What do you miss most from the Gen. I era?

I miss the fact that the villain was actually scary. They took entire cities hostage (Saffron and Goldenrod) and they actually seemed to be doing something. Now with D/P/Pt, the guys are trying to mess with space? Kids won't get that. They won't be scared or even intimidated. Villains are villains for a reason.
I'm surprised at a lot of the responses. With heart gold and soul silver having just come out, like everyone at my high school plays Pokemon. Like literally a quarter of the people who go to my school. It's become as much of a trend as it used to be, some people have gotten it just to follow the trend. It's extremely easy to find a battle, trade, or just talk strategy... as long as you don't get caught by a teacher.

Just like the good ol days, eh?
When I was in 1st-3rd Grade (2001-2004), my friends and I all played Generations I and II (the two were sort of clumped together for me. I started playing Pokemon in '98-'99 and G/S came out a year later. I was way too young to remember anything other than loving Pokemon more than loving my sister, who also played Pokemon) and slowly transitioned to III. And after 3rd grade, they all suddenly stopped and told me Pokemon was gay. :(

Pokemon Mansion. Holy SHIT. That place creeped the SHIT out of me. I went in and saw this decrepit place and was like @_@ WHERE IS MY EXIT. Seriously, that place, along with Lavender Town/Tower and Rock Tunnel are the worst places of all time T.T

Elite Four. I have a clear memory of a Pikachu using Thunder against one of Lance's Dragonites. And it didn't do shit. That thing was simply invincible to me.

Celadon Cave. My sister got there first in Yellow version and caught a Mewtwo who was later named "PowerfulPKMN." Infact, I still have that specific save on her Cartridge. My own Yellow version (indicated by the Rival's name, "FuckYou"), was left in my friend's car T.T

Nintendo has yet to replicate these sorts of moments where I'm totally lost in the Pokeworld and am desperate to get out. Disappointment.

My clearest memory of 9/11 was me right after my school ended and outside battling Erika with my Typhlosion in Gold version. Yeah, that's how close Pokemon was to me; more important than 9/11 ... >_<.
Remeber when you found out that the super evil Team rocket leader was also......THE EIGHTH GYM LEADER.

2 words.


The games nowadays dont have that surprise factor.

and this one.

Remember finally beating lance, and being all like "Chyea bitch im the champion." Just to turn around and fight your rival? Epicness

Oh and in gold(The gold version i STILL have after all these years :D the internal battery still hasnt run out yet) Finding out the cloning glitch and then making a team full of Ho-Ohs and just....well....its a team full of Ho-Ohs
The final battle against the Rival: Epicness. That cool music playing while you're battling, OMFG, and Pressing the B button like crazy trying to catch a Tauros.
I miss not understanding the mechanics behind the pokemon games. I also miss making up rumors about how to get mew and celebi and spreading them. Yeah I was that kid.
Oh crap me too. I will get under that truck. Some day..

Edit: Oh, and Hyper Beam. It was just bad ass. I swear it was stonger back then too. How else could Lance OHKO my whole team with it..
I miss the fact that no one pokemon can destroy everything with one move (coughcouSCIZORghcough). I also miss normal looking characters. Now each one is all freakish with girls and giant hats and guys with scarves (GUYS CAN'T WEAR SCARVES). I miss the days when we didn't talk about pokemon all day. I miss the easy work of getting new pokemon. I miss the good music. But lets not forget things that brought us TO gen. 4. I like the new pokemon so that you can't predict everything the other person will do. I like how most pokemon have SOME good attacks. I like the extra things to do after you're done. Pokemon always has pros and cons, so lets always see the good things also.
I agree with alotta you guys, I really miss the days when natures weren't around . And I particularly miss the older Generations because during those times, I played without worrying about EVs/IVs and I just chose the strongest moves (I would get so excited when my Blastoise or my Feraligator learned Hydro Pump).
The first game I got was old school Silver, and I plowed through the grass after New Bark Town, convinced I had to destroy every Hoothoot before I could move on with the game. I miss the mystery and menace of the old games. And of course I remember experiencing this complete mindfreak whenever me and a bunch of other kids saw the GS colors for the first time. We were so used to RBY graphics, we didn't even understand what was going on.


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I still miss Missigno from RB. Not sure if Y had it.
The first thing I did in FR when I got to Cinnabar was surf on that one edge where Missigno was and then be dissapointed that it didn't transfer over.
*Like many people, I miss playing the game with everyone. I don't play it anymore (the games anyways), but I can't even talk about it with anyone unless they ask for help.
*I missed destroying my friend's Mewtwo with My Kadabra :).
*I also missed Haunter's and Golbat's sprites.
I miss Mewtwo being ridiculously broken, as odd as that might sound. In RBY, virtually nothing could take it on, which fit well considering that at the time it was the ultimate Pokemon. Now it's entirely possible to beat the super legends with regular Pokemon (Kyogre VS Quagsire or Darkrai VS Heracross etc), and that just feels really off. :T


More than anything, I miss having only 5 HM's. They each actually had a use. Now they've tacked on stupid crap like Rock Climb... HM's really make playthroughs a lot less enjoyable for me on the more recent games. When you have to waste like every moveslot on your water-type for Surf, Waterfall, Whirpool, Dive, etc., it quickly feels like you can't choose how to play the game. Back in RBY, you didn't even necessarily need a water.
^ This this this this
I miss when I could talk to my older brother about Pokemon without him going "Pokemon!?". I miss when IVs, Natures, EVs and type coverage didn't matter. I miss when Mewtwo was the baddest cat in town. I miss Psychic-types being awesome. *sigh*
i really miss the simplicity of it. no one had to worry about natures and evs. even younger players could play on equal terms.

cool and unique pokemon (farfetchd and ditto for example) would not be ohkod right off the bat as much. nowadays using such pokemon is like giving a free kill for your opponent (unless youre really skilled). many pokemon in that category never get the chance to shine which is a shame. i missed the days when my friends actually used the pokemon they liked. now they just go for the next powerhouse. no match goes by without seeing the usual garchomp or salamence sprites.

it also sucks that in some places people get bashed for playing pokemon. before, i could play pokemon without shame and blast the volume on my gameboy pocket.
The TMs.A TM for Tri Attack,Double Edge,Body Slam?They were awesome!Also fun was sweeping the elite four with a Pikachu.One thing I won't miss though is how hard it was to level your pokemon
I miss having a jackass rival that pissed me off. Showed up at inappropriate times (like after killing a million Rocket Grunts) then loses and talks about how he's hungover so he wasn't playing seriously. And I know its from Gen 2 but I'd like to see the ability to make pokeballs again in Gen 5.
I miss any Pokemon over level 200 from Red and Blue.

I also miss how the Indigo Plateau looked, and how much more dramatic the entrance was, how you ran through rows of statues rather than going up a stupid waterfall.
I wish I never understanded the true intensity of Pokemon and taught my Gyrados all water moves. Teaching my Charizard all fire moves and FLY! ETc. And Legendaries were godly pokemon back then. Lugia was intense.