Turnip Mafia - Game Over - BT and zorbees win

CHENN’s accusations against zorbees were a welcome change in the Lynch. After saying a bloody knife had been found in his possession, it was enough to garner some quick votes against him. zorbees urged the people of the Town to tread carefully, saying he had a reason for the knife. But it seemed to do little good as others fell in line with the vote.

Led by CHENN, everyone surrounded zorbees to haul him up to the waiting noose. As the crowd closed in around him, and cry went up. Everyone backed away instantly, and there stood iiMKUltra blood pouring from a stab wound. It wasn’t long before he fell to the ground, dead.

Role PM said:
Dear iiMKUltra,

You are the Jailer

While you may not be the one who hunts down the criminals in the Town, you’re the one who keeps them from continuing with their illicit activities once they have been apprehended. At least until their sentence can be carried out, anyway. But while spending a Night in a cell can be inconvenient, at least people are safe from worse things.

At Night, you may PM the host with “Night X - Lock up <user>.” <user> will be tossed into a cell for the Night. While inside the cell, he will not be able to perform his other Night actions, but he will also be protected from anyone trying to kill him. He will still be susceptible to other things, however. You may not lock up the same person on consecutive Nights, and you may never lock up yourself.

You are aligned with the Town.

You win when the Town is safe again.
An angry roar rose from the crowd, as yet another person had been killed without their say. Daenym hushed the crowd.

“From now on, I’ll bring the person up here myself, to prevent a stabbing like the one today.”

Anxious and unsure of what would become of them as their numbers dwindled, everyone returned to their homes to prepare for the Night ahead.

It is now Night 5. Night 5 ends Oct. 6th at 9 p.m. or when all actions are in.

Which shouldn’t be too hard since there are only seven players left now...

thank goodness i didnt make the player list, this game is too wack for me too follow

maybe the obvious upcoming story-related twist could balance things out tho
Update since Daenym is oddly missing.

Everyone gathers together as every daybreak they do, although it seems to have been an extremely long night for some reason that no one can really put their finger on. Perhaps they just overslept? Perhaps the seven still alive all just made the night take forever? Perhaps it really was a lnoger night? No one really knows for sure.

They do a headcount among them and realize that they're missing Daenym, although considering so many had died under his watch there was no mourning to occur or even a want to find out where he was, just shuffling on to the where tehy might expect to find the body.

However, once they saw the body, they were horrified due to the death of such a counselor and grievor: Spiffy. Many knew this troll well, but none knew how attached to him they were until his death. There was no more spiffyrools, one less poker player, no more red shirt or person who might be able to help you. He's just dead.

Saddened by the loss of such an important soul, Quagsires steps out of the crowd and begins a day of mourning over the loss of Spiffy. Everyone else joins in, wishing there was any way to stop this broken game that seemed to be occurring. They mourned all day and, after finally laying to rest and building a stone monument to the legacy of Spiffy, they went to their homes to await the next night, either forgetting about the lynch or being too sad to let anyone else die.

Spiffy was the mourner(?), a member of the Village. His role allows the next day after his death to be skipped.


You all gather together, feeling almost unrefreshed considering it took nearly just a refresh of the page for yet ANOTHER chain of events to happen. It's almost as if people are getting things in faster than the speed of light. It's almost too good to be true for those who are tired of watching this game continue on and on without any change in what happens...

Either way, you wipe the last tears out of your sleepy eyes over the death of Spiffy, whose monument in the center of the town will make him a lesson future generations to revere and to follow and then to let him fade into obscurity. You already miss him, even Yeti is crying in her grave, mourning over Spiffy. But you know even more that you have to save this town, no matter what it takes. And to do that, you must fight to the death, hoping to save the town from those who want to do it harm.

However, once again, someone is missing besides Daenym, and it is only a matter of time searching through the houses before you find the body of Macle, just like every body before him, making sure that nothing can ever decimate it further by giving it a proper burial.

You now go to the lynching platform, where the fiver remaining will decide the fate of all and if their memories will survive.

Macle was a member of the Town. He was Vanilla.