what if you posted what bands you like

ALSO remember that it's probably important to explain why you like them or maybe post some links too. this isn't intended to supplant regular thread by thread music discussion, but i would like this to be a thread people can click on to find new bands or discuss their current loves. the latter involves more than clicking though!!!!!

dumb arguments will probably get deleted. intelligent discussion on the merits of various artists is more than welcome, but if pokefan1996 likes sisqo way more than you think anyone should, calling him a dumb (BAN ME PLEASE) nerd will probably incur the ire of moderators (also remember that sisqo had silver hair for awhile and that's probably more than you can say about yourself).

what do i like right now???? bear in mind that i am not very good at describing music.........


health is a lovely band. sometimes they make electronic music. sometimes they make noisy music. sometimes they make both. this is the only band i could ever imagine covering the third and final lavos theme from chrono trigger as well as the main giygas theme from earthbound so that is probably saying something.

don't they look like assholes though? one time i saw them live with gormenghast cause they opened for crystal castles. i didn't like them very much then. live and learn i guess?????

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4ygLYHKtCY die slow is the best health song die slow is the best health song die slow is the best health song

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cLxbAQMeWE crimewave is another amazing one because the drums are !_! and it's kinda tribal but from some futuristic tribe that found an old tapedeck amongst the ruins of our culture and practiced mad idolatry on it


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMmBdY-lcHs die slow pictureplane remix off their disco2 album, something about this sounds really pretty to me!!!!


summery noise pop that just makes you feel like your toes are in the sand and a really pretty girl's hair keeps getting in the way while you're trying to kiss her, SO CUTE. this band is exemplary in its genre. a completely mellow and peaceful take on something so usually feisty.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnBoFiNSRJI youth is the best one i think!!!!


yes witch house is a stupid genre created by assholes and it's not interesting and it's not as cool as it thinks it is and it's a fad and it will disappear just like electroclash but HOLY SHIT WHY DOES EVERYTHING SOUND SO GOOD CHOPPED AND SCREWED

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeHtzs91Xm0 S'ALL BLURRED OUT AYE BITCH I CAN'T SEE YUH


imagine if ian curtis fucked morrissey in the ass

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSxrIOTC1fI i want this song to be playing whenever i meet a really beautiful dignified girl, the kind of girl someone would paint a picture of


time to get your fucking doom on. i normally don't like metal as a genre much but shit like this is just such a wondrous mix of relaxing and sort of heavy. i just wanna kinda headbang but like really slowly and inoffensively. what the songs lack in brevity they make up for in assiduousness. their stuff doesn't drag, it just keeps right on truckin'.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKOIUTXquVk turn off your mind


i rarely plug bands from my city but white wires are fucking incredible (and really sweet dudes + lady). straight ahead rock and roll. ottawa has a remarkable garage scene!!!!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wgnea6tGzrA girly girly girly~~~~ this song is the closest i have ever come to wanting a car just to cruise around to


lovely and quiet. this guy's voice is so sad but so heartfelt. aaaaaaaaa too bad about the shitty name. dude from the red house painters, a band which i will confess i have never listened to. :awk:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKRA7weVyLs fun to listen to when you're feeling introspective, not so fun when you're kinda lugubrious because it makes shit worse


incredibly influential in the crust punk scene despite not being musically punk at all. discharge idolizes them even though the sounds are hardly even comparable. i want to smash some serious state when i listen to this. i believe the lead singer was at one point a blacksmith. some songs are heavy and pulsing, others sound like the lament of an anguished lord.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1-GVV3cIXU FEEEEAAAHHHH OF GOWWWWWDDDD


hi instead of posting all the generic 'unique' white boy rap i listen to i will just post one example. dr octagon aka kool keith aka HE DID AN ALBUM WITH PRINCESS "IM A BAD BABYSITTER GOT MY BOYFRIEND IN THE SHOWER" SUPERSTAR is crazy and interesting and dr. octagonecologist is in the span where every single fucking thing dan the automator produced was absolute gold (deltron 3030, music to make love to your old lady by)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W__sSidbMHg sorta spooky beats with hot fire spit by a man who could pull a sharpened bone out of nowhere, impale you with it, and your immediate response, simultaneous with your nervous system alerting you that something bad has happened, would be 'yeah i guess that makes sense'.


i wish i lived in a time where people could seriously put out pop albums with the name 'my people were fair and had sky in their hair... but now they're content to wear stars on their brow'. that time was the 60s. a lot of wonderful music came from this decade, too bad about, like, everything else.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJArY4umyuE this song makes me want to fall in love with someone so i could play it over and over again


probably the most interesting band with the most potential to change the face of music since liars. they also kind of sound like them. coincidence?????? not only do i have an affinity for tribal and monotonous drumming BUT this band is extra fun for me because i just imagine the band girls only all grown up!!!!! :cheeky: :cheeky:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jqL5w8-eiQ don't you just want to find anything that makes noise that you can bang on in time to this beat?


i cannot see myself ever tiring of this group. every single thing they've ever done is enormously beautiful. one man is a cellist and one man is a guitarist and both men are men i want to hug until they get uncomfortable.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4u8URPak86g one of the reasons i want to direct a film is to have this in a pivotal scene. or a regular scene because this song would suffuse it with the pivot it would need to become pivotal.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iC35WrKC_nY i did not think songs could float until i heard this one

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjVC6BdnKxo ar ee ay dee ee ay tee ess el ee ee pee


not sunny day fufufufu. sometimes they sound like grizzly bear but sometimes they don't. more beach music. it's wonderful that songs can be so happy without really being upbeat.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0C22Ms5N1Q beach music called snow days? is that even legal?????

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNFXmSepFT0 i have started saying 'if its alright ill walk next to you' in real life and sometimes it makes girls blush


whenever i think i don't like this band anymore i listen to the trees grew emotions and died and then i remember that i do. funny how that works. it's kind of like if joy division made dance music. yes i know i am basically describing new order. sometimes they are distinctly different from new order and sometimes they are very similar so i don't even know anymore, you've got me.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psvq60njm0w i bu ried see ded lies and so the trees grew e mo tions and died and now you can't breathe good bye oh ITS LIKE A REALLY ANGSTY ROBOT OH MY GOD


what bands do YOU like? no, i don't think i'm unique or interesting for liking these bands. this is the age of the internet. everything is at your fingertips. there are no unique nor exclusive cultures anymore because with 20 minutes of perusing some dickhead's blog you can become as hip as he is. before you dismiss me as a pretentious 'indie kid' remember that you were given the option to listen to this music. if you do and like it, i guess you're indie! if you don't i guess you're even indier because you have a _controversial opinion_! you should start a blog.

on a lighter note, if any of you like stuff like this i or evan or foreys (heh................) would be delighted to name a plethora of bands that sound similar to any one of these, if you're looking to further expand your horizons.

now, smogon, expand MY horizons!!!!
Off the top of my head,

This song is constantly in my head. So is all their work with my favorite singer, Sarah Slean.


The Art of Time Ensemble is fucking incredible. Gorgeous female vocals, upright bass, violins...Man it's just so...honest. I feel it says "Here is our talent...and it's only a cover of someone incredible" and that's all it leaves. It's very formal sounding, very non confrontational I guess.
sure, okay, w/e. btw have you ever seen HEALTH's twitter. they are definitely assholes, but they're the funny kind. latest post: 'It's 2011 eat your girl's butt for chrissakes...' NICE



i found this three-piece brooklyn band off of a blog called forest gospel, with a tagline that read RIYL pavement, sonic youth, [some other band] (here's the post). i've fallen so in love with this album, guys. there are definite, identifiable pavement and sonic youth influences -- one of the main riffs in grooms's '(BAN ME PLEASE) feels good' sounds like a stepbro of pavement's 'AT&T' verse riff, and travis wields feedback and analog delay in ways that would make thurston and lee proud. lyrics are not bad too -- how often does the word 'frottage' get into a song and then not throw everything off? actually the lyrics are fucking great.

i love this band! check them out if you like. also, i shared their previous work, under the name 'the muggabears,' with you and gorm.


acid king of hell music video

idk what the fuck to write about music sometimes. 'it's good i swear,' you know?


another three-piece from the arguable heart of real american indie, olympia WA. two guitars and a drummer and some straight up honest rock. a little dirty, a little sloppy, and nothing too hard, mind -- we're in the basement and mom's got a hangover. possession sounds is their latest album, and i dig it deep. oh, boy/girl vocals.

here's a video of a song i guess. this one's not my favorite but w/e

HAH glen i just noticed princess superstar in your post, man it's been ages since i even thought about her

what else i've been digging, hmmm

i don't want to post anything too obvious, you know?

here's a picture of another band i like, the TIMES NEW VIKINGs

noise pop! some of my favorite that i've ever heard. recommended this to glen a little while ago. are you sensing a pattern? i only like bands that are two guys and a girl! and b/w pics. just kidding. but i do like b/w pics LOL ::blushin::


i will be back!
I really liked HEALTH: DISCO2 but sometimes I feel like I'm the only one. Die Slow is easily the best HEALTH song but USA BOYS is a gr8 song.

Crystal Castles

I saw them in DC during the HARD tour, but I was hooked since I heard "Courtship Dating." The album they put out this year was fly as fuck, Ethan Kath is a genius and Alice Glass stage dives like every 20 seconds.

Sleigh Bells

Most of my friends say that Treats was mad overrated but "Rill Rill" and "Infinity Guitars" are still really high on singles that came out in 2010. Not really a huge fan of songs like "Crown on the Ground" but I can deal.


Love the vocals on her songs ye
Mirrorage // Home

Hundred in the Hands

Wow I had no idea I listened to so many Boy+Girl groups. Oh well, I listened to these guys a ton over summer break. They just play pretty music. Pigeons


This is the funniest music video of 2010 no doubt.


happiness is such hard work
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They have the most brash and witty indie rock in the last few years. Their 2005 album "Bang Bang Rock And Roll" is a perfect example of how... awesome they are. They lampoon a lot about modern music without being overly silly or just a gimmick.


We're going to be the band that writes the song that makes Isreal and Palestine get along!

Emily Kane - Is it a comical exaggeration of the everyband breakup song, or is it serious? Does anyone care?

Bad Ass

Serious as a heart attack!!
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i REALLY love sleigh bells. my favorite is infinity guitars; the pop vocals combined with the (heh) sleigh bells and the guitar powering through. i love what she can do with her voice; sometimes it just sounds like she's improvising and making it sound amazing. and then run the heart is great because the lyrics are so...yes! she starts out doing some beatbox thing background is sexy. it just sounds like a girl on fresh white sheets sighing...then in gomes a nice beat and some nice lyrics get going. and rill rill is so sweet; sweet in a nice way, not like awesome. it makes you want to get a hug from a nice girl...it's got a twinge of sadness, like you miss someone who you've never met before, but it's so sweet.

its like they seamlessly blend every popular genre...rock, pop, hip hop, electronic...i like sleigh bells.

okay two im really digging outkast. i haven't heard much of their older stuff, really only stankonia. but god is it good. you got your funk. you got your hard rap. you got your hip hop. you got your r&b. you got your soul. you got your deep, driving lyrics. what is there not love about stankonia? i don't know what my favorite track. most people's is b.o.b, which is truly an amazing track. start off with the whisper, go into some really amazing flow and lyrics...dre is too good. and then big boi comes in with 1 minute of some of the best rap ever produced. but i think my favorite track is gasoline dreams. to be honest, i love that entire album so much, but gasoline dreams really stands out. you got your rock beat and guitar on dre's lyrics. it's just so good. whats not to love about outkast.....


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no order, just gonna list some shit i've been listening to a lot in the past few weeks.

wipers are really fuckin cool.

when it's over

really catchy


talking heads are probably my favorite band atm. here are some clips from stop making sense (concert film featuring the band). it's amazing when a live track smokes the already-awesome studio version.

burning down the house

once in a lifetime

david byrne is nuts

boards of canada, warm ambient/idm with some creepy atmospherics right under the skin. music has the right to children and geogaddi are addictive.

alpha and omega


i've also been listening to some (modern) classical lately.

sergei prokofiev - montagues and capulets

probably one of the most recognizable pieces. also known as the dance of the knights, from op 64: romeo & juliet.

antonio vivaldi - winter, first movement

everyone's probably heard of the four seasons, and this is probably the most popular part of it. i highly recommend this recording, it's fucking great

dmitri shostakovich - symphony no. 5, fourth movement

"epic" swirling piece. i love it


b202 wifi vgc
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Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
because i am madly in love with every single second of this song.

John Mayer New Deep, Clarity, Edge of Desire are my favorite songs but i know every goddamn lyric to every song and every everything. John Mayer is an asshole, but he makes music to live by.

anything by third eye blind (oh look another band with an asshole lead singer). I cant put my finger on why i like them though....

Jack Johnson This song <3 and also everything by him as well. happy songs.

MATT AND KIM aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lets write random phrases and put the ones we like together!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Offspring Old but good, this is my favorite song, horrible video just minimize it.

RUSH Simply because of the level of raw talent, i cannot make myself believe this is a live performance but it is, garhgh they're so perfect ;_;


what are birds?
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65daysofstatic are definitely up there, im not even really sure how to describe their music. maybe rock-come-glitchy drumnbass without the bass but with some bass???? you'll see what i mean

then there's murder by death, still imo one of the most original bands ive ever heard. ive seen them described as a cross between radiohead and johnny cash, which i guess is a fair statement - they are heavy on the strings, heavy on the husky baritone vocals, heavy on the awesome.

i guess i should mention a few new loves too... having recently got a car i can say that driving is 100 times more fun while listening to noisia, drum and bass producers extraordinaire (seriously turn up your speakers and check out this song). the same can be said about crystal fighters, their album star of love is very solid, a blend of summery pop, traditional delicate spanish guitar riffs and chronic bass.


2 kawaii 4 u
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as some other users have already pointed out, crystal castles are ridiculously excellent. god i fucking love alice glass, she's so awesome, and even though she's so young she is so confident that i can't help but love her voice and her attitude. also, i've never personally been to one of their live shows, but judging from various videos i've seen MAN are the crystal castles's live shows fucking chaotic as anything. i totally love it though, and the band is so unique. some of their songs are pretty dancey, but some of them are just mind-blowingly amazing in the depth, or power, or emotion, or whatever they convey. their 2008 album was awesome, and i was so fucking scared that they wouldn't be able to top it or whatever with their next one. but bitch i was so wrong! the 2010 one, crystal castles II (the first album was just called "crystal castles), is possibly even better than the first one. wheras on a normal album by any other artist there would be two, possibly three, "excellent" songs, on a crystal castles album practically every song is amazing. i love love love this band.

i'd like to take the opportunity to say that even though i live on the beach in new jersey and have a moderately heavy jersey accent, i fucking love j-pop. i like dance music in general, but j-pop is just typically so upbeat and fun that you can't help but feel happy when you listen to those types of songs. for that reason, i adore the genki rockets. first of all, they are a hybrid band composed of unnamed artists (though with minimal digging, you'll discover that the vocals are mostly done my a ms. rachael rhodes!), and all of their songs are so trance-esque but dance-like at the same time. additionally, the face of the band is lumi who, according to various sources, was "born on in space on september 11, 2037, and has never been to earth". as you can imagine, this makes for some pretty awesome live shows and music videos. the meaning of the songs are largely left open for interpretation, but i think that many of the songs focus on lumi wanting to get to earth so that she can be with her true love who resides on our planet (though i have no idea how they would have met???). if you're a fan of electronic/j-pop music, i cannot recommend the genki rockets enough.

also, while i'm not as big of a fan of capsule as i am of the genki rockets, they're pretty awesome. composed of an awesome vocalist, koshijima toshiko, and an excellent producer, nakata yasutaka, they're really just a fun band to listen to! some of my favorite songs were off their most recent album, sugarless girl, but some of their older stuff is really aces as well.

these are just a few of my favorites. fuck there are just too many bands that i love


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stop stealing my music taste 'laxe

My favourite band is Crystal Castles, starting off with a Canadian band. I'm really sad I won't be able to see them live in Sydney later this month, but I'm making Earthworm go in my stead. Both of their albums are incredible, combining danceable, glitchy electro and raw emotion/energy. Their softer songs like Celestica, Untrust Us, and Black Panther really move me in particular, though I love Alice Practice, Empathy, etc. etc. as well. Really, there's something to love in each song imo. They have like 14000 plays on my last.fm and that doesn't even include all the plays on my phone / iPod when I had one! Ethan Kath is a very talented producer / mixer and I just love Alice Glass's swagger.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Arcade Fire are tied for my second favourites and make up a trinity of bands I must see before I die / they dissolve (Crystal Castles.. ;_;), so I'll start with Yeah Yeah Yeahs, a New York rock band that flirts with dance. I've loved both YYYs/(t)AF for six years almost and each album they put out brings something new to me, especially YYYs.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs are really versatile imo, from soft electronic love songs (It's Blitz! in particular, absolutely fantastic album... it exceeded my expectations) to the raw, visceral acoustic rock that drums into your head from Fever to Tell and their later EP Is Is, which I believe was made up from abandoned songs from the FTT era. In between you have Show Your Bones, more polished than Fever to Tell. Basically, it's more like Maps from FTT than Phenomena from SYB, which fit each other's album's style more imo. Karen O. is an incredible vocalist and while the other two are very talented, having been lucky enough to see them live (they put on an amazing show, by the way... you must see them!), they know Karen is the face of their band. She's like dynamite, dynamic and energetic. In fact, I saw one of her last shows in the It's Blitz! headline tour and yet with the pure energy that radiated from her, you would have thought it was the first tour. My favourite songs from them are softer but I can dig the harder songs too. Maps, Cheated Hearts, Kiss Kiss, Hysteric I think. Ever since I saw YYYs live, I've been able to appreciate their music even more.

The Arcade Fire are an incredibly talented band hailing from Canada. Last.fm describes them as orchestral, though don't think they're like a choir band or something. Their début album, Funeral, was an emotionally heartwrenching, well-crafted release that won them fans everywhere, and their later albums (Neon Bible and The Suburbs) are great in their own right, though nothing on Funeral. If you listen to Funeral, listen to it in order! They usually have Win Butler, their male lead, sing, but I have a soft spot for his wife, Reginé Chassagne, and her incredibly graceful vocals, that you can hear on songs like Haïti (a painful, earnest dirge for her homeland) and In the Backseat (the underappreciated exit to Funeral that perfectly captures the loss of her mother... 'Alice died in the night, I've been learning to drive my whole life' etc. and 'My family tree is losing all its leaves'). I love when she sings in French. My favourite songs are Haïti, Crown of Love, and Une Année sans Lumiere.

Still in Canada, I have a huge adoration for Metric, another rock band, fronted by the amazing singer Emily Haines. I love all of Emily Haines' projects (her singer-songwriter solo project Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton, her collaborations with supergroup Broken Social Scene). At the risk of sounding lame, I really 'rock out' to them or whatever. They're catchy as well. I don't really know how to describe them (new wave is what they're listed as some places), synth-sexy rock with an amazing female vocalist (I love female vocals). Their sound has changed a fair bit over the years but I appreciate both their early and later works. From songs that really evoke a lot of emotion in me (Grow Up and Blow Away) to songs that just make me want to jump around and sing along (Help I'm Alive [one of the featured songs on my zombie apocalypse playlist!], Satellite Mind, Combat Baby), I can't think of too many Metric songs I don't like.

My next favourite band is capsule, a Japanese electronic duo. While their earlier music is more pop/bossa nova, their later music is what I prefer, vocoder/synth-heavy electronica. Yasutaka Nakata is one of the most talented producers/DJs in Japan right now. Their best song is Sugarless GiRL, a bright and cheerful track that I listened to uninterrupted for eight days straight. If you like Perfume, also produced by Yasutaka Nakata, check out capsule.

Those are my five top favourites, but here are some other amazing bands that I would rank among my other favourites: 65daysofstatic, Genki Rockets, The Flaming Lips, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Hot Chip, Radiohead, Stars, Daft Punk.


c/ped from Last.fm and removed the ones I don't care for as much / anymore:

Crystal Castles, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Capsule, Arcade Fire, 浜崎あゆみ, Ann Lee, Genki Rockets, Metric, 65daysofstatic, Lights, The Flaming Lips, Ladytron, cLOUDDEAD, Porcupine Tree, Perfume, Regina Spektor, Homesick for Space, 宇多田ヒカル, Kylie Minogue, MGMT, Xiu Xiu, dredg, Wolf Parade, HṚṢṬA, Ted Leo and The Pharmacists, Explosions in the Sky, Hot Chip, Bunny Lake, Radiohead, Los Campesinos!, Sleigh Bells, Stars, Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton, Liars, A Silver Mt. Zion, Beautiful Small Machines, Broken Social Scene, Klaxons, New Young Pony Club, The xx, Neutral Milk Hotel, Air, Robyn, Vienna Teng, Passion Pit, Pelican, Do Make Say Think, Muse, té, 倖田來未, ...of Sinking Ships, Ou Est Le Swimming Pool, Junkie XL, Sea Wolf, Daft Punk, Red Sparowes, Girl Talk, Milky, Portishead, God Is an Astronaut, We Followed Tigers, Florence + the Machine, Röyksopp, Justice, Animal Collective, Pizzicato Five, Hadouken!, Deep Dish, TWo Door Cinema Club, A Fine Frenzy, I Was a Cub Scout, Architecture in Helsinki, Pink Floyd, Sigur Rós

ETA: Just noticed Bad Ass's post. I'm really wild about Sleigh Bells lately haha :) PS, guys, please post why you like your bands! You all have been so far and well I'm not the only one who's always on the lookout for new music, I'm sure.
deadmau5 (not a band but a DJ who makes original works)

He does house/electronica, and says he has no actual genre. Ghosts N Stuff - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QV8eiSA4vqc - his most popular song and easily one of his best songs. Oh yeah and he verbally expresses himself (which is the only time he does that in his various songs) at 5:00-6:00, which doesn't fit, but it is kind of funny

House vs. Hurricane

I have no idea how to describe their genre. It's hardcore and other things, so be warned. Forfeiture (along with Introduction, so it's 2 tracks, break is obviously between 1:00-1:05) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igBxnbHuGp4 - and please don't just listen through the intro and 5 seconds into the vocals and stop the song if you have a thing against hardcore, the song is rather dynamic

The Alan Parsons Project

This specific album is from 1977, which leads me to believe that they are some of the founders of earlier electronica, although they have a good amount of pop in most of their songs.I Robot - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=td56XAHxLpw


Just listen to it. Oh and it's new-age orchestal. Take Me Away - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6KilO_AiZU

I like stupid ambient stuff, so Tycho is tops.
Their stuff is really great for that kind of crap- no vocals just voice samples occasionally.
Don't know how to describe it other than to listen to it. A couple of choice tracks:
Coastal Brake

Also compared to Tycho a lot is Boards of Canada, but they're actually pretty different. More ambient bullshit, but Tycho actually makes melodies and it sounds like music. BoC doesn't always make stuff that sounds more than noise, but it's really great noise. Hard to describe. A few choice tracks (which are some of their more melodic stuff):
Dawn Chorus
Everything You Do is a Balloon
Instead of posting obvious, popular bands, I'll try to post stuff that hopefully will be new to at least some people.

This Town Needs Guns is a great band with math rock/pop elements, their music is really captivating and beautiful. They're pretty unique in my opinion. Some good songs by them are "Baboon", "Badger" and "26 is Dancier than 4".

Them Crooked Vultures is an alt-rock band made of members from Queens of the Stone age, Foo Fighters, and other bands. They are just different enough for me to really like them; the vocals in their songs are really cool sounding. My favorites by them are "New Fang", "Mind Eraser No Chaser", "Scumbag Blues" and "Dead End Friends".


blatant Nintendo fanboy
Five Iron Frenzy

These guys are the reason I can play bass and guitar today. I fell in love with them the moment I first heard them. I have owned literally all of their albums, and can seriously start up any album and sing/play along to it. 10 years later, they're one of the few bands from my youth that I still listen/play to on a regular basis.

Yeah, it was a fad from the 90s, but hey. I still love it. :)

Every New Day Such amazing lyrics. It's on like every album they made in some form or another for a reason.
On Distant Shores Another song that displays Reese Loper's excellent lyrical abilities, plus more than just being fun to listen to, it's superfun to play on the bass.
Rhubarb Pie Such a stupid thing to write a song about, but that's kind of what made FIF so much fun to listen to. One song would be totally serious and the next would be about fallling asleep while playing Nintendo till yur eyes bleed or some random nonsense.
Pre Ex Girlfriend A good example of how... un-ska?... they could be. I liked the fact that they could go from standard ska, to metal, to (lol) country, to comedy, back to standard ska on the same album, and it was all good.


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Also compared to Tycho a lot is Boards of Canada, but they're actually pretty different. More ambient bullshit, but Tycho actually makes melodies and it sounds like music. BoC doesn't always make stuff that sounds more than noise, but it's really great noise. Hard to describe. A few choice tracks (which are some of there more melodic stuff):
I've been really getting into Geogaddi lately. Any album recs @ you/G80/anyone?


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music has the right to children. boc maxima is great, but it's mostly a compilation of demo tracks. i don't think that campfire headphase is terribly interesting. you should probably also listen to autechre (first 3 albums) and global communication (76:14) if you like boc.
I can pretty much enjoy almost everything thats no hardcore/death metal, but some of my favourites are

Miike Snow

I love every song they make. I've played all of their songs so many times its getting unhealthy. The combination of electronic with many other genres is something I adore and can't get enough of. The many remixes done of their songs are great too and add some cool variation whenever I'm up to it.

The temper trap

Good indie/rock band, really not that much to say, I just love the guys voice hehe

Fake Blood

Pretty much anything by fake blood will get me excited. The raw bass is what does it for me. Their own songs, like I think I like it and Fix your accent are some of my alltime favourites and the remixes they do are amazing. The Miike Snow one I posted above and this one are probably my favourites.

Some of the other stuff I really enjoy is Metric, Justice, MGMT, Deadmau5 (althought not a band), Kings of Leon, Mumford and Sons, Empire of the Sun, Bloc Party, Simian Mobile Disco, Pendulum, Hot Chip, The Hoosiers and so much more. Not gonna list it all ;_;

Also, Sterrenstof is a pretty amazing song ;)


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music has the right to children. boc maxima is great, but it's mostly a compilation of demo tracks. i don't think that campfire headphase is terribly interesting. you should probably also listen to autechre (first 3 albums) and global communication (76:14) if you like boc.
Thanks for the recommendations. I'll check them out later :D
since I come from canada I naturally believe that almost all canadian bands are underrated.

I could put all the reasons I like these bands and try to describe all the poetic shit that goes down (which is generally fruitless I mean it's so hard to put stuff in words) but that would be way to much work for me right now so I'll just list them, what I like about them, my favourite album from them and be done with it.

Alright guys so coming up in my #1 fave bands here is The Arcade Fire

man I have to say funeral FUCK MAN funeral. Everything about it is brilliant, and it's one of the most emotional album's I've ever listened to. I can't even put it in words so here's what I want you guys to do if you haven't listened to it yet:
Play it all the way through once one day
Listen to it again, one week later
keep listening to it that week just keep listening

Also get it on cd if you can it has this bonus little thing that describes where the band is coming from making that album.
There new stuff isn't as great, but it's still really good. I mean they had their whole life leading up to funeral to work on it, so there is obviously going to be a bit of a quality drop but I guess suburbs was also really good.

ok guys coming up next Metric
they're also from canada and pretty cool. I really loved Old World Underground...which really speaks out about how culture is dead, war is killing things, and also has a bit of a personal touch with character which I relate to pretty hard. Anyway they sort of sold out by doing a single or something for the twilight movies (herd about this in the globe and mail, I was totally disappointed). I still think they're awesome, though
all we've got is dead disco
dead punk
dead rock and roll

alright finally a band I've been listening to a lot is The Advantage which is a nes cover band. It sort of varies from song to song but generally they are really fucking good. I mean they did this cover of Guardian Legend Aqua Corridor and when you compare them you see how much energy and love they put into it.
Also their drummer is fucking amazing. \
I'm listening to their first release which is titled after their band name I'll prolly listen to some more of their stuff soon though

anyway I'm totally going to check out some of the bands you guys have been posting it seems I'm missing out on alot.
god DAMN i love music threads, so far outta this i discovered that deadmau5 and murder by death are pretty cool, as well as a few others i might like if i listened to more. time for a huge post but with no pictures because i'm lazy as hell

OK THEN if you don't like metal you can probably skip down a bit there's some other stuff after it


Skeletonwitch - Oh lordy, I think I yammered about these guys for a post or so in the metal thread. Fast as hell, loud as hell, and there's some melody thrown in. Their album Beyond the Permafrost just meshes together so well that if it's playing in my car, I will deliberately leave earlier and take longer to get to my destination just to fit the whole thing in. This is not a problem really for any medium distance trip, as it only clocks in at about 38 minutes.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clflhvMT3KY - If I HAD HAD HAD to pick a favourite song off that, this would be it. In this song and in their music in general, the vocals switch between screeches and growls and oh man it just gets me going aaaaaa

Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden is my favourite band in the history of music, so far. First, though, I'm talking Dickinson Maiden. I'm sorry, Di'Anno/Blaze, but you do nothing for me. Moving on, this is British metal at it's finest. Currently the lineup includes 3 fantastic guitarists, though this does nothing but improve the music. I don't really know what else to say about Maiden, because I'm far too biased in their favour.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4A2PexRxY0 - My favourite version of my favourite song. Fear of the Dark is just ridiculous, and chanting along to it at the top of your lungs at a show or in your car or whatever is a must for any Maiden fan.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZzoktZhVw4 - Semi-related, a piano cover of the above which, in my opinion, is just chilling. Sends shivers up my spine every damn time I listen to it.

Arsis - I saw these guys open for Arch Enemy once, and I've been a fan ever since. Again with the fast, melodic guitars and thumpin' I-wanna-hit-these-so-hard-they-break drums, though Arsis also has vocals that I can only describe really as positively disgusting. Also, rather nice dudes. I had a short chat with their vocalist and another dude, and they were just happy dudes playin' ridiculous music.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPg17csFTh4 - Tied for my favourite off their newest album, Escape Artist just ties everything together nicely.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXpdx-FTrgM - This is a good one off (I believe?) their first album, which to me sounds a bit heavier and less melodic then the newer stuff. Everything I like about Arsis (vocals, guitar, smashing things) is here, but it feels heavier to me then the newer stuff. Regardless, I love it all so far.

Iced Earth - Back to power metal a bit, these guys are a bit repetitive in some of their songs but good lord the vocals hit like a mack truck. Most of the time I just cycle through Alive in Athens though, because I am a complete sucker for live music.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPiW82Lxcvo - A Question of Heaven shows these guys rockin' the hell out, then throwing in a few moments of slowed pace then ratcheting back up to hell yeah. I'm running out of descriptions, really.

[size=+1]Not Metal[/size]

Jason Webley - This guy plays an accordion, a guitar, the drums, and if I remember right, a bunch of other stuff. He can go from mellow to rather frenzied in the space of a song, with amazing build up. Sadly, by listening to just recorded CDs you are missing out on a fair bit, since his live shows are absolutely fantastic. In both of the cases I've seen him, it's been in very cramped spaces where it feels less like a show and more like Webley's just jamming out with some friends. Probably the best show experience I've ever had. Go see him, it's cheap, and he's quite a friendly guy. He's also got amazing control over his voice (from my admittedly limited musical knowledge), shouting and singing incredibly softly in a breath.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLHA2gCIE48 - Icarus is the best. Sadly I can't find a decent version on youtube. The audience is a bit annoying too, but eh.

Freezepop - Adorable techno or whatever the hell the kids call it these days. I wouldn't have a clue about these guys and ladies if a good ol' PS2 game called Amplitude hadn't introduced me to them. Mostly pretty happy poppy music, though a few songs slow things down.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3eLl3pQGoY - Bike thief is cute as hell. Deal with it.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93s-hXJMp9k - Thought Balloon is a slower song, but just as adorable.

The Giraffes I hate these fuckers because they stay in NYC and never come play for me :( Gritty rock, pretty much, though the vocals are pretty smooth.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wJt8Mg2Uk4 - Man U is awesome as hell, the video is kinda weird, but oh well.

ok i'm gonna shut up now thanks for reading i guess