Turnip Mafia - Game Over - BT and zorbees win

Daenym said:
Dear Blue_Tornado

You are the Werewolf

Infected long ago, you have grown into a pretty powerful creature, and with great power comes great... thirst for blood. You’d been eyeing the Town for a while, but couldn’t manage to get inside. And then, finally, someone left the gates open at Night, and now you’re ready to wreak some havoc.

First, at Night, you may PM the host with “Night X - Kill <user>.” In the morning, you will have ripped out <user>’s throat.

Second, at Night, you may PM the host with “Night X - Bite <user>.” <user> will survive and be infected, making him into a fledgling werewolf, or just a Wolf, for short. When you do this, you will learn whatever his role in the Town was, and that role will be replaced with the following:

Role PM said:
Dear <user>,

You are the Wolf

You have a raging thirst for blood, and at Night there is nothing else you can think of doing besides ripping out someone's throat to quench your thirst. Every Night, you cannot stop yourself from venturing out in search of blood. You’re a very powerful creature, so it takes a lot to stop you from killing.

At Night, you may PM the host with “Night X - Kill <user>.” You will tear out <user>’s throat and satisfy yourself for the Night. You must target someone with this ability every Night.

You are allied with yourself.

You win if you are the only one left alive.
The Wolf, however, is still considerably weaker than you. In the event that you choose to kill at Night, he will be too intimidated to use his own Kill. But he’s not really loyal, and the Wolf you create will eventually try to kill you, so you need to either Kill him yourself at some point, or get someone else to do it for you. In the event that the Wolf is killed, you can go out and Bite another member of the Town. Anyone who you turn into a Wolf will not know your identity, but you will obviously know his. There can only ever be one Wolf under your command at a time.

Third, at Night, if you choose to not use any actions, you will remain at home and not transform. In this case, you will show up as Town-aligned with the role of Villager if you are investigated.

Finally, you know the identity of the man who left the gates open and let you into the Town. He is zorbees, and his role is the Villain. Because of his treachery against them, he does not count as a member of the Town. He does not know your identity, but will leave messages for you here, which you can respond to, if you choose to do so.

You are aligned with yourself.

You win if all members of the Town are killed.
Thanks! Yeah, I'd say zorbees' infinite LVP looks kind of overpowering, especially since the village has no way of knowing it's infinite.