Turnip Mafia - Game Over - BT and zorbees win

Village could've hooked bt the confirmed killer and hte only killer
Not lynched bt 3 times and randed once
Not have Ginga lead and instead have someone more useless
Zorbees could've been converted and thus lost his former powers
BT could've gotten less lucky on randkills
Village should've had the confirmed vanilla lead instead of inspect and bg/hooker
Village could've stayed united after Ginga/Ditto's deaths instead of splitting apart each time
Rey could've claimed and help find Zorbees sooner


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well in theory at the start of this game

assuming you can find one of the two bad guys to lynch, you have to lynch zorbees twice

though after getting the lynch redirected once you have to lynch him again and assume it was a one time thing like the redirects in SANDS have always been

then you have a pretty easy road to wiping out bt

unfortunately this mess is so circumstantial it's just dumb to play, plus you have retards like rey who don't claim and derail village efforts when he actually was cleaning people and that info COULD HAVE BEEN USEFUL
Yeah, the village made a bunch of bad plays, but even if we played perfectly we still needed a fair amount of luck (finding zorbees early, not finding b_t first, the converted wolf not screwing us over (imagine if I, one of the few alliance checkers in the game, was converted, or ginga once he had most claims), etc) to win. There were a lot of cool ideas to weaken the general playstyle of "everyone claims to village leader and village leader steamrolls", but just too much in one game to give the village a fair shot. Stuff like Spiffy's death removing an extra day to lynch and one of our own needing to die just to give us cardflip were pretty much unnecessary and just made things even harder for us when they were already fairly difficult.

tl;dr Lots of cool ideas, just too much anti-village stuff for one game.


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nah Power Roles could be converted.

I went back over my logs and apparently the hosts told him that he could'nt use it first night or something or maybe he lost out on action Priority. I am sure Quagsires would know tho.
actually Flamestrike is funny you mention

Since B_T did target me apparently to convert me (night b4 I led the lynch and died). Not sure why it never occured but if it had been pulled off village would have had zero chance since wolfs just off iiMKUltra and you and its gg
You were also targeted that night by General Spoon (watcher yeah!!!!!!), whose role (IIRC from conversation with Daenym) was a conversion-blocker.
I went back over my logs and apparently the hosts told him that he could'nt use it first night or something or maybe he lost out on action Priority. I am sure Quagsires would know tho.
I can't kill on N0. I can convert on N0.

If I use absolutely no action (neither kill or convert, when they're available), inspection results show that I'm vanilla town.

There was a reason for that stupid claim ~_~


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Daenym said:
Dead zorbees,

You are the Villain

For too long you lived in the town and had to watch all of the fools keep going about their lives and living so... insufferably. But until recently, you couldn’t think of a way to safely act against them. So when you heard the Werewolf roaming around outside, leaving the gates open for him was an easy decision, and you’re going to keep helping him now that he’s inside.

First, during the Day, you may PM the host with “Day X - Murder <user> before the Lynch.” You will kill <user>, ending the Day and stopping the Lynch from taking place. You may only do this once.

Second, during the Day, you may PM the host with “Day X - Save the Werewolf by killing <user>.” If and only if the Werewolf has received a majority of votes in the Lynch, you will risk your own safety and kill <user>, ending the Day before the Lynch. You may do this any number of times. If the Werewolf would not have been Lynched, this ability will fail.

Third, even though you don’t know the identity of the Werewolf, you can still leave him messages. You can post at any time here to leave messages for the Werewolf, and hope he responds. He knows who you are, but not what you can do.

Fourth, while you are against the Town and thus more or less aligned with the Werewolf, you would prefer it if you had the power to do it on your own. You know that the Werewolf is able to Convert a person into a weaker Wolf. But if it’s someone as inherently evil as you, maybe you would turn into something stronger. The Werewolf doesn’t know about this possibility, though.

Finally, you know that no one in the Town is currently filling the role of “Merchant.” What a “Merchant” does is up to you. You won’t be able to hide your ill will if anyone checks into you any further, though. You know all members of the Town have the following lines in their roles: “You are aligned with the Town.” and “You win when the Town is safe again,” if that sort of thing interests you.

You are aligned with yourself.

You win if all members of the Town are killed.