity derp derp derp I suck at life lolz herpity derp derp.

Well then, with THAT over and done with, I battle the elder.

And win.

In 4 attacks.



So, I heal up my Level 16 Freddy, and head over to solo a gym I wouldn't have to! Fun!(/sarcasm)

Well, I finish up the 2 trainers quickly like a boss, and it's time! BOSS BATTLE #1 GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO!!!!!



(I won't be raging in the end-of-chapter parts)
Pokemon: 1
Badges: 0
Restarts: 0 (technically 3, but not really 'cause nobody said I couldn't soft reset for nature :p)


Frederick, AKA Freddy
Nature: Quirky
Level: 16
-Quick Attack

Both the MVP and LVP (duh, one poke only :p). Seriously, wow. I've never used Cyndaquil before, and Freddy just absolutely DESTROYED EVERYTHING like a boss. Sprout Tower was at least 5 times easier than before, and the bird pokemon are no issue. I'm just not raving about the rival encounter #2 Freddy's going to have to solo... That's okay though, he's still doing AWESOME.

Chapter 2: A New Type of Easy

Now, Falkner battle GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO!!!

Well, that was easy.

Ember. OHKO

Ember. 2HKO.



There. I said it. Falkner sucks and shouldn't be a frickin' gym leader anyways. Who ever thought of a FLYING type gym being the first one?


Anyways, next town.

So, my overleveled Freddy and I set off with a bunch of useless HM Slaves to the next town after healing up.

Oh, that reminds me. HEY NURSE JOY!!



(not really, but yeah)

Five minutes later, after dominating a bunch of trainers and stealing their money LIKE A BAWSE. When I reach a new Pokemon Center, I heal up with another Nurse Joy that needs to yield the above message before I come in there and turn into a bomberman.

And OF COURSE when I go outside and see an item behind a Rock Smash rock, none of my pokes can learn Rock Smash

So, I decide to not care in any way. HOORAY!!


So, how about the weather here.....?


Where the * were I? (yes, the grammar is screwed up on purpose) Oh yeah, at Union Cave. Anyways, I beat up a ton of trainers with a bunch of annoying Rock types that refuse to even use SE moves on Freddy...

Anywho, once I made it out, I ran into Kurtlajdflajoifuai;ojfdal, err um hi daddy I'm so tired.

I mean Kurt, yeah Kurt teh Apricorn dude who seems to like to rape Team Rocket members. Oh joy, another one of these guys......

TEAM ROCKET??????????????????

Now I have too deal with THESE IDIOTS for the BILLIONTH FRICKIN' TIME!!

So, I heal up via another Nurse Joy that needs to heed my previous message to all Nurse Joys who want my POOR LITTLE POKES TO GET HURT!! D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D,:

Moving on, I head over to Kurt's house, and suddenly I spawn at the well. LIKE A BOSS!! So apparently Kurt hurt his back (obviously Gamefreak is just failing at creating a legitiment storyline(jk)), and sends me in to defeat the EVIL TEAM ROCKET.

Basically, I won. EASILY as well. I destroyed all the Grunts and beat the Commander in 2 attacks.

The destruction. Was awesome.

Now, for the gym!

Trainers were epically crushed.

Bugsy, welllllll.........


Badges:1 (Yeah buddy!)
Pokemon:1 (just you wait!)


Frederick, AKA Freddy the Quilava
Nature: Quirky
Level: 24
-Flame Wheel
-Quick Attack

Freddy is SO overleveled, it's unbelieveable. He destroys every trainer with ease, and his solo of Falkner went fantastically well. Of course, him being my only pokemon until Ilex Forest makes it VERY easy to become overleveled. Still, Freddy is my MVP by a whole lot more than a mile.

Comments would be greatly appriciated.
wth, i haer talk about twilight.... AGHGHG RANDOM OLD MAN ALERT! Now he wants to know if im a boy or a girl. Seriously, is this guy blind? Then he wants my name. Ok, thats more acceptable. Blah blah experiences, WHAHH IM SHRINKING. Ok must have been a dream, as I woke up in my room... in the middle of the carpet... anyways I go downstairs and my mom gives me most of my menu. How nice. I go outside and get jumped by a marill. WTF WATCH WHERE YOURE GOING. Lyra comes up and says hi. I go over to Elm's lab, because this wouldnt be a pokemon game without labs X_X. SO he talks a while, and I get to choose a pokemon. I choose Totodile, name it Vegetarian (Which barely fit btw) and head off towards Mr. Pokemon's house.

Many Sentret and Pidgey later...

OLD MAN AMBUSH. He runs and talks while I walk slowly. Blah blah, fucking tours... anyways, I get the running shoes! YAY! I heard north. Vegetarian lvls up to 9. I get to pokemon's house, after being stopped by a guy who apparently has an inflated ego of his house.... I get the egg. I get the pokedex from oak. All is well.

Come out of the house, Elm calls, disaster hurry. zzt. Ok then. Head south, avoiding the grass as much as possible, and get jumped by a red haired boy who I saw earlier. He calls me weak, and fights me witha lvl 5 chikorita. LOL SCRACTH 2HKO. He drops his trainer card, and his name is apparently Idiot... anyways, I return to Elm's lab, get interrogated by the police officer, give him the boys name, and then go talk to my mom. I DONT WANT NO FUCKING SAVINGS ACCOUNT BECAUSE YOU SPEND MY MONEY!
Anyways, after OHKOing much of the route to Violet city, I go to the tower, with Veggie now lvl 13, he learned Bite! EHEHEHEHEHEH. He OHKO the entire tower but the elder's hoohoot. screw him. Veggie had a full stomach after that.

Anyways. I go to challenge the gym, with Veggie at lvl 16. Trainers whooped, next for Falkner. He says something about trimming wings with electricity... wtf. Anyways, PIDGEY VS VEGGIE. Water Gun 2HKOs. with no damage to Veggie as pidgey decided to sand attack... fuck... Pidgeoto is out next. Water GUN!
Sand attack. CMON
WATERGUN! hits does 1/3 health
Gust, no problem.
Watergun again.
Gust again.
Heals pidgeotto. Fuck
Dies in 3 hits.
Anyways, all for chapter 1, when will Morgan get his 2nd pokemon? FIND OUT NEXT TIME

LVL 17
Water Gun

Grass Solos: 5/5 Water Solos: 0/10

Anyways, I leave the gym, get phone call from Elm. Get the egg, then head south to the next route. Wait, Mareep live here!
20 minutes later....
WTF why are there no mareep.
Next mon is a Mareep.
oh, bridge by water...
I get 8.
well, better train Dodgem.
Comes across mareep.
Flash! (BTW i taught it flash, how else would i get the evasion? :P)
eventually, it justs growls at me. I getlike 9 evasions before I kill it with my weak ass tackles.
I lvl her up more in the cave. she goes to lvl 12.
more to come...
EndQuote's 1K Post White Scramble!

I'm going to be trapped on a plane for hours on Saturday, so I'm going to start my White Scramble, just for a change of pace.

EndQuote's Stupidly Challenging White Scramble!
Original Post

Meet the Team:

Original Post
Must obtain a moveset of Megahorn/Scald/Dig/Protect.
Must solo all trainer-owned Dark-, Fire-, or Ghost-types or die trying, unless this conflicts with another solo.
Must switch into any Curse-user, and solo them or die trying.
Must hold a Mystic Water.
Soloing: Lenora and Cilan, by necessity, and Grimsley, by design.

Update #1 (Two Badges)
Evolution Status: Dewott
Level: 25
Moveset: Retaliate/Tail Whip/Razor Shell/Focus Energy
Stupidly overleveled and awe-inspiringly powerful, Holy was my only poke for two whole gyms. His soloes of Lenora and Cilan went reasonably well, and, since he acquired Razor Shell, he's been OHKOing nearly everything in sight. Definite MVP for now, though he won't be seeing much use until X and SWAG catch up.

Original Post
Can never use a Super-Effective move.
Can only attack foes suffering from a status condition.
Soloing: Cheren, every time.
Brycen. (Gods help us all)

Update #1 (Two Badges)
Evolution Status: Petilil
Level: 18
Moveset: Growth/Leech Seed/Sleep Powder/Mega Drain
Despite somewhat ridiculous restrictions, X has been a major asset to my team. I'm beginning to remember why I love Petilil, beyond simply being cute. She's reasonably fast, and can shut foes down with Sleep Powder. I gave her a Big Root to hold, so no matter how damaged she is, Leech Seed and Mega Drain can keep her alive. At least, until she faces Brycen. (Gulp)

Original Post
Must use Swagger immediately every time he is sent out.
Must solo Burgh without items. (3 Attempts)
After three failures, can use one Fresh Water. (2 Attempts)
If successful, ignore Swagger restriction.
If not, it is kept for the rest of the game.
After Burgh, must be renamed BORN AGAIN.
Cannot lead in trainer battles.
Must learn Return.
Cannot use Fighting-type moves, except Focus Punch after the first turn.
Must solo all grunts in Chargestone cave to evolve.
Cannot participate in battle against Ghetsis.
Soloing: Burgh, N (Chargestone Cave), N (Nimbasa City), three of N's pokes in the final N battle.

Update #1 (Two Badges)
Evolution Status: Scraggy
Level: 18
Moveset: Sand-Attack/Faint Attack/Headbutt/Swagger
Freshly caught and in training for his debut solo of Burgh, SWAGsters here has been surprisingly powerful. Swagger is useful for hax, while Faint-Attack and Headbutt wreck everything in sight. I got Shed Skin instead of Intimidate, so I'm going to miss out on Fighting-type moves, but that's okay. I love SWAGasaurus here anyway.

Yet to be Caught:
StallMandibuzz's Vengeance the Yamask
Jimera0's Defeatist the Archen
Chinchillers' SexMuffin the Trubbish

Going into this battle, I knew I was in trouble. My only poke was Holy the Oshawott, so I had a massive type disadvantage.
After grinding for what seemed like forever (Probably ten minutes, I have a short attention span), I decided it was time to try.
Previous attempts had failed miserably, but I figured out a way to win...
As Cilan's Lillipup spammed Work Up, I used an X Defend and an X Speed.
Taking a Bite in stride, Holy used Focus Energy, completing my plan of setting up.
Water Gun easily 3HKOed Lillipup, despite Cilan's best efforts with a Potion, but the battle was far from over...
I healed Holy with a Potion, smiling as I watched Vine Whip glance off his boosted Defense.
I spammed Tackle for the win, the last one critting, (Thanks Focus Energy!), as Vine Whip barely missed a 4HKO.

With a newly evolved Dewott, I wasn't too worried going into this battle.
I knew if I could survive a single boosted retaliate, I would win.
Up first was Herdier, who OHKOed the HM slave I sent out to sponge Intimidate.
I sent out Holy, looking as badass as ever. (Seriously, Dewott is awesome)
The first Razor Shell got a lucky Defense drop, while Herdier's Take Down missed.
A second Razor Shell KOed the unlucky dog. One down!
Up next, Holy took a boosted Retaliate, putting him into the red, but managed to slam Watchog with a Razor Shell.
I healed up with a Fresh Water, Holy enjoying a brief Hypnosis-induced nap before his Chesto Berry woke him up.
Dodging a second Hypnosis, Holy got the KO with a final Razor Shell.
Chapter 4 of my Red Solo Frenzy is Up!

The text is green because I solo Erika in this chapter! Also, I use X items for the first time ever in my Pokemon playing life.

Feedback? Comments? Questions? It's yours my friend, so long as they're directed at Axmaster and MrcRanger as well as me.
Chapter Fourteen of Ruby is (finally) up!

This one was a total bitch to write, but I think it turned out well. It was hard for me to find writing time with my finals going on and my IRL friends always following me around, and the fact that most of what happened in this episode was insignificant, minor events. Enough minor events that I couldn't cut them all out and just start from Fallarbor, and big enough to make it a pain to cherry pick. But eventually, I made it through by cutting out a nice chunk of what was intended to be part of this chapter and putting it at the beginning of the next. In addition to writing this one, I also decided to change the ending of Episode 13 to lead into this one better and to address Jimera0's comments, which felt more and more true the further I got into this episode.

In other news, my birthday was Monday, and this episode was going to have a section filled with about a trillion cameos...but that was all in the section I cut out of the episode. At least it'll show up in Episode 15, which I hope to have done a good deal faster then Episode 14.
Just wanted to let you guys know I'm going to be gone from tomorrow until Teusday. Still , I would love some comments on chapter 1 of my rage SS Scramble! I may be able to get Chapter 2 up tonight, but I'm not sure.
I haven't seen much of your other work, but I like your updates from what I read! I'm looking forward to when you come back so you can make more!

Short but sweet. I like it. Also, during the chapter summary, have you considered writing down how each of your Pokemon is doing?
@Naix thanks! That means a lot. If you'd like to see some of my other work, my canceled SS Scramble is in my description. Hopefully I can get at least two more chapters out before I leave for a week the Tuesday after I get back.
Very nice Chapter as always, Skarm. I haven't really been on this site too much lately, or focusing on my Scrambles or anything. Been thinking about way too much, and I feel like it would reflect in my writing. I sorted a few things out, but I still have a lot to think about and everything. I'll try to type Chapter 2 up for my HG Scramble before everyone completely forgets about it. I'm in the middle of typing it, but I need the motivation to type, something that keeps me going. Sorry for the mini-rant, and I'll be back soon.
I'll try to type Chapter 2 up for my HG Scramble before everyone completely forgets about it.
Like what everyone did with mine? xD

Don't rush it out. We'd rather see something well done than something soon.

@Ax: I'm sorry to say I'm not a fan of your style there. While I appreciate how many people might find that style of update to be entertaining or funny, it's not really my thing.
Hello. I guess I'll try one for Pokemon White. Since this is my first challenge I am asking that you go easy on the challenges.

-Start with Tepig
-Balanced team
- No useless
- Nicknames are a must
Riki, take Bacon the Tepig. Bacon knows it's a pig, and is afraid of getting eaten, so it refuses to fight any humanlike or carnivorous Pokemon. To evolve, Bacon must overcome its fear of things that might eat it, so to evolve once, solo 10 trainers. To evolve again, solo 25 trainers. Once it evolves to Emboar, Bacon is no longer afraid of being eaten, so the above restriction is null.
Welcome to Smogon!

For reference, here is the list of Pokemon Bacon must never fight when it's a Tepig or Pignite:
Purrloin line (an exception is made if Bacon is your only Pokemon when you first fight N)
Timburr line
Sandile line
Scraggy line
Archen line
Zorua line
Gothita line
Axew line
Cubchoo line
Pawniard line
Rufflet line
Deino line
Riki, grab that Pansage and name him George.
Like certain other curious monkeys, George is an endlessly curious fellow.
Each time he is offered the chance to learn a new move via level-up, he must always learn that move.
In addition, if a gym leader gives you a TM which George can learn, he must immediately learn that move.
(Work Up and Acrobatics)

He must solo Clay. Good luck!

Also @Ax, I liked your incorporation of memes, it was humorous.
Simple suggestion: Maybe put your team (either in quotes or links to the original posts) in a hide tag, so we can remember what restrictions you're dealing with. (And whether or not I contributed anything. Honestly, memory of a dead goldfish over here...)
Riki, take a Lillipup, name him (or her) Rover.

Rover must learn every level up move, and you must teach him every TM that you obtain, as soon as you obtain it (if he can learn it, of course). Your final moveset must be 2 TM moves, and 2 level-up moves.