what if you posted what bands you like

i like:

jonny craig (greatest voice in the world): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydMDVsC5bVI&ob=av3el this is his solo album

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6JIYTwOx0U&ob=av3nm him in another one of his bands, emarosa

him in dance gavin dance, my fav band. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xovSmhCEZW8

i also enjoy horse the band which is "nintendo core" as they call it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZG7aDAPBCwY

i also love sublime: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayE6Shlv598

and of mice and men: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PRVXeZJrzg&ob=av2nm

that's a few of the many bands i like :3


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Yeeeeaaaahhhhhhh Sublime! Now there's some good music. I love the album with that nutter Raleigh Sakers rambling about shit in between songs.
I love The Last Shadow Puppets.

Based on how great their music is, I call them the modern-day beatles, except with a different style of music. Some of my favorites from them are Calm like you and My mistakes were made for you. I would recommend checking them out.
Panic! At The Disco

Yes, Panic! At the Disco! With their good music, I find it really hard to believe I only started to get into them last year. I love how they use words (first album) which a person would not normally use on a day-to-day conversation. Words like nitroglycerin, testosterone and so much more. Add pop/rock to that and their music is BAM! Now the second album is different. It has rhis The Beatles feel to it but a little bit more modern. I find the songs in this album "easy" to listen just because..BECAUSE! Nine in the Afternoon, Mad As Rabbits, they're all very catchy! :) Sadly, though, after the second album, two members left the band and they seemed dead then. Then came "New Perspective", the OST of the movie, Jennifer's Body. The song was very "Old School Panic!" and I just felt happy to hear from then again. Lately, P!ATD has released the carrier single to their latest album (coming out on March 29th ./shameless plug), entitled The Ballad of Mona Lisa. Since their original composer left, you won't hear any unusual words from the song but it is still really good.



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since i feel the need to post more bands than just lamb of god here is a list of the bands i regularly listen to

avenged sevenfold (rip rev)
pantera (rip dime)
metallica (rip cliff)
slipknot (rip paul)
system of a down
lamb of god, ofc
(classic) linkin park
and last but not least, queen
I'm sorry, I really didn't want to say anything about what other people post in this thread. But what the fuck. I Set My Friends on Fire is NOT True Screamo.
For some reason I read it as I Would Set Myself on Fire For You, who is a great emo band

Also here is a band that I enjoy so much


Boris was pretty much love at first listen for me, as a fan of both stoner rock and some of the noisier drone music (or noise music in general), someone recommended me Akuma No Uta on RYM, and it was one of those times you listen to something and you're just like "Whoa, what the fuck did I just listen to". Now I'm listening to Feedbacker (Currently in my Top 10 albums of all time), Amplifier Worship, Rock Dream (Best Live album I've ever heard), and of course Akuma No Uta. Boris never ceases to amaze, honestly I could listen to these guys forever.

Feedbacker (Part 1 of 4)
run dmt - mellow psych folk craziness, i love the album bong voyage, and i think it got my #2 spot. if you haven't checked them out, you really should. if you like psych haha

baths - anticon glitch hop sickness. he's also a youngin, but he knows what he's doing. if you haven't listened to cerulean yet, you didn't partake in two thousand and ten. http://www.mediafire.com/?iwtgmhm0tij <--- my link :3

beat connection gets a honorable mention. surf pop "chillwave" ish shit. pretty good ep called surf noir i think. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvg_Vz3gpBk

i hope you guys dig some of this stuf :3
i really dig these three in particular man thanks for sharing. cerulean is something else.